Levoit 131 Air Purifier Won’t Turn On (Solved!)

If someone asks me what brand of air purifier I recommend, I typically tell them Levoit. Levoit is known for quality, dependability, and functionality. Their mid-range air purifiers are some of my favorites and are widely available. However, sometimes even the best machines don’t work as expected. For example, I’ve had reports of the Levoit … Read more

How To Troubleshoot A Winix Air Purifier (Solved!)

I’ll say it until I can’t say it anymore – air purifiers are an excellent way to keep your indoor air fresh and clean. However, just like any other appliance, they must be cleaned and maintained. Winix air purifiers, in particular, should be properly cared for to ensure their longevity and functionality. If they aren’t … Read more

How To Make A DIY Air Purifier In 5 Easy Steps!

I’ve noticed a surge in the number of individuals interested in DIY projects in recent years, and this trend has finally spilled over into the air purifier market. Air purity plays a vital role in our health, so I am all for people getting an air purifier using any means available. If you’re a fan … Read more

Does An Air Purifier Help Remove Radon Gas? (Explained)

I come across a lot of people who have no idea of what radon gas is. Many people first hear about radon when they’re buying a new home and a potential house tests positive for radon. Radon gas is odorless and colorless, and exposure to it can lead to serious health issues. It’s the second … Read more

How To Clean Dyson Air Purifier Fan Filter (DIY Guide)

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Does An Air Purifier Help With Marijuana Smell? (Explained)

Even though marijuana is becoming legal and more accepted, I understand you probably don’t want your house to constantly smell like weed smoke. As such, countless people come to me asking how they can keep their house from smelling like a Dutch coffee shop. There are a lot of theories on how to eliminate the … Read more

Forced Air Vs Central Air: Which Is Better?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the types of home climate control systems, how they perform, and which is the best option for your home. Two of the more popular types are explained and compared in this forced air vs. central air review. We will outline what exactly forced air systems … Read more

How To Discharge AC Capacitor Safely (Step By Step Guide)

Your residential air conditioner has a lot of electricity flowing through it. That electricity needs to be controlled and reserved, and this is done by using large-capacity capacitors. However, those capacitors will need to be changed from time to time. When that time comes, you will need to know how to discharge an AC capacitor … Read more

How Close Can An Air Conditioner Be To Property Line?

Installing a new air conditioner or buying a house with a preinstalled unit can come with many complications. Among them are property lines, sound concerns, and where the condenser unit can or cannot be placed. If you find yourself wondering how close an air conditioner can be to a property line, then you are in … Read more

Lights Flicker When AC Turns On (How To Fix DIY)

It is no secret that air conditioner units draw a lot of power, especially on start-up—as one of the largest drains on our electrical supply, keeping your home cool is a necessary evil. When your lights flicker when the AC turns on, though, it can cause panic or worry. Do you need to call a ... Read more

Can You Put Essential Oils In An Air Purifier? (Explained)

I’m constantly approached by people wanting to make their houses smell better and their homes calmer. Nowadays, essential oils have emerged as one of the top choices for people looking to do that. In my experience, air purifiers are the top choice for eliminating unpleasant odors in a space. Air purifiers are the best for … Read more

Can Air Purifiers Remove Carbon Monoxide From The Home?

Despite my extensive industry experience, nothing scares me more than carbon monoxide. Dealing with this toxic gas has been the most challenging aspect of my work. It’s a silent killer, and you must do everything possible to keep it out of your home. Air purifiers are designed to keep unwanted particles from the air in … Read more

How To Clean Air Purifier HEPA Filter (Quickly and Easily)

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Do Air Purifiers Work With Windows Open?

For the longest time, I was sabotaging the air quality in my house without realizing it. If you own an air purifier and crack open a window while it’s running, you may be doing the same thing. I thought leaving a window open while using an air purifier helped improve ventilation and indoor air quality. … Read more

How Often To Change Air Purifier Filter? (Explained)

As air purifier filters cycle the air and collect debris, their ability to trap allergens slowly decreases, therefore reducing the air quality in the home. That means you’ll eventually need to change your air filter, but how do you know when? The general rule is to change it every three to six months. Let’s take … Read more

7 Key Tips To Get The Best Out of Air Purifiers

Since I’ve worked in some pretty harsh environments, I do all I can to keep my indoor air clean. I want to eliminate pet dander, pollen, smoke, and other allergens from my home so I can breathe fresh air. Using an air purifier in my house allows me to do this. Air purifiers will rid … Read more

What Does An Ionizer Do? (Benefits Explained)

If you want to breathe clean and healthy air at home, an ionizer might just be what you need. By releasing negative ions into the air, an ionizer can effectively remove harmful particles such as dust, smoke, and bacteria, leaving you with clean and healthy air. My ionizer has helped reduce the dust and allergens … Read more

How Much Electricity Does An Air Purifier Use? (Solved!)

I’m willing to pay any reasonable price for quality air purifiers. The best air purifiers protect us from free-flowing atmospheric contaminations, leading to fewer doctor visits. That makes them well worth the price. However, I’ve noticed over the years that no one pays attention to how much electricity an air purifier uses. If your electric … Read more

Why Does My Air Purifier Smell Bad? (Causes & Solutions)

I couldn’t believe the smell my air purifier was giving off! I bought the air purifier to get rid of smells, not create worse smells! Many air purifier owners just like me experience this frustrating problem, with no idea of what to do next. But don’t worry, I eventually got everything back to normal and … Read more

What Does Eco Mean On An Air Conditioner? (Explained)

If you have been asking yourself this question, you are not alone. Many people are unsure what this setting is for and how it affects their air conditioner’s performance. Here, we’ll explain what Eco mode is and how it can help you save energy and money. We’ll also give you some tips on using this … Read more

How Long Does It Take For Freon In An AC To Settle?

If you’ve recently moved or have pulled your air conditioner out from storage, you’re probably wondering, how long does it take for freon in an air conditioner to settle and cool down? What if your central AC was just topped off? In this article, we will determine how long it takes for freon to settle. … Read more

AC Thermostat Wiring (Diagram Explained For HVAC)

HVAC systems need control points and those come in the form of thermostats. That control can be digital or analog, but it all ends up going through the thermostat wires. When you need to wire a new thermostat or install a new thermostat from scratch, it can get confusing. Whether you have a simple 2-wire … Read more

How To Easily Determine AC Tonnage From Model Number

When replacing or buying an AC, tonnage is a crucial component to consider. However, most homeowners blindly trust the salesman if they can’t identify their AC tonnage. Knowing this characteristic is vital for many reasons, such as adequately cooling your space, replacing your existing unit, etc. Want to know how to determine AC tonnage from … Read more

What Size Generator To Run Window AC? (5000-12000 BTU)

A prolonged power outage or a short circuit could have devastating consequences for your AC on a hot summer's day. The window AC is your saving grace, and if it goes out, you could be in for a long night. Follow along to learn what size generator you will need to run a window AC. ... Read more

How To Install Window AC Unit Without Side Panels (DIY)

Installing a window AC unit is an easy and economical way to cool a room or a small house. Most manufacturers provide side panels to help seal the unit in place. But those side panels are not always included, or they do not work. But there are quite a few options on how to install … Read more

Window AC Not Blowing Cold Air (How To Make It Colder)

No one enjoys having a broken air conditioner. With the rising temperatures, a properly working AC unit is essential in many households, and there is nothing more frustrating than a window air conditioner that won’t blow cold air. This article aims to address the question, “why is my window air conditioner not blowing cold air?” … Read more

How To Hang Curtains Around A Window Air Conditioner

Hanging curtains around a window air conditioner can seem difficult if you have never done it before, especially if you are unsure of which coverings to use. Read on to learn about selecting curtains for any air conditioner that are safe and best suited to the window. How to Hang Curtains Around a Window AC? … Read more

How To Install A Window AC Without Screws & Drilling

You just got a new window unit AC for your home or office, and it’s time to install it. However, you don’t want to damage the window frame or any part of the building’s structure. Let’s discuss how to install a window air conditioner without using screws or drilling. Is It Possible to Install a … Read more

What Size Generator To Run A Portable Air Conditioner?

Have you been searching for portable AC and confused about the most compatible generator size to run it? What size generator to run portable AC? You don’t want to spend money buying a generator only to find out that it doesn’t have enough power to run your portable AC. There is no specific answer to … Read more

What Size Generator For RV AC? (13,500 & 15,000 BTU)

If you’re a new RV owner, you may be wondering what the best size generator is for an RV air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, that question has some weight to it as it depends on the size of the AC and the level of cooling output an individual requires. However, from personal experience, I have found … Read more

How Long Should An Air Conditioner Sit Before Turning It On?

It’s not easy waiting to try out a new air conditioner after installation, especially on a hot day. There’s nothing quite as annoying as not knowing how long to wait before turning on the air conditioner while sitting indoors on a sweltering day as sweat builds on your skin. Here’s everything you need to know … Read more

Are Air Purifier Filters Recyclable? (How To Dispose)

Being environmentally aware, my first instinct after changing out old filters is that I wanted to recycle them, but I wasn’t sure if I could or if they should just be thrown in the trash. After some research, I quickly learned that it depends on what the filter is made of – whether plastic, polyester, … Read more

How Far Can You Run Mini Split Lines? (Solved)

If you don’t know how far mini-split lines run and how to select and install them properly, your heat pump and mini-split won’t work as required. Mini-split line sets operate much like human arteries that connect major organs in the human body to regulate blood pressure. However, instead of oxygen and nutrients, they carry refrigerant. … Read more

How To Vacuum A Mini Split and Remove Refrigerant

Any amount of harmful exposure can exponentially affect the performance of your air conditioner and lead to long-term problems. The solution to that is vacuuming and refrigerant removal, which allows you to get rid of any moisture from your AC system. Read this guide to learn how to vacuum a mini-split. How Do You Vacuum … Read more

How To Easily Get Weed Smell Out Of Car AC (DIY Guide)

If you live in a state with legalized recreational marijuana, you might enjoy a smoke now and then in your car. However, this can lead to a stinky smell in the car vents. Do you know how to get the weed mess out of a car AC system? We will give you the tips you … Read more

How To Find & Fix A Leak In Car AC (DIY Guide)

If you aren’t getting cold air from the car AC, it could be due to a small leak in the system. That’s why you need to know how to fix an AC leak in a car. In this guide, we show you how to find an AC leak in a truck or car and review … Read more

How To Remove Front Cover Of A Window AC Without Damage

It’s that time of year again! Allergy season. Pollen, dog fur, cat fur, and dust mites. Before you grab that bottle of allergy pills, consider cleaning your AC unit. Your AC unit is home to a rigamarole of dust and other particles from outside or inside your home. Removing the front cover of your AC … Read more

Where Are The Drain Holes On A Window Air Conditioner?

