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Best Warm Mist Humidifiers: Reviewed for Homes

Our reviews cover the top rated brands and are sure to produce better quality air in your home.

Dry air can cause problems for you, regardless of the climate you live in. Not only does it cause dry skin, chapped lips, and sinus problems, it can also aggravate your existing allergies.

Health issues caused by a lack of moisture in the air can be avoided by keeping humidity levels between 30-60%. Humidifiers can help you achieve this and allow you to live a healthier life.

To help you pick the best warm mist humidifier for your needs, we have compared, reviewed, and compiled a list of our top 8 picks.


These relatively newer types of units create mist by moving water with ultrasonic vibrations and then release it into the atmosphere. This particular type comes in different models that are capable of producing a warm or cool mist. Their price can vary, depending on:

  • Unit size, and
  • Room size

Steam Or Vaporizer

This type of humidifier uses a built-in electrical system to heat water, and turn it into vapor. This steam is then slightly cooled before being released into the environment. Compared to ultrasonic models, these units are cheaper, and more readily available.

Quick Guide – Our Top Picks


Quietest Model

Ultrasonic Polardo

Our #1 Choice

TTLIFE Ultrasonic

For Larger Spaces

Elechomes UC5501
Elechomes UC5501

Benefits & Risks Of Warm Mist Humidifiers

Warm mist humidifiers are a good investment as, in addition to adding moisture to the air, they also provide an array of other benefits. For one, these units are great for cold climates, as the warm mist will help keep your home warm, and cozy.

This also ensures that your winter allergies don’t get triggered. A warm temperature, with the correct moisture level, is just what you need to keep sinus problems and itchy, dry skin at bay. They also have the added benefit of being soundless, compared to their cool mist counterparts, and the heat generated can kill off any bacterial growth in the tank.

Despite having all these amazing qualities, warm mist humidifiers fall short in certain areas. Perhaps the most glaring set back of these machines is that they can be a health hazard in homes with children or pets, and can cause burn accidents. Another con of using warm mist humidifiers is that they require relatively more power to heat the water, and this can increase your monthly electricity bills.

Choosing A Quality Warm Mist Humidifier

Heating Technology (Ultrasonic Vs. Vaporizer)

While all warm mist humidifiers work by heating the tank water and releasing mist into the air, the heating technology can vary from model to model. The two most popular types are ultrasonic humidifiers, and steam humidifiers (also known as vaporizers).

Ultrasonic humidifiers use vibrations to heat the water and generate mist; therefore, they are soundless. They’re also known to consume 90% to 93% less energy. In comparison, vaporizers use a heating element inside the unit to raise the temperature and produce steam.

Size Of The Room

It is necessary to consider the size of the room before buying a humidifier.

  • For rooms that are 300 sq. ft. or smaller, a more compact humidifier is more suitable
  • Medium-sized humidifiers are for areas between 300 and 499 sq. ft.
  • For areas up to 1000 sq. ft., large-sized, whole house humidifiers can be used

You can also get whole-house units to humidify your house centrally.

Water Tank Capacity

A good humidifier should give you a run time of 12 to 24 hours, without requiring a refill. However, when deciding on a unit, it is also important to take the size of your house into consideration.

Here, you should ask yourself: How many hours a day will you run it? Will you leave it on at night?

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Certain models of ultrasonic humidifiers come with an added diffuser feature that allows essential oils to be dissipated in your house. This is especially good for people with allergies, or those who use aromatherapy to battle ailments. These 2-in-1 units add humidity to the room, while the water in the tank also works as a medium for diffusing essential oils.

Ease Of Use, Setup & Maintenance

When buying a humidifier, you want to get a machine that is easy to install, use and maintain. So, a good option is to get a model that serves your needs but is not so technical that it becomes difficult to operate and maintain. Also, make sure that the tank is easy to refill.

Noise Level

Noisy humidifiers can be difficult to live with since they are usually turned on for long periods. Therefore, getting a relatively noiseless humidifier can lead to a peaceful home environment and a good night’s sleep.

Warm mist humidifiers produce less noise than the cool mist models, because while the warm mist machines use noiseless heating technology, the latter may come with built-in cooling fans that may produce sound.

