Forced Air Vs Central Air: Which Is Better?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the types of home climate control systems, how they perform, and which is the best option for your home. Two of the more popular types are explained and compared in this forced air vs. central air review. We will outline what exactly forced air systems … Read more

How To Discharge AC Capacitor Safely (Step By Step Guide)

Your residential air conditioner has a lot of electricity flowing through it. That electricity needs to be controlled and reserved, and this is done by using large-capacity capacitors. However, those capacitors will need to be changed from time to time. When that time comes, you will need to know how to discharge an AC capacitor … Read more

How Close Can An Air Conditioner Be To Property Line?

Installing a new air conditioner or buying a house with a preinstalled unit can come with many complications. Among them are property lines, sound concerns, and where the condenser unit can or cannot be placed. If you find yourself wondering how close an air conditioner can be to a property line, then you are in … Read more

Lights Flicker When AC Turns On (How To Fix DIY)

It is no secret that air conditioner units draw a lot of power, especially on start-up—as one of the largest drains on our electrical supply, keeping your home cool is a necessary evil. When your lights flicker when the AC turns on, though, it can cause panic or worry. Do you need to call a ... Read more

What Does Eco Mean On An Air Conditioner? (Explained)

If you have been asking yourself this question, you are not alone. Many people are unsure what this setting is for and how it affects their air conditioner’s performance. Here, we’ll explain what Eco mode is and how it can help you save energy and money. We’ll also give you some tips on using this … Read more

How Long Does It Take For Freon In An AC To Settle?

If you’ve recently moved or have pulled your air conditioner out from storage, you’re probably wondering, how long does it take for freon in an air conditioner to settle and cool down? What if your central AC was just topped off? In this article, we will determine how long it takes for freon to settle. … Read more

AC Thermostat Wiring (Diagram Explained For HVAC)

HVAC systems need control points and those come in the form of thermostats. That control can be digital or analog, but it all ends up going through the thermostat wires. When you need to wire a new thermostat or install a new thermostat from scratch, it can get confusing. Whether you have a simple 2-wire … Read more

How To Easily Determine AC Tonnage From Model Number

When replacing or buying an AC, tonnage is a crucial component to consider. However, most homeowners blindly trust the salesman if they can’t identify their AC tonnage. Knowing this characteristic is vital for many reasons, such as adequately cooling your space, replacing your existing unit, etc. Want to know how to determine AC tonnage from … Read more

How Many Amps Does a 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Ton AC Use?

Summers’ searing heat is coming, and as the mercury creeps up in thermometers, it’s time to get air conditioners. But first, gather information about them. Do your research. Ask questions like, ‘how many amps does a 3-ton air conditioner use’ to know what’s best. After all, electricity consumption is an essential determinant. Fortunately, this guide … Read more

Does Air Conditioning Use Gas Or Electricity? (All Types)

Running your HVAC unit makes up a large portion of your utility bill, making people wonder, “Is HVAC gas or electric?” That leads to follow-up questions, like “Is AC gas or electric?” AC alone is electric, but your entire HVAC system generally uses both. Read on for the explanation. Does Air Conditioning Use Gas Or … Read more

Heater Won’t Turn On But AC Works (Causes & Solution)

Is your heater not producing heat or producing it inconsistently, but your AC pumps out cold air without a problem? The situation isn’t just chilly but also frustrating. Fortunately, when your AC works but not heat, several solutions are available. Read on to learn how to get your entire HVAC system working quickly and correctly. … Read more

Are Used Air Conditioners Any Good? (Buying Guide)

There’s nothing more refreshing than cool air conditioning when the weather heats up. If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, you may be wondering if you should buy a used one. Buying a used air conditioner can save you money, but it’s important to know what to look for when purchasing one. … Read more

Should AC Vents Be Open Or Closed In Summer & Winter?

