Breezie™ Mini Air Cooler Review: Compare This Personal Fan

Fans can be your best friend in the summertime, especially if air conditioning is not an option for your home or workplace. There are plenty of options to consider, such as bladed propeller fans, tower fans, and personal air coolers.

A stand-out in the market is the Breezie Mini Air Cooler. With a price tag to beat expensive, bulky, and eco-unfriendly air conditioning systems and size to rival heavy tower or ceiling fans, this compact heat-beating solution may be the fan you’ve been looking for.

Portable Cooling Device

Breezie Mini Air Cooler is small and light, making it ideal if you need to use it in more than one location. For people who work from home and might need it in a home office and also a bedroom for night-time comfort, this is an excellent option.

Energy Efficient

Air conditioners can keep you cool but aren’t great for your carbon footprint, as they use lots of energy to cool the air in your house. Breezie is the eco-friendly option, claiming to use 95% less energy than other air conditioners.

Low Noise Levels

When people seek out an air cooling device, a big must-have is often units that make as little noise as possible. One of Breezie’s big selling points is how quiet it promises to be. At 30 decibels, it is one of the quietest air coolers available and is again, much quieter than AC units.

3 Speed Control

Breezie Mini Air Cooler can be set to three different speeds, allowing you to adjust it when needed throughout the day or as you move from room to room. Its three speeds are 3 m/s, 4 m/s, and 5 m/s, with the motor operating silently no matter the speed selected.

Alert Indicators

Breezie Mini Air Cooler tells you when it needs some assistance from you to continue working. Its transparent water indicator enables you to keep an eye on the level inside, and its smart indicator will flash once the 300 ml tank is getting too low and needs topping up. It’s easy-peasy to set up Breezie and keep it running!

Aroma Diffuser Possibilities

Aside from just cooling your air, Breezie Mini Air Cooler can also be used as an aroma diffuser. By adding a few drops of your chosen essential oil into the water tank, Breezie can disperse the vapor with your cool air. Chamomile could be great for easing a cold or flu, and lavender could be a very soothing scent at night.

Value for Money

Air conditioning systems can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Fans and air coolers are often more affordable, but cheap models can be ineffective. Reputable brands like Dyson charge up to $500 for some of their air cooling solutions. Breezie Mini Air Cooler balances affordable and powerful.

Breezie™ Mini Air Cooler Reviewed

Specification Summary
Coverage Area For Personal Space Use
Filtration Type None
Noise Level 30 decibels
Air Quality Sensor No

Breezie Mini Air Cooler has a lot to recommend it. It’s small and light, powerful and eco-friendly. Although 75% of American households have an AC system, millions of others aren’t in suitable climates to justify installing them. That’s where units like Breezie are great. It even claims to lower your room’s temperature by up to 10°, which is a considerable drop.

If you work from home, its portability means it can keep you cool while you work and can also be moved to help you while you sleep. Another of its biggest draws is how quiet it is. AC units often have compressors, which account for much of the noise produced. This air cooler doesn’t have a compressor, but it does have a silent-running motor that stays quiet on all three of its speeds. At 30 decibels, it’s about as noisy as gentle background traffic sounds or quiet conversation. When sleeping, the gentle hum could seem like white noise. Additionally, it comes with an ambient lamp that will be soothing at night.

Breezie is powered by USB, meaning it can be plugged into an outlet, a computer, or a battery bank. This flexibility makes it great for cooling on the go. RV travelers or campers on summertime getaways would find this unit very handy. The small size makes it flexible and portable but could limit the area it’s able to cool. In a larger room, the benefit may not be felt as strongly so consider a portable AC instead.

Breezie does have three speed settings, but there is only a very slight variation between each one. Despite running on 95% less energy than other AC units, Breezie claims to be small and mighty. As it uses water to cool the air, there are no harmful chemicals such as refrigerant fluids. Breezie needs little set-up and maintenance to keep it working well. Being so eco-friendly is a massive plus for this little cooler.

Using water to cool the air also adds humidity back into the habitat. This can have added benefits for your skin and any users with respiratory conditions. AC removes humidity, and dry air has damaging effects on your skin.

Breezie Mini Air Cooler makes a great case for itself. The reviews on its website are very positive, with customers satisfied with its portability, cooling ability, and ease of use. Breezie does also come with a year warranty and is available in three stylish colors. The simple box design is modern and neat.

Pros & Cons of the Breezie Air Cooler

What We Like
  • Small and light
  • Additional ambient light
  • A great eco-friendly alternative to AC
  • Less electricity used means cheaper energy bills.
  • Increases humidity along with cooling
What We Didn’t Like
  • Small size means it is not as useful in larger rooms
  • Expensive compared to other air coolers
  • Not a great deal of online reviews outside the product website

Who Makes Breezie™ Mini Air Cooler

There’s not much information about the company behind the Breezie Mini Air Cooler. The product website lists FFC Distribution LLC as the manufacturer. This company is based in Wyoming and was founded early in 2020.

They sell several other lifestyle enhancement products, such as the Puuri Air Purifier and the Pellie Blackhead Pen. As they are recently established, there are limited reviews on their products, but most feedback appears to be positive.

Comparing Breezie with Similar Mini Air Coolers

vs. GtTech Portable Air Cooler

GtTech Portable Air Cooler has a lot of similarities to Breezie. It is also powered by USB and designed to be as silent as possible. However, it only claims to cool by up to 5 – 7° against Breezie’s 10. GtTech specifies that it can cool up to 3.5 square meters, offers immediate cooling for your space, and has a filtering system that allows it to work as an air purifier due to its built-in atomizer. With a price of around $50 and a 1-year warranty, it is also more affordable than other high-tech fans and portable AC units.

vs. Ontel Arctic Portable AC

Ontel Arctic Portable AC also claims to purify, cool, and humidify the air. It sells itself as suitable for sleep due to being whisper-quiet. It is significantly bigger than Breezie, at 12 inches tall, and also has a very boxy industrial appearance against Breezie’s sleek modern look. Ontel Arctic is around $40 and, due to being freon-free, is also an eco-friendly alternative to AC.

vs. KoolaMo AC Fan

KoolaMo AC Fan claims to be a three-in-one fan, humidifier, and air conditioner. If it actually classifies as an air conditioner isn’t clear, as it also claims to be harmless to the environment and operates similarly to the other air coolers on this list. This model is taller but slimmer than Breezie, so it could fit into narrower spaces. It has three speed settings but doesn’t clarify what these speeds are.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

Is Breezie an air conditioner?

Breezie is an air cooler instead of an air conditioner. It does not use any refrigerant fluid but also doesn’t merely circulate the air like a propeller fan.

Can Breezie™ cool large rooms?

Breezie is not suitable for cooling large spaces, with the manufacturer recommending multiple Breezie units for larger rooms.

Can I turn off the lamp?

You are able to turn off the lamp, yes.

Do I need to assemble the product?

Breezie requires no set-up and can be used as soon as you take it out of the box – it just needs water.

Is Breezie suitable for an RV?

Breezie can be plugged into an outlet, computer, or battery bank, so it is possible to use it on the go in an RV. This would be a good choice for a travel cooler.

Can Breezie™ be used as an aroma diffuser?

Yes, you can add essential oil to the water and use Breezie as an aroma diffuser.

How can I increase the cooling ability of Breezie?

To increase the cooling ability of Breezie, you can add ice to the water – customers have reported success with this method!


Breezie Mini Air Cooler is an excellent choice for anyone on a budget who wants to be eco-friendly and keep cool in a heatwave. Its ease of use makes it great for use around the house and for traveling.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)