Extra Features

Automatic Settings

Some models come with built-in humidistats that measure the levels of humidity in the air and automatically turn the unit on and off. Another automatic feature that some machines come with is the water sensor. When water levels in the tank are running low, the machine shuts down to prevent the device from overheating.

UV Filtration

Models that come with ultra-violet light filtration can help prevent mold in the tank that is typically formed due to high humidity.

Air Filter

For people prone to allergies, getting a humidifier that comes with air-filters is a good option. These filters can trap large sized allergens, and act as air purifiers and humidifiers at the same time.


Before you purchase a unit, make sure to check for the type of warranty being offered with it.

Different types of warranties include:

  • Warranty for parts replacement
  • Warranty for unit repair
  • Warranty for unit replacement

Also, check the duration of the warranty before investing in any humidifier.

8 Best Warm Mist Humidifiers Reviewed


Best Rated Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

Type of HumidificationUltrasonic
Water Tank Capacity1.4 gallons
Room Coverage430-753 sq. ft.
Daily Humidity Output3.5 gallons per day
Runtime40 hours
Warranty2-year warranty

After reviewing multiple warm mist humidifiers, our top pick for you is the B07MZPPFP1 by TTLIFE, due to many reasons.

This is one model that comes with all the possible features that you could need in a humidifier. The main standout feature of this unit is its ability to work as both a warm and cool mist humidifier.  It has a 360° nozzle that can distribute moisture efficiently and uniformly in all directions. Another significant feature of this machine is its ability to double as an air purifier. Its built-in ionic generator technology helps purify the air and keeps secondary pollutants at bay.

Unlike most humidifiers that offer up to 2 modes at best, this unit offers 3 different smart modes to help you regulate the room’s moisture levels.

  • The constant humidity mode allows you to set a specific humidity value on your device, which will then be maintained by the unit’s auto-off feature.
  • The auto-mode dispenses moisture to adjust humidity to the most suitable level
  • The sleep mode can be set on the device by pressing the time button for 3 seconds.

Additionally, there’s also a 12-hour timer setting for this device, which can help you save energy by shutting the machine off after a specified number of hours.

Its large 1.45-gallon tank means fewer refills and an average run time of 40 hours. And if all this wasn’t enough, it also comes with a child safety lock, and an aroma box so the unit can double as an essential oils diffuser for aromatherapy.


  • Comes with 3 modes
  • Has a working time of 40 hrs
  • Works as a humidifier, air purifier, and diffuser


  • Some users might find it a little expensive

2. Polardo

Quietest Warm Mist Humidifier

Type of HumidificationUltrasonic
Water Tank Capacity4 liters
Room CoverageUp to 485 sq. ft.
Daily Humidity Output
Runtime24 hours
Warranty1-year warranty

This ultrasonic humidifier has the dual function of producing both warm and cool mist. Both of these mist types can be set to low, medium, or high-speed settings. This can be achieved by clicking on the warm mist or cool mist button and then pressing the cool mist button to select the speed.

The color of the light indicated the selected speed:

  • Blue color indicates high speed
  • Green color indicates medium speed, and
  • Light blue color indicates low speed

Another essential feature of this model is its anti-bacterial settings. It comes with an air ionization function that helps to purify the air while also humidifying it. The machine produces 300 million ions every 60 seconds that cleanse the air by fighting against all sorts of micro-organisms. This purifier function also enables the device to absorb heavy metals and toxins from the environment.

The health and safety features of this unit include a heating element to prevent burn accidents, and a built-in diffuser tray to dispense essential oils for aromatherapy.

That’s not all, though!

The product is very user-friendly; with less number of parts, it is easy to install, and clean. Each unit comes with a cleaning brush to make maintenance for this device even easier. The machine notifies the user of low water levels by producing a beeping sound, and then auto shuts off to prevent over-heating. This feature makes it the perfect humidifier for those looking to conserve electricity.

But perhaps its most noticeable feature is its whisper-quiet technology. Being the quietest warm mist humidifier as per our review, this machine can be placed in the bedroom, nursery, living areas, or even offices, without worrying about background noise. Users have had nothing but praise for this model.


