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Best Cool Mist Humidifiers For a Comfortable Home

Our reviews cover the top-rated cool-mist humidifier brands and are sure to produce better quality air in your home.

Types of Cool Mist Humidifiers


This type is quite possibly the quietest, operating at nearly-silent levels thanks to the metal diaphragm which vibrates at high speeds to break water down into tiny droplets, converting them into a cool mist. To disperse the mist throughout the room, a silent fan moves it upward and outward. These models typically aren’t going to have a filter, so you won’t need to clean them as often. They also come with a warm mist option, which is great for increasing humidity rapidly, and for intense winters.


These models are going to be notably noisier than the ultrasonic designs, though still very useful. These produce humidity with a fan which pulls in the air from the surrounding area, blowing it through a wick in the water. This water will evaporate, and during the evaporation process, heat is removed. The water vapor is added to the air, which is then blown by the fan back into your room.

Air Washer (With Air Purifier)

These are perfect for giving you some of the cleanest air possible by using water and rotating discs to get rid of airborne impurities. No matter if you’re suffering from a cold, sinus issues or allergies, you’ll benefit from the fact that they’re excellent at removing dust and pollen particles. However, they do require frequent cleaning.

Combination (With Diffuser)

If you’re into aromatherapy or would like to explore its benefits, then these may be perfect for you. Combination models either allow you to directly add in essential oils to the humidifier’s water or have a separate compartment for you to place your oil, where the humidifier can draw from it. This allows you to benefit from the added humidity while experiencing boosted mood and relaxation from the oils. You can also choose to operate it without using oils.

All Models Compared

Model Type Water Tank Capacity Room Coverage (Sq.Ft) Daily Output Runtime
TaoTronics TT-AH019 Ultrasonic 4L 107-322 sq.ft. n/a 30 hours
Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic with Vaporizer 6L 400 sq.ft. n/a 50 hours
Pallas 5L Ultrasonic 5L n/a n/a 20 hours
Air Innovations MH-701BA Ultrasonic with Diffuser 6.4L 600 sq.ft. n/a 96 hours
PureGuardian H940 Ultrasonic 1.9L 400 sq.ft. 4L 30 hours
Proscenic 807C Ultrasonic with Vaporizer 5.5L 400 sq.ft. 4L 36 hours
LEVOIT Ultrasonic with Vaporizer 4.5L n/a 7.4L 40 hours
Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic 1.5L 250 sq.ft. 3.6 16 hours
Anypro 3.5L Ultrasonic Ultrasonic 3.5L 430 – 538 sq.ft. n/a 36 hours
AIRCARE MA1201 Evaporative 3.5L 3600 sq.ft. n/a 36 hours
Honeywell HCM350W Evaporative 3.8L 500 sq.ft. 3.5L 24 hours (on Low)

Different Sizes of Humidifiers

Single Room

Single room humidifiers are the best option for most people and are most commonly associated with cool mist. These are for use in areas anywhere from around 250 square feet to 750 square feet, depending on the model. With these models, you can control the humidity in more limited spaces, such as in your bedroom, the living room, an office, basement, and so on.

Whole House

These models will either come as a console with wheels or are permanently installed in one spot. While it’s a bit more of a hassle to initially get it set up and linked to your home’s system, it requires practically zero maintenance. The great thing about these is that they cover your entire house, so you don’t have to worry about just hanging out in one room or purchasing various humidifiers. Learn more about whole house humidifiers here.


If you need some extra humidity in the car on a road trip, or in your hotel room, then these models are ideal. They’re small, compact designs which work by connecting to a disposable water bottle! They typically come with a USB so you can power them in the car, with your laptop, wall outlet, etc. As you may imagine, they’re very inexpensive, as they’re just going to be humidifying the immediate area around it.

Warm Vs. Cool Mist Humidifiers

While warm and cool mist humidifiers do have a lot in common, there are some important benefits cool mist models can offer you. First off, they don’t require any boiling of the water in their mist-making process. As hot water and steam can easily burn a child, a pet, or anyone who gets too close, that is a safety risk. Also, you’ll find cool mist designs give you more options, creating moisture using evaporation, acoustic vaporization, or impeller discs.

