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Aircare Humidifier Reviews

Learn more about their popular humidifier range.

Humidifiers are great tools to help keep your air more comfortable in your home or office. However, there are many out there, and it can be tough to pick one. Well, the Aircare brand offers some of the best on the market, so we will help you find the Aircare humidifier for you.

Value for Money


Best Whole House Aircare Humidifier

Essick AIRCARE 831000 Space-Saver
Essick AIRCARE 831000

The Aircare Humidifier Range Explained

Evaporative Humidifiers

An evaporative humidifier uses a fan to blow air through a moist wick that is located at the bottom section of the humidifier. This allows the air to become moist before entering the room and adds humidity to the atmosphere as it goes through the wick.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

The ultrasonic humidifier works by using a high-frequency vibration to give a mist of water to the room to add moisture to the air. They have no filters in this design and often have a much quieter operation.

Warm & Cool Mist Humidifiers

Warm & Cool mist humidifiers both offer a mist of water released into the air to add moisture to the room’s air. The warm option is better for the winter months, while the cool mist is better for the summer months.

Aircare Humidifiers Compared

ModelTypeAreaTank SizePrice
Essick Aircare 831000Evaporative2,700 sq ft6 gallonsCheck Sylvane

Check Amazon

Aircare MA1201Evaporative3,600 sq ft3.6 gallonsCheck Sylvane

Check Amazon

Aircare DuetUltrasonic360 sq ft1.2 gallonsCheck Amazon
Aircare 696 400HBEvaporative3,600 sq ft5.6 gallonsCheck Sylvane

Check Amazon

Aircare 7D6 100 TabletopEvaporative1,000 sq ft2 gallonsCheck Sylvane

Check Amazon

Aircare EP9 800 Whole-HouseEvaporative2,400 sq ft3.5 gallonsCheck Amazon
Aircare Cool & Warm MistUltrasonic750 sq ft0.8 gallonsCheck Amazon

Why Choose the Aircare Humidifier Brand?

Trapmax Filter Technology

Trapmax Filter Technology is one of the best filtration systems that lasts longer, absorbs better, and doesn’t use as much energy as other brands.

Easy Pour-in-Fill Reservoir

The Aircare humidifiers come with an Easy Pour-in-Fill Reservoir that allows you to add water to the humidifier with ease. This will enable you to fill up easier and get the air to dehumidify faster.

Customizable Humidity Settings

This humidifier brand features customizable humidity settings that allow you to pick how much humidity you want in the room. The controls are easy to use and make it easy to choose the setting you want.

Multiple Styles/ Designs

Aircare offers several different styles of humidifiers like the Credenza, Console, or Pedestal, which all have unique designs and will fit better with certain spaces. Just pick the best for your room.

Multiple Humidifier Technology

These Aircare humidifiers also come with specially-designed Multiple Humidifier Technology that allows us to choose between evaporative or ultrasonic humidifiers that offer different benefits.

Quiet Operation

The Aircare humidifiers come with a quiet operation that makes it easy to use when in areas where you need to have peace and quiet for the sake of others like customers or co-workers.

7 Best Aircare Humidifiers Reviewed

1. Essick AIRCARE 831000 Space-Saver

Best Whole House Humidifier From Aircare
Humidifier TypeEvaporative
Coverage Area2,700 sq ft
Tank Capacity6 gallons
Runtime70 hrs
Dimensions (LxWxH)17.5 x 12.5 x 22.5 Inches

The Essick Aircare 831000 space-saver is the best whole house humidifier from Aircare because it comes with a 2,700 square foot house capacity. This makes it the ideal option for large houses because it is made for larger spaces the way other models are not. It will allow you to feel the effects of the humidifier even when you are at the farthest part of the house.

It comes with the expected Trapmax Filter Technology that customers look for when choosing an Aircare product. It also comes with extra protection that keeps the unit from being knocked over or broken by accident.

The easy pour-in-fill reservoir is easy to fill and allows you to put in a large amount of water by simply pouring the water straight into the reservoir. This is great because it makes it much easier to get the humidifier working to have the humidity level you want. The reservoir capacity is up to six gallons of water at a time.

This model also has easy to use digital controls that make it simple to set the customized settings that fit your personal preferences. It also comes with an auto-humidistat that gives you the ability to select the right humidity level for your home and give your whole family the settings that make them all more comfortable.


  • Evaporative humidifier
  • Has and easy-fill reservoir
  • Large reservoir capacity
  • Long 70-hour runtime
  • Offers extensive coverage


  • Needs to be refilled with water often
  • Not known for great customer service


Best Value AIRCARE Humidifier
Humidifier TypeEvaporative
Coverage Area3,600 sq ft
Tank Capacity3.6 gallons
Runtime36 hrs
Dimensions (LxWxH)14.5 x 21.5 x 20.5 inches

The Aircare MA1201 is the best value Aircare humidifier because of its high level of coverage that you get for a reasonable price. The evaporative wick moves the dry air through it and into your home to increase the area’s humidity. This makes the room more comfortable, allows those susceptible to allergic reactions from seeing any adverse effects from pet dander, and helps make sore throats feel better.

