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Best Ozone Generators Reviewed

Remove odors and deodorize any space with these top-rated products.

The World Health Organization has revealed that 4 million people die per year due to household air pollution caused by inefficient cooking practices. No wonder many environmental groups and agencies, etc. now advocate the importance of clean air for a long and healthy life.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of our time is spent indoors, so we need to ensure that indoor air quality is as pure as it can be without any contaminants. Now, more than ever, we need to take strict measures to purify indoor air quality – Ozone Generators are perhaps the best way to do so.

Best For Cars

Mammoth 7,000mg
Mammoth 3500mg

Our #1 Choice

Enerzen Commercial
Enerzen Commercial

Best Rated

OdorFree Villa 3000
OdorFree Villa 3000

How Ozone Generators Work

Ever since we were kids, we have been taught that the Ozone layer is depleting, and we need to reduce the use of pollutants such as Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) – found in aerosol sprays, packing materials and refrigerants, etc. – to strengthen the ozone layer.

The ozone layer is made up of three atoms of oxygen, whereas the oxygen required for our survival is O2, i.e., two atoms of oxygen. Even though Ozone is more useful up there, it has one pertinent use down here on the surface of the earth as well.

Ozone generators can help us reign in the fortification capabilities of Ozone to help purify the air in our homes, cars, and everywhere else we are.

If you are wondering, how does an ozone generator work; let’s enlighten you – the toxic air passes through an electric charge and gets an oxygen boost and converts O2 to O3. This Ozone gas removes terrible smells, kills bacteria and mold, and destroys viruses.

Here is a video that offers a detailed explanation of ozone, ozone generators, and how to effectively clean your home, car, commercial space, etc.

Ozone Generators Compared

ModelMax AreaOutputPowerPrice
Enerzen Commercial3500 sq.ft.6,000 mg/hr.60 wattsCheck Price
Mammoth1000 sq.ft.3500 mg/hr.40 wattsCheck Price
OdorFree Villa 30003000 sq.ft.150 to 1800 mg/hr32 wattsCheck Price
Alpine Air2000 sq.ft.5,000 to 10,000 mg/hr7 wattsCheck Price
OdorStop OS3500UV3500 sq.ft.150 to 1400 mg/hr40 wattsCheck Price
Green Air Classic3500 sq.ft.360 mg/hr15 wattsCheck Price
Dr. O Health SolutionsNA85 Gamma mg/l15 wattsCheck Price
OdorStop Professional OS1250012500 sq.ft.2000 to 10000 mg/hr120 wattsCheck Price
O3 Pure Professional Eco LaundryNANA45 wattsCheck Price

Benefits of Ozone Generators

As mentioned earlier, ozone generators can rid the air of pollutants, dust particles, bacteria, and other contaminants. The best part is that these work exceptionally well against stubborn smells and pollutants in a way that other air purifiers cannot.

So, with the best rated ozone generator at your disposal, you can clear your home, car, etc. from smoke (cigarettes, cooking, etc.) that get absorbed into carpets and walls. Also, it can help you take care of foul odors from your regular hunting gear.

Apart from air purification, the ozone generator for water purification is also used by many; it can clean tap water, pool water, etc. Moreover, it also comes in handy to clean laundry rooms, wash fruits, and clean up toothbrushes.

Overall, a viable solution that promises results – in the majority of cases, 24-48 hours of continuous ozone therapy can ensure that cleanest clean for all surfaces in your home and car.

To know more benefits of an ozone generator, please refer to this video, which highlights the benefits of ozone generators.

How To Purchase A Quality Ozone Generator

Generator Size

The size of the ozone generator depends on the surface area of the contaminated location and also the severity of the contamination, i.e., if the space requires rigorous cleanups. Once you are sure about these two factors, you can decide on whether you require the ozone generator for simple cleanups, or the place in question requires an intensive ozone shock treatment.

Some generators are capable of carrying out small as well as more significant purification and filtration tasks. In contrast, you also have the option to buy a generator purposed only for your cleaning needs.

Ozone Output

This measure shows how much ozone can be produced from the ozone generator, and it is measured in pounds per day or grams per hour. The higher the power rating, the more effective it will be at removing bad odors.