When the seasons change, your ventilation needs to change as well. The last thing you want to worry about is the effectiveness of your home ventilation system and whether or not to keep your AC vents open or closed. Knowing the best way to regulate your vents during the summer and winter will help ensure … Read more

Air Conditioner Smells Like Chemicals (Causes & Solution)

The air conditioner is your best friend on a hot day until it has a problem and leaves you in the heat. When a central air conditioner smells like chemicals, you have two choices. Shut the air conditioner down and sweat through your shirt. Or risk damaging your air conditioner and smelling chemicals all day. … Read more

How Much Does An Air Conditioner Weigh? (All Types)

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “How much does an AC unit weigh?” We have compiled an extensive list of air conditioner units by type and weight. The weight of an AC machine can affect where you place the home appliance, so it’s wise to know how much various air conditioning units weigh. Read on … Read more

How Many Watts Does A Central AC Use? (Energy Consumed)

Have you wondered why your electricity bill has shot up? You’re watching how much you use, turning off the lights and TVs, and yet the bill still seems to climb. Have you considered your air conditioning unit? The brilliant piece of tech in our houses could also be costing us a lot more than we … Read more

Do Air Conditioners Use Water To Run? (Solved)

You may be thinking about buying an air conditioning unit and are not sure if AC units use water. Figuring out which air conditioners use water to run is confusing, and you don’t want to be surprised after making a purchase. This article will break down for you the question, ‘does AC use water’ and … Read more

Where To Put Air Conditioning Unit? (Placement Guide)

Staying cool and lowering your energy bill can be challenging during the summer, but proper central air conditioning unit placement can help you reach those goals. While air conditioner placement may not always be a priority, it can make a huge difference. Types Of AC Units And The Best Place To Put Them Different types … Read more

Air Conditioner Fan Not Spinning Or Turning On (Causes)

Nothing is more annoying than a malfunctioning AC on a hot day. So when you notice the AC fan not spinning, you’re in for a sweltering time! You may also notice the air conditioner running, but the fan is not spinning. This indicates your AC needs professional help and some necessary resuscitation. So if you … Read more

How Does Central Air Conditioning Work In Apartments?

Central AC is the go-to choice for many multi-family buildings with built-in ductwork for heating and air conditioning. It provides consistent heating and cooling for year-round comfort. And even though this kind of system’s installation might need a higher expense, central ACs do not affect the design of the residential unit, typically when the ducts … Read more

How Often Do You Need To Add Freon To Recharge An AC?

90% of the time, if there’s an issue with your AC, it’s electrical, and the other 10% of the time, it’s an issue with your refrigerant. Freon is a commonly used type of refrigerant in many air conditioners, and if the level gets too low, you’ll be stuck with an AC that doesn’t blow cold … Read more

How To Keep Top Floor Apartment Cool In Summer (Best Ways)

Summer is the hottest season of all, and you need to know how to deal with the heat no matter where you live. The top floor of your apartment can be a source of great views and gorgeous natural lighting, but unfortunately, it is also prone to uncomfortably high temperatures in the summertime. It is … Read more

AC Compressor Not Turning On (All Causes & Solutions)

Your AC compressor is a critical component in your air conditioner responsible for cooling the air, so if it’s not turning on, then you’re going to get no relief from the hot weather. This is really frustrating in the summer months when you are desperate for fresh cold air. Well, every problem has a solution, … Read more

How To Keep An Attic Cool In The Summer (Best Ways)

Keeping the attic cool in the summer months can be quite challenging, and an unventilated attic can reach 150 degrees on hot days. A hot attic and a home can make the HVAC work overtime to keep your home cool. You might be wondering how you can keep the attic cool when this is your … Read more

What Is Dry Mode On An AC? (Dry Vs Cool Explained)

Air conditioners have become a key part of our lives, but it’s become difficult to stay on top of all the new features and settings as technology has advanced. If you have an AC, you may have only ever used one setting, and the other controls can be confusing. In this guide, we’ll help make … Read more

How To Keep An Apartment Cool Without AC (Best Ways)

Apartments, especially top floors, heat up quickly in the searing summer heat. Direct sunlight and insufficient ventilation are a few reasons why it’s too hard to survive in a flat during summertime. Want to know how to make an apartment without AC more inhabitable? Read on as we’ll provide you with some of the best … Read more

What Temperature Should I Set My Air Conditioner In Summer?

