Levoit 131 Air Purifier Won’t Turn On (Solved!)

If someone asks me what brand of air purifier I recommend, I typically tell them Levoit. Levoit is known for quality, dependability, and functionality. Their mid-range air purifiers are some of my favorites and are widely available. However, sometimes even the best machines don’t work as expected. For example, I’ve had reports of the Levoit … Read more

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How To Make A DIY Air Purifier In 5 Easy Steps!

I’ve noticed a surge in the number of individuals interested in DIY projects in recent years, and this trend has finally spilled over into the air purifier market. Air purity plays a vital role in our health, so I am all for people getting an air purifier using any means available. If you’re a fan … Read more

Does An Air Purifier Help Remove Radon Gas? (Explained)

I come across a lot of people who have no idea of what radon gas is. Many people first hear about radon when they’re buying a new home and a potential house tests positive for radon. Radon gas is odorless and colorless, and exposure to it can lead to serious health issues. It’s the second … Read more

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Can You Put Essential Oils In An Air Purifier? (Explained)

I’m constantly approached by people wanting to make their houses smell better and their homes calmer. Nowadays, essential oils have emerged as one of the top choices for people looking to do that. In my experience, air purifiers are the top choice for eliminating unpleasant odors in a space. Air purifiers are the best for … Read more

Can Air Purifiers Remove Carbon Monoxide From The Home?

Despite my extensive industry experience, nothing scares me more than carbon monoxide. Dealing with this toxic gas has been the most challenging aspect of my work. It’s a silent killer, and you must do everything possible to keep it out of your home. Air purifiers are designed to keep unwanted particles from the air in … Read more

How To Clean Air Purifier HEPA Filter (Quickly and Easily)

Air purifiers can improve air quality and promote better health by reducing the transmission of airborne toxins. However, I quickly found out that in order for my air purifier to clean the air, I have to clean the air purifier. Cleaning your air purifier is crucial for its longevity and effectiveness. Maintaining your air purifier … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Work With Windows Open?

For the longest time, I was sabotaging the air quality in my house without realizing it. If you own an air purifier and crack open a window while it’s running, you may be doing the same thing. I thought leaving a window open while using an air purifier helped improve ventilation and indoor air quality. … Read more

How Often To Change Air Purifier Filter? (Explained)

As air purifier filters cycle the air and collect debris, their ability to trap allergens slowly decreases, therefore reducing the air quality in the home. That means you’ll eventually need to change your air filter, but how do you know when? The general rule is to change it every three to six months. Let’s take … Read more

7 Key Tips To Get The Best Out of Air Purifiers

Since I’ve worked in some pretty harsh environments, I do all I can to keep my indoor air clean. I want to eliminate pet dander, pollen, smoke, and other allergens from my home so I can breathe fresh air. Using an air purifier in my house allows me to do this. Air purifiers will rid … Read more

What Does An Ionizer Do? (Benefits Explained)

If you want to breathe clean and healthy air at home, an ionizer might just be what you need. By releasing negative ions into the air, an ionizer can effectively remove harmful particles such as dust, smoke, and bacteria, leaving you with clean and healthy air. My ionizer has helped reduce the dust and allergens … Read more

How Much Electricity Does An Air Purifier Use? (Solved!)

I’m willing to pay any reasonable price for quality air purifiers. The best air purifiers protect us from free-flowing atmospheric contaminations, leading to fewer doctor visits. That makes them well worth the price. However, I’ve noticed over the years that no one pays attention to how much electricity an air purifier uses. If your electric … Read more

Why Does My Air Purifier Smell Bad? (Causes & Solutions)

I couldn’t believe the smell my air purifier was giving off! I bought the air purifier to get rid of smells, not create worse smells! Many air purifier owners just like me experience this frustrating problem, with no idea of what to do next. But don’t worry, I eventually got everything back to normal and … Read more

Are Air Purifier Filters Recyclable? (How To Dispose)

Being environmentally aware, my first instinct after changing out old filters is that I wanted to recycle them, but I wasn’t sure if I could or if they should just be thrown in the trash. After some research, I quickly learned that it depends on what the filter is made of – whether plastic, polyester, … Read more