However, if a manufacturer doesn’t provide the power rating, chances are the generator does not output enough ozone to deliver efficient results – it’s nothing more than a gimmick. High quality and high power ozone generators can produce 350 mg per hour of ozone, but if you require more, you can find industrial-strength ozone generators with outputs as high as 10,000 mg per hour.

Area Coverage

When deciding on which ozone generator to buy, it is essential first to figure out where it will be deployed and the amount of purification required.

You may need a good-sized commercial ozone generator for offices, factories, and at times big houses. Otherwise, you can also fulfill your needs with a smaller ozone generator for hunting, cars, and individual rooms.


Portable ozone generators come in handy if you have to shift them from room to room. Plus, they do not require that much space and are quite easy to use, plug them in, and get started. If you are a regular traveler, a portable ozone generator can be carried around with you on your trips.

However, many commercial ozone generators may not be portable at all. Regardless of the size of the ozone generators, you need to make sure to stay away from the environment it is being used in – make sure there are no other people or animals in the same room as an ozone generator that’s operating at maximum power.

Build Quality & Durability

Ozone gas tends to be corrosive, which is the secret to its thorough cleaning abilities. However, the downside to this is that the materials used in building the ozone generator can also be damaged.

Therefore, you should buy an ozone generator made from materials that are resistant to ozone-led erosion such as stainless steel, Chemraz, CPVC, Kalrez, polycarbonate, silicon, titanium, etc. Materials such as magnesium, natural rubber, nylon, steel, zinc can be severely affected by ozone gas.

Ease of Use & Maintenance

Machines in the best ozone generator category must be user-friendly, and their maintenance should be easy and affordable.

Typically, you’ll need to clean the ozone generator’s input filters and ozone plates after every two to three months. Make sure you understand the intricacies of ozone generator usage and service before purchasing one.

Extra Features

Another factor to consider when choosing an ozone generator is any additional features it offers.

A good ozone generator should have some of these features:

  • Timer: A timer allows you to set when the purification process should begin, and when it should stop.
  • Fan: The ozone gas needs to be circulated thoroughly to ensure it cleans every nook and cranny in a room – choose an ozone generator with a built-in fan.
  • Ozone Control: This feature helps you choose the needed Ozone output. The ozone generator will keep the set limit as a benchmark, and stay within it.
  • Filter System: It is essential that the chosen generator has a filter system for removing dirt, dust, and other substances that might trigger allergies, plus it also rids the environment of foul smells.
  • Remote: Another feature that comes in handy to control the ozone generator from afar, and reduces the need to be in the same room as the generator.

Price & Warranty

Ozone generators come in different sizes and different prices, you can easily find something which fulfills your requirement and does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Let’s be honest; you will benefit if the machine comes with a comprehensive warranty. But, apart from checking out the warranty period for the chosen ozone generator, you should also see what coverage is being offered.

Does the manufacturer allow complete replacement, replacement of individual parts, or the warranty policy only provides free repairs?

If you cannot find all the information, reach out directly to the manufacturer for clarity.

9 Best Ozone Generators Reviewed

1. Enerzen Commercial

Our Top Pick
Max Coverage3500 sq./ft.
Variable Ozone Output6,000 mg/hr.
Power Consumption60 watts
Weight5 Lbs.
Warranty30-day satisfaction guarantee – 3-year limited warranty

As our top pick among the best ozone generator reviews, we have chosen the Enerzen commercial ozone generator. The portable ozone generator is packed with excellent features, which is the reason for its exceptional results.

Moreover, this ozone generator is capable of filtering out all contaminates such as bacteria, viruses, and other smells, which may lead to airborne illnesses.The Enerzen commercial ozone generator can remove all foul smells caused by mold, dust, cigarette smoke, dust, mildew, etc.

The best part is that due to its compact size and low weight, this device can be easily carried anywhere that a rigorous cleanup is needed. For instance, you can use the Enerzen commercial ozone generator for home, office, car, etc.

It is also worth mentioning that the ozone generator is quite cost-effective; basically, it is a perfect definition of value for money.

Overall, if you need an excellent portable ozone generator, but don’t want to spend a lot; the Enerzen commercial ozone generator is a great option, which not only is highly capable, but it is also economically priced.


