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8 Best Air Purifiers For Your Baby

These are the safest and quietest brands on the market and fit any nursery.

Our cleanliness levels often peak when we have a new baby in the house because we innately know that these small creatures are more vulnerable to the dust and pollutants that contaminate our world. This article looks at the 8 best air purifiers for babies and a buyer’s guide to help you pick the right one for your little bundle of joy.

  • Air purifiers provide clean air for developing lungs.
  • Air pollutants and common allergens are removed from the air.
  • Bacteria and germs are significantly reduced, keeping your baby healthy.
  • Odors are removed without the aid of chemical air fresheners.
  • Regular use of air purifiers within the home reduces the likelihood of mold growth.

Quick Guide – Our Top Picks


Top of the Range

Alen BreatheSmart FLEX
Alen BreatheSmart FLEX

Our Top Choice

Pure Enrichment PureZone
Pure Enrichment PureZone

Most Popular


How Air Purifiers Work

Air purifiers, on the most basic level, suck in the surrounding air and trap dust, pollen, bacteria, and other irritants within a filter, essentially sanitizing the air. The clean air is then circulated back into the room. To learn more about the science and history behind these devices, check out this article from How Stuff Works.

best air purifier for mold

Baby Room Air Purifiers Compared

ModelAreaFilter LifeNoise LevelPrice
Pure Zone200 sq ft6 months30 – 50 dbaCheck Amazon
Alen Breathe Smart FLEX700 sq ft9-12 months39 – 55 dbaCheck Alencorp

Check Amazon

Winix 5300-2360 sq ftHEPA – 12 months / Carbon – 3 months27.8 dbaCheck Amazon
Honeywell HFD-01062 sq ftLifetime – Clean regularlyCheck Amazon
Dyson Pure CoolLarge Room6-12 monthsCheck Amazon

Check Dyson

Levoit LV-H132Medium Room6 – 8 months25 – 46 dbaCheck Amazon
Hamilton Beach TrueAir160 sq ftPermanent – vacuum regularlyCheck Amazon
BONECO H300500 sq ftIndicator Light triggers when “full”28 – 51 dbaCheck Amazon

Things to Consider When Buying Air Purifiers for Babies

HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, and these types of filters offer the highest rate of irritant removal (usually 99.97%).

When looking for an air purifier, make sure that you look for True HEPA filters and not “HEPA-type filters.”

The latter are often not certified and much less efficient.

Particle Removal Capacity

Particle Removal Capacity or CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is a way of measuring how efficient an air purifier is. In products that include this spec, it is often written in CFM (or cubic feet per minute). For instance, the Particle Removal Rate of a model might be 99.97% (removal of irritants) at 80 CFM.

Room Size Vs Coverage Area

It’s essential to make sure that you have an air purifier that is potent enough to clean the area that it’s set in. All of the products we’ve listed below are quality options for a baby nursery, but you’ll see that some options like the Alen BreatheSmart Flex are suitable for much larger areas of up to 700 square feet.

Quiet Operation

Noise levels are measured in dba, with smaller numbers being quieter. As parents ourselves, we know that there is no point in investing in a product that is going to wake your little one up. The products on this list all provide soothing white noise, with some having special “Sleep” modes to provide an even quieter experience.

Smart Sensor & Air Quality Display

Many of the products below have smart sensors to alert you when it’s time to change the air filter. And on more advanced models like the Winux 5300-2, there are unique color displays that tell you the air quality. These products can adjust as necessary, so you have the highest quality of air available.

Energy Efficiency & Overhead Cost

Most air purifiers don’t come with an energy efficiency rating, but you can get an idea of how efficient these home appliances are by how often the filters need cleaning or replacing. In general, most filters need to be changed every 6-12 months.

Depending on what brand air purifier you go for, the price of these filters can vary greatly, so it’s best to do your research upfront. As far as increasing your energy bill, that generally won’t be of concern. These small appliances often take up about as much energy as a lightbulb, with some products claiming to cost less than $0.50 to run for a month.

Build Quality & Aesthetics

While the look and style of your air purifier might not be a top priority, you should know that you still have options when it comes to design. The build quality can also be assessed, usually by looking at the warranty in place and customer reviews of others to see how long theirs lasted.

Price Vs Usage

The price range of these air purifiers for babies varies greatly, from around $50 to over several hundred dollars. When planning your budget, try to figure out how often you will use the product (daily? weekly?) and which features are the most important to you (extended warranty? Bluetooth capability?) These factors will go a long way in making your final decision.