Air Purifier vs Air Conditioner: Differences & How They Work together

Air conditioners and air purifiers both help you to control the air in your home, but in very different ways – one controls temperature, and the other controls air quality. You shouldn’t use one instead of the other, but you can run an air purifier and air conditioner together to completely control the environment in … Read more

How Many Air Purifiers Do I Need? (Explained for All Rooms)

Over the years, I’ve come across people with one tiny air purifier for their entire 4,000 sq. ft. house, and I’ve helped people with multiple purifiers in their small garage. Both scenarios are far from perfect. Air purifiers are an effective way to improve indoor air quality as long as their used properly. Part of … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Help With Dust Mites? (Explained!)

Recently someone approached me asking how to get rid of dust mites. I told him to look into air purifiers as these appliances will offer a long-term solution. If you are struggling with dust mites in your home, you aren’t alone. According to the American Lung Association, roughly four out of five homes in the United … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Help Reduce Smoke In The Home?

As an experienced air purification expert, I can confidently say that smoke and its residual odors are some of the most challenging things to eliminate. Smoke is a serious pollutant that can linger in your home forever and trigger health problems like asthma. Smoke particles can settle on surfaces like carpets, upholstery, and walls, resulting … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Help Remove Smells? (Fresh Air Explained)

I’ve come across some pretty unpleasant smells over the years working with air purifiers. Of course, no one wants to deal with unpleasant odors in their home, but not everyone knows the best way to get rid of them. Fortunately, there’s a solution to remove odors that doesn’t involve lighting 100 candles or opening all … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Help With Mold? (Explained For Homeowners)

Most people I help are interested in air purifiers because they’ve had a run-in with dangerous mold. I understand their concern because mold spores can cause damage to your house and pose a severe health risk to you and your family. Luckily, air purifiers with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters can capture airborne mold spores … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Help With Allergies? (Explained!)

I help people with allergy symptoms like dry eyes and a stuffy nose caused by airborne pollutants find relief all the time. While I can’t come to your home and chop down the trees giving off pollen or vacuum up your pet dander, I can recommend an air purifier. Improving the quality of your air … Read more

Are Air Purifiers Safe For Homeowners? (Yes, Here’s Why!)

With years of experience working with air purifiers, I’ve encountered many homeowners hesitant to buy an air purifier due to safety concerns. I’ve seen countless people adopt the technology, but I also understand people being concerned about their safety. With countless air purifiers available on the market, determining which ones are safe and effective can … Read more

How To Purify Air In Home Naturally (9 Proven Methods)

I come across countless people these days who want to cleanse their air naturally. While there’s not much that can beat a high-quality air purifier in terms of air purification, there are several ways to naturally cleanse the air in your home. My wife loves spending all of our money on houseplants, and she always … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Cool Down a Room? (Temperature Explained)

I always feel the need to clarify what air purifiers can and cannot do. For instance, people always ask me if their air purifier cools down their homes as it purifies their air. It’s a fair question, especially during the hot summer months. However, air purifiers cannot cool down a room as it purifies the … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Dry Out The Air? (Moisture Explained)

People who have never used an air purifier before always come to me with questions and concerns. A very common concern people raise with me is whether or not the machine will dry out their air. Many homeowners share the common misconception that air purifiers can make the air in their homes feel drier. However, … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Give Off Radiation? (Levels Explained)

Most people are shocked when I tell them that air purifiers emit low levels of EMF radiation. It’s important to understand the safety concerns related to EMF radiation and air purifiers so you can make an informed decision about using them in your home. However, low levels of EMF radiation are safe, and air purifiers … Read more

How Long Should You Run an Air Purifier? (Explained!)

I’ve spoken to countless new air purifier owners who can’t wait to set up their new purifier, but then they have no idea how long to keep it on. Like most people, I run my air purifier around the clock, especially during allergy season. However, is it really necessary to run it 24/7? Sometimes, like … Read more

Do UV Air Purifiers Work? (Who They Are Best For)

Improving indoor air quality with air purifiers is very straightforward. UV air purifiers utilize UV light technology like far-uv, far-uvc, and UVGI, claiming to kill 99.9% of viruses. However, do they really work as advertised? In my experience, UV purifiers don’t always live up to the hype. My experience and growing evidence suggest that UV … Read more

Air Purifier Vs Ionizer – Which Is The Safer Choice?