  • 6000mg+ Ozone production
  • Controls mold growth, and also removes it
  • The timer controls how long a purification cycle would run
  • Removes all types of smells better than alternate products


  • Some users complained that the provided cord is short
  • As opposed to other ozone generators, this generator is noisy, though it should not matter as you are required to exit the room

2. Mammoth

Best Ozone Generator for Car
Max Coverage3500 sq./ft.
Variable Ozone Output7,000 mg/hr.
Power Consumption55 watts
Weight9.35 Lbs.
Warranty30-day replacement warranty – 1-year limited warranty

We have ranked this as the best ozone generator for car because of its exemplary mold killing capability.

But, apart from cars, this ozone generator can be used in all spaces such as large rooms, complete houses, commercial spaces, etc. Plus, apart from mold control, it also limits the growth potential of mildew and fungus.

The unit can seamlessly rid the area in question from the residual smell of cigarette smoke, paint fumes, water damage, cooking smells, etc. The machine’s capability of producing 7000 mg/hr. of ozone allows it to purify the air in a 1000 sq./ft. within 15 minutes.

Moreover, it comes with a timer, which helps in ensuring that you aren’t in the same room where an ozone generator is running. Set the starting and ending time of the purification cycle, and the Mammoth 7,000mg will run on its own accord, and you will notice how clean things smell and feel. Furthermore, the Mammoth Ozone Generator is made from durable metal, which helps in safeguarding the device from Ozone Gas’s corrosive properties.

Last but not least, customers do not need to invest in expensive replacement filters because the already installed filters are washable and can be used for up to 6000 hours.


  • Easy to move around due to the provided handle
  • Easy-to-use timer
  • The metallic design makes the device durable
  • Filter life of 6000 hours


  • Some users claimed that it broke after a few uses
  • Short warranty period

3. OdorFree Villa 3000

Top Rated
Max Coverage3000 sq/ft
Variable Ozone Output150 to 1800 mg/hr
Power Consumption32 watts
Weight10.25 Lbs.
Warranty30-day replacement warranty – 5-year limited warranty

Our third pick among the best rated ozone generator is OdorFree Villa 3000, a machine used for removing stubborn smells such as pet odors, musty smells, tobacco smells, etc. and for killing mold. This ozone generator can provide extensive sanitization of an area as big as 3000 sq./ft.

Owing to its ability to produce ozone output from 150 to 1800 mg/hr., the OdorFree Villa 3000 can be used for personal as well as industrial use. However, it works well when tasked to remove already contaminated areas, and does not clean at its full potential if run in a place where indoor pollution is ongoing.

For instance, if the OdorFree Villa 3000 is running in a kitchen or a factory where new smells are continuously being introduced, its results will not be as good as expected. Remember, the treatment time depends on the coverage area, and the severity of contamination, plus odors are spread throughout the facility. Therefore, for efficient results, treat the entire place, including air ducts.

To get the best results out of this powerful device without any adverse health effects, make sure to place it in an unoccupied place. Ensure that this place or vicinity will not have any human or animal contact while the ozone generator is running.


  • Odor elimination at its source
  • 1 to 12-hour timer for more prolonged usage
  • Easy to use – turn the dial to activate
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • The generator does not work at its full potential in ongoing situations
  • A bit pricy, but the values and benefits justify it

4. Alpine Air

Best Ozone Generator + Air Purifier
Max Coverage2000 sq/ft
Variable Ozone Output5,000 to 10,000 mg/hr
Power Consumption7 watts
Weight6.37 Lbs.
Warranty1-year replacement warranty

If you are in search of the best ozone generator + air purifier, Alpine Air is a worthy contender because of its capability of producing up to 10,000 mg/hr. of Ozone output. The purifier creates ozone, via a unique process that uses a combination of oxygen and electric current.

No filter is required, the ionizer and air purifier can work for 6000 hours, and this means that you can run the ozone generator daily without being required to change the filters.

The best part is that the Alpine Air is quite compact, which makes it easy to be carried to where the need arises. You can use it in your kitchen, bedroom, garage, etc. or it can be used for vast commercial areas such as office spaces, warehouses, etc. Once the ozone plate has started acting up, it can be removed for cleaning or replacing without requiring any tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.