8 Best Air Purifiers for Babies Reviewed

1. Pure Enrichment PureZone

Best Value Air Purifier for Baby
Coverage Area200 sq ft
Filtration MediaPre-Filter / Activated Carbon Filter / True HEPA Filter
Filtration Life6 months
Noise Level30 – 50 dba
Particle Removal Rate99.97% at 80 CFM

Our top pick for the best value air purifier for baby is the PureZone by Pure Enrichment. For just around $100, this 3-in-1 purifying system will clean the air of rooms of up to 200 square feet. It’s sleek, modern design will fit into any nursery décor as it sits snugly atop a dresser or table. The 3-stage filtration system includes a pre-filter, an activated charcoal filter, and a True HEPA filter. There is also an option UV-C sanitizing light to kill even more germs.

The PureZone includes a smart filter reset indicator, based on your run-time, that will tell you when it is time to replace the filter. The average length of time between filter changes is about 6 months, but if you are using this product in extreme environments (like some users facing the California forest fires), you may need to change the filter in as few as 6 weeks. The filters are inexpensive, though, to keep this powerful purifier running both day and night.

I love how lightweight and portable this model is. At just 6 lbs, it can be easily moved from room to room so that you can enjoy clean air whenever you are. The only complaint that some parents pointed out is that there isn’t a night light option on this model. If this is a deal-breaker for you, you might consider purchasing the PureZone Halo instead.


  • 5-Year hassle-free warranty
  • 3-Stage Filtration removes 99.97% of particles
  • Quiet – only 50 dba on highest setting
  • Affordable


  • Recommended for smaller rooms only
  • Does not work with smart outlets/home assistants

2. Alen BreatheSmart FLEX

Top of the Range
Coverage Area700 sq ft
Filtration MediaB4-Pure or B4-Fresh Air Filters
Filtration Life9-12 months
Noise Level39 – 55 dba
Particle Removal Rate99.97% at 187 CFM

If you’re looking for a top of the range air purifier that hits the mark for both style and efficiency, then the Alen BreatheSmart FLEX is the one for you. Coming in 9 different styles, including everything from classic white to oak to marble, there is definitely a style to suit your baby nursery or playroom. It’s a great air purifier for sleep too; when it is set on “Turbo Mode” it emits a frequency called pink noise, which is a lower tone than white noise to help you sleep.

The BreathSmart FLEX is made for larger areas of up to 700 square feet.

Alencorp notes that this product “cleans 700 SqFt every 30 minutes, twice as fast as key competitors on Turbo speed.”

With this air purifier, you have the option to choose between two filters. The B4-Pure protects from dust, mold, and pet odors. The B4-Fresh protects from all the same, plus smoke. The latter is often harder to find due to its high demand in areas where forest fires are common. Both filters last for 9-12 months.

This model is particularly known for its low energy consumption. According to their product description, the lowest setting will use less than $0.50 per month in electricity.


  • Lifetime Warranty with Alen Forever Guarantee
  • 9 Designer panel options
  • Filters last 9-12 months
  • Pink noise great for healthy sleep


  • Expensive
  • May contain “new product chemical smell”

3. Winix 5300-2

Best Under $200
Coverage Area360 Sq ft
Filtration MediaPre-filter, HEPA Filter, Carbon Filter
Filtration LifeHEPA – 12 months / Carbon – 3 months
Noise Level27.8 dba (low)
Particle Removal Rate99.97% at 240 CFM

For those of us with a moderate budget, the Winix 5300-2 is the best air purifier under $200, and in fact, you can usually find it to be well under that price on Amazon. The Winix uses 3 stage filtration that removes dust, cigarette smoke, pollen, odors, pet dander, more spores, and organic chemicals. There are four fan speeds, and on the highest setting, a room of up to 360 square feet will circulate the air 5 times.


The Winux 5300-2 also includes PlasmaWave Technology.

Winux says, “PlasmaWave Technology works at a molecular level to safely breaks down odors, allergens, chemical vapors, and other indoor pollutants, without emitting harmful Ozone or byproducts.”

The True HEPA Filter for this Winix model only needs to be changed once every 12 months, and there is an indicator light for this. The caveat is that the Carbon Filter needs to be changed every 3 months, and there isn’t a reminder for these. Fortunately, each True HEPA filter is sold with a set of 4 Carbon Filters.

One of the best features of this Winix air purifier under $200 is that it has smart sensors that indicate the indoor air quality using a light-scale (good-blue, fine-amber, poor-red). If the unit senses a change in the air quality, it will automatically change the fan speed for optimal use.