According to the Department of Energy, three-quarters of all homes in the United States have air conditioners. Most window conditioners have a drain hole that drains out moisture. This article will teach you where the drain hole is, how to clean it, and what to do if you have an air conditioner with no drain … Read more

How Many Amps Does a 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Ton AC Use?

Summers’ searing heat is coming, and as the mercury creeps up in thermometers, it’s time to get air conditioners. But first, gather information about them. Do your research. Ask questions like, ‘how many amps does a 3-ton air conditioner use’ to know what’s best. After all, electricity consumption is an essential determinant. Fortunately, this guide … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Fix AC In A Car? (Average Price)

If your vehicle isn’t cooling off, it’s time to repair the air conditioning system. How much does it cost to fix the AC in a car? It depends on several factors, but we can help you estimate the total expenses. How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Car AC? (Common Problems & Prices) Freon … Read more

Why Does My Car AC Smell Like Vinegar? (How To Fix)

When you step inside a car, you don’t want to deal with any noxious smells. So, what do you do when the car AC smells like vinegar? If you are dealing with a vinegar smell from the car AC, we have the tips to get you breathing clean air once again. Why Does My Car … Read more

Car AC Stops Working When Hot Outside (7 Reasons Why)

On a hot summer day, you need your car air conditioning to work its best. So, what do you do when the car AC stops working when it’s hot outside? If the car AC struggles in hot weather, there are some easy ways to get it working again. Why Does My AC Stop Working When … Read more

AC Only Works When Car Is Moving (4 Reasons Why)

It’s a hot summer day and you can’t get the car air conditioning to blow cold air unless you are driving; now what? What does it mean when the AC only works when the car is moving? In this guide, we discuss what to do when the air conditioner in a car only works when … Read more

How Long Does A Humidifier Take To Work? (Solved)

You’ve turned your humidifier on, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. I can understand that you might get impatient, especially if you’re using the unit to treat cough or asthma. Humidifiers aren’t instantaneous miracle machines. They can take up to a day to humidify the air, depending on various conditions. But what are … Read more

How To Hide A Window AC Unit Both Inside & Outside

When it comes to summer, your air conditioning unit (AC) is a crucial part of your home. However, it often disrupts the visual aesthetic of your interior design. Your AC might be a factor you want to hide while also adding a decorative flair. Here is a guide on how to creatively hide your AC … Read more

How To Build A Window AC Support Frame (DIY)

Are you sure your window AC box unit is secure in its place? What if it’s heavy, clunky, or old? As the hot days of summer approach, you could wake one day to a new breeze coming from the hole of your window – where that AC box unit once was. But don’t worry, this … Read more

Does Air Conditioning Use Gas Or Electricity? (All Types)

Running your HVAC unit makes up a large portion of your utility bill, making people wonder, “Is HVAC gas or electric?” That leads to follow-up questions, like “Is AC gas or electric?” AC alone is electric, but your entire HVAC system generally uses both. Read on for the explanation. Does Air Conditioning Use Gas Or … Read more

Heater Won’t Turn On But AC Works (Causes & Solution)

Is your heater not producing heat or producing it inconsistently, but your AC pumps out cold air without a problem? The situation isn’t just chilly but also frustrating. Fortunately, when your AC works but not heat, several solutions are available. Read on to learn how to get your entire HVAC system working quickly and correctly. … Read more

7 Ways To Make A Car AC Work Better & Run Colder

Nothing is worse than getting into your car on a hot summer day to find out the AC isn’t blowing cold air. Your frustration leads you to search online, looking for how to make AC colder in a car. Thankfully, we have the steps you need. Our guide covers how to make car AC super … Read more

Does HVAC Include Water Heater? (Who Should You Call)

The water heater is one of the most essential appliances in your home. It provides hot water for showers, baths, dishwashers, and laundry machines. When the water heater malfunctions, it can cause extensive damage to the home, including massive flooding. In some cases, the homeowner may need to call a plumber or an HVAC technician. … Read more

Are Used Air Conditioners Any Good? (Buying Guide)

There’s nothing more refreshing than cool air conditioning when the weather heats up. If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, you may be wondering if you should buy a used one. Buying a used air conditioner can save you money, but it’s important to know what to look for when purchasing one. … Read more

Should AC Vents Be Open Or Closed In Summer & Winter?

When the seasons change, your ventilation needs to change as well. The last thing you want to worry about is the effectiveness of your home ventilation system and whether or not to keep your AC vents open or closed. Knowing the best way to regulate your vents during the summer and winter will help ensure … Read more

Air Conditioner Smells Like Chemicals (Causes & Solution)

The air conditioner is your best friend on a hot day until it has a problem and leaves you in the heat. When a central air conditioner smells like chemicals, you have two choices. Shut the air conditioner down and sweat through your shirt. Or risk damaging your air conditioner and smelling chemicals all day. … Read more

How to Make a Portable AC Work Better & Run Colder

A portable air conditioner, also referred to as a stand-up air conditioner, is a type of AC that can be moved around conveniently. Unlike fixed air conditioners, portable ACs are pretty versatile and can be fixed anywhere besides a window and a socket. Therefore, if you are a homeowner who does not require cooling the … Read more

How To Secure & Burglar Proof A Window AC Unit

You’ve finally gotten your window air conditioner unit installed and cooling your home, but you might be worried about being burgled. You have spent your hard-earned money to feel more comfortable at home, and you don’t want to see your AC unit suddenly being taken away by a thief. Or worse, someone accessing your home … Read more

How Much Does An Air Conditioner Weigh? (All Types)

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “How much does an AC unit weigh?” We have compiled an extensive list of air conditioner units by type and weight. The weight of an AC machine can affect where you place the home appliance, so it’s wise to know how much various air conditioning units weigh. Read on … Read more

Why Does My Portable AC Fill With Water Quickly? (10 Causes)

If your portable air conditioner fills with water quickly, you’re not alone. It can be frustrating and potentially costly, especially if you aren’t sure what to do when this happens. Read on to learn more about this situation and the steps needed to troubleshoot and deal with any problem. Why Does My Portable AC Fill … Read more

How Many Watts Does A Central AC Use? (Energy Consumed)

Have you wondered why your electricity bill has shot up? You’re watching how much you use, turning off the lights and TVs, and yet the bill still seems to climb. Have you considered your air conditioning unit? The brilliant piece of tech in our houses could also be costing us a lot more than we … Read more

Do Air Conditioners Use Water To Run? (Solved)

You may be thinking about buying an air conditioning unit and are not sure if AC units use water. Figuring out which air conditioners use water to run is confusing, and you don’t want to be surprised after making a purchase. This article will break down for you the question, ‘does AC use water’ and … Read more

Can You Lay A Portable AC On It’s Side? (Solved)

Laying a portable air conditioner on its side may seem like a simple and convenient way to save space when not in use. But can you lay a portable AC on its side without damaging it? Keep reading to find out the answer to this simple question. Can You Lay A Portable AC On Its … Read more

Where To Put Air Conditioning Unit? (Placement Guide)

Staying cool and lowering your energy bill can be challenging during the summer, but proper central air conditioning unit placement can help you reach those goals. While air conditioner placement may not always be a priority, it can make a huge difference. Types Of AC Units And The Best Place To Put Them Different types … Read more

Can You Get An HVAC License With A Felony? (Felon Friendly Companies)

Being in prison at any point in your life can make it challenging to find a job once you’re released. The good news is that it’s not impossible. Finding a job after leaving prison can reduce your chance of reconviction. However, primarily due to employer bias, felons’ unemployment rate is 27.3%. Luckily, the HVAC industry … Read more

How Often Do You Need To Drain A Portable Air Conditioner?

Has your portable air conditioner ever just stopped working, and you didn’t know why? Or perhaps you’ve noticed water overflowing – yikes! In this article, I will discuss some of the issues related to water in portable air conditioners and answer some common questions regarding draining portable air conditioners. Do I Need to Drain My … Read more

AC Refrigerant & Freon Types (Complete Guide)

When it comes time to replace the AC refrigerant, it can be difficult to know which one you need to use. This is made even more difficult because if you use the wrong one, you can badly damage the appliance. In this guide, we’ll introduce the different types of refrigerants and help you determine which … Read more

Air Conditioner Fan Not Spinning Or Turning On (Causes)

Nothing is more annoying than a malfunctioning AC on a hot day. So when you notice the AC fan not spinning, you’re in for a sweltering time! You may also notice the air conditioner running, but the fan is not spinning. This indicates your AC needs professional help and some necessary resuscitation. So if you … Read more

How Does Central Air Conditioning Work In Apartments?

Central AC is the go-to choice for many multi-family buildings with built-in ductwork for heating and air conditioning. It provides consistent heating and cooling for year-round comfort. And even though this kind of system’s installation might need a higher expense, central ACs do not affect the design of the residential unit, typically when the ducts … Read more

How Often Do You Need To Add Freon To Recharge An AC?