Using a humidifier like this model will help keep flu viruses from affecting your family, while also keeping the air in the room more comfortable. With the large coverage area, you will be able to cover the whole home with this small unit that doesn’t come with a premium price.

Not only does this humidifier help make your home more hypoallergenic and comfortable, but it also allows you to save money on your energy costs. This is because you will be able to have a comfortable environment in your house without having to lower your air conditioning temperature or using a higher heating setting.


  • Evaporative wick
  • Auto shut-off
  • Medium reservoir capacity
  • 36-hour runtime
  • Four fan speeds to choose from


  • Doesn’t last as long as others
  • Has a smaller tank capacity than others

3. AIRCARE Ultrasonic Duet

Best AIRCARE Humidifier For Nurseries And Bedrooms
Humidifier TypeUltrasonic
Coverage Area360 sq ft
Tank Capacity1.2 gallons
Runtime6 hrs
Dimensions (LxWxH)12.5 x 8 x 11.5 Inches

This Duet Aircare Ultrasonic humidifier works to adjust the humidity of a bedroom or nursery while also releasing an essential oil fragrance. It is great because you will have a lovely scent to smell throughout the room while to help you or your baby sleep even better.

This is a compact option that is ideal for a single room and can work in rooms that are up to 360 square feet. The 12-inch unit can fit on a desk, dresser, or nightstand so it can easily fit in any room in your house.

This can also help lower your energy bills quite a bit since you and your child can feel better at a higher temperature and still feel comfortable in the room. However, this is not only a useful item for you and your family; it can also be great for your dog. With the humidifier running periodically, your dog and other pets can stop suffering from dry skin.


  • Ideal for bedrooms and nurseries
  • Large enough for most bedrooms
  • Lasts six hours for a good night’s sleep
  • Smaller unit that doesn’t take up much room
  • Green color is unique


  • Won’t work for bigger rooms
  • Doesn’t last all night

4. AIRCARE 696 400HB

Credenza Style Whole House Model
Humidifier TypeEvaporative
Coverage Area3,600 sq ft
Tank Capacity5.6 gallons
Runtime45 hrs
Dimensions (LxWxH)15.5 x 28.25 x 23.75 Inches:

The Aircare 696 400 HB is a credenza style whole house model that can work in larger houses and apartments to allow the entire place to feel better. The credenza style makes it a one-of-a-kind option that will fit into your décor without feeling like an appliance. The wooden style will fit in with all natural-looking homes that have a vintage feel.

This model is digital and allows you to pick your home’s humidity with a simple setting change. This makes it easier to keep your home at a certain level to get the highest benefits for you, your baby, and your pets. With a humidifier, you can help everyone breathe a little better, even if they have an allergy to pet dander.

This model also has a dual-fill water bottle system that has an indicator to tell you when the bottles need to be refilled. There is also a refill hose that makes refilling the water bottles more comfortable than ever. Plus, with a 5.6-gallon tank capacity, you can have the unit running for up to 45 hours!


  • Ideal for bedrooms and nurseries
  • Large enough for most bedrooms
  • Lasts six hours for a good night’s sleep
  • Smaller unit that doesn’t take up much room
  • Green color is unique


  • Won’t work for bigger rooms
  • Doesn’t last all night

5. AIRCARE 7D6 100 Tabletop

Best Tabletop Style AIRCARE Humidifier
Humidifier TypeEvaporative
Coverage Area1,000 sq ft
Tank Capacity2 gallons
Runtime70 hrs
Dimensions (LxWxH)13 x 18.5 x 13.5 Inches

The Aircare 7D6 100 is the best tabletop style Aircare humidifier that offers space-saving capabilities by only taking up a small amount of space on your table, desk, or dresser top. This makes it a portable option that you can quickly move from room to room since it is lightweight and compact.

Though the tank capacity might seem a bit small compared to other options on the market, the two gallons gets you a lot with up to 70 hours of runtime. This means that you could choose to run the humidifier all through the night each night for about three days before needing to refill the water supply.

This also makes it a simple, not a high-maintenance option that doesn’t require to refill it every day if you only use it at certain times. With the 1,000 square foot coverage, you can use this unit for larger rooms to get a more comfortable environment.


  • Long runtime
  • Fits on a tabletop, portable
  • Adjustable four-speed motor
  • Sink fill bottle for easy refilling
  • Automatic humidistat


  • Only a 2-gallon tank
  • Only ideal for single rooms

6. AIRCARE EP9 800 Whole-House Pedestal-Style

Best Pedestal Style Whole House Humidifier
Humidifier TypeEvaporative
Coverage Area2,400 sq ft
Tank Capacity3.5 gallons
Runtime60 hrs
Dimensions (LxWxH)18 x 18 x 27.25 Inches

The Aircare EP9 800 is a whole-house pedestal-style option that is the best of its kind. With a 2,400 square foot reach, you can use it for even larger homes. Plus, with the 3.5-gallon tank capacity, you will not have to refill the water all the time. The 60-hour runtime allows you to use it all day or all night for multiple days in a row.

