Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans: Reviewed, Rated & Compared

Ceiling fans are the most convenient method of cooling your environment while keeping the energy costs low. With several advancements in fan technology and design, these units are now available with multiple features and designs that allow them to function in different environmental settings.

To cool your outdoor living spaces, you can opt to purchase fans designed specifically to function in such locations. Read through our comprehensive guide to understand all you need to know about outdoor ceiling fans before investing.

UL listings or ratings are safety certifications assigned by third-party organizations that signal if the products are safe for consumers. When buying a ceiling fan, the UL rating of the fan is listed in the details section on the products page. In case you cannot find a UL rating, then the fixture is only suitable for dry locations.

  • Damp
    Damp-rated fans are safe to set up in locations that are subject to moisture near the electrical components.
  • Wet
    Wet rated fixtures can be used in locations where there is a possibility of liquids or water getting onto the fixture, or into the wiring.
  • Dry
    The ratings are only for fans that can only be placed in dry, indoor environments. Any contact with moisture or liquids can cause a short circuit.

Quick Guide – Our Top Picks


Types of Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Hanging Propeller Style

These fans are attached to a rod and consist of fan blades that resemble a plane’s propeller. Hanging propeller style fans are stationary and fixed to the ceiling. It’s important to note that this type of fan cannot be focused on to a specific area and is expected to ventilate an entire room or large area.

Directional Type

Directional fan types can provide oriented airflow, as they can be turned to precise angles to cover specific areas, unlike hanging propellers. These fans can be fixed to face a particular direction, or even oscillate between different directions to provide airflow to a larger area.


Rotational units are a hybrid of a hanging propeller and directional fans. They come with multiple sets of spin blades that can operate independently of each other. The blades are attached to a fixed hanging rod that allows them to rotate on a vertical axis, thus providing airflow in multiple directions.

Benefits of Outdoor Ceiling Fans

  • Provide Cooling
    Enjoying your outdoor living space during summers can become difficult considering the heat and outdoor fans are a great fix for this problem.
    They keep the temperature to a minimum by moving the cooler air down, so you can sit and enjoy outside, even during warm weather.
  • Provide Lighting
    Many outdoor ceiling fans come with built-in light fixtures. These are very convenient, as they allow users to enjoy their outdoor space at night, without extra lighting fixtures.
  • Help with Pest Control
    Sitting in the outdoors for relaxation purposes can also mean constantly battling with bugs. A ceiling fan in your patio, or pergola, can make it difficult for mosquitoes and insects to fly in.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Damp Rated, Dry Vs Wet Rated

When you want to install a fan in your patio, pergola, or porch, using a dry rated product is not recommended. Dry rated fixtures cannot resist weather elements or moisture and contact with water can damage the motor or blades.

You can install damp rated units that can sustain moisture if your area does not receive rain or snow showers. However, in locations where the product can directly be exposed to such weather elements, wet rated ceiling fans should be used.

Coverage Area & Ceiling Fan Size

The amount of area that needs to be covered by your ceiling fan is directly related to its size. In short, the larger the fan size, the more space it will cover. This doesn’t mean that getting the largest unit is the solution; the placement of the fan is just as important.

The fan needs to be at least 12 inches away from the ceiling, 84 inches from the ground, and 24 inches from the wall. Getting a fan too large for your space might not allow you to follow these protocols. Here’s a guide for selecting the right fan size based on the area that needs to be covered.

Area Fan Size
75 sq. ft. 29 – 36 inches
75 – 144 sq. ft. 36 – 42 inches
144 – 225 sq. ft. 44 inches
225 – 400 sq. ft. 50 – 54 inches

Weatherproof Fan Blades

Since your ceiling fans will be placed outside, it is essential to check if the blades can withstand different temperatures and weather conditions. Failing to do so can lead to disfigured or bent blades that can give out or come apart within a year. A good idea is to look for wet rated fans made of durable material that are designed to function in inclement conditions.