  • Whisper quiet technology
  • Anti-microbial filters
  • Auto shut off


  • Does not come with a remote control

3. Elechomes UC5501

Best for Large Living Areas

Type of HumidificationUltrasonic
Water Tank Capacity6 liters
Room CoverageUp to 750 sq. ft.
Daily Humidity Output3.5 gallons per day
Runtime12-40 hours
Warranty1-year warranty

Elechomes’ UC5501 is a humidifier that provides moisture to large spaces in a compact casing. This powerful device, with a tank capacity of 6 liters, is enough to serve areas up to 750 sq. ft., and therefore, is ideal for large-sized bedrooms or even living rooms. The tank is also wide enough to allow easy cleaning and hassle-free refilling.

Its automatic features include:

  • Auto shut off at low water levels to prevent the machine from burning out
  • Autosave option which eliminates the need to set the ideal humidity level each time you turn the device on
  • Turn on and turn off timers of up to 12 hours

In addition to this, the device is fitted with a 360-degree dual nozzle that helps distribute moisture uniformly to all parts of the room. The remote control allows you to operate the unit from a distance, and is ideal for keeping in large bedrooms – you don’t need to make your way to the machine to tweak the settings.

Another feature that makes it great for night time is its whisper-quiet technology – this keeps noise levels between 32 and 34 dBs. Not just that, with its aromatherapy feature, you can unwind after a long stressful day, and even opt for essential oil therapy for a relaxing experience. The product is BPA free, which ensures that you’re inhaling toxin-free air, and the product is safe for use around children.


  • Built-in filter
  • Automatic shut off
  • Integrated diffuser


  • Some buyers may find it a little costly

4. Proscenic 807C

Good for Master Bedrooms

Type of HumidificationUltrasonic
Water Tank Capacity5.5 liters
Room Coverage
Daily Humidity Output
Runtime30 hours
WarrantyYes or no, if yes, How long?

This sleek machine from Proscenic comes with all the features that any great humidifier should have – and some more. Other than the features quintessential to an ultrasonic humidifier, such as noise levels below 36 dBs and the ability to produce both warm and cool mist, this device has a lot of added features. It comes with a remote control and LED display, so you can change your required settings without having to walk up to the humidifier each time.

The Proscenic also has an autosave option that remembers your last set humidity level, so you don’t have to reset the device each time you use it. What’s more, this technologically advanced device comes with a built-in Wi-Fi system. After setting your device to connect to the Wi-Fi, you can download the Proscenic Home App, which will allow you to control the humidifier from anywhere. This machine comes in seven adjustable speeds, thus giving you a wide variety of choice on where to place it for optimal effect.

It comes in the following modes:

    • Baby mode: This is a mode specifically designed to keep humidity levels suitable for infants.
    • Sleep mode: This mode is suitable for night time. The LED shuts off, so the room is dark enough for you to sleep in.
    • Anion mode: This mode utilizes iodized ions to kill harmful microbes in the environment around you.
    • Diffuser mode: You can add essential oils to the aroma tray, and turn the diffuser function on for aromatherapy.


  • 7 speed settings
  • Built-in diffuser
  • Ideal for babies


  • Use of tap water can cause white dust

5. Pureguardian

Good for Smaller Bedrooms

Type of HumidificationUltrasonic
Water Tank Capacity2 gallons
Room Coverage
Daily Humidity Output
RuntimeUp to 120 hours
Warranty3 years warranty

The Pureguardian B013OLI792 is a machine that supplies ample moisture and is extremely suitable for small rooms. Its large 2-gallon tank provides a run time of 120 hours. It is also easy to access the inside of the tank for changing water, cleaning, and maintenance.

This model comes with Silver Clean™ Protection that actively prevents the growth of any microbes, mold, or mildew inside the water tank, to ensure that the mist is hygienic. And that’s not all! Other than these highly important features, the device also has some added benefits. It comes with a night light to help you better navigate at night and prevent accidents. It also has a timer that allows you to set up 12 hours auto-off. In short, this is undoubtedly a winner form small bedrooms – you don’t have to worry about bumping into the unit, or risk over-humidifying your area.

