7 Reasons Alen Air Purifier Won’t Turn On (How to Fix It)

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Key Takeaways

  • The most common cause of Alen Air Purifiers not turning on lies with a bad power source. This is the simplest explanation. In worst cases defective internal components can be the cause.
  • Not regularly cleaning the device and dirty or clogged air filter can prevent the device from turning on too.
  • Alen Air Purifiers come with several indicator lights for pointing out where the issue lies.

The US pumping about 67 million tons of pollution into the atmosphere [1] is just one of the reasons people tell me they want to buy an air purifier. It can seem hard to protect yourself from the health effects of poor air quality, but an air purifier is a great first step. [2]

Alen air purifiers are some of the best air cleaners I work with, but unfortunately, nothing’s perfect. Sometimes they just refuse to turn on. Below I’ll go over the most effective ways to troubleshoot this issue with your Alen air purifier so you can start cleansing your air again.

Why Is My Alen Air Purifier Won’t Turn On? (Causes & Solutions)

Cord Not In Correctly

The first step in troubleshooting an Alen air purifier that won’t turn on is to ensure it’s correctly plugged into a functioning power outlet. This seems fairly obvious, but you’d never guess how often this has been the issue. Most Alen purifiers have a standard two-pronged plug that fits most electrical outlets, so they’re compatible with most wall sockets.

Cord Damaged

Once you know it’s plugged in, inspect the power cord of your Alen air purifier carefully to ensure there’s no damage. If the power cord shows signs of wear and tear, such as fraying or exposed wires, stop using the air purifier immediately and unplug it from the power outlet. Contact Alen’s customer service to request a replacement power cord.

Do not attempt to use the air purifier until the new cord has been installed. I know how easy it is for a damaged cord to start a fire.

Blown Fuse Or Wall Socket

After confirming that the Alen air purifier is plugged in and there’s no damage to the cord, the next step is to be sure the unit is receiving power. If the air purifier is not turning on, it could be due to a blown fuse or a faulty wall socket.

To check for a blown fuse, unplug your air purifier and check the fuse in the plug with a multimeter. If the fuse has blown, replace it with a new fuse of the same rating. If the fuse looks fine, move on to the wall socket.

To test the wall socket, plug another appliance into the same socket to see if it works. If the other appliance works, the issue may be with the air purifier’s power cord or internal components. If the wall socket is not working, it may be a blown circuit or a wiring issue, requiring a qualified professional’s help.

Incorrect Power Size For Device

Another thing to consider if your Alen purifier isn’t turning on is the plug’s power rating. If the plug has an incorrect power rating, it may not be able to supply enough power to run the air purifier, which can keep it from turning on or even damage the unit.

To avoid this problem, always use a plug with a power rating that is equal to or higher than the recommended rating for your Alen air purifier. You can find the recommended power rating in the user manual or on the product label.

Dirty Or Clogged Air Filter

Aside from impeding the airflow and reducing the effectiveness of your Alen air purifier, a filthy air filter can cause the unit to overheat and shut off automatically as a safety measure.

That’s why I am constantly bugging people about checking their filters regularly and keeping them clean or having them replaced. Your user manual or the Alen air app will have specific instructions on how to clean or replace the filter.

Malfunctioning Control Panel

You might have trouble turning on your Alen air purifier due to a malfunctioning control panel. This can usually be resolved by resetting the control panel. 

First, ensure that the unit is unplugged from the power outlet. Next, hold the power button for 10-15 seconds to discharge any remaining electrical current. Then, wait a few minutes before plugging the unit back in and attempting to turn it on.

Defective Internal Components

If none of the troubleshooting steps mentioned above work, there may be a defect with the internal components of your Alen air purifier. That means it’s time to contact Alen’s customer service for further assistance.

When you contact customer service, provide details about the issue you’re experiencing and the steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot it. The customer service team may ask you to perform additional tests or provide more information to help diagnose the issue.

If there’s a defect with the internal components, the customer service team will guide you through the repair or replacement process. Alen’s air purifiers come with a warranty, so you may be eligible for a free repair or replacement.

Alen Air Purifier Color Indicator: What Do They Mean?


When a red light emits from your filter life indicator light, it means that it is time to install a new filter (filter change indicator). Depending on the air filter you use, it is possible to either replace your HEPA filters or clean your old ones and reinstall them. Replacement filters are readily available online.


An orange light on your Alen device means that it is currently in standby mode. You can disable it by resetting it according to more in-depth manual instructions. [3]


On certain Alen models, blue light can mean that your air purifier is working perfectly fine. However, if the blue light is flashing, that may be an indicator that something needs your attention; inspect your air purifier as well as the Alen air purifier filter for issues. The manual or product label should provide information on what a flashing blue light means for your specific model.


If you spot a yellow light on your Alen air purifier, it may mean that the air quality is fair with moderate airborne particles in the room. This means that you may need to adjust the settings for optimal filtration of airborne particles and dust particles via the Alen air filter. You can use the air purifier’s control panel to adjust the fan speed or set a timer to optimize filtration.


A green light emitting from your Alen unit can either mean the unit is powered on and functioning correctly, or that it has been successfully reset and is ready to continue working.

Other Alen Air Purifier Problems (How To Fix Them)

Filter Life Indicator Light Won’t Go Out

If your Alen filter light does not go out after installing your replacement filter or pre-filter, it may not be sitting right in the air purifier.

To reinsert your replacement filter correctly, consult your user manual. If this does not work, there may be an issue with either your new filters or the unit itself. In some cases, the filter light may be malfunctioning and may need to be reset manually.