All in all, all odors are eliminated at their source, and the Alpine Air actively safeguards us from contaminants, bacteria, and other airborne particulates without requiring to pull in air through the air purifier.

It removes bacteria and viruses from the air, which in turn lessens the spread of illnesses such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc. Plus, it also reduces the spread of allergens, bacterial infections, respiratory problems, and hay fever.


  • Works well to settle all kinds of impurities
  • It is eco-friendly
  • Time-control allows for better management
  • Cost-effective maintenance – filter replacement not required.
  • Portable ozone generator


  • Some users complained that they felt a slight ozone smell after it ran its purification cycle

5. OdorStop OS3500UV

Best Ozone Generator For Hunting
Max Coverage3500 sq/ft
Variable Ozone Output150 to 1400 mg/hr
Power Consumption40 watts
Weight10 Lbs.
Warranty30-day money-back guarantee and 5-year warranty

While picking the best ozone generator, our categories include something for everything, from personal use to commercial use. Therefore, we also picked out the best ozone generator for hunting, as hunters generally need to rid their gear and attire from odor, bacteria, and other contaminants.

In our view, one of the best ozone generators for hunting is OdorStop OS3500UV, which, due to its size, can be easily carried around while traveling.

The fact is, while hunting, we come across many adverse situations that can be dirty and smelly. This is why we need something which can remove stubborn odors created by flood damage, smoke, and fire, mold, animals, etc., and the OdorStop OS3500UV seamless does that and much more.

This ozone generator for hunting can remove unpleasant smells from wood, books, clothes, bags, etc. Depending on the coverage area, you can adjust the output between 150 to 1400 mg/hr. The OdorStop OS3500UV has a 3500 UV lamp, which allows users to get rid of viruses and bacteria via ultraviolet filtration. But remember, once the process has started, no animal or human should be in or near the vicinity.

Overall we picked this as the best ozone generator for hunting because of its exceptional odor removing capability from clothes. Leave the generator and all the clothes in a small area such as a closet or wardrobe (not in your house), and see the remarkable results.


  • Has variable output
  • Ultraviolet filtration leads to better results
  • Cleaning of plates can be done without dismantling the machine.
  • Five-year warranty period


  • Some people are not pleased with its aluminum body.

6. Green Air Classic

Best Home Ozone Generator
Max Coverage3500 sq/ft
Variable Ozone Output360 mg/hr
Power Consumption15 watts
Weight12.95 Lbs.
Warranty5-year warranty for defects in mechanical parts and quality

If you are looking for the best home ozone generator, Green Air Classic is an excellent choice, because it is packed with advanced technologies to make your home’s indoor air odor-free and clean.

Due to its upgraded and advanced carbon filter, the air purifier more effectively rids surrounding air from contaminants and allergens. Compared to other single plate units within the same class, the Green Air Classic has the highest ozone output.

Moreover, the photocatalytic oxidation, aka PCD cell, helps prevent the spread of following impurities in the house:

  • Fungus
  • Bacteria
  • Mildew
  • Germs
  • Yeast infections
  • Mold
  • Viruses
  • Other microorganisms
  • Foul smells, etc.

Plus, being an air purifier/ozone generator – the device gives you the option to either activate ozone production or to produce oxygen at adequate levels. This makes it a viable choice if you are wondering how to use an ozone generator in the home in a safe yet effective manner.

The best part is, the Green Air Classic is also rated among the best ozone generator air purifier because it matches all industry-relevant standards. Plus, the Ozone Generator/Air Purifier can clean space with a coverage area of up to 3500 sq./ft.


  • Lifelong PCD Cells, help in effective air purification
  • It comes with a remote control
  • A long warranty period


  • Some users were annoyed by its sound at high settings, but it is barely noticeable at medium and low settings
  • There is no timer

7. Dr. O Health Solutions

Best For Medical Use
Max CoverageNA
Variable Ozone Output85 Gamma mg/l
Power Consumption15 watts
Weight4.4 Lbs.
Warranty1-year warranty

Among our list of ozone generator reviews, we have also included Dr. O Health Solutions, as it is considered to be the best for medical use. Unlike other ozone generators, this device is designed by Naturopathy doctors for doctors who use ozone therapy as a treatment for ailments.

