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Bedjet v2: Complete Review

We have independently reviewed, rated and compared the Bedjet V2 climate comfort machine. Our unbiased opinion helps you choose what is best for a good nights sleep.

What once looked like a total flop on the ABC series Shark Tank has become an extraordinary success in the bedroom for those looking for a comfortable night’s sleep. The Bedjet is a heating and cooling device that works with your sleep cycle to maximize comfort. In their first 18 months of sales the company made over 3 million dollars, and the product has only improved since that time in 2016. This article looks at all the aspects of the Bedjet V2 Climate Comfort System.

The Bedjet V2 Climate Comfort System is a state-of-the-art heating and cooling system for your bed, designed to work with your personal preferences and your sleep cycle to keep you comfortable all night long. It’s dual-zone function will allow you and your partner to sleep together all night long at the perfect comfort level for each of you.

In their own words, Bedjet strives to end bed divorce (or sleeping separately). The device is Bluetooth enabled and has an app that will help you create your “biorhythm sleep schedule” using your age, gender, size, etc. The app then creates a heating/cooling system tailored just for you so that you’ll sleep better all through the night.


How Does the Bedjet V2 Work?

The Bedjet V2 is a small device (way smaller than most room fans) that will live under your bed while working hard to keep your warm or cold depending on preference. Let’s take a look at how Bedjet V2 can accomplish both these tasks.


People often worry about space heaters catching fire in their homes, so you might ask yourself how you’re supposed to have one in your very bed. Well, it’s not the death wish you might think it is – quite the contrary really. The Bedjet V2 is a custom barium titanate stone heater with a UL safety listed FLAMEPROOF exterior.

The company also notes that it works at a temperature low enough that it won’t give off that classic space heater smell. It has the capacity to keep you mildly warm or super toasty. And for another reassuring bit – the Bedjet V2 might not be rocket science, but it was built by an ex-Nasa engineer.


The Bedjet V2 does not have any cooling components built into its body to provide air conditioning. Then how on earth does it work? Well, science tells us that the coolest air in a room is on the floor (as heat will naturally rise). If you were a kid in the 80s like I was you’ll probably even remember sleeping on the floor on hot summer nights – it’s intuitive!

The Bedjet V2 pulls in the coolest air in the room from under your bed and then distributes it through your sheets to keep you comfortable all night long. The Bedjet company cautions consumers that the Bedjet V2 is not a replacement for an air conditioner, and room temperatures need to be under 79 degrees F for the product to work correctly.

Dual Zone Vs Single Zone Options Explained

When shopping around for Bedjet, you’ll notice that you have the option for a single zone or dual zone heating/cooling and that there is quite the price difference between the two. Here’s the deal – the single zone option will create one temperature for the entire bed.

This is a great option for people who don’t share a bed, or for couples who have similar temperature preferences. I personally feel that it’s also a great option for couples who are trying out the Bedjet for the first time as well. If down the road, you and your bed-mate decide that you have different temperature preferences, an additional single zone Bedjet can be purchased and you can each have your own settings using the Air Comforter (additional purchase). The Air Comforter also allows one person to use Bedjet while the other may choose not to.

The Bedjet dual zone model is actually a package that includes two of the single zone models plus the Air Comforter included. This is a great option for people who already know they have different preferences than their sleeping partner because overall the package will save you a couple hundred dollars.

Key Features of this Bedjet Model

Set up & Installation

No professional installation here! Bedjet is designed for everyone, and anyone able to spend a few minutes on the floor next to their bed will be able to install Bedjet in about 5-7 minutes. The product only has four main components: the Bedjet unit, a hose, a bracket and a nozzle.

You can either lay the unit down under your bed (you’ll need about 7 inches of clearance) or stand it up on its side next to your bed. You lock the hose into the unit and the nozzle at the other end of the hose, and a helpful bracket slides right between your mattress and box spring to hold the hose upright over your sheets. It’s really that easy!

The power cord is about 7.5 feet long and will need to be plugged into a standard outlet (not an extension cord or power strip) so you will also need to consider that when placing your Bedjet.

Adjusting & Mounting to Your Mattress

bedjet shark tankTo fit the Bedjet comfortably under your bed, you will need about 7 inches of clearance. The hose on the unit is approximately 4 feet long, so it will reach the top of most mattresses.

I personally have a very high bed (18 inches of clearance underneath, followed by box spring and mattress) and this setup still works for me, but depending on how thick your mattress and box spring are you may want to consider the Bedjet Air Hose Extension, which would bring the total length up to 8 feet long.