Both air purifiers and ionizers promise to remove harmful particles and even airborne viruses from the air. Since both machines promise to do the same thing, I’ve encountered countless people over the years who don’t know which to buy. I want everyone to breathe clean air, but I don’t want them to risk their health … Read more

Are Ionic Air Purifiers Safe? (Dangers To Watch Out For)

Just like everyone else, I want clean, fresh air. And what better way to achieve that than with an air purifier? However, before investing in an ionic air purifier to improve your indoor air quality, there are a few things I think you should keep in mind. These devices may eliminate pollutants from the air … Read more

Air Purifier Vs Humidifier – Explained For Homeowners

Over the years, I’ve noticed that many people aren’t well-versed in the differences between air purifiers and humidifiers. The two devices are not the same and have several key differences, including how they work, their effects on indoor air quality, and their suitability for different health problems. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy for me to explain the main … Read more

Where To Place Your Air Purifier (For Maximum Results)

Air purifier placement is the unsung hero in the fight against indoor contaminants. Yet, when purchasing an air purifier, most people I come across are only worried about the quality of the purifier. While I can attest that quality plays a huge role in air purification, where you put your purifier is just as important. … Read more

What is CADR Rating? (Clean Air Delivery Rate Explained)

I’m happy to come across countless people who want an air purifier to cleanse their indoor air. Unfortunately, I also know a lot of people that have no idea what to look for when shopping for an air purifier. One of the most important things to consider when purchasing an air purifier is its clean … Read more

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45Hours of Research37Reviews Examined11Products TestedSwitching to a dehumidifier and air purifier combo unit was a natural way to get the best of both devices.I know other homeowners would benefit from a combo unit, so I have tried and tested various brands to find the highest-performing models.In this guide, I’ll introduce the 4 best dehumidifier air … Read more

Air Purifier Vs Dehumidifier: Pros & Cons For Air Quality

Air purifiers and dehumidifiers are powerful machines that can significantly improve indoor air quality. However, I’ve encountered many people unaware of how they work or which one to choose (you might need both). As someone intimately familiar with these machines and who has struggled with allergies and respiratory issues, I know firsthand the benefits of … Read more

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9 Best Ionic Air Purifier: Reviews, Ratings & Comparisons

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6 Best Filterless Air Purifiers: Reviewed & Compared

Besides the fact that filterless air purifiers work to catch particles that HEPA systems cannot, they also make it so that you do not have to do the work or go to the expense of changing filters. The Benefits of Filterless Air Purifiers Many filterless air purifiers are quite affordable—under $500, or even under $100. ... Read more

9 Best Whole House Air Purifiers For a Cleaner Home

Around 3.8 million people die from exposure to household air pollution every year, according to the World Health Organization. Scary, right? Fortunately, you can easily protect yourself and your family from all those nasty pollutants with a whole-house air purifier. Whole-house air purifiers filter out contaminants and improve the air quality throughout your entire home ... Read more

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It is important to have clean air in your home. One of the best ways to do that is to invest in an air purifier. They work by circulating the air in your home, cleaning and refreshing it, then recirculating it back into the environment. There is a myriad of different choices on the market, ... Read more

6 Best Air Purifiers With Washable Filters: Reviewed & Compared

The homes we live in, our offices and other enclosed spaces may trap contaminated air due to mold, aging asbestos, cigarette smoke, cooking by-products, newly-installed carpets, upholstery, etc. In fact, indoor air is five times more polluted than outdoor air, and since 90% of our time is spent indoors, continued exposure can lead to significant ... Read more

7 Best Air Purifiers For VOCs & Formaldehyde: Reviews Guide

Breathing is a function that’s essential to life, and taking in polluted air that is tainted with VOCs and other chemicals like formaldehyde can lead to irreversible health problems. But most of us don’t even know that we’re breathing tainted air, and it’s normal to assume that the oxygen within our homes is completely safe. ... Read more

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6 Proven Ways to Remove That Musty Smell From a House

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