90% of the time, if there’s an issue with your AC, it’s electrical, and the other 10% of the time, it’s an issue with your refrigerant. Freon is a commonly used type of refrigerant in many air conditioners, and if the level gets too low, you’ll be stuck with an AC that doesn’t blow cold … Read more

How to Hide Portable Air Conditioner Hose (7 Hacks)

Portable air conditioners are incredibly helpful, but their hoses can be bulky and ugly to look at. They are large and need to be near a window, making them inconvenient to place and design your home. In this guide, we have tips on how to hide your portable air conditioner tube without sacrificing your interior … Read more

How To Keep Top Floor Apartment Cool In Summer (Best Ways)

Summer is the hottest season of all, and you need to know how to deal with the heat no matter where you live. The top floor of your apartment can be a source of great views and gorgeous natural lighting, but unfortunately, it is also prone to uncomfortably high temperatures in the summertime. It is … Read more

AC Compressor Not Turning On (All Causes & Solutions)

Your AC compressor is a critical component in your air conditioner responsible for cooling the air, so if it’s not turning on, then you’re going to get no relief from the hot weather. This is really frustrating in the summer months when you are desperate for fresh cold air. Well, every problem has a solution, … Read more

How To Keep An Attic Cool In The Summer (Best Ways)

Keeping the attic cool in the summer months can be quite challenging, and an unventilated attic can reach 150 degrees on hot days. A hot attic and a home can make the HVAC work overtime to keep your home cool. You might be wondering how you can keep the attic cool when this is your … Read more

What Is Dry Mode On An AC? (Dry Vs Cool Explained)

Air conditioners have become a key part of our lives, but it’s become difficult to stay on top of all the new features and settings as technology has advanced. If you have an AC, you may have only ever used one setting, and the other controls can be confusing. In this guide, we’ll help make … Read more

How To Keep An Apartment Cool Without AC (Best Ways)

Apartments, especially top floors, heat up quickly in the searing summer heat. Direct sunlight and insufficient ventilation are a few reasons why it’s too hard to survive in a flat during summertime. Want to know how to make an apartment without AC more inhabitable? Read on as we’ll provide you with some of the best … Read more

What Temperature Should I Set My Air Conditioner In Summer?

In the summer months, temperatures rise, and air conditioners worldwide are put to good use. Many people wonder what temperature works best when it comes to setting an AC temperature. Is 72 a good temperature for air conditioning? This is a common question we get and will answer in this guide. Setting your AC to … Read more

Are You Supposed To Tip HVAC Installers? (Here’s What You Should Do!)

When making home improvements, it’s possible that keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer is a top priority. You could try and install them yourself, but thankfully there are HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) installers that have years of experience to complete the project for you. These workers are … Read more

What Is a Sequencer In HVAC? (Operations Explained)

HVAC sequencers are an essential part of any HVAC system, especially for heating. They are specially designed small circuits that help turn switches off and on and stabilize circuits in a typical electrical setting. Several mechanical devices depend on a sequencer; HVAC systems are no exception. And they are crucial to keeping the various mechanical … Read more

How To Test HVAC Low Pressure Switch

Is your furnace or AC attempting to activate, but nothing happens? Or is it blowing cool air? If that’s the case, the problem might be your low-pressure switch HVAC. Though you may think it’s too tricky to DIY troubleshoot it, you would be surprised to know you can easily test your HVAC low-pressure switch just … Read more

HSPF Vs SEER (Key Differences Compared for Heat Pumps)

Despite what the name might imply, heat pumps provide customers with heating in the cooler months and cooling in the warmer months. There are many factors for homeowners to consider when choosing a new heat pump, the HSPF and SEER ratings being two of the most important. Cost savings, energy efficiency, and environmental output are … Read more

10 Best Leaf Guards For Air Conditioners (Cover Your AC)

Leaves and foliage can be a nightmare for homeowners and can cause serious damage to your AC unit. This stops you from getting the benefit of the AC and can mean you have to spend a fortune repairing or replacing it. Leaf guards are an effective way of keeping debris out of your air conditioner. ... Read more

Best Saddle Air Conditioners (U Shaped Models Compared)

The air conditioner market has grown massively in the past decade. More people than ever before appreciate having control over their home environment, and over 87% of American homes have AC. As a result, manufacturers are becoming more and more innovative, and new styles of air conditioners are produced every year. Saddle air conditioners are ... Read more

AC Unit Humming or Buzzing But Not Turning On (Easy Fix!)

In hot climates, air conditioning units are a must. They’re as vital as heating systems in colder climates. Mainly, AC units operate for years without posing any problem; however, they also experience issues like other electrical appliances. So, is your air conditioner buzzing but not running? If you encounter these or other issues, don’t panic! … Read more

Is It OK To Leave AC In The Window During Winter? (Safety Guide)

Winter is already here, and while it’s more of a necessity instead of a luxury in any home during summer, you may not need it in winter. Even though statistics show that about three-quarters of US homes have central air conditioners, there are millions of homes that rely on window ACs to keep their homes … Read more

14 Reasons Why Your AC Won’t Turn On (How To Fix)

Did you know that 75% of homes in the US have air conditioners? An AC is important, especially in certain parts of the country. Air conditioners make your house comfortable to live in, and you need to make sure that it’s kept in good condition, especially when you want to use it during the scorching … Read more

Dirty Sock Syndrome (How To Easily Fix This In Your AC)

What is dirty sock syndrome? Is that terrible smell of wet gym socks coming from your HVAC system? If you are experiencing this putrid, perturbing predicament and want to know how to fix dirty sock syndrome, what causes it, and if it’s dangerous, then read on through this helpful guide. What Exactly Is the Dirty … Read more

What Size Generator Do I Need To Run a 5 Ton AC Unit?

Having a generator means your life isn’t interrupted if you lose power. But you want to ensure you get a generator big enough to supply power to your house. If you need to know what size generator to run a 5-ton AC unit, read on to find out that and more. How Generators Are Sized? … Read more

Are Two Stage Air Conditioners Worth It? (Benefits Explained)

When buying an air conditioner, you have to consider several factors such as cooling capacity, AC size, energy efficiency rating, electrical installations, and of course, speed. Thus, most people are installing two-stage air conditioning units in their homes. These have two operation levels, low for mild days and high for hotter days. It sounds pretty … Read more

HVAC Preventative Maintenance (The Ultimate Checklist)

HVAC preventative maintenance is integral to ensuring your HVAC system runs smoothly and efficiently. By scheduling regular HVAC maintenance, you can catch minor problems before they turn into big ones, potentially saving yourself time and money in the long run. Let’s look at the importance of HVAC maintenance and what you need to maintain your … Read more

25 Ways To Cool a Room Without AC (For a Better Summer)

During the hot summer months, it’s a challenge to stay cool, and it can become uncomfortable in your own home. Air conditioning is the best way to regulate the temperature, but it’s not an option for everyone. In this guide, we’ll provide some tips on how to cool a room without AC and hopefully help … Read more

How To Reset AC Thermostat When Its Not Working

The thermostat is fundamental to the overall function of your HVAC machine. Thermostats work by measuring the current temperature and then calculating how long to run the AC to cool the house down to the set temperature. You’ll know your thermostat needs a reset if it is unresponsive or loses communication with your HVAC. Though … Read more

AC Compressor Clutch Replacement Cost – Air Conditioner Lab

If you want cold air out of your car, you need to replace any parts that go bad, including the AC compressor clutch. The clutch is required in order to convert energy from the engine and send it to the AC compressor. If it breaks, you need to know the average AC compressor clutch replacement … Read more

Types Of Air Conditioners (ACs Explained with Pictures)

Air conditioners act as lifesavers during the hot summer months. They essentially help to circulate cool air within the room or property. More importantly, though, there are several types of air conditioners to choose from, and each seems to have different or added functions. So let’s take a look at what they are and how … Read more

Best Window AC Unit Alternatives (For Cooling In Summer)

Window air conditioning units might be the best units for cooling, but what if you don’t have a window in the room? But you won’t have to suffer in the heat; there are more powerful and efficient alternatives to window AC units to choose from. Efficient alternatives to window unit air conditioners can keep your … Read more

2 Vs 2.5 Vs 3 Ton AC Units – Compared for Price & Performance

The tonnage of an air conditioner confuses many in the HVAC industry. At times it might feel that air conditioning engineers and technicians are speaking an entirely different language. Even though some of the words they use feel common, the way they are using them does not. One word among them is ‘tonnage.’ Hence, this … Read more

Dehumidifier Vs Air Conditioner – Which Is Better To Buy?

Over the past decade, I have installed countless air conditioners and dehumidifiers. They have a lot of similar components (fans, condenser coils, vents), but they are designed to do very different jobs, and they aren’t interchangeable. So, which do you need in your home? In this guide, I will answer that question and give you … Read more

Ductless Mini Split Vs Central Air: Compared for Cooling

Air conditioners are becoming an essential piece of home equipment that can help keep you and your family comfortable year-round. Everybody has a different situation, but there’s such a wide variety of different air conditioners available you can find the perfect model to benefit you. Central air conditioners provide AC throughout your home and are … Read more

How to Recharge AC in Car (Easy Step by Step DIY Guide)

If you want to keep the cabin of your vehicle cool, you need to know how to recharge the AC in a car. If you have been wondering how to recharge my car air conditioner, we’ve got your answers. In this guide, we look at typical AC recharge instructions and help you decide if the … Read more

AC Blowing Hot Air? (Common Reasons Plus How To Easily Fix It)

HVAC professionals receive the highest number of calls regarding ACs blowing warm air during summer. This is the most common HVAC problem, and you can sometimes resolve it by yourself. So if you are thinking, why is my air conditioner blowing hot air? This guide will help you understand the most common causes and how … Read more

Air Purifier vs Air Conditioner: Differences & How They Work together

Air conditioners and air purifiers both help you to control the air in your home, but in very different ways – one controls temperature, and the other controls air quality. You shouldn’t use one instead of the other, but you can run an air purifier and air conditioner together to completely control the environment in … Read more

What Size Window AC Do I Need? (Sq. Ft. Guide For Rooms)

An air conditioner can be a real asset to your home, but only if you get the right one. There’s a lot to consider when you’re searching for the right AC, and you need to consider the type, model, and size of your unit. Window air conditioners are popular with many homeowners, but they rely … Read more

Portable AC Not Cooling – Fix Cold Air Problems Today!