In the summer months, temperatures rise, and air conditioners worldwide are put to good use. Many people wonder what temperature works best when it comes to setting an AC temperature. Is 72 a good temperature for air conditioning? This is a common question we get and will answer in this guide. Setting your AC to … Read more

10 Best Leaf Guards For Air Conditioners (Cover Your AC)

Leaves and foliage can be a nightmare for homeowners and can cause serious damage to your AC unit. This stops you from getting the benefit of the AC and can mean you have to spend a fortune repairing or replacing it. Leaf guards are an effective way of keeping debris out of your air conditioner. ... Read more

AC Unit Humming or Buzzing But Not Turning On (Easy Fix!)

In hot climates, air conditioning units are a must. They’re as vital as heating systems in colder climates. Mainly, AC units operate for years without posing any problem; however, they also experience issues like other electrical appliances. So, is your air conditioner buzzing but not running? If you encounter these or other issues, don’t panic! … Read more

14 Reasons Why Your AC Won’t Turn On (How To Fix)

Did you know that 75% of homes in the US have air conditioners? An AC is important, especially in certain parts of the country. Air conditioners make your house comfortable to live in, and you need to make sure that it’s kept in good condition, especially when you want to use it during the scorching … Read more

What Size Generator Do I Need To Run a 5 Ton AC Unit?

Having a generator means your life isn’t interrupted if you lose power. But you want to ensure you get a generator big enough to supply power to your house. If you need to know what size generator to run a 5-ton AC unit, read on to find out that and more. How Generators Are Sized? … Read more

Are Two Stage Air Conditioners Worth It? (Benefits Explained)

When buying an air conditioner, you have to consider several factors such as cooling capacity, AC size, energy efficiency rating, electrical installations, and of course, speed. Thus, most people are installing two-stage air conditioning units in their homes. These have two operation levels, low for mild days and high for hotter days. It sounds pretty … Read more

Types Of Air Conditioners (ACs Explained with Pictures)

Air conditioners act as lifesavers during the hot summer months. They essentially help to circulate cool air within the room or property. More importantly, though, there are several types of air conditioners to choose from, and each seems to have different or added functions. So let’s take a look at what they are and how … Read more

2 Vs 2.5 Vs 3 Ton AC Units – Compared for Price & Performance

The tonnage of an air conditioner confuses many in the HVAC industry. At times it might feel that air conditioning engineers and technicians are speaking an entirely different language. Even though some of the words they use feel common, the way they are using them does not. One word among them is ‘tonnage.’ Hence, this … Read more

Dehumidifier Vs Air Conditioner – Compared for Homeowners

Over the past decade, I have installed countless air conditioners and dehumidifiers. They have a lot of similar components (fans, condenser coils, vents), but they are designed to do very different jobs and they aren’t really interchangeable. So, which do you need in your home? In this guide, I will answer that question and give … Read more

Ductless Mini Split Vs Central Air: Compared for Cooling

Air conditioners are becoming an essential piece of home equipment that can help keep you and your family comfortable year-round. Everybody has a different situation, but there’s such a wide variety of different air conditioners available you can find the perfect model to benefit you. Central air conditioners provide AC throughout your home and are … Read more

AC Blowing Hot Air? (Common Reasons Plus How To Easily Fix It)

HVAC professionals receive the highest number of calls regarding ACs blowing warm air during summer. This is the most common HVAC problem, and you can sometimes resolve it by yourself. So if you are thinking, why is my air conditioner blowing hot air? This guide will help you understand the most common causes and how … Read more

Cost To Replace Your AC Unit? (How to Get a Good Price)

Air conditioners regulate the humidity in your home by removing any heat or excess moisture in the air. This helps cool your home and gives you and your family access to fresh, clean air. There are several different types of AC, some working across your home and others in a single room, but they all … Read more

How To Easily Change Your AC Filter At Home

An air conditioning filter is a device used in homes and offices to remove contaminants in AC units. For example, dust, sand, smoke, pollen, and grease. For this, AC Air filters ensure better airflow and keep the debris out of your HVAC system. While they ensure a better quality airflow, HVAC experts recommend people on … Read more

How To Reset AC Unit: Easy DIY Guide for Air Conditioners

Central air conditioning systems are home appliances that cool your home. They are easy-to-use appliances with multiple functions. What if your AC unit stops working all of a sudden or isn’t cooling as expected? Resetting is one of the most effective and easiest ways to ensure your unit works properly and efficiently. But where to … Read more