It seems a little excessive, but I guess those top-bunk kids deserve comfort too. If you prefer not to have the Bedjet under your bed, or you don’t have enough clearance or use a platform bed, the Vertical-Mount System will allow the unit to stand up next to your bed.

This is also a great option if your hose is just a couple inches too short. I would not recommend standing the unit up without the vertical mount system, as it might fall over in the night and detach from your bed.

Base Unit, Air Hose & Nozzle

The base unit of the Bedjet V2 has a pretty small footprint. Unlike most box fans or space heaters that take up a good deal of room, the Bedjet is only 7in X 18in X 6in. The base is flameproof and even has a built-in filter to collect dust and debris. It’s filter can be washed and is completely reusable.

The hose, as mentioned above, is 4 feet long, with an option to add a 4-foot extension for higher beds. The nozzle of the Bedjet unit has a flat head that will deliver the perfect temperature near your feet throughout the night (we promise, the flow is just right and it won’t blow you away!)

Air Comforter

It would make sense that the creators of Bedjet would design their own sheets to help consumers receive the maximum benefit of their Bedjet V2. While the Air Comforter is not a mandatory requirement of using the Bedjet, the company says that it will “dramatically improve” the airflow of both the heating and cooling mechanisms.

Perhaps the best feature of the Bedjet Air Comforter is that it has dual zones for each side of the bed and can be used with a single zone Bedjet for comfort on one half, or a dual zone Bedjet where each person determines their own comfort level, which is really great for people like me that love to sleep like a polar bear (which is not always appreciated by a bed partner!)

Smartphone App

Each Bedjet can be setup with the Bedjet Smart Remote App (available for free in the app store). The app does everything that the wireless remote control (included) does, plus some. Based on your gender, size, age, etc. the Smart Remote App will recommend different temperature controls that you can accept or deny, thus creating your biorhythm sleep cycle for the most comfortable sleep.

According to most users, the Bedjet itself is awesome, but the app still has a ways to go. Bedjet V3 hasn’t come out yet, but it’s expected to work with your wireless devices, meaning you’ll be able to tell Alexa to warm your sheets before you even enter your bedroom.

Wireless Remote Control

Most Bedjet users will find that the smartphone app takes the place of their standard remote control, but each Bedjet unit does come with a wireless remote control that comes already paired to your Bedjet unit.

If you read the reviews online, you will see a lot of people complaining about the remote control and how it doesn’t have backlit buttons. Bedjet listened to these reviews and upgrade their remotes to be much more user-friendly in the dark with LED backlit buttons. All V2 models now come with the upgraded remote.

What To Expect When Sleeping

When sleeping with a Bedjet, there are a few considerations. We’ve taken the time to go through each of the following so that you can gage your expectations before trying the product for yourself.


Bedjet is way quieter than any fan or small heating unit you’ve used in your home. It has a gentle hum, but most users find it to be pleasant. And since the unit is under your bed, your mattress will act as a sound buffer as well. Here is a guide on noise levels and comparisons

Noise Type Noise Level in DBA
Whispering/Rustling Leaves 20
Library/Bird Calls 40-45
BedJet Cool @ 50% capacity 38
BedJet Cool @ 100% capacity 42
BedJet Heat @ 50% capacity 39
BedJet Heat @ 100% capacity 43
BedJet Burst Heat @ 100% capacity (short periods) 47


Depending on the setting you have Bedjet on, you will feel a gentle blowing near your feet. No more having to have a fan blow directly on your face to keep cool – the Bedjet will keep your whole body a nice consistent temperature.


You can set the temperature of the Bedjet to either cool you or warm you up. You can also set timers. For instance – there is a max time limit that you can use turbo-heat (the folks at Bedjet don’t want you to cook yourself!)


From the Bedjet website: The BedJet unit has been cleared for EMF emissions per requirements of UL/CE by ETL testing laboratories.


Can you still sleep with Fido? Sure! Just make sure he doesn’t sleep right on top of your nozzle or he will block your temperature settings, but the Bedjet is totally pet friendly.

BedJet V2

Comparisons with Similar Products

Bedjet Vs Chilipad

The Chilipad Cube is a product similar to Bedjet, but when we broke down the comparisons this is what we found:

  1. The Chilipad takes up way more space than the Bedjet. Whereas the Bedjet can sit comfortably under your bed, the Chilipad Cube requires 24 inches of open space on every side.
  2. The Bedjet is known for its instant heat. The Chilipad would like you to set the temperature 30 minutes before bedtime so that it will be the right temperature when you get in.
  3. The Chilipad does not have an app to help you setup a sleep cycle preferable to your desired needs.
  4. Both the Chilipad and the Bedjet come with the option for dual-zone heating and cooling.
  5. The Chilipad is more expensive than the Bedjet.