In the summer, you may find your portable air conditioner not cooling the room the way it did a few months back. Therefore, it is time to find cold air problems with it and fix them. A malfunctioning AC will also raise the energy bill. In addition, the air conditioner will remain inefficient and may ... Read more

How To Install Through the Wall AC (Guide for Wall Sleeves)

There are several ways to install a through the wall AC, but not all methods work for every situation. The most effective way to install through the wall air conditioner is to use a sleeve. Not only does a through-the-wall AC sleeve make installation easy, but it also allows for connection to an existing wall … Read more

Cost To Replace Your AC Unit? (How to Get a Good Price)

Air conditioners regulate the humidity in your home by removing any heat or excess moisture in the air. This helps cool your home and gives you and your family access to fresh, clean air. There are several different types of AC, some working across your home and others in a single room, but they all … Read more

How To Change Window AC Filter (Easy DIY Guide)

Your window AC’s filter is a crucial component that helps trap dirt, dust, and allergens. An air filter’s primary purpose is to keep your interior air clean and pollutant-free. However, the average air filter only lasts between one and three months. That’s why it’s essential to learn more about window air conditioner filter replacement. This … Read more

How To Easily Change Your AC Filter At Home

An air conditioning filter is a device used in homes and offices to remove contaminants in AC units. For example, dust, sand, smoke, pollen, and grease. For this, AC Air filters ensure better airflow and keep the debris out of your HVAC system. While they ensure a better quality airflow, HVAC experts recommend people on … Read more

How To Reset AC Unit: Easy DIY Guide for Air Conditioners

Central air conditioning systems are home appliances that cool your home. They are easy-to-use appliances with multiple functions. What if your AC unit stops working all of a sudden or isn’t cooling as expected? Resetting is one of the most effective and easiest ways to ensure your unit works properly and efficiently. But where to … Read more

GE Window AC Troubleshooting (How To Reset When Not Cooling)

General Electric is a famous air conditioning equipment manufacturer. Their window air conditioners are among the best available options in the market. However, as with any home appliances, GE products are bound to face some repair and maintenance issues. One crucial issue is how to reset your AC unit when not cooling. Hence, you must … Read more

How To Clean Your Car AC Condenser (Best Ways To Stay Cool)

Air conditioning maintenance keeps you cooler when the weather turns warm. If you learn how to clean an AC condenser on a car, you keep the system running its best. In this guide, we show you how to clean the car AC condenser without removing the bumper and show you the value of regular car … Read more

Car AC Compressor Replacement Cost – Air Conditioner Lab

The car AC compressor is the unit of power responsible for putting the refrigerant under high pressure before it moves to the condenser. With proper automotive air conditioning maintenance, you keep the compressor working its best, but it can still fail. In this guide, we discuss the car AC compressor replacement cost. Average Cost To … Read more

HVAC Blower Motor Replacement Cost (Price Expectations)

Your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system (HVAC) lets you control the temperature in your home with effective heating and cooling. There are a lot of different components within your system, but the blower motor is one of the most important. Your HVAC blower motor is what powers the fan, which allows air to circulate … Read more

HVAC Replacement Cost (New Install Vs Replacing Your Unit)

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It’s often confused with regular air conditioning, but it does a lot more for your home and allows you to control the environment around you in a much more complete way. A properly operating HVAC system will let you heat, cool, and properly ventilate a building which … Read more

Air Duct Replacement Costs: Guide For Replacing Home AC

Air conditioner ducts are pathways that carry chill air from the air conditioning unit towards the home. The air supply can be either heated or cooled by the HVAC system. AC ducts are usually present within the floor, wall, and ceiling frame. Since these ducts are present within the basement, they usually get damaged near … Read more

How To Clean AC Vents & Air Ducts (EASILY & SUCCESSFULLY)

AC vents and air ducts ensure that your HVAC system performs efficiently. However, they get dirty after some time and need a thorough cleaning. So, what to do when your AC is just not operating that well? First, you give it a deep and thorough cleaning! Understanding the AC vent cleaning process will allow you … Read more

AC Evaporator Coil Frozen? (Causes & How To Thaw It Out)

No appliance works harder and longer than air conditioners. They keep you and your loved ones cool for hours on end, especially during the scorching summer heat. However, sometimes your AC unit may get extra ‘cool,’ causing it not to operate correctly. One such component that can freeze up is evaporator coils. Evaporator coils are … Read more

RV AC Not Blowing Cold Air? (Common Issues and How To Fix)

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are a great way to go on vacation without the expense and hassle of a flight and hotel. They give you the freedom to enjoy the country and independence to go and stay where you like. The only downside to RVs is that they’re much more susceptible to the elements than a … Read more

How To Clean Mold From Your AC (Window and Portable)

Mold is a fungus. It grows mainly in moist environments, indoor or outdoor, in any season. It’s a hardy fungus that can eventually damage property and induce detrimental health effects in people. Black mold is famously dangerous and toxic, but any mold can cause problems. When you discover mold, the sooner you deal with it, … Read more

RV AC Troubleshooting Tips, Repair & Maintenance Guide

The RV air conditioner works similarly to a household unit, except it is mounted on the top of your camper. Just like with any air conditioning system, problems can arise at times. To help you figure out what’s going on, we have put together this RV air conditioning troubleshooting guide. We will discuss RV AC … Read more

Black Mold on Evaporator AC Coils? (How To Clean It Off)

Evaporator coils are the part of your AC unit that absorbs heat from incoming air. The refrigerant inside the coils cools down the indoor air, causing condensation on the outside. This condensation falls into a drain pan that leads it away from the AC. But, all of the moisture doesn’t always drain away, making parts … Read more

AC Maintenance Checklist (6 Checks You Need To Do)

It is crucial to conduct preventive maintenance on your air conditioning system to help it run smoothly and efficiently. And there are some things that you can do by yourself without the help of a service technician. That is why this guide is here to help you understand the correct way to maintain your air … Read more

Evaporator Coil Leaks: Signs, Symptoms & How To Fix

Inside your AC is the evaporator coil that absorbs heat from your house, and using the refrigerant gas, it transfers it outside. Pretty simple right? But what happens if things go wrong and the evaporator coil leaks? Well, it can lead to a variety of issues such as your AC unit freezing, turning off, or … Read more

AC Evaporator Coil Replacement Cost (Price Expectations)

Evaporator coils absorb heat from the indoor air – an integral function of the AC. Essentially, it helps transfer heat, generating cool air. However, if the coil is damaged or broken, it may lead to poor cooling, frost build-up, high energy bills, etc., which will cost you dearly. Want to know how much does an … Read more

AC Short Cycling (What Is It & How To Fix This Problem)

Short cycling is one of the most common problems you can have with an air conditioner. It can cause damage to your AC unit and negatively impact the comfort of your home. It is also very harmful to your unit and should be repaired as soon as possible. This guide will describe what air conditioner … Read more

How To Clean Car Vents (Best Ways To Get AC Pumping)

The car vents are responsible for pumping air out of the automotive HVAC system into the cabin of the vehicle. So while you might get regular air conditioning servicing, it’s equally as important you learn how to clean the car air vents. In this guide, we will cover how to clean the air vents in ... Read more

How To Get Rid of Mold From Car AC (Remove Smells Now!)

In general, the car AC might have some different smells from time to time. However, when the car AC smells like mold, you know there’s a problem. In this guide, we will cover how to get rid of mold in a car air conditioner. Not only will we look at how to clean mold from … Read more

How Often to Recharge Car AC? (Re-Gas Regularly)

Your automotive air conditioning system is designed to keep you cool in the warmer months if there’s enough refrigerant inside. Occasionally, you need to perform air conditioning car regas. We show you how often to recharge the car AC and show you the signs that it is time. What Exactly Is a Car Air Conditioning … Read more

How To Clean Air Conditioner Coils (Effective DIY Method)

An AC coil is what helps it dispel hot air outside. However, when it isn’t cleaned frequently, it won’t be able to cool effectively. Furthermore, hiring someone to do it lengthens the process and makes it expensive. This is why you should learn how to clean air conditioner coils yourself! Read to know how you … Read more

9 Air Conditioner Alternatives: Substitutes for Cooling

Central air conditioners cool our environment and keep us comfortable. However, they are not very eco-friendly and are costly to install and maintain. What we need in this case is an air conditioner alternative! Fortunately, there are plenty of options available. Let’s take a look at the nine best substitute cooling solutions. 9 Best Air … Read more

How Often Should You Change Your AC Filter?