Air Duct Replacement Costs: Guide For Replacing Home AC

Air conditioner ducts are pathways that carry chill air from the air conditioning unit towards the home. The air supply can be either heated or cooled by the HVAC system. AC ducts are usually present within the floor, wall, and ceiling frame. Since these ducts are present within the basement, they usually get damaged near … Read more

How To Clean AC Vents & Air Ducts (EASILY & SUCCESSFULLY)

AC vents and air ducts ensure that your HVAC system performs efficiently. However, they get dirty after some time and need a thorough cleaning. So, what to do when your AC is just not operating that well? First, you give it a deep and thorough cleaning! Understanding the AC vent cleaning process will allow you … Read more

AC Evaporator Coil Frozen? (Causes & How To Thaw It Out)

No appliance works harder and longer than air conditioners. They keep you and your loved ones cool for hours on end, especially during the scorching summer heat. However, sometimes your AC unit may get extra ‘cool,’ causing it not to operate correctly. One such component that can freeze up is evaporator coils. Evaporator coils are … Read more

Black Mold on Evaporator AC Coils? (How To Clean It Off)

Evaporator coils are the part of your AC unit that absorbs heat from incoming air. The refrigerant inside the coils cools down the indoor air, causing condensation on the outside. This condensation falls into a drain pan that leads it away from the AC. But, all of the moisture doesn’t always drain away, making parts … Read more

AC Maintenance Checklist (6 Checks You Need To Do)

It is crucial to conduct preventive maintenance on your air conditioning system to help it run smoothly and efficiently. And there are some things that you can do by yourself without the help of a service technician. That is why this guide is here to help you understand the correct way to maintain your air … Read more

Evaporator Coil Leaks: Signs, Symptoms & How To Fix

Inside your AC is the evaporator coil that absorbs heat from your house, and using the refrigerant gas, it transfers it outside. Pretty simple right? But what happens if things go wrong and the evaporator coil leaks? Well, it can lead to a variety of issues such as your AC unit freezing, turning off, or … Read more

AC Evaporator Coil Replacement Cost (Price Expectations)

Evaporator coils absorb heat from the indoor air – an integral function of the AC. Essentially, it helps transfer heat, generating cool air. However, if the coil is damaged or broken, it may lead to poor cooling, frost build-up, high energy bills, etc., which will cost you dearly. Want to know how much does an … Read more

AC Short Cycling (What Is It & How To Fix This Problem)

Short cycling is one of the most common problems you can have with an air conditioner. It can cause damage to your AC unit and negatively impact the comfort of your home. It is also very harmful to your unit and should be repaired as soon as possible. This guide will describe what air conditioner … Read more

How To Clean Air Conditioner Coils (Effective DIY Method)

An AC coil is what helps it dispel hot air outside. However, when it isn’t cleaned frequently, it won’t be able to cool effectively. Furthermore, hiring someone to do it lengthens the process and makes it expensive. This is why you should learn how to clean air conditioner coils yourself! Read to know how you … Read more

9 Air Conditioner Alternatives: Substitutes for Cooling

Central air conditioners cool our environment and keep us comfortable. However, they are not very eco-friendly and are costly to install and maintain. What we need in this case is an air conditioner alternative! Fortunately, there are plenty of options available. Let’s take a look at the nine best substitute cooling solutions. 9 Best Air … Read more

How Often Should You Change Your AC Filter?

In 2019, the global HVAC systems market size was $240.8 billion, and it shows no signs of going down any time soon. The tremendous market growth comes as more home and business owners realize the importance of a functional AC to ensure a comfortable and healthy living space and promote energy efficiency. There is no … Read more

How To Clean AC Drain Lines (Vinegar Vs Bleach Compared)

An AC unit is designed to help you control the environment you live in. There’s a lot going on internally within your air conditioner to keep your air cool, and the AC drain line is a vital part of the mechanism. Within your AC, the evaporator coil is used to cool the warm air down … Read more

How To Clean AC Filters: Guide For ALL Central HVAC Brands

Air conditioner filters trap dirt in the air that circulates through your home. If a filter gets clogged, the air conditioner can’t send air into your house. It pushes itself to the limits to try and pump air into your home, which uses more electricity and can damage the unit. Learning how to clean an … Read more

AC Fan Motor Replacement Cost: How Much To Replace It?