As the hot water in warm humidifier tanks leaves more mineral deposits, you’ll have to clean these more often. Cool mist humidifiers also disperse vapor easier, which means they can cover a larger area.

warm mist vs cool mist humidifiers

Choosing Cool Mist Humidifiers

Size of the Room

Before anything else, you must first figure out the size of the room you’re going to be purchasing for. You can usually figure this out by knowing the amount of square footage you need to cover, or how many rooms. Portable humidifiers are the most budget-friendly and work well for traveling or even single rooms. There is a wide variety of single-room humidifiers to choose from and work to cover various sizes of rooms or even multi-room areas. Whole-house humidifiers, as the name suggests, are ideal for the entire home, so long as doorways are open.

Water Tank Capacity

This refers to the maximum amount of water your humidifier will be able to hold at once. These vary depending on the model and will affect how long your humidifier will be able to run for continuously, and how often you’ll need to refill it. You’ll typically see humidifiers available in 1 to 4-gallon capacities, though there are some with higher capacities than that.

Filtering Properties

Not all cool mist models come with filters, but if you’re dealing with allergies, sinus issues, COPD, or other conditions, then getting one isn’t a bad idea. If you’re planning on getting one for your baby, also take a look at filters. Filters block white dust, which can be particularly irritating if you are sensitive. Not only that, but it can end up on furniture and be a hassle to clean off. Some even feature antimicrobial properties, which get rid of the vast majority of bacteria and germs in the mist.

Aromatherapy/Diffuser Options

While cool mist humidifiers on their own provide a large range of benefits, aromatherapy can add even more. There are some models which let you add in essential oils right to the water, while others have a special cup or compartment where you can individually place the oils. Just make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as some are not to be used with humidifiers.

“A range of essential oils have been found to have various degrees of antimicrobial activity and are believed to have antiviral, nematicidal, antifungal, insecticidal and antioxidant properties,” says Medical News Today.

Continuous Runtime

This is somewhat related to the water tank capacity but doesn’t always have a direct correlation. Think about how long or how you plan on using your new humidifier at a time. Are you going to have it running while you sleep, or will you only have it on for a couple of hours at a time? If you are using it overnight, then at least make sure it has a 10-12-hour runtime at minimum.

Ease of Use, Setup & Maintenance

As with most things in life, if something is more challenging to operate, there’s less of a chance we’re going to use it. Humidifiers should be user-friendly, especially because the last thing we want to do is to be fighting with a device made to make us feel better when we’re sick! Make sure your humidifier is easy to transport if it’s not a whole-house model. You’ll want the setup to be simple, and to have a wide opening to the water tank, so you don’t have to struggle to fill it up. A handle is also a nice addition to have, making it easier to carry from room-to-room, especially when full. Ideally, your humidifier won’t require constant maintenance and cleaning. Some collect white dust in the bottom, or mineral deposits, meaning you’ll need to clean it daily.

Noise Level

I haven’t been able to find a humidifier that doesn’t make any noise at all, but some come close. The higher-quality models will generally produce less noise, but the larger the model, the louder the sound usually is. Also keep in mind that different models will often produce different types of noises, and some may be more appealing to you. In fact, many children and adults find the sound soothing and can drift off to sleep more quickly because of it.

Extra Features

Having additional features can either make or break your experience with your new cool mist humidifier. A timer feature is absolutely essential in my eyes and lets you set the amount of time you’d like the humidifier to be running, automatically shutting off once it hits the allotted time frame. Overflow protection, as well as overheating protection, are essential, making sure water doesn’t overflow. Overheating protection auto shuts off when the water levels are low or empty to prevent short-circuiting and other safety risks.

Price vs. Usage

Price tags will vary, just like the amount of usage one person puts into a humidifier. If you’re someone who will be using your humidifier for a couple of times a year someone in your household gets a cold, you may want to opt for a more budget-friendly option. However, if you regularly suffer from allergies, sinusitis, or other conditions, then you’ll benefit from getting a more expensive option. When you go up in price, you’ll receive more extra features that will make operation much easier. Not only that, but higher-quality products are made to last longer, and will generally come with longer runtimes.