In 2019, the global HVAC systems market size was $240.8 billion, and it shows no signs of going down any time soon. The tremendous market growth comes as more home and business owners realize the importance of a functional AC to ensure a comfortable and healthy living space and promote energy efficiency. There is no … Read more

How To Clean Car AC Evaporator Without Removing It

The automotive air conditioning system requires regular maintenance to continue working as it should. Sometimes, this means cleaning the evaporator. In this guide, we will cover how to clean the car AC evaporator without removing it. We also examine some of the top clogged car AC evaporator symptoms. How To Clean A Car AC Evaporator … Read more

How To Flush Your Car AC System (DIY Cleaning Guide)

To keep the HVAC system in your car working right, you need to perform regular maintenance. Learning how to clean the car air conditioner is a vital way to ensure the cabin is comfortable, especially when it gets hot. In this article, we cover how to clean a car AC system and show you the … Read more

How To Clean AC Drain Lines (Vinegar Vs Bleach Compared)

An AC unit is designed to help you control the environment you live in. There’s a lot going on internally within your air conditioner to keep your air cool, and the AC drain line is a vital part of the mechanism. Within your AC, the evaporator coil is used to cool the warm air down … Read more

How To Clean an RV Air Conditioner Filter (Cool Air Guide)

Take care of your RV, and your RV will take care of you. You don’t want to learn the value of that thought on a hot day when your RV air conditioner decides not to work. Knowing how to clean your RV roof air conditioner filter can make sure it keeps you cool and comfortable … Read more

How To Clean a Window AC Filter (Easy 3 Step Guide)

A clean air filter ensures your home’s air is free of harmful contaminants. It will also keep your AC working as it should. So, if you want to learn how to clean window air conditioner filter, read on. We’ll cover all the ins and outs of this simple home maintenance project. Window AC Air Filters … Read more

How To Clean AC Filters: Guide For ALL Central HVAC Brands

Air conditioner filters trap dirt in the air that circulates through your home. If a filter gets clogged, the air conditioner can’t send air into your house. It pushes itself to the limits to try and pump air into your home, which uses more electricity and can damage the unit. Learning how to clean an … Read more

How To Easily Replace a Condenser Fan Motor in HVAC

Your HVAC system’s condenser fan motor is hugely important. As the refrigeration unit works, it builds up heat which must dissipate. The condenser fan motor sends that heat out into the ambient air outside. Without this heat transfer, your compressor can overheat, which at best means your AC won’t cool, and at worst, could require … Read more

AC Fan Motor Replacement Cost: How Much To Replace It?

The fan motor is one of the most crucial parts of an AC system. It protects the compressor from overheating by cooling the refrigerant moving through its coils. This component breaking down is probably the last thing you’d want to deal with, especially in summer, but it can happen. So, what’s the cost of replacing … Read more

How To Replace Car AC Hose Assembly – Air Conditioner Lab

The automotive air conditioning system isn’t much different from what’s found in the home, making it easy to ensure there’s plenty of cold air in your vehicle. If you don’t know how to replace an AC hose assembly in your car, we have the steps you need. We also have some directions for specific models, … Read more

How Often Should AC Evaporator Coils Be Cleaned?

Your air conditioner helps you to control the environment in your home with confidence. AC units now come in all shapes and sizes to suit all user needs, but they require regular maintenance. Without upkeep, your AC unit will break down and could become useless. One of the most important components within your AC unit … Read more

How To Clean Cottonwood From Your AC

Do you worry about how to clean cottonwood from air conditioner? If so, then you’re in luck! This guide will help you overcome this issue. Protecting your air conditioner from leaves, bugs, and cottonwood, will increase its longevity. In addition, by understanding exactly how they work, you can significantly reduce your maintenance and healthcare costs. … Read more

How To Get Rid Of a Window AC That Smells Musty

We love living in comfort, and air conditioners help lower the temperatures indoors so that you can sleep, work, and exercise comfortably indoors. However, water, heat, and dust in an AC can lead to the dirty sock syndrome, where the unit produces a foul smell. Luckily, there is a way to get rid of this … Read more

How To Clean a Wall Mounted AC Without Removing It

Air conditioners are a basic part of our lives and homes. All machines, however, require regular cleaning to work effectively and efficiently. Knowing how to clean a wall-mounted air conditioner without removing it is not as difficult as you may think. In the article below, we have outlined the steps to clean it properly. How … Read more

Are Propane Heaters Safe Indoors? (Inside Garages & Tents?)

Propane heaters are known for providing reliable and effective heating. They’re often used as a portable heater and seen on campsites or in your back garden, but are propane heaters safe to use indoors? In this guide, we’ll help answer that question so you know what the hazards might be and where you can safely … Read more

Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting: (Common Causes & Fixes)

Electric fireplaces are excellent for keeping your room warm in the winter. If it’s not working, you’ll want to take care of it right away. You wouldn’t want to be in the coldest months of the year without reliable heat! First, you’ll need to try some electric fireplace troubleshooting. How Do Electric Fireplaces Work Exactly? … Read more

Patio Heater Repair & Troubleshooting: The Ultimate Guide

Heating inside your house is easy but heating your patio or garden space is a bit more challenging. The cold weather and exposure to the elements can mean your patio is basically unusable in the winter months. That’s where patio heaters come in handy. Patio heaters are designed to overcome these challenges and provide a … Read more

What Size Dehumidifier Do I Need? (Size Chart For Homes)

When it comes to dehumidifiers, size matters, and if you want to deal with humidity properly in your home, then you need to get the right size dehumidifier. Last year, a family friend asked me for help because he couldn’t lower the humidity in his damp garage. He was using a good quality dehumidifier, but … Read more

How Do Dehumidifiers Work? (Explained For Homeowners)

I use dehumidifiers every day to remove excess humidity. There was a time when I didn’t know anything about them and my home was suffering badly from damp and moisture issues. Over the years, I’ve worked with all kinds of dehumidifiers to solve a wide range of problems, but back then, I had to do … Read more

How Many Watts Does a Heat Pump Use (2-5 Ton Explained)

HVAC appliances let you control the environment you live in by regulating the temperature, airflow, and air condition in your home. Alongside the cost of buying and installing the unit, it’s important to know how much it will cost to run these appliances such as heat pumps and air conditioning units. This is why it’s … Read more

Heat Pump Freezing Up? (10 Reasons Why Its Icing Up)

Anyone’s heat pump can freeze; it’s a very common situation for homeowners. If your heat pump is freezing up, you’ll want to know how to deal with it right away. It would be best if you understood how heat pumps work to get the best results. All homeowners should read this guide to understand what … Read more

How Often Should a Heat Pump Cycle On & Off (Tips & Guide)

The heat pump is an essential part of your home’s heating and cooling systems. You need it to run efficiently. Otherwise, you’re looking at higher power bills each month. When the heat pump turns on and off constantly, it’s going to run inefficiently and be a burden to you. Are you wondering how often should … Read more

How To Install a Whole House Dehumidifier (DIY Explained)

I use portable dehumidifiers in my house because humidity only really affects my basement and garage. However, I’ve worked with homeowners who had damp and humid conditions across their entire home, and for them, portable dehumidifiers just weren’t enough. Instead, they needed to have a whole-house dehumidifier installed. Installing a whole-house dehumidifier can be a … Read more

How To Recharge a Dehumidifier? (Safe DIY Guide)

I deal with hundreds of cases a year from homeowners where a dehumidifier is running but not impacting the humidity levels. There are a few reasons why this can happen, but I find with older models that, it’s usually a sign that the dehumidifier needs to be recharged. I’ve worked in the HVAC industry for … Read more

How To Reduce Humidity Without a Dehumidifier (6 Easy Ways)

Several summers ago the humidity level in my home got uncomfortably high. So I began researching and found lots of natural methods you can use to remove excess moisture from your home. These can range from changing your habits or taking on some DIY work to stop moisture at the source. In this guide, I’ll … Read more

Where To Place Dehumidifiers? (Best Positions Explained)

I have dehumidifiers in my basement, garage, living room, and bedroom, and they all manage the humidity perfectly. This isn’t just because I’ve bought the right models, it’s because they are set up in just the right place. The right dehumidifier placement will help you bring down the relative humidity to a comfortable level quickly, … Read more

Do Dehumidifiers Have Freon? (Refrigerants Explained)

I’ve used dehumidifiers for years in my home, and I’ve even installed them in warehouses and building sites. I tend to use refrigerant dehumidifiers because they work more quickly, but when certain types of Freon were banned in 2020, I started to look more closely at what refrigerants are being used in dehumidifiers.  The majority … Read more

What Should I Set My Dehumidifier At? (Explained By Chart)

I have dehumidifiers in my basement, garage, living room, and bedroom, and they are all programmed differently. This is because they have different jobs to do, and a key part of managing your indoor humidity is setting your dehumidifier to the right level.  Over the years, I’ve used a wide range of dehumidifiers in lots … Read more

Will A Dehumidifier Kill Mold? (Explained For Homeowners)

For years, I couldn’t understand how the mold in my home kept coming back so quickly. That’s when I realized that cleaning wasn’t enough, I had to control the indoor environment too. Dehumidifiers are one of the most powerful tools for managing your indoor environment, so I started to ask the question – can a … Read more

How To Clean a Dehumidifier (Easy 11-Step Guide)

I use dehumidifiers in my home every day and it’s shocking how quickly dirt builds up on the vents. But that’s just the dirt I can see, and there’s a lot more dust and debris building up inside the appliance. Over time, this dirt can stop a dehumidifier from running. That’s why I make sure … Read more

How Much Water Should a Dehumidifier Collect In a Day?

Understanding how much water a dehumidifier can manage will determine how and where you use it. In my home, I have a large capacity dehumidifier in my basement to manage the high humidity and a smaller dehumidifier in my bedroom because it’s drier. This works well for me, but the amount of water you need … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Run a Dehumidifier? (Solved!)

My energy bills have almost doubled in the past few years, but one of the ways I keep my electricity bill low is by selecting the right appliances in my home. I’ve used lots of different dehumidifiers and there can be a big difference in how much energy they use. By understanding the running costs, … Read more

Do Dehumidifiers Use a Lot of Electricity? (Explained!)

Understanding and managing the energy consumption in my home is a priority for me. It lets me stay in control of my electricity bills and keep my carbon footprint as low as possible. That’s why I know exactly how much electricity my dehumidifiers use. I rely on dehumidifiers to manage the high humidity in my … Read more

Can You Drink Water From a Dehumidifier – Is It Safe?

