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Learn all about this sleeping device & if it will help you get a better nights rest.

It’s not an old wives’ tale – the temperature of your bedroom does affect how well and deep you sleep. According to, the ideal bedroom temperature for a good night’s rest is 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you live somewhere hot and humid as I do, you know that there is no way that even the best air conditioner can sustain that temperature for any extended period without breaking down or making your electricity bill skyrocket. That’s where the ChiliPad Cube 3.0 comes in.

The ChiliPad Cube is described as a personalized climate control appliance to bring you the most ambient sleep ever. It comes in two different versions (the ME and WE) based on you and your partner’s personal preferences, and provides both heating and cooling, with the goal that you’ll never wake up uncomfortable again. The ChiliPad Cube has two main components – a thin mattress pad that is fitted directly below your fitted sheet, and the cube itself, which controls the heating and cooling components and sits on the floor near your bed.

The main differences between the original ChiliPad Cube and the ChiliPad Cube 2.0 are mostly aesthetic, including a larger opening to pour water into. ChiliPad Cube 2.0 can also cool an additional 5 degrees cooler than the original model.  ChiliPad 3.0 is an even better upgrade because for the first time the ChiliPad cube can be stored underneath your bed (if your bed has enough clearance) and it is way more energy efficient than previous models (using only 80 Watts).

Brief Summary

ChiliPAD Control Unit regulates the temperature of your bed
ChiliPAD Hydronic Pad designed with comfort in mind
ChiliPAD Remote Control makes setting your ideal sleeping temperature effortless

How Does the ChiliPad Mattress Pad Work?

The ChiliPad Cube uses a thin mattress pad that fits under your fitted sheet. The cube is filled with distilled water and is plugged into the wall, and then uses an internal thermostat to set the water temperature to your preference from 55-110 degrees Fahrenheit.  The mattress pad contains a plethora of micro-tubes that circulate the water constantly all night to help you achieve complete thermal regulation. Why water?

According to ChiliPad’s White Paper,

“Water is a unique molecule. The specific heat capacity of water is far superior to air. The fluidity of water allows it to circulate and be thermally regulated in a manner that a gel, although derived from water, doesn’t have. For cold therapy at night to be significant and therefore measurable, it has to cause a change in the biological stages allowing for a healthy sleep onset and wake timing cycle.”

The people at ChiliPad firmly believe that their patented water circulating technology is the key to a better night’s rest. But what does it feel like to sleep on water tubes all night? When you’re sleeping on a ChiliPad 3.0, it will feel just like sleeping on your mattress. The tubes are small enough to go unnoticed, while also allowing water to pass through. Each zone can also support up to 500 lbs and still function smoothly.

Sizing Options Explained

The ChiliPad Cube comes in two basic sizing options: ME and WE. The ME version is essentially a ChiliPad for one half of a mattress, so your partner will not be affected by your ChiliPad at all. The exception to this half mattress coverage is the full-size mattress. One ME sized ChiliPad Cube will cover the entire full-sized mattress. If you share a full-sized bed, you and your partner will have to compromise on ChiliPad settings, as there is only one “zone.” The WE version is a dual-zone ChiliPad, with one cube for each side of the bed so that each person can have complete control over their comfort.

Important Note: While there isn’t a sizing option listed for a twin-sized mattress, the ME Sized Half King Mattress will fit a twin mattress perfectly.

ME Sizing WE Sizing
Full-Size Mattress Queen Size Mattress
Half Queen Size Mattress (Single) King Size Mattress
Half King Size Mattress (Twin XL) California King Size Mattress
Half California King Size Mattress (Split California King)  
Chilipade Sizing Chart

Who Is the ChiliPad Best For?

chilipad user reviewThe ChiliPad is ideal for anyone who is looking for the perfect sleep temperature but will be especially appreciated by couples who share a bed and who do not agree on room/bed temperature.

Whether one person uses a ChiliPad (ME sizing) or you use a dual-zone ChiliPad (WE sizing), everyone can find their preferred temperature setting and get the sleep they deserve while still sleeping next to their partner.


I’m personally surprised that their motto isn’t “saving marriages for over a decade” because if you read the reviews on the ChiliPad Cube, you will find over and over again that that is precisely the case.