The build of your product is an important consideration; if you are looking to invest in a budget-friendly unit, plastic may be your go-to choice, but these fans are not as durable as some of the other options. Wooden fans can add a classy look to your patio or pergola and are a popular option if you want to add an element of style to your outdoor setting.

If your primary concern is durability, then investing in an aluminum, or stainless steel unit would be a good choice. You can also decide between different colors to compliment your ceiling.


It is important to consider the speed settings that the fan has to offer. Does it only have a ‘high’ setting, or does it give you the option to set multiple speeds? This is critical, especially if you live in an area that experiences a variety of seasons and weather conditions.

Motor Type

You can also pick between different motor types:

  • Oil bath: The oldest fan technology used, with a heavy motor that requires high maintenance. This motor is powerful and reduces swaying and vibration.
  • Flywheel: This is a high-performance motor that uses flywheel discs to absorb shock, and provides a noise-less operation.
  • DC: This is the latest motor technology. It allows the fan to be silent, light-weight, and have higher torque.
  • Ball-bearing: These are uni-directional and shaded four-pole motors that come with permanently sealed bearings.
  • Direct Drive: These are AC motors with good quality bearings and copper wiring that provide efficient airflow. They come in different varieties such as; stack, ultra, large, and standard.

You may also want to see how many directions your motor allows your blades to move. Standard or uni-directional fans can be used only during summers as they move the cool air downwards. However, bi-directional fans have a reverse spin feature that allows cold air to be swept up and are ideal for winters.

Airflow Rating

The flow rate of a fan is very important to consider before making a purchase, as it is a valid measure of the unit’s efficiency. CFM, or cubic feet per minute, is the unit used to measure the amount of airflow produced by a fan in a minute. The airflow rating determines the ventilation, heating, and cooling capacities of a product.



Some fans come with built-in lights that help illuminate the area. Consider the type of light that comes with your fans. Ideally, choose fans with LED lights over incandescent lights, as these are far less of a hassle to maintain, and tend to last longer.


You can see the type of control system that a fan has. There are three options to choose from:

  • Pull Chain Fans
    These are the most basic fan options available in the market. They don’t require additional technology to function and are a cheaper option to invest in. These can even be upgraded to a wall switch or remote control if needed.
    However, if the ceiling is too high, then these fans are not recommended. They can also break down due to hard tugging or pulling.
  • Remote Controlled Fans
    These fans come with a remote control that allows you to change the fan’s speed and light setting, without needing to approach the unit.
    They can also be upgraded to include a wall switch so that they can be operated via remote control and a wall switch.
  • Wall Switch Fans
    These fans have a wall panel to turn your fan on and off and control the speed settings. This saves you the hassle of keeping track of your fan’s remote control, or the risk of breaking the pull-chain mechanism.


Before you invest in a ceiling fan, make sure to check the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Here are some things you might want to check for:

  • How long is the product under warranty for?
  • What parts are included in the warranty?
  • Does the warranty only offer a replacement, or does the manufacturer also offer repairs?
  • Is it possible to get an extended warranty, and will it be worth the investment?

14 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans Reviewed

Learn more about our favorite outdoor ceiling fans below as we have reviewed and compared the top brands. We have even made a YouTube video to make your life easier!

1. Casablanca Fan Company 59360

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans
Airflow 5020 CFM
Size 56 inches
UL Rating Damp Rated
Mounting Type Protruding
Warranty Lifetime motor warranty, 1 year parts warranty, and 120 day in-home service warranty

The first item on our list is the Casablanca Fan Company 59360. This is a 56-inch fan with plastic blades, and is ideal for outdoor use, as it does not pose any electrical safety hazards.

This machine comes with a Direct Drive motor that allows it to function efficiently, without making excessive noise that can disturb your peace. It has a sleek, rustic looking design, and is available in a smoked walnut color. The unit comes with 5 blades with a steep pitch of 13 degrees. The reversible motor makes it perfect for both summers and winters, thus making your gazebos, porches, and patios comfortable to sit in.