When I was in college I had a dehumidifier running in my bedroom. I noticed a few inches of water gathering in the tank every day and it got me thinking, can I drink dehumidifier water? That’s why I first started looking into the science behind dehumidifier water, and the answer is no – you … Read more

Does a Dehumidifier Cool a Room – Will It Help?

A few summers ago, there was a big heatwave in my area. I have an AC installed, but I started wondering if I could use a dehumidifier to manage the temperature too. Unfortunately, it didn’t take me long to realize that dehumidifiers are not designed to cool a room! That’s what air conditioners are for, … Read more

Humidifiers Can Ease COPD Symptoms By Combating Dry Air

COPD is a serious respiratory condition in itself. Dry air only makes its symptoms much worse. I live with breathing problems myself, and a humidifier has helped me control my issues. They can do the same for COPD patients — but only if you use the devices correctly. I wrote this guide to teach you … Read more

How Humidifiers Help With Smoke By Adding Moisture

I love my fireplace, but even with careful use, it sometimes belches smoke into my home. I probably don’t need to tell you how dangerous that is. If you’re like me and own a humidifier, you might wonder if the unit can help with smoke. Unfortunately, your trusty humidifier doesn’t do much for smoke. It’s … Read more

A Humidifier Can Help With Dry Eyes and Provide Relief

As winter rolls in, the dry air starts causing me issues — including dry eyes. When my eyes start itching, I know it’s time to break out my trusty humidifier. Humidifiers can relieve the symptoms of dry eyes by maintaining healthy humidity levels in your home. However, they may not work for every issue resulting … Read more

How Humidifiers Can Help Sinus Health and Easier Breathing

I live with a mild respiratory condition, so I’m no stranger to clogged sinuses. My sinus-related breathing problems get particularly bad during dry air. My humidifier has really helped relieve my sinus pain and congestion! If you suffer from sinus issues, you might wonder how a humidifier can help you. In this guide, I will … Read more

Does a Humidifier Help With Dust Control and Its Reduction?

Dust is an everyday fact of life — but for some of us, it’s a nightmare. I’m asthmatic and excessive dust causes me serious breathing issues. If you’re like me, you may wonder whether humidifiers can help with dust. The good news is that they can! Humidifiers don’t eliminate dust, but they do make it … Read more

How Humidifiers Can Provide Relief to Asthma Sufferers

A few years ago, I was having a really hard time with my breathing before I was diagnosed with asthma. The area I live in has really dry air, which caused me a lot of issues. Between the bouts of coughing, I started thinking: “Does a humidifier help with asthma?” A humidifier helped me manage … Read more

How Humidifiers Can Help Alleviate Your Allergy Issues

My nose runs, I keep sneezing, and my ears just will not stop itching. My allergies are awful — and dry air makes it all worse. Fortunately, I’ve found an easy and affordable solution! A humidifier helps with many of my allergy symptoms — and it can also help with yours. But you must use … Read more

How Does a Whole House Humidifier Work to Maintain Moisture

Home HVAC can be complicated for most people. Ducts, vents, water, and wiring all combine to improve air quality levels. If you want your entire home humidified, then whole-house humidifiers are the way to go. However, they can be expensive and require regular maintenance. Understanding what they are and how they differ from their ultrasonic … Read more

How Often To Change Humidifier Filter For Max Performance

A friend once asked me why her humidifier smelled awful. I asked her when was the last time she changed the filter, and she just stared at me. She had never done it! Replacing your humidifier’s filter is crucial for both your and your unit’s health. But how often should you change a humidifier filter? … Read more

How Close Should a Humidifier Be To Your Bed? (Explained)

I’m asthmatic, so dry air in my bedroom causes me serious breathing problems. Having a humidifier near my bed has helped me sleep and live much better. But how close should a humidifier be to your bed? I asked myself that when I bought my first unit, and I bet you’re asking it too. I’ll … Read more

Do Humidifiers Clean The Air You Breathe?

I live with asthma, which makes me sensitive to dust and pollen. Dry air also causes me breathing difficulties, so I use a humidifier in my home. If you’re like me, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Does a humidifier clean the air?” It doesn’t. Although humidifiers can improve air quality through moisture, they aren’t designed to … Read more

220v vs 110v Air Conditioners (Compare Cooling & Costs)

Every home needs a good air conditioner. However, there are several types, such as 110v and 220v models. People can get confused about these air conditioner models, so we put together this comprehensive guide on 220v vs. 110v AC units so you can decide which one you need and why. Pros & Cons of 220 … Read more

Fan Vs AC (Compare Cost, Cooling & Efficiency for Homeowners)

Air conditioners and fans remain the most viable commercial and private indoor cooling solutions. It is common to find both, if not one, installed inside a standard American home. But which appliance provides more effective and efficient cooling according to your needs – a ceiling fan or a portable air conditioner? In this guide, we … Read more

Single Stage Vs Two Stage Air Conditioner (AC Comparison)

Finding the most efficient cooling option for your room can be a tiresome process; there are just too many options. This becomes even more confusing when buying a permanent HVAC system such as a central air conditioner, partly because you have to choose between single-stage vs. two-stage air conditioner compressors. Pros & Cons Of Single … Read more

Heat Pump Vs AC (Compare Cost, Cooling & Efficiency)

When the goal is to get relief from the scorching heat, you need to get either an air conditioner or a heat pump. However, when buying or replacing an HVAC system, you should research before making the purchase. The purchase decision gets a bit confusing when the choice is between heat pump or air conditioner. … Read more

Window Vs Through-the-Wall AC (Differences + Pros & Cons)

Through-the-wall and window-mounted AC units look pretty similar; however, both come with significant differences that you must consider before buying one. Both air conditioners are designed to cool one room, unlike centrally air conditioning systems that serve the entire home. Moreover, they differ in the way they’re designed, which has a massive effect on the … Read more

Central Vs Window AC Units (Pros & Cons Compared)

Buying an air conditioning unit is a big investment; therefore, you have to ensure you get your money’s worth. However, your choice lies between two options: window AC Vs Central AC, which one is right for your house? Although there is a third option, today, we will look at those that don’t require wall indentations. … Read more

How Many AMPs Does a Mini Split Use (Draw Per BTUs)

Heating and cooling systems allow you to control the environment in your home. Mini split air conditioners are one of the most effective solutions, but even the best mini splits need to be set up correctly to work. This makes it essential that you have the right power going to the device. Amps or amperage … Read more

Are Mini Splits Worth The Cost (AC Costs Broken Down)

Air conditioning systems are essential for anyone who wants to have control over their home environment. Staying cool in summer and warm in winter is something you should never take for granted, and a good air conditioning unit will allow you to do this effortlessly. There are many different AC systems out there, and one … Read more

Should I Leave My Mini Split On All The Time? – ACLab

Mini-split air conditioners are effective at controlling the temperature in a single room or small spaces. They usually come with two key components, an evaporator (indoor) and a condenser/compressor (outdoor). These units have a relatively easy installation mechanism and most commonly require a single three-inch hole to accommodate all the cables. You can pull through … Read more

How Many Mini Splits Do I Need? (Zones & BTUs Explained)

Ductless mini-split systems offer effective and efficient cooling in one or multiple areas of your home. They even provide greater temperature control than central air because each indoor unit works independently of the rest and can be set to different temperatures. This allows you to cool certain parts of your home without worrying about cooling … Read more

What Size Mini Split System Do I Need? AC Sizing Guide

Mini split air conditioners are a great way to control the temperature in your home. Homeowners favor them over most other AC systems because they work so effectively and are pretty easy to maintain. However, that effectiveness is dependent on you picking the right mini split for your home. The size of your mini split … Read more

Cleaning Your Air Ducts: How Much Does it Cost?

There are a lot of factors that go into the overall cost of cleaning HVAC air ducts. Not only does the cost depend on how many vents and the type of ductwork you have, but also accessibility to the HVAC system and the number of floors in the home. The most important factor to consider … Read more

AC Condenser – Guide and Replacement Costs Explained

Your air conditioning system has three major components. The first two, the evaporator and compressor, work to get the cool air into your home. The third, the condenser, is considered to be the central portion of the entire system. Without the condenser, your house wouldn’t heat or cool at all. How much does a condenser … Read more

Risks and Benefits of Humidifier Running All Night Explained

If dry air is keeping you awake all night, then you may wonder whether it is beneficial to keep the humidifier running all night. In short, keeping the humidifier running all night does provide health benefits if dry air is causing you issues. On the flip side, there are certain disadvantages to this, particularly concerning … Read more

AC Capacitor Cost: Replacement & Price Guide

Your AC capacitor is a small but essential part. Several other AC components require the kick start a capacitor offers, such as the compressor, the fan motor, and the blower. If your capacitor goes bad or begins to wear out, your air conditioner won’t function properly or will cycle on and off many times in … Read more

7 Easy Solutions To Ultrasonic Humidifier Not Working Issue

You fill your ultrasonic humidifier with distilled water, turn it on, and… Nothing happens. Don’t throw your unit out just yet, though! I’ve seen a lot of people waste money on a new ultrasonic humidifier when they could have easily fixed their malfunctioning unit at home. I wrote this guide so you can repair small … Read more

A Closer Look At How An Ultrasonic Humidifier Works

I love my ultrasonic humidifier. I live with some breathing issues and the little miracle machine has made my life a lot easier by maintaining proper humidity levels. If you’re new to humidifiers, though, you might wonder how ultrasonic humidifiers do their job. And what makes them “ultrasonic” anyway? Knowing how any humidifier works helps … Read more

Ultrasonic Vs Evaporative Humidifier – Which Is Best For You

I’ve had a lot of people ask me what the differences between evaporative and ultrasonic humidifiers are. I can’t blame them — they both seem very similar, after all. Both types of humidifiers boost humidity levels by producing cool water vapor. That’s where the similarities end, though, and the units have significantly different pros and … Read more

Humidifier Vs Diffuser – Which One Does Your Home Need?