Essential oil therapy trays allow you to add natural plant extracts to your warm mist humidifier, without running the risk of those oils breaking down into toxic components. Its bi-directional nozzles do a great job of distributing mist in the room and obtaining uniform levels of moisture. The device also comes with protection against burning down or overheating. In the event of water levels running low, or the machine running out of water, a low-water indicator lights up to notify you that it’s time to refill the tank.


  • Run time of 120 hours
  • Large tank
  • Silver Clean™ Protection


  • Does not come with a remote control


Best Germ-Free Warm Mist Humidifier

Type of HumidificationUltrasonic
Water Tank Capacity1.5 gallons
Room Coverage
Daily Humidity Output3 gallons per day
RuntimeUp to 36 hours
Warranty2-year warranty

Investing in the LEVOIT warm and cool mist ultrasonic humidifier is a good idea if you’re germophobic or suffer from allergies. It has an advanced PTC heating system raises the water temperature high enough to kill off microbe growth. This device can raise humidity levels 25% faster compared to models that are equipped with only cool mist systems.

The efficient working and a long-running time of this machine are owed to its 1.5-gallon water tank, averaging a daily humidity output of 3 gallons a day. All modes and features in this model are remote-controlled, thus allowing you to change settings and speed from wherever you are in the room. The built-in hygrometer allows room humidity levels to be shown in real-time. This will enable you to turn the device on, or off as needed, to maintain the required standard of humidity.

Aromatherapy is one of the many added benefits of this humidifier, thanks to its essential oil diffuser tray. Now can you de-stress, fight allergies, and enjoy a good night’s sleep, all thanks to one device. Everything the unit claims, it delivers – a testament to this is the glowing reviews that this model has gotten from users so far.


  • Advanced heating system for anti-microbial activity
  • Large water tank capacity
  • Raises humidity levels 25% faster than cool mist models


  • Some buyers may find it slightly expensive

7. Vicks 1-Gallon

Best Seller

Type of HumidificationVaporizer
Water Tank Capacity1 gallon
Room Coverage151 – 400 sq. ft.
Daily Humidity Output2 gallons per day
RuntimeUp to 24 hours
Warranty3-year warranty

Vicks is perhaps a brand that always manages to make it into the best humidifier reviews because its humidifiers are designed to provide a good solution to allergies brought about by dry air. The unique features of this unit allow it to provide medicated relief against cold, coughs, and congested chest. Not only does it achieve this by moisturizing dry air, but it also dispenses medicated vapor into the air.

All you need to do is get the additional Vicks VapoSteam accessory and add it to the medicine cup of your humidifier. These machines can then be placed anywhere – from the master bedroom to the nursery, children’s bedroom, or any other small living area.

The mist being dispensed from this unit is 95% bacteria free, making it an even healthier and better deterrent against allergens and irritants. This humidifier is compact and travel-friendly. This means not only can you move it around your house, but you can also haul it with you on trips and vacations, so you don’t have to deal with dry air anywhere.

Its sleek design also does not compromise its efficiency. With a 1 gallon tank, this product can function for up to 24 hours without requiring a refill. Since this model is compact, it can be easily installed, refilled, and cleaned, saving you the hassle of maintaining a large machine.


  • Releases medicated vapor
  • Bacteria-free mist
  • Provides relief against cough


  • Can only humidify small areas

8. Honeywell HWM705B

Best Filter Free Option

Type of HumidificationVaporizer
Water Tank Capacity1 gallon
Room Coverage250 sq. ft.
Daily Humidity Output
Runtime24 hours
Warranty3 years warranty

The last best pick for warm mist humidifiers we have is the Honeywell HWM705B. This travel-friendly sized humidifier comes with several features and 2 moisture output settings. The illuminated power switch makes the device easy to locate at night and easy to turn on, or off. Its quiet operation also aids users in getting a good night’s sleep.

With a small size and a manual knob control, the device is easy to use and install. This device has a filter-free operation that makes cleaning and maintaining it reasonably easy. When the water tank is empty, the machine auto shuts off to prevent overheating and burning out. A cough and other winter-based allergies can easily be countered by this humidifier, with its medicated vaporizer option.