With a 6 inch down rod, this model can be installed at the perfect height required for optimized airflow. The Casablanca Fan Company 59360 has an ETL damp rating that makes it ideal for outdoor living spaces that do not receive direct snow or rain showers. Since it comes with a universal wall control switch, there is no hassle of turning the fan on and off from the pull switch, or the fear of losing the remote control.

While this product may seem slightly more expensive than others, its features and the offered warranty make it an attractive choice, and a good investment.


  • Weatherproof blades
  • High CFM
  • Reversible motor


  • May seem expensive to some buyers

2. Allen + Roth 20-in Valdosta Dark

Best Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fans
Airflow 3030 CFM
Size 20 inches
UL Rating Wet Rated
Mounting Type Protruding

If you want an easy-to-install outdoor ceiling fan, then we have found the perfect choice for you. This model comes mostly assembled, and installation only takes a few minutes. The unit comes with 3 steeply angled blades and a blade pitch of 24 degrees that allows the fan to provide airflow of 3030 CFM – making it perfect for small settings. It also has 3 speed settings that give you the liberty to choose the speed according to the weather, or your requirements.

This fan is ETL listed for safe use in wet areas, which means that you can set it up in your garden, gazebos, and patios where there might be a chance of rain – and never worry about problems like short-circuiting. With a 4-inch down rod, the fan can be set at a perfect height for optimized air distribution.

Have a sloped ceiling? No worries!

When purchased with a mounting bracket, this fan can be set on a ceiling angled up to 30 degrees – now you don’t have to worry about compromising the style of your living space when setting up a fan.


  • ETL wet rating
  • 3 speed settings
  • Airflow of 3030 CFM


  • The speed settings are on the fan and may be hard to reach

3. Emerson CF621VNB Batalie Breeze

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans For Salt Air
Airflow 5255 CFM
Size 52 inches
UL Rating Wet Rated
Mounting Type Protruding
Warranty 1 year

Next up on our list is the Emerson CF621VNB Batalie Breeze. Its Venetian bronze color and tropical beach style make it ideal for setting the summer mood in your gazebo or patio. The reverse action, facilitated by its motor, allows for a cool breeze in the summer and helps make your outdoor living spaces warmer during winters.

This model is designed to be placed outdoors, without having to worry about short-circuits, or malfunctioning. It is UL wet listing, and weather-resistant wicker leaf blades make it the prime choice for users who live in harsh weather conditions, such as humidity and a high salt content in the air. It comes with a 3 speed setting, and a wall panel control to help with regulation. Now, you don’t have to reach up to the fan to switch it on, or off.

The package also includes a light kit with an incandescent light bulb so you can enjoy your patio or pergola any time of the day – or night.


  • 3 speed setting
  • Weatherproof blade
  • UL wet rating


  • Some people might prefer an LED light fixture

4. Honeywell Belmar

Best Damp Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Airflow 5070 CFM
Size 52 inches
UL Rating Damp Rated
Mounting Type Ceiling
Warranty Limited lifetime

This model from Honeywell is the best damp rated outdoor ceiling fan on our list. Yes, while you may not be able to install this unit in uncovered spaces that are subject to rain or snow, it is the perfect fan for covered patios, gazebos, and breezeways.

The design includes 5 blades made out of durable plastic to withstand strong winds. Along with the ETL damp listing; this makes it an excellent choice for your outdoor living spaces. The fan also has a traditional look with oil rubbed bronze finish, and pull chains that give it a very rustic, yet simple look. With a whisper-quiet design, the machine can generate an airflow of 5070 CFM, and adjust to up to 3 speed levels. Its 52-inch blades can dispense air around a medium to large-sized space easily.

Its reversible motor can provide the comfort of a cooling system in the summers, and a heating system in the winters, without raising your electricity bill. The unit comes with a ceiling mount with three options: a down rod, flush-mount, or angled mount, to accommodate the design of your roof.