Warranties always reassure us that the product we’re buying is of high quality and isn’t going to break or operate in undesirable ways. However, the length of these warranties varies greatly when it comes to humidifiers. Most will come with at least a 30-day guarantee, while some provide some with 5 years or even more! I see this as the manufacturer attesting to the quality of their product; the more extended the warranty, the better the product is! While this isn’t a rule, it’s often the case.

11 Best Cool Mist Humidifiers Reviewed

1. TaoTronics TT-AH019

Best Cool Mist Humidifier for a Baby

Type Ultrasonic
Water Tank Capacity 4L
Room Coverage 107-322 sq.ft.
Daily Humidity Output n/a
Runtime 30 hours
Warranty Yes, 1-year limited

The TaoTronics TT-AH019 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is definitely not the humidifier you grew up with using. This high-tech model is made to work with current-day technology to bring you quite possibly the most convenient design on the market today. Coming in either White-Blue, Grey, White, or a sleek Black, you’re sure to find a color that suits your home. All look very sleek and modern and operate similarly. If you’re looking for a model ideal for room sizes anywhere between 107 and 322 square feet, keep on reading.

Through the use of Ultrasonic technology, you can expect the TT-AH019 to be almost suspiciously quiet, operating at less than 38dB. If you’re a light sleeper or have kids who are, this is an excellent option. Aside from that, it comes with Sleep Mode, which ensures near-silent functionality and no light disturbance.

With a built-in micro-porous cartridge, it filters out magnesium ion, calcium, and microorganisms that will give you the clean mist you deserve. If you’re dealing with allergies or other irritations, this will significantly help to provide you with relief. You’ll also find that there is little if any white dust dispersed into the room.

To help provide you with the best environment possible, you’re able to manually adjust humidity levels from anywhere from 40 to 95 percent, along with three separate fan settings, a 360-degree rotatable nozzle, low water warning, and a 24-hour timer. I did find the LED humidity indicator to be a bit irritating when trying to sleep, but this can also be turned off if you prefer. If you’re busy and don’t want to have to get up to adjust the settings, that’s no issue! Thanks to its smart capabilities, you can use easy voice control with Alexa, or smartphone control through the Sun Home app.

With a 4L/1.06 gallon capacity, you get up to an impressive 30 hours of constant use without the need to refill the tank. Refilling is straightforward and quick, thanks to the carrying handles. However, I didn’t really like the fact that you have to tip it upside down to refill it, which can leave a bit of water in the base.

2. Everlasting Comfort

Best Cool Mist Humidifier

(Without a Filter)

Type Ultrasonic with Vaporizer
Water Tank Capacity 6L
Room Coverage 400 sq.ft.
Daily Humidity Output n/a
Runtime 50 hours
Warranty Yes, 2-year

For a quiet, reliable model that works for rooms up to 400 square feet, take a look at the Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. Not only that, but it also comes with a built-in oil diffusing vaporizer which is perfect for single room use. The essential oil tray lets you add in the oil of your choice, using the fan to circulate the oils into the cool mist. Not only does this keep the room smelling fresh and clean, but also helps create a soothing experience.

“Some studies have shown that aromatherapy might have health benefits, including: relief from anxiety and depression, improved quality of life, and improved sleep,” informs the Mayo Clinic.

While the sleek design is rather compact, it has a cool mist output of up to 270 ml per hour, with the water tank capable of holding up to 6 liters at a time. Perfect for use in rooms up to 400 square feet, it’s made to last for up to 50 hours of consistent use, which is ideal if you’re always busy or don’t like refilling every so often. To customize the humidity in the room, use the easily adjustable dial to turn it either up or down. With the 360-degree rotating nozzles, you can also point it precisely in the direction you need it, avoiding damaging any furniture or electronics.