Due to my breathing issues, I use a humidifier and a diffuser in my home. One improves my home’s air quality by adding moisture to it and the other uses essential oils to add a fresh fragrance to the air. Which unit does which job, though? I have been asked countless times about which option … Read more

Can You Put Essential Oils in a Humidifier (Explained!)

I love both essential oils and humidifiers. Together, they maintain my home’s high air quality while also adding a pleasant scent throughout the house. But should you add essential oils to a humidifier? No, you really shouldn’t! I’ve seen many people break their regular, expensive humidifiers with essential oil. Here’s a secret, though. There are … Read more

How To Clean a Mini Split? (Easy Maintenance Guide)

Maintaining the temperature and humidity of the environment around you is essential. Keeping your home warm over winter and cool over summer will help maintain your physical and mental wellbeing but also just let you get on with life. Mini splits are a great way to maintain that equilibrium.Mini-split air conditioners allow you to heat … Read more

Do Mini Splits Bring Fresh Air Into The Home?

A mini split air conditioner (AC) is a great addition to your home – it provides cooling and heating in areas central AC’s may not reach. They are also good for smaller homes to keep you cool. But do they bring in fresh air into the home? How do they work exactly? This guide will … Read more

How Many Watts Does a Mini Split Use (Power Explained!)

Mini-split air conditioners are the perfect solution for your home. They’re inexpensive to run, easy to install, and require only a small amount of space, making them ideal for homes of any size. While mini split air conditioners are much more energy-efficient than a traditional system, they still need power to run. The amount of … Read more

How To Hide a Mini Split (Ways to Camouflage Your AC)

Ductless mini-split air conditioners are an effective cooling and heating solution for people looking for something between a window unit and central AC. They’re great for maintaining the temps in individual rooms and spaces, and to do this, they use an outdoor condenser as well as an indoor air-handling unit. Unfortunately, installing a mini-split isn’t … Read more

What Is a Mini Split – How do Ductless AC Units Work?

Wondering what is a mini split system? It is a ductless heating and cooling system and an excellent way to maintain the cool and comfort of your home without the stress of cumulative electricity bills. While most modern air-conditioning systems require a duct system, a mini-split works without ducts. These can fit in almost any … Read more

How Many Air Purifiers Do I Need? (Explained for All Rooms)

Over the years, I’ve come across people with one tiny air purifier for their entire 4,000 sq. ft. house, and I’ve helped people with multiple purifiers in their small garage. Both scenarios are far from perfect. Air purifiers are an effective way to improve indoor air quality as long as their used properly. Part of … Read more

How Humidifiers Can Address Your Snoring Problems

I confess — I snore. The noise often wakes both me and my wife through the night, seriously impacting our sleep quality. My issue only gets worse during months with dry air, like in winter. Due to that, we asked ourselves: can a humidifier help with snoring? It can, and we now sleep much more … Read more

Where To Put a Humidifier? (Best Place for Every Room)

I often see people buy an expensive humidifier and then put it in the wrong place. That can make the whole unit completely useless — or could damage your health and home. So where to put humidifier units in your home? There’s no “Golden Rule” on where to place a humidifier as it depends on … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Help With Dust Mites? (Explained!)

Recently someone approached me asking how to get rid of dust mites. I told him to look into air purifiers as these appliances will offer a long-term solution. If you are struggling with dust mites in your home, you aren’t alone. According to the American Lung Association, roughly four out of five homes in the United … Read more

How to Quiet a Noisy Window Air Conditioner (5 Easy Steps)

A little bit of white noise from a window air conditioner is completely normal, but if your unit is excessively noisy, it can be disruptive and annoying. Also, it could be an indicator of a potential problem that needs to be addressed. This is a common problem with window air conditioners, whether you have a … Read more

Can You Get Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From AC?

People spend most of their lives in indoor spaces: offices, bedrooms, living rooms. That is why it is integral to ensure that your indoor environment is clean and safe. Fortunately, air conditioner units help refine air quality. However, the question arises, are air conditioner units one hundred percent safe? Explicitly speaking, can carbon monoxide come … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Help Reduce Smoke In The Home?

As an experienced air purification expert, I can confidently say that smoke and its residual odors are some of the most challenging things to eliminate. Smoke is a serious pollutant that can linger in your home forever and trigger health problems like asthma. Smoke particles can settle on surfaces like carpets, upholstery, and walls, resulting … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Help Remove Smells? (Fresh Air Explained)

I’ve come across some pretty unpleasant smells over the years working with air purifiers. Of course, no one wants to deal with unpleasant odors in their home, but not everyone knows the best way to get rid of them. Fortunately, there’s a solution to remove odors that doesn’t involve lighting 100 candles or opening all … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Help With Mold? (Explained For Homeowners)

Most people I help are interested in air purifiers because they’ve had a run-in with dangerous mold. I understand their concern because mold spores can cause damage to your house and pose a severe health risk to you and your family. Luckily, air purifiers with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters can capture airborne mold spores … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Help With Allergies? (Explained!)

I help people with allergy symptoms like dry eyes and a stuffy nose caused by airborne pollutants find relief all the time. While I can’t come to your home and chop down the trees giving off pollen or vacuum up your pet dander, I can recommend an air purifier. Improving the quality of your air … Read more

Are Air Purifiers Safe For Homeowners? (Yes, Here’s Why!)

With years of experience working with air purifiers, I’ve encountered many homeowners hesitant to buy an air purifier due to safety concerns. I’ve seen countless people adopt the technology, but I also understand people being concerned about their safety. With countless air purifiers available on the market, determining which ones are safe and effective can … Read more

How To Purify Air In Home Naturally (9 Proven Methods)

I come across countless people these days who want to cleanse their air naturally. While there’s not much that can beat a high-quality air purifier in terms of air purification, there are several ways to naturally cleanse the air in your home. My wife loves spending all of our money on houseplants, and she always … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Cool Down a Room? (Temperature Explained)

I always feel the need to clarify what air purifiers can and cannot do. For instance, people always ask me if their air purifier cools down their homes as it purifies their air. It’s a fair question, especially during the hot summer months. However, air purifiers cannot cool down a room as it purifies the … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Dry Out The Air? (Moisture Explained)

People who have never used an air purifier before always come to me with questions and concerns. A very common concern people raise with me is whether or not the machine will dry out their air. Many homeowners share the common misconception that air purifiers can make the air in their homes feel drier. However, … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Give Off Radiation? (Levels Explained)

Most people are shocked when I tell them that air purifiers emit low levels of EMF radiation. It’s important to understand the safety concerns related to EMF radiation and air purifiers so you can make an informed decision about using them in your home. However, low levels of EMF radiation are safe, and air purifiers … Read more

How Long Should You Run an Air Purifier? (Explained!)

I’ve spoken to countless new air purifier owners who can’t wait to set up their new purifier, but then they have no idea how long to keep it on. Like most people, I run my air purifier around the clock, especially during allergy season. However, is it really necessary to run it 24/7? Sometimes, like … Read more

Do UV Air Purifiers Work? (Who They Are Best For)

Improving indoor air quality with air purifiers is very straightforward. UV air purifiers utilize UV light technology like far-uv, far-uvc, and UVGI, claiming to kill 99.9% of viruses. However, do they really work as advertised? In my experience, UV purifiers don’t always live up to the hype. My experience and growing evidence suggest that UV … Read more

Air Conditioner Making Noises? (How to Fix Common Sounds)

Air conditioners can become noisy, especially after years of use, creating distinct and separate sounds when running, turning off, and starting. Though you can overlook the slight hissing sound, some are extremely loud and unexpected. And when you hear these loud noises, make sure you find the source as soon as possible! By neglecting these … Read more

AC Keeps Tripping Breaker (Why & How to Fix)

Commonly a circuit breaker is a safety switch built into the electrical system of your house. The breaker switch stops the electricity flow to any device or component which is consuming excessive power. This helps in preventing an overload that can presumably lead to an electrical fire. The air conditioner circuit breaker will always trip … Read more

Air Purifier Vs Ionizer – Which Is The Safer Choice?

Both air purifiers and ionizers promise to remove harmful particles and even airborne viruses from the air. Since both machines promise to do the same thing, I’ve encountered countless people over the years who don’t know which to buy. I want everyone to breathe clean air, but I don’t want them to risk their health … Read more

Are Ionic Air Purifiers Safe? (Dangers To Watch Out For)

Just like everyone else, I want clean, fresh air. And what better way to achieve that than with an air purifier? However, before investing in an ionic air purifier to improve your indoor air quality, there are a few things I think you should keep in mind. These devices may eliminate pollutants from the air … Read more

Can You Recharge a Window Air Conditioner? (How To Guide)

When you hear someone saying they want to recharge their window AC, they mean adding more coolant to it and maintaining the system’s refrigerant pressure. Many people who wish to do the job themselves would ask, “can you recharge a window AC on your own?” Yes, you can take the DIY route and recharge a … Read more

How to Oil a Window Air Conditioner Fan Motor (DIY Guide)

If properly maintained, A window air conditioner fan motor can function for many years. However, after years of use, you might need to replace the filter — the coils might become dirty, or the fins may bend. Plus, the electric cord might fail, or there might be a lot of noise because of dripping water … Read more

How Many Watts Does a Window AC Use (Electricity Guide)

The average household in the US spends more than $2000 on electricity bills every year, and this average will only increase with more usage. An air conditioning system is arguably one of the best and most effective methods to cool down your house. But do you know how many watts does your window AC use … Read more

Will Rain Damage a Window Air Conditioner (Water Protection)

If you live in an area often battered by rain, you might be wondering, “Will rain damage a window air conditioner?” Well, the answer is yes; sometimes it can. But it depends on the severity of the shower. Although having mild rain on your window AC is not always a bad thing, severe rainfall may … Read more

Air Purifier Vs Humidifier – Explained For Homeowners

Over the years, I’ve noticed that many people aren’t well-versed in the differences between air purifiers and humidifiers. The two devices are not the same and have several key differences, including how they work, their effects on indoor air quality, and their suitability for different health problems. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy for me to explain the main … Read more

Where To Place Your Air Purifier (For Maximum Results)

Air purifier placement is the unsung hero in the fight against indoor contaminants. Yet, when purchasing an air purifier, most people I come across are only worried about the quality of the purifier. While I can attest that quality plays a huge role in air purification, where you put your purifier is just as important. … Read more

Why Does My Window Air Conditioner Keeps Turning Off?