  • Budget-friendly
  • High airflow
  • Fit for moistened locations


  • The package does not include a lighting kit

5. Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan For Large Spaces
Airflow 10484 CFM
Size 72 inches
UL Rating Wet Rated
Mounting Type Angled, Flush, Hugger, Standard

Not only is this one of the largest fans on our list, but it is also the most powerful option we’ve found for you. With an airflow capacity of 10484 CFM and a blade size of 72 inches, there are no better fans in the market for large spaces. If you want to install this unit in an outdoor living space with no walls, then you need a fan that is this powerful.

This item comes with 8 weather-resistant blades which add to its style and design and lend it a modern look, despite its large size. Its efficient DC motor can be set to 9 different speeds and comes with an Energy Star rating for efficient conversion. What’s more, the fan has a reversible motor that eliminates the need for a separate heating or cooling system – standard rotation provides a cool breeze, while reverse rotation delivers warm air.

Running at 120 volts with multiple mounting options, this design comes with a 16 watt LED bulb, so you don’t have to install numerous fixtures for lights and a fan on your patio or gazebo. With a UL wet rating, this fan is all set to meet weather elements head-on. Not only does its sturdy build provide support against rough winds, but its UL listing also makes it safe for use when the fixture is dampened, or wet.


  • UL wet listing
  • Comes with a lighting kit
  • 9 speed settings available


  • Might be too large for some areas

6. Westinghouse Lighting 7204300

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan With Light
Airflow 4070 CFM
Size 52 inches
UL Rating Wet Rated
Mounting Type Down rod
Warranty Lifetime warranty on motor; 2 year warranty on parts

When it comes to electrical fixtures, Westinghouse has undoubtedly earned a name for itself. Whether it’s a lighting solution you need, or a commercial or residential fan – or both at the same time – they make strong, durable electronics. This particular fan is a prime example of the quality that the manufacturer adheres to, and is, therefore, the best outdoor unit with a light.

Whether you have low, high, standard, or angled ceilings, these fans can easily be fixed to complement your existing design. With four 52 inch long durable and weatherproof blades, this device can create a strong airflow of up to 4070 CFM, enough for a 320 sq. foot room, both during the summers and winter. Along with its reversible motor, the machine has a quiet operation, so you don’t even remember that the fan is there.

This model comes equipped with an energy-efficient LED fixture that requires only 9 watts to provide light equal to that of a 60-watt incandescent bulb. Its UL wet listing means that both the fan and the light are safe for use during rainy or snowy days, and should there ever be a problem, its lifetime warranty can be used.


  • Powerful airflow
  • UL wet listing
  • Energy-efficient lighting


  • May seem to cover less area for some users

7. Hunter

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain
Airflow 6239 CFM
Size 54 inches
UL Rating Damp Rated
Mounting Type Ceiling Mount
Warranty Limited lifetime

Hunter has been in the business of manufacturing fans for over a century and is therefore considered a reliable brand. This particular model is weatherproof, with 54-inch blades and stainless steel exteriors that can withstand rough weather and rust. It comes equipped with the quintessential properties of all good fans:

  • A powerful airflow of 6239 CFM to help you cool down your surroundings without increasing your energy costs
  • An ETL damp listing, safe to be used in covered gazebos, pergolas, sunrooms, and breezeways
  • 3 mounting options to accommodate ceiling lengths and angles of the installation location
  • A reversible motor that allows the generation of a reverse current that can be used during the winters to create an updraft, and exchange cool air for a warm air
  • Up to 3 different speed settings that allow users to set the temperature as per their liking.

In addition to these features, this fan has a unique design with a zinc finish that truly makes it stand out. It also has a pull chain that not only allows quick and easy speed regulation but also gives the fan a classic look. The two 14 watt CFL bulbs included with the lighting kit create a soft glow for a cozy setting while using up minimal energy. And perhaps the most desirable feature of the product is its WhisperWind motor that allows powerful operation without creating any noise.