  • Cost-effective
  • Compact
  • User-friendly


  • Some users may find the noise levels to be high if the machine is not cleaned properly

Warm Mist Humidifiers For Babies

If you have a baby at home, then picking the perfect humidifier that is safe for them is essential. Warm mist humidifiers are a good choice for infants, as they not only balance the humidity levels to maintain moisture, but they are also relatively soundless. This means that you don’t have to worry about your child waking up due to the noise level.

These humidifiers are also very good for allergies, and kill bacteria inside the tank, thus ensuring that your baby is safe from allergens.

However, there is one very important factor to consider – when placing these humidifiers in the nursery, make sure you keep the device at a safe distance, to not cause burns to the baby.

Humidifiers and Aromatherapy

Cool mist humidifiers with built-in diffusers can be used for diffusing essential oils for aromatherapy. Aromatherapy, also called essential oil therapy, is the practice of healing physical and mental conditions by breathing in natural plant extracts. Some popular essential oils that can be used with humidifiers are lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree oil, etc.

Cool Mist Vs. Warm Mist

While both these types of humidifiers work to maintain humidity levels in your house, the way they function is quite different. Warm mist humidifiers can soothe sinuses, and reduce mucus secretions, compared to cool mist humidifiers.

Nevertheless, since they come with heating elements, they require more electricity than cool mist humidifiers to work. Unlike warm mist systems, many cool mist models come with built-in purifiers that filter large sized allergens. This means that they require regular filter replacement.

Reducing Humidity In The Home

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has suggested keeping indoor humidity levels between 30% and 60%. This helps keep the air inside your home from getting too humid, or too dry.

When buying a humidifier, getting one with a hygrometer can help you keep track of the moisture levels in your rooms. This way, you can manually turn the machine on, and off, when needed. If you invest in a model without a hygrometer, you can buy the instrument separately, and install it in your home.

Best Location To Put Cool Mist Humidifiers

Where you chose to put your humidifier is just as important as picking the right humidifier for your home. When choosing the right spot, consider:


Wherever you decide to place it, make sure to keep your humidifier on a leveled surface, off the ground. Keeping it close to the ground might lead to the production of mold due to leakage.

Living Room

Placing your humidifier in the living room may be a good option since it is the most used room in the house. When placing the humidifier here, do not to set it up on wooden surfaces, as they can be destroyed by mist.


Putting cool mist humidifiers in the bedroom can be a good choice since they can be placed near the bed. Not only do they not pose any threat of burning, but they also help maintain a cool environment while you sleep.

Children’s Room

Avoid putting warm mist models in your children’s room, as they can sustain burn injuries in the event of an accident. Another thing to consider when placing a humidifier in your child’s room, or a nursery, is to keep it out of reach. Place it on a platform away from the bed to eliminate any chances of accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Typical Humidifiers Produce Mist?

Most small-sized humidifiers, when used continuously, can produce mist for 24 hours without needing to be refilled. However, the duration can vary based on different models or use.

How Often Should I Change The Water In My Humidifier?

Leaving water unchanged in your humidifier for longer periods can lead to the growth of bacteria and mold inside the tank. Therefore, it is necessary to clean out your humidifier according to a set schedule. Clean the inside and outside of your tank every day, empty it and refill it with fresh water.

What Is The White Dust Collecting In The Humidifier?

White dust is the deposition of mineral content that is found in the water that you add to your humidifier. This video helps explain the easiest way to clean a humidifier.

Is It Safe To Leave A Humidifier On All Night?

Sleeping with your humidifier on can help you with flu, asthma, dry sinuses, and cough. It is relatively safe to use at night, with precautionary measures such as keeping it a reasonable distance away.

Where Is A Good Place To Buy These Units?

Amazon is one of the most popular online retailers for humidifiers. However, you can buy them from an electronics store near you as well.


Buying a humidifier requires a lot of thought because of how much there is to consider. To make this decision easy for you, we have reviewed a wide selection of products and picked the top 8 for you.

And while all our top picks would be great for your home, the B07MZPPFP1 by TTLIFE takes the crown for being the best-rated humidifier on our list. With its uniform distribution of mist, large tank size, 3 modes, and up to 40 hours of run time, it is an efficient and durable pick for your home.