These benefits make this option an easy to handle one that you won’t have to think about all the time since you won’t have to refill it as often to keep it running. We find it especially ideal when you have a newborn baby that needs a humidifier on at all times.

The pedestal style is unique and looks just like a standing fan, though it is smaller and won’t break up the look of the room. You can make it blend in a darker corner of the room so that it doesn’t look like an eyesore compared to the décor of the room, while also getting the comfort and health benefits it provides.


  • Pedestal-style option
  • Has a larger tank capacity for its size
  • Can handle whole houses
  • Has a long runtime
  • Compact design


  • Warranty is an added cost
  • Only dark colors are available

7. AIRCARE Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Mist

Best Warm Mist Aircare Humidifier
Humidifier TypeUltrasonic
Coverage Area750 sq ft
Tank Capacity0.8 gallons
Runtime48 hrs
Dimensions (LxWxH)8.70 x 8.70 x 18.00 Inches

The Aircare Ultrasonic cool & warm mist option is the best humidifier with such a feature since it offers a long runtime and easy portability with the unit. It can also work as a nightlight, which can be perfect for younger children’s bedrooms at night.

This option comes with an essential oil diffuser in the unit that releases a cool or warm mist with a mild scent that makes the room smell and feels nice and comfortable for those who can’t get to sleep as well. Instead of a wick, this model uses a demineralization cartridge.

The nightlight portion of this humidifier has a remote control that allows you to operate the light from a distance so you can turn it on from your bed at night and turn it off first thing in the morning. The light is an LED blue light that will have enough light to illuminate the room so you can see when if you wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom.


  • Compact Ultrasonic option
  • Comes with a warm mist function
  • Has a long runtime for tank capacity
  • No wick is required
  • Has auto shut-off


  • Small water capacity
  • May not cover a whole bedroom

Who Makes Aircare Humidifiers?

The Aircare humidifier line is made by the Essick Air Company’s Aircare brand and has been in business for over 70 years. The products are made in the US, specifically in Arkansas, and the company is known for its outstanding reputation for making great, long-lasting products.

Comparing Aircare with Similar Humidifier Brands

  • Aircare vs. Honeywell
    Though the Honeywell brand is a good option for some, their humidifiers tend to come with fewer features. They lack timers and a check filter display that allows you to see when it should be refilled.
  • Aircare vs. Vornado
    Though both Aircare and Vornado humidifiers are made in the USA, the Vornado options often come with a shorter runtime and small coverage areas. The average Aircare humidifier is better on several levels.
  • Aircare vs. Aprilaire
    The Aircare humidifiers offer a large area of coverage in many of their larger options, but Aprilaire tends to have smaller options that don’t have the same coverage.
  • Aircare vs. Vicks
    The Vicks line of humidifiers is easy to find in many retail stores, but they are typically smaller options that don’t have good coverage. They mainly have small, bedroom-size options and not whole-house humidifiers.

How to Set Up & Use an Aircare Humidifier Effectively

When you are ready to use your Aircare humidifier, you will need to set it up. This will depend on the model, but they will each come with a manual are many offer simple set-ups. You will also want to place your humidifier in a space in the room where it will not get knocked over easily.

One of the best places to put it is in the corner of the farthest part of the room. This will allow it to release moisture into the area more equally. Then, when you need to configure your settings, use the digital display to decide the percentage of humidity you want in the room. This ideal setting is usually around 40%.

How to Clean & Maintain Aircare Humidifiers

Humidifiers clean the air as they add moisture and often come with filters that need to be changed. To do this, you will need to open the unit and take out the current filter. Replace it with a new one in the same spot that the other was held.

If you receive an error code f, then you will not have put the filter in the right way. Take it out and replace it to ensure that it is in right.

You also want to clean the outside of the unit every so often, so dirt and dust don’t settle near the filter.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

Are there drawbacks to using Aircare evaporative humidifiers?

Evaporative humidifiers tend to have a louder operation level that makes them sound like a fan, which could be disturbing to some people.

How often will I need to refill my Aircare humidifier?

If you use your humidifier every day, then replace it every two months. If you use it every other day, then you will replace it every three months.

Do all Aircare humidifiers use filters?

No, the ultrasonic humidifiers do not use filters and instead have a system that uses vibrations to release a mist into the air to add moisture.

Are Aircare humidifiers safe to use in a baby’s nursery room?

Yes, Aircare humidifiers are safe to use in a baby’s nursery room as long as they are intended that room size and not more.

Where can I buy Aircare humidifiers?

You can purchase an Aircare humidifier online through Amazon retailers where you can find most models and styles.


If you are looking for a new humidifier, then the Aircare brand offers great options to choose from. With the Essick Aircare 831000 space-saver humidifier being our top choice, you can choose to buy this option and get the best of the best.