Thanks to a hypoallergenic natural ionizer and vaporizer, if you suffer from allergies or a cough, the mist produced won’t aggravate it in the slightest. When it runs out of water, the auto shut off will ensure it never overheats or short-circuits, keeping your household safe.

While it’s a filter-free option and can technically be used with tap water, you will need to clean it regularly as mineral deposits will build up in the tank, and some white dust will land on furniture. You can easily avoid this by using mineral-free water.

3. Pallas 5L

Best For Mid-Size Rooms

Type Ultrasonic
Water Tank Capacity 5L
Room Coverage n/a
Daily Humidity Output n/a
Runtime 20 hours
Warranty Yes, Lifetime

The cool mist humidifier from Pallas comes with a 5L water tank which provides up to 20 hours (or 90 hours on the lowest setting) of continuous use, perfect for those times when you want to lay in bed and rest. Ideal for small-and-medium-size rooms, you’ll be able to adjust vapor levels. Simply twist the knob located on the front, based on how large of an area you’re trying to cover. For example, if you’re taking it from your office to the living room, change it to your max setting, and you’re all set.

What’s also handy about the knob, is that once your humidifier needs refilling, it will turn red to let you know. Make sure to direct the flow of mist away from wooden furniture or vulnerable electronics; the 360-degree nozzle can be rotated in any way you’d like.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like any noise while they’re sleeping, then you’ll appreciate the Ultrasonic technology used in the Pallas. With this method, you need to be standing right next to it to hear anything. With the inclusion of a microporous activated carbon cotton cartridge, it also works to filter out potentially harmful microorganisms and negative ions. This gives you some of the cleanest mist possible, so your sinus symptoms are soothed rather than provoked.

Finally, with a convenient 100% worry-free guarantee, if there are any issues in the future with your humidifier, contact the manufacturer, and they’ll send you either a refund or replacement within 24 hours!

4. Air Innovations MH-701BA

Best For Large Rooms

Type Ultrasonic with Diffuser
Water Tank Capacity 6.4L
Room Coverage 600 sq.ft.
Daily Humidity Output n/a
Runtime 96 hours
Warranty Yes, 1-year

It’s not often that one comes across a humidifier that turns heads, but Air Innovations seems to produce those that do continually. Their MH-701BA is one of the best on the market today and is the best option if you’re trying to humidify large rooms up to 600 square feet.

“Because cool mist humidifiers cover a wide area, you don’t have to worry about where you are sitting in the room, because the cool mist is definitely going to cover you,” says Fresh Air Guru.

The shape of this model is unique and ideally shaped for maximum output. Also, it comes with a dual-directional 15-inch extension mist nozzle which allows you to set it on a tabletop or floor. The design also makes it very simple and quick to refill, although you’re probably not going to have to do that often considering it has a whopping 96-hour runtime! Just to put that into perspective for you, that’s about 12 nights of sleep! The 6.4-liter tank is responsible for that, so you don’t have to worry about constant maintenance being an issue.

The high-quality LED advanced digital interface located on the front of the device features a fully programmable timer which lets you decide when you want it turned off or on. The humidifier will do it on its own, and you can also choose to program the humidistat to levels that you indicate. The monitors it comes with will automatically maintain these levels until stated otherwise. However, the operation isn’t difficult, either. With an included remote, you can easily turn it on/off, adjust the mist and humidity level, set up a delayed start, dim the display, and much more.

You’ll also find a built-in aromatherapy tray in the back of the humidifier. While this works wonderfully for freshening up a room and brightening your mood, unfortunately, it only works with the manufacturer’s aromatherapy pads. Lasting up to 8 hours each, you’ll get to choose from either Lavender, Eucalyptus, Refreshing Mountain Breeze, Uplifting Green Tea, and Energizing Citrus.

5. PureGuardian H940

Best Inexpensive Option

Type Ultrasonic
Water Tank Capacity 1.9L
Room Coverage 400 sq.ft.
Daily Humidity Output 4L
Runtime 30 hours
Warranty No

You don’t have to empty your wallet to get one of the best humidifiers, contrary to what you might think! While there aren’t many “cheap” models that are worth purchasing, the PureGuardian H940 is one of the select few that features exemplary performance.