Bedjet Vs Bedfan

The Bedfan (or bFan, as they call themselves) is often compared to the Bedjet, but the two products really don’t even belong in the same category. Here’s why:

  1. The BedFan is really limited to it’s name-sake. It’s designed to look a lot like the Bedjet and the nozzles attach to your bed in a very similar way, but it is nothing beyond a fan. It has no heating or cooling component. It simply takes the cool air from under your bed and blows it up under your sheets.
  2. The Bedfan has a remote like the Bedjet, but it is wired to the product. This is great for the person who is worried about losing their remote, but an inconvenience in almost every other way.

Pros & Cons

As with any product, the Bedjet V2 has both Pros and Cons. Here we break down the most important factors that we found.


  • Made to keep you just the right temperature while you sleep with built-in heating and cooling functions.
  • Can be purchased with dual-zone function for couples who require different temperatures to sleep. Each side is programmable!
  • Dual zone package comes with an Air Comforter in its package.
  • Optional aromatherapy kit allows you to diffuse essential oils for a pleasant-smelling sleep.
  • Quieter than most fans. Many users reported a nice white-noise that lulled them straight to sleep.
  • Bedjet uses biorythym sleep technology based on your gender, size, age and sleep cycles to keep you the right temperature during every portion of your sleep.
  • 60 day RISK FREE money back guarantee for you to try your Bedjet.


  • Can dry out your skin over time. It is recommended you use lotion to lock moisture in.
  • Works best with Bedjet Air Comforter cooling & heating sheet, which is sold separately for an additional cost on the single zone model.
  • Users have claimed some difficulty with Bluetooth set-up and claim that remote is hard to use in the dark.
  • Some people think that the Bedjet product itself is an eyesore with its ventilation tube propped up under your blankets.

Customer Reactions & Reviews

James at Business Insider tried the Bedjet out for himself, and though he was pleased with the performance he believes the company still has room to grow.

Logan Block from Sleepopolis is very happy with his Bedjet and shows us how fast and easy installation is in this YouTube video.

Frequently Asked Bedjet Questions

Was this product on Shark Tank? How was it received?

Yes, Bedjet was featured on Shark Tank in February of 2015 when it was still a prototype, and at the time failed miserably with all five of the sharks shooting down the idea and claiming it would never work. The sharks couldn’t have been more wrong! Within 18 months of launch Bedjet had already made 18 million dollars in sales, and the rest is history. Read more details here on The Money Street.

Who designed this product?

Bedjet was designed by Mark Aramli, a former engineer for NASA. He was inspired to create the product when his mother was bed-ridden for two weeks after surgery and just couldn’t get comfortable.

Can you find coupons or discount codes online?

Bedjet doesn’t usually use coupon codes for their products. Instead, they sometimes run promotions for up to 50% off their products. Competitive prices are also available on Amazon. We have found that going directly to Bedjet and ordering from their website will save you the most money.

Is this a paid review?

This review is unbiased and independent, with the opinions being solely my own.

Does the Bedjet V2 come with a warranty and returns policy?

The Bedjet V2 comes with a 60-day no risk money back guarantee on the product so that you can try it for yourself, and a complete 2-year warranty.

Do I have to purchase the Bedjet Air Comforter too?

You can use Bedjet with your own sheets, but for the highest quality experience we recommend using the Bedjet Aircomforter. The Bedjet dual zone model comes with an Air Comforter.

If the Bedjet sucks in air off the floor, won’t it just be circulating dust?

The Bedjet has a built-in filter to collect dust. It can be run under a faucet to be cleaned.

The product says you need 7 inches of clearance to store the product under your bed. Will Bedjet work with a platform bed?

Yes!  A Bedjet Vertical Mount System can be purchased for under $20 to accommodate your Bedjet on the side of your bed.


When it comes down to it, we think that the Bedjet V2 is a pretty cool (or warm!) product. I love that it can fit either under your bed or mounted upright next to your bed. And I got so used to the white noise from a baby monitor when my kids were young that I’ve been blasting a fan at the wall for years just for the sound! The Bedjet V2 has a very pleasant, quiet humming sound that will act as white noise and lull you right to sleep.

Now that we’ve looked at all the aspects of this heating and cooling gadget, there’s really nothing left to do but try it yourself and let us know what you think!

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Last Updated on August 21, 2021

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