The fan motor is one of the most crucial parts of an AC system. It protects the compressor from overheating by cooling the refrigerant moving through its coils. This component breaking down is probably the last thing you’d want to deal with, especially in summer, but it can happen. So, what’s the cost of replacing … Read more

How Often Should AC Evaporator Coils Be Cleaned?

Your air conditioner helps you to control the environment in your home with confidence. AC units now come in all shapes and sizes to suit all user needs, but they require regular maintenance. Without upkeep, your AC unit will break down and could become useless. One of the most important components within your AC unit … Read more

How To Clean Cottonwood From Your AC

Do you worry about how to clean cottonwood from air conditioner? If so, then you’re in luck! This guide will help you overcome this issue. Protecting your air conditioner from leaves, bugs, and cottonwood, will increase its longevity. In addition, by understanding exactly how they work, you can significantly reduce your maintenance and healthcare costs. … Read more

220v vs 110v Air Conditioners (Compare Cooling & Costs)

Every home needs a good air conditioner. However, there are several types, such as 110v and 220v models. People can get confused about these air conditioner models, so we put together this comprehensive guide on 220v vs. 110v AC units so you can decide which one you need and why. Pros & Cons of 220 … Read more

Fan Vs AC (Compare Cost, Cooling & Efficiency for Homeowners)

Air conditioners and fans remain the most viable commercial and private indoor cooling solutions. It is common to find both, if not one, installed inside a standard American home. But which appliance provides more effective and efficient cooling according to your needs – a ceiling fan or a portable air conditioner? In this guide, we … Read more

Single Stage Vs Two Stage Air Conditioner (AC Comparison)

Finding the most efficient cooling option for your room can be a tiresome process; there are just too many options. This becomes even more confusing when buying a permanent HVAC system such as a central air conditioner, partly because you have to choose between single-stage vs. two-stage air conditioner compressors. Pros & Cons Of Single … Read more

Heat Pump Vs AC (Compare Cost, Cooling & Efficiency)

When the goal is to get relief from the scorching heat, you need to get either an air conditioner or a heat pump. However, when buying or replacing an HVAC system, you should research before making the purchase. The purchase decision gets a bit confusing when the choice is between heat pump or air conditioner. … Read more

Central Vs Window AC Units (Pros & Cons Compared)

Buying an air conditioning unit is a big investment; therefore, you have to ensure you get your money’s worth. However, your choice lies between two options: window AC Vs Central AC, which one is right for your house? Although there is a third option, today, we will look at those that don’t require wall indentations. … Read more

Cleaning Your Air Ducts: How Much Does it Cost?

There are a lot of factors that go into the overall cost of cleaning HVAC air ducts. Not only does the cost depend on how many vents and the type of ductwork you have, but also accessibility to the HVAC system and the number of floors in the home. The most important factor to consider … Read more

AC Condenser – Guide and Replacement Costs Explained

Your air conditioning system has three major components. The first two, the evaporator and compressor, work to get the cool air into your home. The third, the condenser, is considered to be the central portion of the entire system. Without the condenser, your house wouldn’t heat or cool at all. How much does a condenser … Read more

AC Capacitor Cost: Replacement & Price Guide

Your AC capacitor is a small but essential part. Several other AC components require the kick start a capacitor offers, such as the compressor, the fan motor, and the blower. If your capacitor goes bad or begins to wear out, your air conditioner won’t function properly or will cycle on and off many times in … Read more

Can You Get Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From AC?

People spend most of their lives in indoor spaces: offices, bedrooms, living rooms. That is why it is integral to ensure that your indoor environment is clean and safe. Fortunately, air conditioner units help refine air quality. However, the question arises, are air conditioner units one hundred percent safe? Explicitly speaking, can carbon monoxide come … Read more

Air Conditioner Making Noises? (How to Fix Common Sounds)

Air conditioners can become noisy, especially after years of use, creating distinct and separate sounds when running, turning off, and starting. Though you can overlook the slight hissing sound, some are extremely loud and unexpected. And when you hear these loud noises, make sure you find the source as soon as possible! By neglecting these … Read more

AC Keeps Tripping Breaker (Why & How to Fix)