Despite its relatively compact design, it features a surprisingly large capacity of 1.9 liters, resulting in up to 30 hours of runtime. When water levels start getting low, a handy low water indicator light will turn on, letting you know it’s time to refill.

If you’re only looking to humidify a room of up to 400 square feet, then this should be perfect for you. You can also choose to use it in open layouts, like living room/kitchen combos, or use the directional mist nozzle if you’d like to target a particular area. The smaller size also allows you to use it on the floor or a tabletop without issue.

Capable of providing up to 4 liters of moisture output a day, congestion will quickly break up, leaving you feeling relieved and with less stress placed on your body. To combat the growth of mold and mildew, the unit comes with their Silver Clean Protection which comes built into the tank to ensure it’s always producing clean mist.

Due to the Ultrasonic technology, you can expect the operation to be whisper-quiet, making it perfect for when you’re working or sleeping. If you are planning on using it at night, take advantage of the night light feature, which is soothing for adults and is great for children, too.

6. Proscenic 807C

Best Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier

Type Ultrasonic with Vaporizer
Water Tank Capacity 5.5L
Room Coverage 400 sq.ft.
Daily Humidity Output 4L
Runtime 36 hours
Warranty No

Up until now, we’ve only covered cool mist humidifiers. While they’re great devices, warm mist machines also have their place, and if you can get a 2-for-1 like the Proscenic 807C, even better. I love using this model during the wintertime, for its ability to help keep things toasty warm.

“Using a warm mist humidifier won’t replace your heating, but if you’re using it in a small room, it can make the temperature a little more comfortable without stripping the air of moisture,” informs How to Home.

Not only that, but warm mist humidifiers don’t leave the white dust that cool ones tend to do, so that means less cleanup for you!

As a truly intelligent, state-of-the-art humidifier, this model allows you the freedom to connect through an app on your smartphone, making it simple to adjust humidity and mist from the comfort of the couch or bed. You can also use Amazon’s Alexa through voice control if you’d like. With an included remote control, you don’t need either one of the above, but it’s still nice to have the option.

The unit itself looks futuristic, with a sleek, black design and large, user-friendly LED display right on the front. The large 5.5L capacity water tank lets you use it for up to 36 hours at a time without having to refill it. Due to the aromatherapy functionality, you can add your choice of essential oils to the dedicated aroma container. Just remember to never add them directly to the water tank, as this can seriously damage it!

Do you have a baby? Then you’ll really appreciate the “Baby Mode.” When this mode is activated, the humidity level will automatically adjust to make sure it’s suitable for them. The Anion Mode is also great for children and adults, alike. This mode dramatically reduces the number of bacteria in the air, which is excellent for those with congestion, allergies, and anyone overall. The included HEPA filter will ensure you have some of the cleanest air filtering through your home!

“Using a HEPA filter in your home can remove most airborne particles that might make allergies worse,” states Web MD.


Very Popular Brand

Type Ultrasonic with Vaporizer
Water Tank Capacity 4.5L
Room Coverage n/a
Daily Humidity Output 7.4L
Runtime 40 hours
Warranty Yes, 1-year

Toted as the best humidifier of 2019 by The Wirecutter, you don’t have to take my word that the LEVOIT Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is one to seriously consider for your household. The medium-sized model is reasonably priced and comes with basic features, but the reliable performance that will keep you using it again and again.

At first glance, you’ll notice the smooth white body with blue accents here-and-there, giving a beautiful, clean look to any room. On the side, you can see the water gauge, which easily lets you know how much is left in the 5.5-liter tank. This model enables you to run it for up to 40 hours straight, which makes maintenance and refilling pretty easy.

You’ll find a one-touch control right on the front, where you’re able to control the amount of mist you’d like. Choose from either Low, Medium, or High, depending on the room size and your preferences. The small light changes color according to the setting you have it on so you can quickly know the level without walking across the room. Not only that, but a sensor on the cord works to read the humidity level of the environment it’s placed it, accurately gauging the exact humidity level.