The device can provide up to 10,000 hours of uncompromised performance because of its MEDICAL GRADE TITANIUM electrodes and up-to-date corona discharge QUARTZ tube. It has an ozone output of 85 Gamma (mg/L) along with oxygen feed 1/32 LPM, 9 mg/L – 1 LPM. However, the generating device for Oxygen/Air needs to be purchased separately.

Additionally, a well-placed cooling fan runs throughout the purification process to keep the device’s temperature in check.

Out of the box, it comes with a one-meter medical grade silicone tube to connect the oxygen feed with the bacteria filter. Also, a one-meter Ozone resistant silicone tube along with a Lure connector is included, which is used for ozone generation and output. Simply, use a tank to add oxygen to generate ozone, which is safe for medical use.

All in all, the Ozone generator is the best in its class because it can be used for:

  • Blood Ozone Therapy
  • Medical Ozone Therapy
  • Air purification
  • Odor Removal
  • It is also an ozone generator for water treatment and treatment of other Ozonized oils
  • Sanitization and sterilization of medical equipment


  • It is quite economical
  • Can be used with air as well as oxygen
  • Around six feet of silicone tube included in the box


  • Some people claim that the description on its website is not correct

8. OdorStop Professional OS12500

Best For Large Areas
Max Coverage12500 sq/ft
Variable Ozone Output2000 to 10000 mg/hr
Power Consumption120 watts
Weight66 Lbs.
Warranty30 days money-back guarantee – 1-year warranty

Next, we have added the OdorStop Professional OS12500 to our best ozone generator reviews because it is a perfect commercial ozone generator and, therefore, best for large areas. Moreover, despite its many capabilities, it is still a portable ozone generator designed to eliminate the most severe and stubborn smells inflicted from mildew, mold, smoke, fire, tobacco, flood damage, water, etc.

What makes it unique and powerful is its 12-hour timer with a continuous ON option. Moreover, you do not require secondary fans to disperse the ozone as the OdorStop Professional OS12500 comes with a remarkable 2000CFM fan. Plus, it can be used as an air mover or blower once the ozone output is switched off. Furthermore, you can clean the ozone plates with ease without dismantling the unit.

Also, 50 feet of 122-inch ducting can be attached to the device to clean hard to reach places such as corners, attics, crawl spaces, etc. The best part is that its advanced patent-pending technology and design ensures that you are buying something unique, durable, and functional for the long-haul.

However, while buying the OdorStop Professional OS12500 or any other OdorStop product, please ensure you are purchasing the real thing, and not a counterfeit item.

You can authenticate if the product you are buying is genuine by looking for the trademarked OdorStop logo and name.


  • Massive ozone production for a large coverage area
  • A blower to dry and clean places with and without ozone production
  • OdorStop is renowned as a leading ozone generator


  • Many imitations in the market – customers may end up with a fake product

9. O3 Pure Professional Eco Laundry

Best For Water Treatment
Max CoverageNA
Variable Ozone OutputNA
Power Consumption45 watts
Weight6.6 Lbs.
Warranty30-day money-back guarantee – 3 years parts and labor warranty

If you searched for ozone water generator reviews, you inevitably came across the O3 Pure Professional Eco Laundry ozone generator, which is best for water treatment. The technological marvel is an excellent addition to the ozone washing product line, which disregards the need to use soaps, detergents, and conventional washing units.

The O3 Pure Professional Eco Laundry is RoHS and CE compliant, and it is designed to work with all washers seamlessly. This ozone generator for water purification can have your clothes clean and fresh like never before.

The way ozone generator for water purification and laundry cleaning works is quite streamlined – O2, i.e., oxygen is converted into O3, i.e., ozone, which is then diffused into the washer’s water. But, remember, the best results can be seen when used with cold water

The ozone infused water breaks the molecular bonds that hold dirt and filth on clothes. These unwanted substances are then dissolved into water and CO2. Furthermore, all remaining ozone is converted back into oxygen, and you are left with fresh, clean, and odor-free clothes without the need for chemicals such as soaps or detergents.