Picture this: it’s a sweltering 91F outside, so you’re looking forward to using your AC. Just when you thought you’d be finally able to cool down – your air conditioner turns on – and right back off again. Before you get into repairman mode, it’s important to know why your window AC unit cycles on … Read more

Can You Use a Window Air Conditioner Without a Window?

Air conditioners are becoming increasingly popular in the home. They are typically designed to be mounted in your window, but not everyone has a window in their room they can use. Thankfully, air conditioners can be used in your room without a window; you just need to understand how they work and install them correctly. … Read more

Common Issues with Delonghi Portable Air Conditioners

A properly working air conditioner is necessary for maintaining a comfortable and functional home. Without a working AC unit, temperatures can fluctuate wildly during the different seasons of the year. One of the most popular portable AC brands is the Delonghi Portable air conditioners. So we are going to troubleshoot some common issues with the … Read more

Should I Cover My Window Air Conditioner In The Winter?

Window air conditions are an effective and efficient cooling solution, especially for those who are looking for supplemental AC when the weather gets warm. You can learn all about the advantages of installing a window unit in our guide to window air conditioners. After purchasing and installing your window air conditioner, regular maintenance is important … Read more

How Many Watts Does a Portable AC Use (Power Explained)

Are you thinking about buying a portable air conditioner, but you’re not quite sure if it’s worth the money yet? Before you buy your portable AC unit, you probably want to know how much it’s going to cost you each month. When you estimate potential energy costs, it’s very useful to know how many watts … Read more

How Much Electricity Does a Portable AC Use (Running Costs)

Portable air conditioners are incredibly useful in that you can move them just about anywhere you want and in any type of home. However, many people wonder, “do portable air conditioners use a lot of electricity?” That answer is a bit relative, so we’re going to take you through exactly how much you can expect … Read more

How Much Should a Window Air Conditioner Be Tilted?

Air conditioners are a tremendous asset to a home. They regulate the temperature, humidity, and air quality, allowing you to operate with full control over the environment. How you install a window air conditioner will have a huge impact on how effective it can be, and it’s important that they are fitted at an angle, … Read more

How To Clean a Portable Air Conditioner (AC Maintenance)

On hot summer days, there are few devices as useful as a portable air conditioner. To keep your unit functioning well, learning how to clean a portable air conditioner is essential. This guide will take you through the steps and tools you might need to give it a good deep clean. How to Clean a … Read more

Single Vs Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioners (Comparison Guide)

Summer heat can often be unbearable – which is why it’s good to have an air-conditioning unit in your home. But if you live in a place with design limitations or building restrictions, you may have to settle for a portable air conditioner instead. When buying portable ACs, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself … Read more

What Kind of Mold Grows in Window ACs (& How To Prevent It)

No one likes having mold in the house; these tiny spores can spread quickly and negatively affect people, especially those with chronic lung or health conditions. One of the worst but most common places for mold to grow is your AC unit. If you find mold in your window ac unit, read on to discover … Read more

How To Make a Portable Air Conditioner Quieter (Reduce Noise)

Portable air conditioners are certainly a huge convenience in that they can be moved around to where you need them most, can be used in any type of home, and don’t require installation, among several other factors. However, they’re not exactly known for being the quietest of appliances. If you want to reap all the … Read more

How to Read HVAC Gauges: r22, r410a & More

If you want to assess the existing condition of your HVAC system, you need an HVAC gauge! Owning one of these is critical for the health of your HVAC system. The gauge reads the pressure of various liquids and gases in your AC system with ultimate precision. It also charges your system and reads vacuum … Read more

How to Wire a Fan Relay for HVAC? (Troubleshooting & Replacing)

An HVAC system consists of several components that work in unison to keep your house, building, or office at the desired temperature. Your motor must be working at optimum range to ensure that your indoor surroundings stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And it is the HVAC fan relay that is … Read more

How to Install HVAC Zone Control Dampers (Existing Ductwork)

In the past, houses were built to accommodate only a single duct system. Now, bigger and newer homes usually have multiple systems associated with ductwork. In dual-story homes, the lack of zoning can result in colder rooms on the lower story during winter and hot upstairs rooms in the summer. Due to this, achieving consistent … Read more

KVA to AMPs Calculator & Charts (How to Convert Easily)

Finding how much power your appliances use will let you measure each month’s electricity bills. And if you’ve been the one purchasing electrical appliances for your house, you definitely need to know what kilovolt-amps and amps are. But did you ever wonder why knowing what kilovolt-amperes and amperes – especially for your air conditioning system … Read more

How Many BTU in a Ton (Conversion Explained)

Letting your air conditioner operate continuously can add a significant chunk to your monthly utility bill. So, it’s crucial to ascertain your air conditioner’s power capacity based on the room size. Maintaining ideal cooling according to room size will help ensure low power consumption. This, in turn, will help you save money! Make sure to … Read more

Portable Air Conditioner Venting Options: (Explained for DIY)

If you have a portable air conditioner, then you need to consider your venting options. Portable ACs are very useful but need to be vented properly to keep them efficient. So today, we are going to cover some of the best portable air conditioner venting options. Why Do Portable Air Conditioners Need to be Vented? … Read more

How to Vent a Portable AC Without a Window (DIY Guide)

A portable AC unit is a great alternative to a cumbersome window unit. Modern portable air conditioning units are just as effective and have the added benefit that they can be moved from room to room. If you are using a portable AC, then you need to make sure it is vented. So we put … Read more

How to Install UV Light in HVAC (Furnaces & AC Guide)

The simple thought of bacteria, mildew, and mold multiplying in your HVAC is worrying to someone who wants a clean, sanitized house. Perhaps the biggest issue with a compromised HVAC system is that it’s bad for you and your loved ones’ health, especially for those with severe breathing problems such as COPD or asthma. It’s … Read more

How to Clean a Window AC Unit Without Removing It

It is that time of year again when we start using our window AC units to keep us cool. You have to regularly clean and maintain your window air conditioner to keep it working efficiently. Check out our guide on how to clean a window AC unit without removing it. How to Clean a Window … Read more

Are Portable Air Conditioners Worth It (Good or Not?)

There are a lot of good things to be said about portable air conditioners, like the fact that they’re easy to use, can be moved from room to room with ease, and serve as a great supplement to central cooling. But as you consider all the perks that come along with portable cooling, you might … Read more

How to Check for Freon In Home AC (Leaks & Level)

Summer is just around the corner, and staying cool is a priority for many. But this time of year, it is just as important to keep an eye on the appliances we rely on to keep us cool. One of the most common problems homeowners face is poorly performing air con units. Whether they are … Read more

Why is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling the House (How to Fix)

AC can really be a lifesaver during those hot and humid months, but simply having one isn’t enough. There are times when air conditioning units have mishaps and don’t function properly, rendering it useless in cooling your home. If you’re looking to fix yours, then look no further because we have everything you need to … Read more

What is Head Pressure in HVAC? (Causes & What to Do)

HVAC machines use a lot of energy, especially during the hotter months when they are most active. When it comes to HVAC machines, head pressure can determine their efficiency. Reducing high head pressure can be a way to lower your HVAC energy costs. So we put this comprehensive guide together on how to fix high … Read more

Kilowatts (Kw) to Amps (A): (Conversion & Calculator)

Finding how much electricity your household appliances consume will help you measure your tentative monthly power bill. If you’re into electronics and like doing your research before making a purchase, you may know what kilowatt-hours (kWh) and amperes (a) are. But have you ever wondered why it’s important to know what amperes and kilowatt-hour mean? … Read more

Convert kW to BTU: Air Conditioner Calculator & Charts

Letting your AC unit run unchecked can be a costly error if you’re trying to budget your energy usage. Therefore, it is vital to determine the AC’s actual power capacity based on your room size. Maintaining the required cooling – and not exceeding it –  will help you ensure lower energy consumptions, and in turn, … Read more

Do Air Conditioners Filter Smoke? (Removing from Wildfires)

Smoky air inside the home can be uncomfortable, not to mention dangerous. During the summer or hot weather, most of us rely on our air conditioning unit to keep us cool, but can they help filter smoke from the air? Health Risks of Breathing Smoky Air The biggest problem with smoke inhalation is the microscopic … Read more

Convert Watts to Amps: Learn How With Our Online Calculator

Determining how much power your home electronics take will help you efficiently calculate your monthly energy bill. If you have ever bought an electronic appliance, chances are you may have come across terms such as voltage (volts), wattage (watts), and amperage (amps). But what do watts and amps mean? And why should they matter? Having … Read more

How Does Car Air Conditioning Work? (AC Systems in Autos)

Remember the days you used to have to roll down the windows in your car and let the air flow through to get some relief from the heat? I don’t either. Car air conditioning has revolutionized the way we stay cool when we travel. There’s a lot more that goes into developing your car’s climate … Read more

What Is a Heat Pump & How Do They Work? (Systems Explained)

As technology continues to improve, HVAC engineers are finding new ways to make home climate control more affordable and efficient. Heat pumps are one of the latest system types to grow with this new technology. With machines reaching over 40 SEER in testing labs, the currently available units are well over 20 SEER in most … Read more