Commonly a circuit breaker is a safety switch built into the electrical system of your house. The breaker switch stops the electricity flow to any device or component which is consuming excessive power. This helps in preventing an overload that can presumably lead to an electrical fire. The air conditioner circuit breaker will always trip … Read more

Heil Air Conditioner Reviews: AC Price Guide & Comparisons

Heil air conditioners and heating is a name you may have heard about. While they aren’t the biggest name in the game, they are quite popular. Working under the United Technologies Corporation alongside names like Carrier and Bryant, it is easy to lose track of the value brands. Similar to Heil, names like Comfortmaker and ... Read more

Comfortmaker Air Conditioner Review: AC Price Guide 2022

Comfortmaker is another brand in a long line of names under the United Technologies Corporation group, alongside Carrier, Heil, Bryant, and Tempstar. If you are looking for a new air conditioner and want to know more about Comfortmaker, this is the place for you. We plan to look at everything Comfortmaker offers, from the types ... Read more

Ameristar Air Conditioner Reviews: AC Guide & Comparisons

Whether you are upgrading an older system or looking to change brands, choosing an air conditioner unit is an overwhelming task. Not only do you have to pick from specific types, ratings, SEER values, and capabilities, but you also need to choose a brand. This article will focus on the Ameristar brand of air conditioners. ... Read more

Coleman Air Conditioner Reviews: AC Buying Guide 2022

Air conditioners perform differently for everyone. While one unit of the same line might survive for 20 years without breaking down even once, another might break down within 5 years of installation. An argument could be made that all this is highly dependent upon the installation techniques, but it is dependent upon the brand as ... Read more

Daikin Air Conditioners Reviewed: AC Buying Guide 2022

Every manufacturer offers a range of options when it comes to air conditioners. With the different series and a large number of units, they try to cater to as much of the market as they can regardless of the users’ preferences. Whether you’re interested in efficiency or affordability, you are sure to find a unit ... Read more

American Standard Air Conditioner Reviews: 2022 AC Prices

Buying a good air conditioner is more than just an upgrade to your standard of living. It is a long term investment that keeps you comfortable during both, summer and winter. There are a number of different air conditioning brands available in the market, each boasting of its own offerings; be it efficiency, reliability, extended ... Read more

Ruud Air Conditioner Review: AC Buying Guide 2022

Investing in a central air conditioner is like buying a new car. There are many things you need to keep in mind, including the initial cost, efficiency of unit, repair and maintenance, and so on. After all, if you’re parting with a thousand dollars (at least), you expect great quality and a premium level of ... Read more

Amana Air Conditioner Review: AC Buying Guide 2022

Whether the cold winter winds are still blowing, or it is the middle of summer, a reliable and cost-effective air conditioner can make all the difference between making your home cozy, or cold. Considering the level of inflation and subsequently, that of demand, this is the perfect time to buy an air conditioner as HVAC ... Read more

12 Best Central Air Conditioners (May 2023 Reviews)

There are numerous central air conditioner brands in the market, each looking to outdo the competition in its own way. This array of options can be confusing for customers, leading to the question; which brand of central air conditioners is the best? Our team of professional contractors say that the decisive factor for any central ... Read more

Grandaire Air Conditioner Reviews: AC Buying Guide 2022

Grandaire Air Conditioners is a US-based heating and cooling company that produces affordable air conditioning units, heat pumps, package systems, and more. While they don’t offer the variety and selection like other brands, they still manage to bring durability and affordability to the market. This article will examine the Grandaire condensers and ACs to determine ... Read more

Tempstar Air Conditioner Reviews: AC Price Guide & Comparison

Homeowner's around the country know the importance of a durable and reliable air conditioning system. If you are remodeling, building new construction, or just upgrading your existing system, you can quickly get overwhelmed with the brands, styles, and options of HVAC systems out there. One of those brands is Tempstar. A lesser-known brand under the ... Read more

Rheem Air Conditioner Reviews: (AC Price Guide 2022)

With temperatures rising each year, an air conditioner has become more of a necessity than a luxury. As a result, the number of air conditioning units being shipped out has also seen a steady rise. If you’re looking to buy a new air conditioner, you need to consider how much you’re willing to spend and ... Read more

Goodman Air Conditioner Reviews: (AC Guide for Summer 2022)