  • ETL damp listing
  • 6239 CFM
  • 3 speed settings


  • Some users might prefer a remote control

8. Minka-Aire F753-KA

Best Wet Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Airflow 5450 CFM
Size 54 inches
UL Rating Wet Rated
Mounting Type Down rod
Warranty Lifetime warranty

This may be a relatively expensive option on our list, but this fan has enough design and technology features to have won it a spot on our top 14 outdoor ceiling fans. The Minka-Aire F753-KA is a robust outdoor ceiling unit designed to work in any weather conditions, owing to its UL wet certification.

It has 3 durable, 54-inch fan blades at a 14-degree angle from the ground. This allows it to generate an airflow capacity of 5357 CFM when running on high, and 2782 CFM when set on low. This fan also comes with a remote control that affords users ease of access – now, you can regulate your fan, and switch it on/off without moving from your seat.

While it does not come with a pre-existing light fixture, users can buy a kit separately and install it with the fan. With a reversible motor, this unit can produce a downward draft in summers, and an upward draft in winters. All in all, it is an easy to use, high functioning fan with a powerful reversible motor, and noiseless operation.


  • 5450 CFM
  • Reversible motor
  • Remote control
  • UL wet listing


  • May be costly for some buyers

9. 52″ Casa Delta-Wing Modern

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Remote Control
Airflow 5723 CFM
Size 52 inches
UL Rating Damp Rated
Mounting Type Down rod
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

Casa Vieja, the manufacturer of this product, has been making reliable designer fans for the past 20 years. This contemporary style ceiling fan has a sleek and compact look, with three 52 inch solid wood walnut fan blades, and oil rubbed bronze finish motor.

It has a powerful spin thanks to the 9-degree blade pitch that helps create an airflow of up to 5723 CFM, and energy efficiency of 103 CFM per watt. With the handheld remote control, you can switch the fan on/off from anywhere, and even run it in reverse mode during winters.

This product is UL listed for damp environments, which makes it ideal for covered porches and patios. However, it is not safe to use in humid climates or places with saltwater exposure. The fan can run in 3 speeds:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low


  • High airflow
  • Damp rated
  • Efficiency of 103 CFM per watt


  • May seem expensive compared to other products

10. Minka-Aire Concept II

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan for Windy Areas
Airflow 6300 CFM
Size 52 inches
UL Rating Wet Rated
Mounting Type Flush Mount
Warranty 1 year

The second Minka-Aire product to get a mention our list is Concept II. Although this unit is small in size, it has a powerful airflow capacity of around 6300 cubic feet per minute, with 52-inch blades. Ideally suited for low ceilings, this hugger mount fan remains stable during strong winds, thus making it our best pick for windy weather.

Whether your outdoor setting is covered or uncovered, strong winds can bring rain and moisture inside the area, leading to a potential safety hazard. But not this fan – this unit comes with a UL listing for safe use in wet locations, which means that you don’t have to worry for your safety while on the patio. It comes with a lighting kit and a fixture covered by a frosted glass lens that can be incorporated when setting up your fan. Should you choose not to use the light, a solid cap is included in the box as a replacement. This fan, like all the others from Minka-Aire, can be controlled smartly via Google Home, or Amazon Alexa.


  • Smart fan
  • Remote control
  • High CFM


  • Not suitable for installation on sloped ceilings

11. Emerson CF130WW

Best Low Profile Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Airflow 2278 CFM
Size 30 inches
UL Rating Damp Rated
Mounting Type Down rod
Warranty Lifetime motor; 1 year parts

This fan is compact, light kit adaptable, and a good choice for outdoor areas with low ceilings. The Emerson CF130WW model comes with a four-speed universal wall control that gives users access to fan regulators without having to reach up.