  • Uses PlasmaWave Technology
  • Whisper quiet
  • Smart sensors indicate indoor air quality using a light scale


  • Filter scheduling is complicated
  • Only 1 year warranty

4. Honeywell HFD-010

Best Quiet Air Purifier for your Baby
Coverage Area62 sq ft
Filtration MediaPermanent Washable Filter / Optional Pre-filter
Filtration LifeLifetime – Clean regularly
Noise Level<35 dBa
Particle Removal Rate99% at 40 CFM

Honeywell is a household name when it comes to heating and cooling products. We have named the Honeywell HFD-010 the best quiet air purifier for baby, mostly in part because this model was made specifically for very small rooms of up to 62 square feet, like a nursery, office, or bathroom.

One of the reasons customers love this air purifier so much is that not only is it affordable from the get-go, but it also doesn’t come with any replacement filter costs. The permanent filter is easily washable, as noted by an indicator light, about every 3 months. An optional pre-filter can be used as well (the Honeywell CZF-2179), but we had trouble finding availability on both Amazon and the Honeywell store.

One happy customer reports, “Running since June 2012! The reusable filter is convenient. Works great at low setting as white noise.”

This popular model is commonly sold out due to its high demand, so if you see it in stock, I highly recommend snagging one! With Honeywell offering a 5 year warranty on top of this affordable product, you really have nothing to lose.


  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Permanent washable filter
  • Affordable


  • For very small rooms up to 62 square ft

5. Dyson Pure Cool

Best Air Purifier Fan for your Baby
Coverage AreaLarge Room
Filtration MediaHEPA Second Generation Filter
Filtration Life6-12 months
Noise Level
Particle Removal Rate99.97%

As a parent, I was always hesitant to put a fan in my toddler’s room, because what if they climbed out of their crib and put their little fingers in there?

Those worries can be put to bed with the Dyson Pure Cool, which is not only a bladeless fan but also cleans the air simultaneously. Unlike other air purifiers on this list, the Dyson Pure Cool also has an Air Multiplier and oscillating feature. The sleek design makes it effortless to clean and safe for little fingers (and pets, too!)

While a coverage area is only listed as “for a large room,” we have found that most customers were happy with this air purifier no matter where they placed it in their home. Most air purifiers for home use have 2-4 fan settings, but the Dyson Pure Cool features 10 airspeed settings. There is also an automatic shut-off feature in case it becomes tipped over by accident.

This model does come with a handy remote control, but it’s tiny, so make sure you don’t lose it! If you have some extra room in your budget, it might be worth upgrading to the Pure Cool – TP04, which has all the same benefits as this model, but is also WiFi-enabled to be connected to the Dyson Link App and Alexa.


  • Trusted brand
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Includes remote control


  • Expensive
  • Not compatible with Dyson Link App


Most Popular
Coverage AreaMedium Room
Filtration Media3 Stage HEPA Filter
Filtration Life6 – 8 months
Noise Level25 – 46 dba
Particle Removal Rate99.97% at 110 CFM

The Levoit LVH132 is one of the most popular air purifiers for baby nurseries, partly because it is designed in California. This state holds aggressively high standards when it comes to air quality products.

So why haven’t you heard of this brand before? Most of their air purifiers didn’t launch until 2018, with the LV-H132 being new in 2019. This air purifier is one of the best air purifiers for baby under $100, and the filters are about half the price of their competitors, as well. They still provide amazing 3-stage filtration, including fine preliminary, True HEPA, and activated carbon filters. The filters themselves last 6-8 months, and there is an indicator light to let you know when it’s time to change them.

Another factor making the Levoit a top contender for use around babies is that it has an optional night light built-in, and it’s ultra-quiet. On the lowest setting, this air purifier rings in at just 25 dba. If you’re not familiar with decibel ratings, that’s comparable to a silent library.

The only downside to this particular model is that although it features three fan speeds, it does not have any timers to facilitate auto-shutoff.


  • 2 year warranty with lifetime customer support
  • Designed in California
  • Affordable


  • Newer company with fewer reviews
  • No timers

7. Hamilton Beach TrueAir 04386A

Best Cheap Air Purifier for a Baby
Coverage Area160 sq ft
Filtration MediaPermanent HEPA Filter
Filtration LifePermanent – vacuum regularly
Noise Level
Particle Removal Rate99% at 40 CFM

If you’re set on getting an air purifier, but you’re on a tight budget, the Hamilton Beach TrueAir is the best cheap air purifier for baby. Hamilton Beach is a well-known brand all across the US, and over 2,200 5-Star reviews on Amazon back this product.

One of the features that customers of this Hamilton Beach air purifier love is its permanent HEPA filter. Unlike other permanent filters that need to be washed and then air-dried completely again before use, this fixed HEPA filter simply needs to be vacuumed off, and you can immediately go back to use. Depending on how often you use the air purifier, this only needs to be done every 3-6 months.

This compact air purifier weighs less than 6 lbs and can be placed vertically or horizontally, depending on your space needs. If black isn’t quite your style, this model also comes in a white finish.