The idea of a warm summer evening with a cold one in hand is relaxing to think about. However, those summer evenings don’t come without their own complications. Not long after the season begins, temperatures start becoming unbearable to the point where spending even a minute under the scorching sun becomes difficult. The perfect solution ... Read more

Armstrong Air Conditioner Reviews: AC Buying Guide 2022

If you need to heat and cool your home for year-round comfort, you have options. From air conditioners to the best heat pumps and even mini-split systems, you can find high-efficiency units to fit your needs. This article will examine the Armstrong brand central air conditioners. We will look at their models as a whole, ... Read more

Trane Air Conditioner Reviews: AC Comparison & Price Guide

More than 5 million central air conditioners were sold in the US in 2017 alone. This marks an all-time high since the air conditioner market’s downfall started in 2006. However, with the climate getting hotter and hotter each day, and air conditioners becoming more affordable, this number is predicted to grow and beat 2005’s record ... Read more

Bryant Air Conditioners Reviewed: AC Guide & Comparisons

When looking for an air conditioner, everybody wants an efficient, sleek, quiet, and cheap unit. The prices of air conditioners are at an all-time high, and so is their demand. This is mostly due to rising temperatures and the increasingly efficient HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) units being manufactured. Much like any machine, air ... Read more

Lennox Air Conditioners (2023 Reviews and Price Comparison)

Air conditioner installation is an expensive, time-consuming, and exhaustive process, so when looking for an air conditioner, it is always a top priority to get a reliable and efficient one. The name Lennox AC often comes up when discussing the top air conditioning brands; here we discuss why that is so and whether or not ... Read more

York Air Conditioner Reviews: (AC Buying Guide 2022)

Consumers often opt for big brands when purchasing electrical systems such as air conditioning. The thought process followed is the mirroring of the brand’s popularity and success with their product’s guaranteed functioning and efficiency. While this statement stood true previously, today, it is not always the case and smaller HVAC manufacturers are catching up to ... Read more

Carrier Air Conditioner Reviews: AC Price Guide & Comparisons

Purchasing an air conditioner might be one of the costlier investments you’d ever make, but it is a necessary one, to say the least. The demand for air conditioners is on the rise due to rising temperatures and increasing focus on efficiency on behalf of HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) manufacturers. When looking for ... Read more

How to Check for Freon In Home AC (Leaks & Level)

Summer is just around the corner, and staying cool is a priority for many. But this time of year, it is just as important to keep an eye on the appliances we rely on to keep us cool. One of the most common problems homeowners face is poorly performing air con units. Whether they are … Read more

Why is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling the House (How to Fix)

AC can really be a lifesaver during those hot and humid months, but simply having one isn’t enough. There are times when air conditioning units have mishaps and don’t function properly, rendering it useless in cooling your home. If you’re looking to fix yours, then look no further because we have everything you need to … Read more

Do Air Conditioners Filter Smoke? (Removing from Wildfires)

Smoky air inside the home can be uncomfortable, not to mention dangerous. During the summer or hot weather, most of us rely on our air conditioning unit to keep us cool, but can they help filter smoke from the air? Health Risks of Breathing Smoky Air The biggest problem with smoke inhalation is the microscopic … Read more

Do Air Conditioners Dehumidify? (AC Vs Dehumidifiers)

In order to keep our health in tip-top shape, it’s important that our home is also in the ideal humidity range. We already know that dehumidifiers work, but do air conditioners dehumidify? Well, if you’re looking for that answer and more, you’re in the right place because our guide is about to fill you in! … Read more

What Is Seer Rating (Plus How to Buy for Your Next AC)

Buying a new air conditioner can be a challenge. There are a lot of top AC brands out there to choose from. On top of that, you also have to get the right model for your climate, region, and size factors. If you are looking for tax rebates, savings, and performance, that is another set … Read more

How Much Water Should Drain From Air Conditioner: AC Guide

It’s normal for AC units to collect moisture like condensation, leaks, drips, and other forms. In fact, it’s crucial for the efficient and proper operation of air conditioners. However, there is a such thing as too much water draining from the unit. If you want to find out just how much is the perfect amount, … Read more

Why Does My AC Smell? (Solutions for Musty, Fishy Odors)

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