All in all, this is a viable option for people who have skin allergies, which react to soaps, detergents, and other liquids, plus the results are better than conventional methods.


  • An extended warranty period
  • A reliable solution for people with sensitive skin, especially babies
  • Easy to install in less than 10 minutes


  • A user claimed that the generator left odor in his week-old sweaty clothes. No other incidents of the kind were reported.

Potential Risks When Using These Devices

Despite its many benefits, even the best ozone generator is unsafe for human beings and animals – especially for people who have asthma, COPD, or allergies.

This is because ozone gas is a lung irritant; thus, people with lung and breathing problems must stay clear of all environments that have a running ozone generator to safeguard their health. Ensure that while the ozone generator is running, you should not be in or near the vicinity.

Once the purification process finishes, allow the treated space to vent out the remaining Ozone gas and then enter.

Methods of Ozone Generation

O3, AKA ozone gas, can be generated by using the following two ways:

UV Light Method

You will be surprised to know that UV light, that the ozone layer shields us from, also leads to more ozone creation. This is why ozone generators that use the UV light method have a UV lamp that mimics the way the sun behaves. But, this requires a considerable amount of electricity as compared to the Corona Discharge method.

Moreover, the lamp requires constant maintenance because its bulb solarizes relatively quickly. Solarisation is what happens when a UV lamp is used for a reasonable amount of time – the filters within the lamp get damaged, resulting in a narrow passageway for light to pass through the filter.

The problem is that if air does not come in contact with the UV light illuminated by the lamp – no ozone will be produced. This is why these ozone generators are fitted with fans to direct air towards the lamp. The UV light method can be used as a swimming pool ozone generator and for spas where the water remains standstill and is treated by passing through a vacuum.

Corona Discharge Method

The Corona Discharge method is similar to how ozone is produced naturally – oxygen passes through an electrical field, which leads to breaking down of the oxygen molecule. The electric field works similarly to how lightning facilitates in ozone creation.

This process leaves behind two oxygen molecules with an open covalent bond AKA dangling bonds that are reactive. Consequently, these atoms or molecules attach themselves to oxygen molecules, which form O3, i.e., Ozone.

Via this method, an ozone generator can produce more than 45kgs of ozone per day; this is why among the list of the best ozone generator, the majority uses the Corona Discharge method to generate ozone.

However, if a significant amount of moisture is present in the air – nitric acid is created, which leads to a shorter life span of the equipment.

Different Uses of Ozone Generators

Air purifiers have certain limitations, as most of them use the ionic breeze type purifier that produces about 10 to 15 mg/hr. of ozone. It isn’t enough to eradicate strong odors. However, there are better alternatives on the market, such as an ozone generator that ensures effective and efficient results.

Those ozone generators listed as the best-rated ozone generator, can purify the air and disinfect surfaces via shock treatments. Some of the many uses of ozone generators include, but do not limit to:

  • Elimination of mild and severe odors, viruses, mold, mildew, and bacteria
  • Gets rid of chemical fumes and sever smells such as bar odors from restaurants and hotels.
  • Removes stubborn smells from cigarette smoke, mold, pets, and even severe odors caused by skunks.
  • An excellent choice for water purification
  • Can help in keeping food purified and clean
  • Sterilization of Medical equipment
  • Sterilization of utensils
  • Removes all allergens via shock treatment
  • Eradicates dust mites
  • Also used in cleaning up of crime scenes
  • Controls fungus production, etc.

Here is a guide to help you figure out how and why ozone generators are used.

Setting Up Ozone Generators

Ozone generators available these days are ready to use right out of the box. However, you still may have to set it up, such as fitting tubes to ozone generator for water treatment. But in all cases, you need to start by placing the ozone generator in an open area, which will provide the max potential circulation of ozone throughout the vicinity.

You can place auxiliary fans to boost circulation, which will also help in directing the ozone gas towards the pores of different materials.

First and foremost, locate the source of the problem and remove it; for instance, your house smells terrible due to pets (e.g., wet dog, etc.), cigarette smoke, mold, etc. Then choose the amount of required ozone output, and switch on the ozone generator, once done, exit the place and seal all entry points.