We were slightly disappointed that this model only comes with a 1 year warranty. Still, if you purchase on Amazon, you do have the option to buy a 3-year housewares protection plan for less than $10 that will cover the product completely.

One Best Buy customer writes, “Our baby had been sneezing a lot but wasn’t sick.  We have a cat that sheds a lot too.  Since I’ve been running this purifier, the baby has been sneezing a lot less.”


  • Can be placed horizontally or vertically
  • Permanent HEPA filter
  • Easy vacuum cleaning
  • Affordable with no filter replacement costs


  • Only 1 year warranty

8. BONECO H300

Best Air Purifier + Humidifier for your Baby
Coverage Area500 sq ft
Filtration MediaPollen Filter or Comfort Filter
Filtration LifeNot Specified / Indicator Light triggers when “full”
Noise Level28 – 51 dba
Particle Removal Rate99% / CFM not specified

Typically, air purifiers and humidifiers are two separate appliances. In this case, though, BONECO delivers us a hybrid product that can be either an air purifier, humidifier, or both at once. Although a Swiss product, the BONECO H300 is widely available for Americans via Amazon and has been growing in popularity over the last few years.

On the air-purifying side, you have the option between two filters: the AH300 Pollen Filter and the AH300 Comfort Filter, which takes things a step further by adding active carbon, antiallergenic and antimicrobial layers. The latter is not available on Amazon as of writing this, but the company promises that it will be soon. There are convenient timers, indicator alerts for changing filters, and safety features like a child lock and auto-shutoff.

Looking at the humidifier side of the product, the Boneco H300 uses an evaporator mat and smart app to help you humidify your home. The app allows you to set the humidity level right from your phone. It also lets you switch between six modes (including Auto, Sleep, and Baby), and have direct access to the Boneco store so that you’re never without a filter replacement. There is also the option to diffuse essential oils, although we always recommend talking to your child’s pediatrician before doing so.

Just when you think things couldn’t get better, most of the individual components of the Boneco H300 are dishwasher safe, making it a breeze to clean.


  • Bluetooth enabled / works with app
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • 2 in 1 air purifier/humidifier combo
  • Child safety features
  • 6 profile settings to choose from


  • Swiss product sometimes out of stock on Amazon
  • Expensive
  • No warranty specified

Air Purifier vs. Humidifier for Babies

Air purifiers and humidifiers essentially work in reverse ways. An air purifier will suck in the air from the room and remove all the contaminates from that air. A humidifier, on the other hand, will pull in dry air from the room and push it back out with added moisture. As we’ve seen with the Boneco H300, there are a few products out there that can accomplish both.

Overall, we recommend air purifiers for overall health and air quality, and humidifiers for times when your baby is showing signs of chest congestion or dry skin.

Air Purifier Setup for Nursery Rooms

When setting up your nursery air purifier, it’s critical that you keep the unit away from the baby’s reach. Taller tower models can be placed on the floor opposite the crib, and smaller units are best suited for atop a dresser or bookshelf.

If you keep a diaper pail in your child’s room, I suggest placing it somewhat close to the air purifier, as these appliances are also great at taking away foul odors. Most importantly, remember to change or clean the filters as recommended by the manufacturer.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

Are air purifiers safe for babies?

Many new parents find themselves asking, “do I need an air purifier for my baby?”

As baby’s lungs are still developing, we turn to air purifiers to give their little ones the best chance of optimal breathing. Most air purifiers are suitable for use around infants (except for ozone generators and ionic purifiers). However, if your child has any special medical needs, it is best to check in with your pediatrician first.

Will an air purifier help relieve baby congestion?

Although an air purifier will help to remove irritants from the air that may be contributing to congestion, they are unlikely to help existing congestion go away. To help relieve congestion, we recommend looking into the use of a humidifier.

How long should I run an air purifier for baby?

This will depend on the model you choose and your personal preferences. Some parents like running the purifier while their baby sleeps, to add additional white noise. Other parents prefer to run the air purifier in the nursery only when their baby is elsewhere in the house. Most models will have timers to help you facilitate this.

How often do I need to change the filters for my baby’s air purifier?

Most air purifiers have an indicator light that will tell you when it is time to change the filter, and on average, you can expect this to happen every 6-12 months of use.

What are other ways to improving air quality inside the home?

There are many things you can do to improve indoor air quality, including keeping your home tidy, vacuuming regularly, avoiding chemical pollutants, and having your HVAC ducts cleaned out.


When it comes to our kids, every parent wants what is best, starting from the very air we breathe. If you’re still on the fence with what air purifier is best for your baby, let me recommend the PureZone by Pure Enrichment. This 3-in-1 air purifier features a True HEPA filter and is backed by an outstanding 5-year warranty.