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Small AC Units

The US Department of Energy says that the most efficient portable ACs are those that fit the square footage of the room. Learn more about smaller units here.

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Quiet AC Units

Because your portable AC is in the house, it may seem louder than outside central air conditioners. Here’s how to find the quietest units for the rooms in your home.

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Efficient ACs

An energy efficient window air conditioner can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Here’s how to find the best option for your home.

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Find a cooling solution that fits your home – and your budget.
By Budget

Air conditioning can get expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Find the right unit based on your budget.

By Room Size

The AC you need depends a lot on the square footage of your room(s). Here’s how to get it right.

By Cooling Power

Cooling down your room is a matter of efficiency as much as it is overall power, says the Dept of Energy.

By Brand

When you buy an air conditioner from a well-known brand, you’ll find solid support and warranties.

Find a heating solution that fits your home – and your budget.
Patio Heaters

Heating outdoor areas can be difficult. We have all size area’s covered in our patio heater guide so you can entertain in style.

Read more on patio heaters here

Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters offer increased warmth and comfort. Stay safe with these energy efficient and reliable winter heat options.

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Garage Heaters

Garages can be lonely and cold spaces. Get the work done in warmer conditions with these safe and sturdy garage heaters.

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Trusted, In-Depth Air Conditioner Reviews and Ratings

In the US, the past few summers have been the hottest on record for many towns, cities and regions. Many homes have central air conditioning systems – about three quarters of America – but there are still millions of homes that relay on room and window air conditioner units to cool their homes and keep themselves and loves ones comfortable.

At Air Conditioner Lab, we’ve found that there’s often not enough transparency and in-depth reviews of AC products on the market. More than twenty large, well-known brands offer hundreds of models of small portable air conditioners, window air conditioners, evaporative coolers and other products, and it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one will work best for your home.

So we’ve made it our goal to simplify the process. We spend hours every year reviewing, analyzing and comparing new AC products so that you can choose the best one for your needs. Whether you’re shopping on a specific budget, looking for a specific type of unit – such as the quietest portable ACs – or just want to get a better idea of what’s available, we’re here to help.

We help consumers by:

  • Reviewing and researching hundreds of room air conditioners throughout the year
  • Comparing features, performance, expert opinion and consumer feedback
  • Keeping up on industry trends, data and changes to keep you abreast of what’s most important
  • Making the air conditioner shopping process easier than ever

We’re based in Phoenix, Arizona, one of the warmest year-round climates in the country. We know firsthand the importance of keeping your home cool and energy efficient, and our backgrounds in research, journalism and technical expertise makes us a resource you can trust.

You can find our reviews on the best small portable air conditioners, the quietest portable ACs, the quietest window ACs, the smallest window ACs and the most efficient window AC units.

We have also recently expanded our reviews and now offer well researched, high-quality information articles on home heating. Some areas we cover include infrared heaters, space heaters for large rooms, garage heaters and patio heaters.

What We Do Best

In our experience, there are several reputable sources that offer reviews of air conditioners, such as Consumer Reports, and there are many retailers, such as Home Depot, that offer in-store advice as needed.

But, there are more and more consumers looking for products specific to their situation.

They live in a small apartment and want to know which unit takes up the least amount of floor space. They have a newborn baby and want to know which unit is quietest. They have a home that needs cooling in multiple locations, and need to change things up easily.

At AC Lab, we do things differently. We put time and research into finding those specific needs that people have, and we help recommend products based on our findings. This means that we’re able to offer better comparisons, more helpful information and ultimately, recommendations that are focused on the user’s actual, real-world needs rather than generic rating systems.

Our business model of making a small commission off sales through our website helps us stay solvent, and our review and rating process is objective: we never take free or sponsored products, and we don’t work with companies to get samples or biased information. We buy all our products just as consumers do: without strings attached.

This allows us to create objective, helpful information that’s not swayed by outside interests. The commissions we make through sales aren’t affected by relationships with brands or manufacturers, so we’re able to help the consumer decide on a product with much more information than the traditional retail experience.

Studies have shown that many room air conditioner purchases are spur-of-the-moment and impulsive: based on quick-moving weather patterns and heat waves. Most consumers don’t prepare ahead of time when they’re searching for a portable AC; they simply make a purchase when it’s absolutely necessary – those few days or weeks each year that the sweltering heat and humidity call for something more than a room fan. Likewise in wintertime when the cold sets in, people scramble to their local store or frantically search for some relief. Thankfully, we have done the research for you.

Each summer, thousands of Americans buy room air conditioners for a number of reasons, and we’d like to change the way that process works. Our goal is to educate as many consumers as possible on AC units, how they work and which ones are most effective. Air conditioning is nothing new, but the way you can upgrade your AC equipment can be improved.

Like any household appliance, AC units require a certain amount of due diligence and research upfront. How big is the room you’re cooling? How many BTUs does that require? Where does the unit need to be placed?

Too often, these are questions that aren’t answered properly upfront, which often leads to the wrong purchase down the road. At Air Conditioner Lab, we’re making those wrong purchases happen less and less.

To learn more about what we do and our business model, visit our About page.

There are hundreds of air conditioning products on the market, and not all of them are worth your time or money.
In-Depth Research

We spend hours analyzing air conditioners, user feedback, manufacturer information and the latest reports and findings from government agencies, as well as expert third parties.

Industry Updates

We keep up on industry updates, news and trends so that you don’t have to. Whether it’s changes in home energy efficiency or new models hitting the market, we’re here to help.

Curated Reviews

Instead of relying on one person’s opinion, we often curate reviews, ratings and expert findings from across the Internet to bring you the most comprehensive view of AC & heating products.

Our goal is to bring transparency and real, practical answers to consumers looking for air conditioner products. Learn more about us – and our business model – here.

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