No matter how you have it set, you can count on it operating quietly enough not to get bothered while you’re sleeping or doing other things that require a considerable amount of concentration. If you’re into aromatherapy, simply drop your essential oils in the dedicated aroma box for instant relaxation. Just make sure to never add it into the water tank or base, as this will erode the material and cause leaks.

As far as maintenance and refilling go, this is one of the easiest. Due to the 3-inch-wide tank opening, filling is simple, and you can easily fit a soft cloth inside to wipe the interior of the tank to prevent any bacteria and mold from accumulating.

8. Pure Enrichment MistAire

Best Small Model

Type Ultrasonic
Water Tank Capacity 1.5L
Room Coverage 250 sq.ft.
Daily Humidity Output 3.6
Runtime 16 hours
Warranty Yes, 2-year

As one of the most popular humidifiers on Amazon, the Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is perfect for medium-sized rooms like bedrooms or offices. The white body with clear blue upper looks stylish and modern, while its compact size makes it easy to place anywhere without it taking up too much space.

The 1.5-liter water tank is perfect if you don’t need excessively long runtime like many others we’ve covered. Capable of moisturizing the air for up to 16 hours, you can easily have it running while you sleep or throughout the day. To suit your needs, change up the speed settings according to the level of mist and size of the room. You can also change up the direction the mist is dispersed for maximum efficiency with the 360-degree nozzle while avoiding any delicate belongings.

For added safety, the machine also makes sure to auto shut off if the water runs out. Not only does this work to prevent overheating, but it also saves you money from avoiding wasting energy. However, while it’s on, it does provide an array of benefits to keep you fast asleep during the night. The unit works as a nightlight, too, with a gentle blue glow which provides a soothing ambiance.

The only real complaint I had with this model was the fact that the shape made it difficult to clean. Though I did appreciate the included brush which facilitates it a bit, it does require some tedious maneuvering to get it sparkling.

9. Anypro 3.5L

Quietest Cool Mist Humidifier

Type Ultrasonic
Water Tank Capacity 3.5L
Room Coverage 430 – 538 sq.ft.
Daily Humidity Output n/a
Runtime 36 hours
Warranty Yes, 1-year

The Anypro 3.5 Ultrasonic Humidifier is perfect if you want near silence from your humidifier, but also don’t want to spend a lot of money. This model is incredibly budget-friendly, yet packed full of features that you’re sure to love if you’re suffering from congestions.

To adjust humidity levels exactly how you want them, use the knob adjustment which lets you adjust anywhere from low to high mist output depending on the size of the room, existing room humidity, and your comfort level. This particular design seems to work best in rooms anywhere from 430 to 538 square feet, which is perfect for use almost anywhere in the home.

You can set the humidifier to operate for 1, 3 or 6 hours and have it turn off automatically after that. This setting is wonderful if you’re going to be using it for when you set your child down to nap and don’t want to wake them up by trying to turn it off.

Due to the 3.5L capacity water tank, you get up to 36 hours of runtime without having to refill, which will at least give you 3 nights of humidity straight. Each time I’ve used this model, I’ve noticed it’s extremely quiet, even when on the “High” setting. Including a separate container to add essential oils, you can diffuse them to not only add a refreshing scent to your room but also to soothe your mind and body.

10. AIRCARE MA1201

Best Evaporative Cool Mist Humidifier

Type Evaporative
Water Tank Capacity 3.5L
Room Coverage 3600 sq.ft.
Daily Humidity Output n/a
Runtime 36 hours
Warranty Yes, 1-year

Perhaps you’re looking for a more heavy-duty model that’s capable of humidifying multiple rooms, or even an entire house, at once. If so, then the AIRCARE MA1201 is definitely an attractive option because it can disperse up to an impressive 3600 square feet. With the included 3.6-gallon capacity tank, it can handle every room in your home for up to 36 hours of continuous runtime! The console-style is one of the most durable I’ve used, featuring little caster wheels to make transportation from room-to-room a breeze. Just note that if you have a multi-story house, you’re going to have to lug it up the stairs, which is a bit of a hassle.