Ideally, for smaller spaces, three to six hours can be enough, whereas if you want to clean up a full house, it can go up to 26 to 30 hours. Also, if your ozone generator comes equipped with a timer, use it.

Set the timer to start and stop the purification process as needed, or you can buy a timer from a local hardware store or online. Remember, do not enter the house right after the ozone generator has stopped running, and give it some time to ensure that there is no residual ozone gas. Usually, it takes about 4 to 8 hours, depending on how long the purification cycle ran for and at what ozone output.

All in all, a simple process with terrific results – remember to keep the device maintained by cleaning its filters, ozone plates, etc. and it will serve you for years to come.

How To Use Ozone Generators Safely

Here are some ozone generator safety precautions, which can lead to excellent results with no adverse health effects:

  • Place signage on doors marking it off-limits while the ozone purification cycle runs to ensure no one comes in contact with harmful ozone gas.
  • Ensure no living things are in or near the contaminated area (humans, animals, and plants).
  • Bolt all the doors and windows to contain the produced ozone, which makes it safe as well as more effective.
  • Use a Timer or extension to avoid coming in contact with the generator while it’s running set the timers to switch the ozone generator on and off, or use a long extension to do the same.
  • You need to remain patient, do not enter the room even if the ozone generator has finished running. You need to wait for a few hours so that all residual ozone instances are eliminated.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What Type of Maintenance Do Ozone Generators Need?

When and what maintenance is needed depends on the type of Ozone generator. For instance, some generators come packed with ionizers and air purifiers, which can last for a considerable amount of time. In contrast, some have UV lamps or filters which may require regular maintenance.

As a rule of thumb, you should clean your ozone plates every two to three months.

How Long Do Ozone Generators Last? Do I Need to Change Any Parts?

Typically, the bigger the ozone generator is, the more ozone it produces – this also means more effective cleaning and a longer lifespan for the generator. That being said, the life span of an ozone generator depends on the time its manufacturer has allotted for it to provide effective results, and also how serious you are when it comes to maintenance.

It is also governed by its usage; if the place in question has a considerable amount of moisture, the ozone generator will lose its abilities over time. Apart from the given time by the machine’s manufacturer, you can know when you need to replace your ozone generator for a better one when it is not entirely eliminating odors, molds, allergens, etc.

How Long Should I Run My Ozone Generator?

This depends on the type of ozone generator you have, the surface area that needs to be treated, and the severity of the situation.For instance, if you have a good-sized machine and you want to rid the area of pungent odor, it can be done by running a three to 10-hour cycle.

But if you want to get rid of severe mold, you may have to run a purification cycle for 30 hours. Remember to take all precautionary measures to ensure you and your loved one’s safety.

What Can Happen If I Am In The Room/Area While These Are Running?

Despite its brilliant sanitation and sterilization capabilities, if O3 is inhaled, it can damage your lungs. If a small quantity is inhaled, it may lead to coughing, throat irritation, chest pains, etc.

Also, it reduces our body’s power to fight infections and allergies, and it worsens the conditions of people who have asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases. Furthermore, if individuals exercise with ozone spread in and around their environment, more O3 is inhaled, this increases the risk of adverse respiratory effects.

Why Do Hunters Use These Devices?

If you are a hunter, ozone generators can remove stubborn odors from hunting gear, attire, and even your car. Place your hunting gear and attire in an enclosed area along with the ozone generator, and start a purification cycle, once done your clothes and equipment would be back to a clean and fresh state.

Remember, not to use your closet or other enclosed areas in your home, because ozone can spread through cracks and can cause harm to you and your family.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to remove bad odors and contaminates from the car you use to go hunting.


We hope that our best ozone generator reviews help you find the right one for your requirements and budget. These nine ozone generators included in our ozone generator reviews list are picked based on size, ozone output, coverage area, portability, build quality, ease of use, price, warranty, and other aspects.

However, out of the many, we have picked Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator to be the best because it is a portable ozone generator. It is easy to use, produces up to 6,000 mg/hr to purify an area of about 3500 sq/ft, and has an excellent warranty policy.

All in all, ozone generators have excellent cleaning and disinfecting capabilities, but you need to take all necessary precautionary measures before using them to maintain your health.