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Find the Best Portable Air Reviews

What is great about portable air conditioners is very clear. They are simple and energy-efficient alternatives to central air units and window units. What portable air conditioners do the very best is this. They are able to cool off only the areas that you need to be cooled, and they are awesome for small or temporary places such as apartments.

Installing and operating a portable AC is also very simple. These units use an indoor air vent that pushes warm air through an exhaust tube installed in your window sill. What makes these AC units special is that they are portable and quiet. You can move them around where you want them to be. You just roll it over to wherever it is you want it, install the window-air exchange panel and hose, and then just turn it on.

Portable air conditioners can come with some nifty extra features that make your life a bit easier including a remote control, dehumidifier mode, and timer and heat pump options.

Some of the cheaper portable ACs require you to remove condensed water from the drain pan every few weeks. It is a process that isn’t very hard to do. Many portable air conditioners available on the market come with a receptacle. This water receptacle is something that does have a direct drain option on it. Others have their own self-evaporative process to get rid of moisture as the unit runs.

When you’re ready to choose the best portable air conditioner for you, just head over to our portable AC review page where you’ll find ratings and comparisons of the top units. You’ll also find a chart that explains how many BTUs you’ll need for square foot of space to be cooled

Repair Your Air Conditioner: Tips For DIY Air Condition Repair or Getting Professional Help

No one will be able to cool off completely in front of an open fridge door. When your air conditioner breaks, which will happen on occasion, you have two options to fix it as quickly as possible.

You can try to fix your central air unit yourself or wait four days for the service man to do it. The truth is this. There are some A/C failures that a DIYer can take care of and a few that you are unlikely to be able to fix yourself. How to safely replace the three main parts that lead to outdoor condenser unit failures will be talked about here. You’ll need a standard multimeter, a needle-nosed pair of pliers, and also a few other standard hand tools that should be included with a typical home maintenance toolkit.

I’m assuming here that you have done some things. What are these things? Have you checked out the A/C and furnace circuit breakers located in the main electrical panel? The cartridge fuses in the outside disconnect are something that also need to be looked at too. You can go ahead and replace all three parts at the same time. The total for all three items should be $150. We recommend reading How to Buy Air Conditioner Parts Online for more information on AC replacement parts.

You will be replacing some very important parts. If all of these fixes do work, your air conditioner should be up and working just fine. You will also save an extra $150 and have it running a whole lot sooner than having to wait for a good air conditioner repair service professional. Another way you can go is this. You can install each of the parts, one by one, and test the air unit after you replace each part.

If replacing these parts do not fix your AC unit, you can at least take comfort in knowing that you tried to fix the most common of all failures, and, that when the service guy comes he can look for the more illusive problems. Also, by having put in these brand new parts, you add a few more years of breakdown-free air conditioning service to your central air unit system.

What Are Some of The Very Best Air Conditioning Filters?

Air conditioning units are an integral part of a lot of modern homes. Having just the right kind of air conditioner filter is the most important of all things for the smooth and proper functioning of the air condition system itself. We recommend using the best air conditioning filters to keep dust from the home and for providing cool air that is very clean.

An air conditioning filter is crucial to helps to prevent dirt and grime from building up on the a-coils. Air filters come in a variety of sizes and types, including a one-time use and washable versions.

It is not good to have air filters that are old and dirty, because they can take away from the overall efficiency of the air unit and have a negative impact on the performance of the system. A dirty filter can cause the air unit to cool ineffectively and to take away from indoor air quality, which can be harmful to those with asthma and allergies, and dramatically increase your electricity bill.