Despite their small 30-inch size, the plywood blades of this fan are strong and can create a decent airflow of up to 2278 CFM. With electricity consumption of 42 watts, this compact machine can provide an airflow efficiency of 54 CFM per watt. While it comes with a 4.5 inch down rod, users can also choose to install longer rods due to its dual mount feature. A UL damp listing allows this fan to be placed outside in your covered pergolas, sunrooms, and patios.

This fan model can also accommodate a lighting fixture that is custom made. Now, you can comfortably sit in your outdoor living spaces during the day, and at night!


  • Universal wall switch control
  • Wi-Fi control
  • UL damp rated


  • Blade size may be small for some areas

12. 60″ Turbina

Best 60 Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Airflow 9755 CFM
Size 60 inches
UL Rating Damp Rated
Mounting Type Down rod

This large-sized fan by Casa Vieja is the best 60-inch outdoor ceiling fan we could find while reviewing these products. This machine is equipped with high-quality features that users have come to associate with the manufacturer in the past two decades. One of the many attractive features of this unit is the exceptionally high CFM of airflow it produces, going up to 9755 CFM. With its large-sized, 60-inch metal blades, and high-efficiency oil-rubbed bronze finish motor, this machine is very well suited to operate in the outdoors.

The fan and its accompanying light can both be regulated and switched on/off using a remote control. This product is available in four distinct colors:

  • Bronze
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Galvanized, and
  • White

Its UL listing marks it safe for use in places with moisture.


  • Large size
  • High CFM
  • Remote control


  • May seem expensive to some buyers

13. 72″ Turbina

Best 72-inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Airflow 10313 CFM
Size 72 inches
UL Rating 72 inches
Damp Rated
Mounting Type Down rod

While this product is similar to the last Casa Vieja fan on our list, it is certainly bigger, with increased efficiency. If you are looking to cool large outdoor spaces, then look no further; this is the best 72-inch outdoor fan in the market. Not only does it have an airflow capacity of 10313 CFM, but it is also energy efficient while looking slim and sleek, with only three metal blades. This in part is owed to the steep blade pitch of the unit – 15 degrees – and partly to its oil-rubbed bronze finish motor.

Controlled from anywhere by remote, this fan can be manually set to reverse its flow. This causes the blades to rotate in the opposite direction, and create a downdraft. It is an especially handy feature for when users want to warm their outdoor spaces during winters. The blades for this fan must be mounted at least 10 ft. from the ground, thereby making it a suitable option for large rooms and living spaces, but a poor fit for smaller areas.


  • High CFM
  • 72 inch durable metal blades
  • Steep blade pitch


  • May seem expensive to some buyers

14. Kichler 414SNB Basics

Best 42 Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Airflow 3962 CFM
Size 42 inches
UL Rating Damp Rated
Mounting Type Protruding
Warranty 1 year

Available in 4 distinct colors – satin natural bronze, satin black, brushed nickel, and white – this is certainly a stylish fan. As a traditional style, four-blade classic fan, this model by Kichler comes with a lighting fixture and a pull chain mechanism.

The fan is made of metal and plastic, and also resistant to harsh weather conditions. In other words, it is rated fit to use for damp outdoor locations, which means that it can be placed in your covered porches and patios. However, a word of caution: putting this model under direct rain, or snow, can cause severe damage to the product. Other than that, the unit is suitable for covered outdoor verandas and patios and provides a robust, noise-free operation.


  • Good airflow rate
  • Damp rated
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Some users might find it expensive

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Both indoor and outdoor ceiling fans essentially do the same thing – provide cool air. However, indoor fans are not the right choice for an outdoor setting. They come with a UL dry listing and are not suitable to be placed in areas where they will likely encounter moisture.

In comparison, fans with a UL damp rating can be installed if your outdoor space has a ceiling that does not allow direct contact with liquids, or weather conditions like rain or snow. You can also use wet rated fans if there’s a possibility of your fan coming in contact with water.