Before contacting customer service, try resetting the filter light manually. Firmly push and hold the filter reset button for several seconds until the light goes out. If that fails, contact customer service to book a technician.


An Alen air purifier beeping can mean that it needs a hard reset to its system; follow your manual’s guide for specific steps.

If the beeps are high-pitched, the air filter may not be installed correctly or needs to be cleaned or replaced. Consult the manual to ensure you install the filter correctly and follow the recommended maintenance schedule.

If the beeping persists, even after a reset and proper filter maintenance, it may indicate a more severe issue with the unit’s internal components. If that’s the case, contact Alen’s customer service team for further assistance.

Fan Not Working

The Alen air purifier fan is a key element in its filtration process that can be prone to clogs.

Confirm that nothing is blocking the fan by performing an unplugged inspection on your unit. If there is a blockage, it can often be removed by gently cleaning the fan blades with a soft brush or cloth.

If the fan is not making a sound or the fan speed is too low, there may be a motor or blade issue that requires customer service assistance.

In rare cases, your unit or socket may have blown a fuse – unplug it for a minute and replug your unit to test this. If a fuse has blown in your unit, you may need to replace it.

Not Circulating Air

Check for any blockages in the air intake or output vents where the air blows out of your device. This can be done while the unit is turned on. Inspect the air purifier carefully, and remove any obstructions.

If the air purifier continues to perform poorly even after inspecting and cleaning it, contact Alen’s customer service for further assistance.

Air Quality Monitor Not Working

Your indoor air quality indicator not working often occurs when dust or an object is blocking the sensor. Other factors like sensor malfunction, software issues, or electrical problems could also lead to inaccurate readings or non-functioning sensors.

Cleaning a dirty sensor with a soft cloth or brush can help restore its functionality. If cleaning the sensor does not improve the performance of the air quality indicator, refer to the user manual or contact the customer service team for assistance.

How To Reset The Alen Breathesmart Air Purifier

To reset your Alen air purifier, we highly recommend consulting your unit’s manual for specific instructions, as certain models like the Alen Breathesmart may be different. However, on some Alen air purifier models, you can press and hold the filter button for five seconds until the light blinks.

If you can’t find the reset instructions in your manual or you’re unsure how to reset your Alen air purifier, contact Alen customer support for assistance.

Getting The Most Benefit From Your Alen Air Purifier

Match The Model With The Use & Room

Room size is a vital factor in selecting the right air purifiers. When deciding which Alen air purifier is right for you, it is best to consider what rooms you tend to spend your time in, as well as when you most often want an air purifier.

Not all air purifiers are built the same, which is why the rooms you have in mind are important. Smaller ones can only cover smaller areas, and larger ones are suitable for large spaces. Measure out your room carefully and ensure you choose one that covers all that and then some.

Air Purifier Room Placement

Once your Alen air purifier and Alen air filters have arrived, it is time to put the unit in the right spot for optimal air pollution filtration. As a general rule, the best spot for an air purifier involves a combination of the following:

  • A foot away from the wall or furniture
  • Facing into the room and away from the walls
  • Away from corners
  • Not blocking the doorway or halls
  • Away from other electronics
  • In the right-sized room
  • Plugged into the right power source
  • Near an odor source
Usage Time Of Day

Typically, you do not need to leave your air purifier running while you are out of the house for long periods. Therefore it is vital to consider when you are typically home and prefer to use your air purifier.

Modern air purifiers can be programmed to start and end cycles at certain times, while quieter ones are available for those who want some mild white noise to sleep to.

Use Various Settings Wisely

By consulting your unit manual or product description, you can see a complete list of all the modern settings that can help your air purifier run effectively and improve indoor air. There you can see its typical sound level, the fan speed settings, timers, and light options, as well as any other specialist functions.

We highly recommend experimenting with these settings to find the right schedule for your home.

Don’t Run The Air Purifier 24/7

While some blogs may recommend running your Alen air purifier for 24 hours a day, we do not recommend it. Just like any other machine, running your Alen air purifier can cause it to become overworked and break down much faster.

Additionally, this causes it to filter more pollutants which can cause you to have to replace your Alen filters much faster than usual.

It may be tempting, but there are many situations in which you can simply leave it off or on standby, for example, when you are at work or the windows are open.

Alen Air Purifier Won’t Turn On FAQs

Where do you find Alen air purifier filter replacements?

You can find Alen filter replacements and HEPA filters on the Alen website, home improvement stores, and on sites like Amazon. Confirm that the product description matches your air filter type before purchasing.

How long do Alen Breathesmart filters last?

Alen Breathesmart filters typically last around six months with regular use. This time estimate can vary based on the air quality in your area and how often you use your unit.

Can you wash Alen filters?

Some Alen filters can be washed or vacuumed to prolong their lives. If you have a HEPA air purifier, you can typically only replace the HEPA filter and dispose of it in a plastic bag. Read the product description for more specific instructions.

How do I clean and change my Alen air purifier?

To change your Ale filter, unplug your unit, pull on the white tab under the cover, and put in the new filter from the bottom up. The outside simply needs a vacuum with a soft brush or a wipe-down with a dry dust cloth.

Do Alen air purifiers produce ozone?

Alen purifiers do not produce ozone. Alen models are certified ozone-safe by the California Air Resources Board, according to Alen’s website. [4]


I know it’s never fun when something stops turning on, especially your air purifier keeping your indoor air safe and removing harmful particles. However, with the steps I outlined above, your cleaner should be up and running in no time.

With an Alen air purifier by your side, you can breathe easier knowing that your home’s air quality is free from nasty pollutants. Remember to register your air purifier product warranty with the manufacturer so you’re ready to go if problems do arise.

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