by jtanner

I’ve been in the Air Conditioner industry for most of my career. My friends and family pointed out that there wasn’t enough information available online for the average guy trying to find the right air conditioner. I thought, “I could definitely write about air conditioners in a not-too-techy way.” So now I’m working with a few family members to make a great resource for people trying to get more information about air conditioners.

We’d love to publish your thoughts or story about your air conditioners. Please go ahead and comment, or send us an email.

Thanks for visiting. BTW, I should tell you that there are links to Amazon and ads in a few places throughout the site. We tried not to make them too obtrusive. We try to pay for the hosting and all through those ads and amazon links.

When you click an amazon link and then buy an air conditioner, we get a few dollars to continue running the site. We really appreciate this indirect way of you supporting our work.

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