Fans specifically designed for outdoor spaces (wet and damp rated) come with a special coating that protects them against rust, and weather conditions. Their blades are also designed with more durable materials to avoid such damage.

Noise Levels in Ceiling Fans

It’s the outdoors, so why do the noise-level of your ceiling fan matter – right?

Well, not quite. Having any equipment that produces a lot of sounds can be frustrating, especially in places like the bedroom. Even in outside spaces, these add to noise pollution, especially if you intend to run it continuously. Constant loud noises coming from your outdoor fan can disturb the peace you seek when enjoying your outdoor setting.

This is why noise levels in fans are kept between 60 and 70 dB on average. If your fan makes a lot of noise, this could be indicative of a serious issue and should be checked immediately.

Installation of Ceiling Fans

While the installation process varies depending on the fan’s model and type, there are general steps that you can follow to install a ceiling fan.

However, before you get to the actual installation, there are some security measures you should take:

  • Make sure the power is turned off from the circuit breaker box
  • Ensure that the installation site has no obstructions
  • Verify the UL rating of the fan
  • Check that the electrical connections comply with electrical codes
  • Read the user’s guide for warning and safety information

Once you take all the precautions, it’s time to set up your fan.

  • Locate the center point on the ceiling to ensure equal air dispensation on all sides
  • Glue the wires inside the electric box (it is highly recommended that you get professional help for this)
  • Tightly seal the electrical box to prevent any moisture from getting in
  • Mount the fan bracket and ensure all the bolts and washers are secure
  • Connect the wires to the electric supply
  • Attach the fan blades
  • Set up the lighting fixture

For a more thorough installation guide, check out this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is CFM & Ceiling Fan Airflow?

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute and is the measurement of airflow generated by a fan at its highest speed setting.

How Do I Determine The Hanging Height Of The Fan?

As per building codes, there should at least be 7 to 9 ft. space between a fan, and the floor. However, you can keep this distance as high as it suits you. For higher ceilings, you can buy down rods, or fans that come with down rods, to achieve the correct height.

How Do I Connect Ceiling Fan Wires, Especially Those with Lights?

If you are installing your fan in a new fixture, you can run an entirely new circuit that can power both the light and the fan. If you intend to replace an old fan (without a light) with a new one or replace an old lamp with an outdoor ceiling fan, you may want to add more wiring in your existing circuit. This is important to ensure that your wiring can support both your new fan and the light.

You will typically have to replace your 3-wire cable with a 4-wire cable to support multiple electrical fixtures. You can check this detailed guide on wiring for more information and tips.

Can I Install an Outdoor Ceiling Fan If I Have A Sloped Ceiling?

If your fan type supports installation on angled ceilings, then yes. All you will need to do is purchase a down rod and a ceiling mount adapter, and you can hang your fan from a sloped ceiling.

What Should I Consider When Picking Ceiling Fan Blades?

  • Blade Pitch
    This can vary between 11 and 16 degrees and is the angle of the blade relative to the ground.
    Remember, the higher the blade pitch, the more airflow it will produce.
  • Blade Size
    The width of the blade also determines CFM – the more surface area it has, the more air it can move.
  • Build
    Since outdoor fans are typically subject to harsh weather conditions, it is important to make sure that the blades are built using a steady material that will not break down.

Where Is A Good Place to Buy These Units?

While you can buy these units from electronic stores near you, you can also order them online from retailers like Amazon for great deals and more options.


We have reviewed and compiled a list of the 14 best ceiling fans in the market that are fit to regulate the temperature in your outdoor living spaces. While all the products mentioned in our guide are built specifically for the outdoors, the unit that gets the top mention is the Casablanca Fan Company 59360.

It comes with a powerful reversible motor, which means that it can be used in different types of weather. Its damp rating makes it the ideal fan for areas with moisture, such as your covered outdoor living spaces, and it comes with weatherproof blades and a considerably high airflow rate.

Last Updated on September 9, 2021