AC Fan Motor Replacement Cost: How Much To Replace It?

The fan motor is one of the most crucial parts of an AC system. It protects the compressor from overheating by cooling the refrigerant moving through its coils. This component breaking down is probably the last thing you’d want to deal with, especially in summer, but it can happen.

So, what’s the cost of replacing a fan motor? Read along to understand what an AC motor is and how much replacing an air conditioner fan motor costs.

What Does An AC Fan Motor Do?

When the AC system runs, there is typically an exchange of warm and cool air. The AC fan eliminates hot air from the house then circulates cool air through the ductwork to your home.

The AC fan motor drives the AC fan. This means the fan motor must always be in the best shape possible for the whole AC system to function effectively.

Call for professional help immediately if you suspect anything amiss with the fan motor. Look out for odd sounds, fan blades rotating slower, the house getting warm air instead of cold, etc. These indicate that the AC fan motor is failing and needs replacing immediately.

What AC Fan Motor Do

Types Of Air Conditioners & How Much Its Fan Motor Cost

A new AC fan motor cost ranges from $60 to $220, depending on the brand, voltage limit, and the AC model.

This is the same price range across all types of air conditioners. The difference comes in when you include labor costs.

There are several types of air conditioners, each coming with a different price tag on its fan motor.

The four most common air conditioners include:

  • Central
  • Ductless mini-split
  • Portable
  • Window
Central AC

The central AC system, also a ducted system, is suitable for large houses with multiple rooms. It can simultaneously keep all the rooms in your home cool and comfortable.

It does so by utilizing a split system that regulates air evenly through the furnace ducts. It uses two units, the condensing and evaporative units, usually connected through refrigerant tubing.

The central air conditioner fan motor cost is about $220.

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Ductless Mini-Split AC

Don’t you have a duct installed in your home? In that case, I can confidently recommend the ductless mini-split AC.

This type of AC consists of two units, outdoor and indoor units connected through a tubing refrigerant. The outdoor unit comes with two parts: compressor and condenser.

The number of indoor units you get depends on how many rooms you want to keep cool, and they all come with air blowers.

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Portable AC

Portable AC is a single free-standing unit that you can easily move around. I recommend it to homeowners who don’t want a permanent AC installation and those who only want to cool a single spot at a time.

And the best part about them is that they’re easy and quick to set up, so you won’t spend a dollar on installation.

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Window AC

Window air conditioners come in various sizes, so you get to choose one that can perfectly fit your window space.

From my experience, these types of ACs only work effectively for smaller spaces. You’ll only need to install it on your window to get your tiny space cool on hot summer days.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace The AC Fan Motor?

When your AC fan motor breaks, you must replace it fast enough to avoid damaging other components, which may be more costly to replace.

The condenser fan motor replacement cost varies greatly depending on several factors.

Like I mentioned earlier, the part alone costs $60-$220. That said, if your AC unit’s warranty hasn’t expired yet, you’ll only pay for labor costs.

The overall AC fan motor replacement cost lies between $300 and $600, including labor and a new AC fan motor.

The actual cost depends on various things, including your location, brand, voltage levels, AC model, the magnitude of damage, and the size of the fan motor. The risks involved may also influence the labor cost.

DIY Fan Motor For AC Unit Cost Vs. Hiring A Professional

It’s possible to replace the AC fan motor yourself and save some money, but I never recommend it.

Even though it may reduce the cost to replace the fan motor in the air conditioner, you’ll be putting yourself at the risk of being injured.

Moreover, you may also end up damaging other AC components. That’s because first, you’re not a professional, and second, you must adhere to strict rules when working with high voltage electricity.

I strongly recommend hiring a professional HVAC technician for this job.

Experts understand what’s needed to complete the job faster and effectively. They always have their tools ready to work.

And since they’re trained, you’ll have peace of mind that nothing else will go wrong. In the end, you get to save money as opposed to the DIY process.

DIY Fan Motor vs Professional

Preventing AC Fan Motors From Breaking Down

(How To Save You Money)

Your AC unit needs to be serviced and maintained regularly by a qualified HVAC technician. That’s the only way I can assure you will prevent the AC fan motors from breaking down.

The technician will check on the fan motor and other parts to ensure your AC remains in good shape for an extended period.

Though it may cost a little to have a routine maintenance check, it will save you money on costly repairs and replacements.

Imagine the AC fan motors breaking down suddenly in summer. Your home will become unbearably hot, forcing you to incur replacement costs that you didn’t expect in the first place.

Overall, routine maintenance helps extend both the lifespan of the AC fan motors and unit at large while saving you money on replacements. That’s why I’d advise all homeowners to consider paying for this service.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

How Much Does A Lennox AC Fan Motor Cost?

A Lennox AC motor fan cost ranges between $500-$1,800 on average. A basic one would cost something close to $500. However, if you’re looking for a more advanced Lennox AC fan motor, you’ll be looking at a figure close to $1,800. See more about Lennox AC units here.

What Else Should You Replace When Replacing The AC Fan Motor?

It’s advisable to replace the capacitor when replacing the AC fan motor. This AC component helps to start the fan motor. It costs about $150 to $300 to replace a capacitor.

How Long Do AC Fan Motors Last?

The lifespan of an AC fan motor is twelve years. However, if you take proper care of your AC fan motor by regularly maintaining it, it can last more than 12 years.

What Causes An AC Fan Motor To Burn Up?

The major causes of an AC fan motor burn-up are dust build-up and overheating due to stress. Aging can also cause this issue. Regular maintenance can help ease the pressure on your AC fan motor.

How Do I Know If My AC Fan Motor Is Bad?

A problematic AC motor fan usually displays tell-tale signs. These include the fan not starting, the fan blades rotating slowly, the fan producing warm air, and strange noises coming from the unit.

Is My Fan Motor Bad


An HVAC fan motor replacement cost varies depending on brands, AC models and brands, and labor costs. Though you can replace an AC fan motor on your own, I highly recommend that you hire a professional to get it done the right way.

Also, routine maintenance helps extend the lifespan of an AC fan motor, saving you money in the long run.

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