Through the use of a saturated wick filter, humidity is added easily without having to worry about white dust getting everywhere in your home. This not only gives you less to clean, but makes it more manageable for those with congestion, allergies, or asthma.

This model has a user-friendly automatic digital humidistat that displays the amount of humidity, while also automatically turning it off when your desired level is achieved. Not only will this save you some money on your energy bill, but it’s also eco-friendly, wasting less electricity. As far as safety goes, this is an important feature to have, significantly reducing the risk of fires or overheating.

As far as noise is concerned, I’ve noticed this one is notably noisier than the previous models I’ve covered. While it’s quiet for the size and power it produces, I can’t say it’s “whisper quiet” or “barely noticeable.” During the night, however, you can choose to set the fans at their lowest possible speed, which will absolutely decrease the noise production.

Refilling is pretty simple and straightforward; lay it in the sink, and it fills up on its own. The challenge comes with its size, which is undoubtedly a bit bulky. Cleaning and maintenance are also relatively simple, as you can quickly disassemble it to ensure the entirety of it is free of mold and bacteria.

Despite being so powerful, this humidifier for allergies was surprisingly affordable. If you’re on a budget and need something for your entire home, I can’t recommend the AIRCARE MA1201 enough!

11. Honeywell HCM350W

Best Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Type Evaporative
Water Tank Capacity 3.8L
Room Coverage 500 sq.ft.
Daily Humidity Output 3.5L
Runtime 24 hours (on Low)
Warranty Yes, 3-year

The Honeywell HCM350W is known to be reliable and easy to operate while keeping the costs down low. The cool mist humidifier also can produce up to 3.5 liters of mist a day, which is pretty impressive for how little you have to pay for it! Moreover, if you’re sick, have children or allergies, then you’ll appreciate the built-in germ-fighting technology to get rid of any allergens or potentially harmful microorganisms in your air. In addition to that, the humidifier also comes with ultraviolet light technology, which kills all bacteria immediately.

The unique antiseptic sponge-like filter that the model features works well to help take out the white dust from the air, along with the microorganisms just mentioned. However, that would be a pretty slow process on its own, so they’ve added in a built-in fan to help disperse fresh air over it. What’s really interesting about this design, is that while it lacks a built-in humidistat, you never have to worry about over-humidifying. The reason why is because once the room reaches ideal humidity levels, the water from the just mentioned sponge stops evaporating! This means you don’t have to keep checking on it or wondering if you’re at the right level.

“Although useful, humidifiers can actually make you sick if they aren’t maintained properly or if humidity levels stay too high,” says Mayo Clinic.

The compact size of the HCM350W makes it easily portable, although it Honeywell does claim it can cover up to 500 square feet. In all honesty, I didn’t see that kind of coverage and would say it’s more like 350 square feet, so keep that in mind when making your selection.

For easy cleaning, I really loved the plastic body, which is not only shatterproof but dishwasher safe. While you can just as quickly rinse and wipe it out manually, sticking it in the dishwasher every couple of days is more convenient due to the added heat that can help kill any leftover germs and bacteria.

What I didn’t like about the Honeywell was the fact that it didn’t even come with a low water level auto shut off. This means you’ll have to turn off the humidifier yourself to prevent any overheating. I feel like in this day and age, these kinds of safety features should be standard.

With a water tank capacity of almost 4 liters, I was also a bit surprised to see the runtime ending at 24 hours. While it’s by no means a short amount of time, some similar models can run for almost twice as long. However, if you’re looking for an incredibly straightforward, user-and-budget-friendly humidifier, you can’t go wrong here.

Humidifiers and Aromatherapy

As you read from the reviews above, there is a wide selection of cool mist humidifiers that come with diffuser options. Even if you’ve never experimented with essential oils or aromatherapy before, it’s not a bad idea to get one. Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment through the use of natural plant extracts, promoting overall health for the mind and body. This alternative therapy has been known to improve emotions and mood, helping promote relaxation and stress relief.

If you are using the diffuser, it’s important to keep a couple of things in mind. One is to make sure that the essential oils you’re using can be used with a humidifier. Some are not made to be used for this purpose, so consult with the manufacturer. Second, is to place them in the proper location. Some humidifiers let you directly add the oils to water, while others will start to leak and disintegrate if you do so. Some will come with handy little compartments where you can separately place your oil.

With or Without Filters?

While there are many similarities between the two types, we need to talk about the differences. Humidifiers with a filter are the most common type, and if you’re dealing with allergies, asthma, congestion, etc., then this may be the best option as they can remove mineral dust and allergens from the air. Not only that, but they’re known to be easier to operate and are more budget-friendly. The downside is that they include a fan which can be noisier to operate.

Those lacking a filter don’t need a fan, meaning they’re extremely quiet, even on the High setting. As they’re easier to maintain, you don’t have to clean it as often nor replace the filter. However, you should use distilled water with filter-free models.

Best Locations for Cool Mist Humidifiers

Contrary to popular belief, above ground-level is the best height for your humidifier. If you’re placing it in the living room, it’s a good idea to keep it directed away from any wood surface, as well. If in the bedroom, you’ll probably want it near your bed, but if it’s large then opt for the corner of the room. However, if we’re talking about a child’s room, then make sure to keep it away from them, placing in on a nightstand or the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is a good humidity level for the home or office?

It’s important to remember that the humidity level of your home or office should change as the outside temperature does. When temperatures drop, so should the interior humidity level. The reason why is if you keep the same level of humidity in the summertime as you do in the winter, you will most likely see condensation form on your windows. A humidity level of 25-30% is ideal when it’s cold out, and make sure never to go over 45% as this can welcome dust mites or even mold growth.

Are cool mist humidifiers safe to use around children?

Absolutely! In fact, they’re often the safest option to use around children. This is because cool mist humidifiers don’t require any boiling of the water, nor do they expel steam, unlike many warm mist models. There’s no risk of burn injury with cool mist humidifiers and often come with overflow protection or auto turn-off if tipped over.

How often should I change my humidifier filter?

Ideally, you should be changing it out every 1 – 3 months. This is going to vary depending on the frequency you use it, of course, along with the type of water you’re using. If you have hard water, then you should probably change it out every month. If you’re using distilled water and use it every day, 2 months is a reasonable rate.

How often should I change the water in my humidifier?

This will also depend on the model you have, but ideally, you’ll want to go a maximum of 3 days without changing the water. This prevents the growth of any mold and bacteria that thrive in standing water.

Can I use tap water in my humidifier?

You definitely can, but I’d recommend going for distilled or filtered water, instead. The reason why is that distilled water isn’t going to leave you with the minerals, which can build up in your humidifier and also leave white dust on your furniture.

What is the white dust collecting in the humidifier?

If you’re using hard water, then this is probably why you see the white dust. The reason why is because the water is full of minerals, and once the water evaporates, it leaves dried mineral deposits behind. While it’s not something to be worried about, it can aggravate allergies or sensitivities.

Is it safe to leave a humidifier on all night?

Yes, it is! Most are made with overnight operation in mind. They come built with safety settings, such as auto-off when the water levels get low to prevent any overheating or short-circuiting. On many of these models, you’ll have timer settings where you can also choose how long to have it on. For example, if you fall asleep around 10 pm and would like it to turn off at 2 am, you can set it to do exactly that.

Where is a good place to buy these units?

Amazon is hands-down the best option. Not only do they consistently have the most affordable prices, but their customer service is wonderful, and you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product.


Now that you’re practically a cool mist humidifier expert, which model will be making its way to your home? If you’re still undecided, I’m going to go ahead and recommend the TaoTronics TT-AH019 to you.

First off, it’s very affordable and easy to use if you’ve never used this kind of product. You receive all types of customization options, making it easy to adjust humidity to your liking, along with sleep mode, timer options, and much more. However, know that any model you select from our list is going to be high quality. I hope that this buying guide has helped you narrow it down to the best cool mist humidifier for your needs.

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