Key Features of this ChiliPad Cube 3.0 Model

Temperature Control System

The ChiliPad Cube has a wide temperature range of 55-110 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that you can find your own completely personalized sleep temperature. promotes the health benefits of sleeping naked but whether you find yourself sweating in the middle of the night and throwing off covers, or feel like you can’t get warm, the ChiliPad is designed for you. Partners using the dual-zone unit said that their preferences did not affect their partner’s side at all, as it is essentially two separate units sewn into the same mattress pad.

Power Supply

The ChiliPad works by being plugged into a standard electrical outlet and (version 3.0) runs at 80 Watts. There is an automatic 10-hour shut-off timer, so you won’t ever need to worry about forgetting to turn off your ChiliPad Cube.

Energy Usage & Efficiency

As we stated above, the ChiliPad Cube is energy efficient and uses about 80 Watts. To demonstrate how this will affect your energy bill, consider this: The average price per kilowatt hour in the United States is 12 cents. Assuming you use the ChiliPad Cube for 8 hours every day (at 80 Watts), it will cost you about $28 annually to run the ChiliPad. Think of that compared to the money you’ll save on AC!

The formula for calculating energy cost is

Cost $/day) = E(kWh/day) × Cost(cent/kWh) / 100(cent/$)

 I recommend using a handy calculator, like this one from Rapid Tables.

Power Cord

The power cord for the ChiliPad Cube is a generous 8 feet long, so you shouldn’t have to worry about keeping it next to your bed and being able to reach a standard electrical outlet.


The mattress pad portion of a ChiliPad is made of cotton with a polyester-blend filling. The tubing is made from medical grade silicone that will not be felt when you’re lying down in bed, but you’ll be able to feel when looking for them with your fingers.

Warranty and Returns Policy

ChiliPad Cube comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. To return the ChiliPad Cube, the company requests that you sleep with it for at least 30 days so that you can make a sound decision and get a true feel for the product. The ChiliPad Cube also comes with a 2-year warranty, though there are caveats. Failure to set-up your ChiliPad Cube incorrectly will automatically result in a voided warranty. The most common form that we’ve seen this in is people failing to put a mattress protector just below their ChiliPad.

How to Set Up and Install the ChiliPad device?

The ChiliPad is easy to install and can be used almost immediately right out of the box.

They pride themselves on their easy 5-step installation, as pictured on the right.

Besides your ChiliPad product, you’ll want to make sure that you have a couple of items that aren’t included.

The first is a mattress protector. It’s unlikely that your ChiliPad will leak water onto your mattress, but failure to use a mattress protector underneath your ChiliPad will void the warranty.

And should it ever leak, you’ll be covered.

The other item that you’ll need is distilled water.

Tap water is not recommended for the ChiliPad Cube, because it contains additional minerals that over time, might build-up or clog your tubing.

For a full video setup demonstrated by ChiliPad Technology, please watch this video below.

ChiliPad Seimple Set-up

Chilipad Review: What to Expect When Sleeping

So, what is it like to sleep with a ChiliPad? There are a few things that you’ll want to consider:


chilipad while sleepingYour ChiliPad Cube comes with a user-friendly remote control to help you adjust the heat up and down based on your comfort and preference.

You can also change the temperature directly on the unit itself. It’s suggested that you set your preferred temperature about 15-30 minutes before getting into bed so that it can adjust accordingly.

This might seem like a chore, but if you make a point to do it before you brush your teeth and get ready for bed, it will quickly become second nature. And please note that as soon as you get into the bed, your body heat will immediately start adjusting the temperature, but the ChiliPad will work to accommodate your presence.


The ChiliPad Cube has small exhaust vents that release a mild airflow into your room. Some users have complained that the airflow is hot and will compromise any air conditioning that you are using, but we’ve found that it’s moderate. If it bothers you, try placing the unit a little bit farther away from your bed.


The noise of a ChiliPad Cube unit is outrageously low, with a rating of only 20 dBa, which is comparable to the sound of rustling leaves. Most users agree that the sound is a pleasant white noise that didn’t bother them at all.

ChiliPad Threshold Chart


EMFs are electric and magnetic fields. EMFs are invisible energy fields, and when we are exposed to them, we are susceptible to tiny amounts of radiation. Some appliances that have EMFs are power lines and microwaves. Even the sun gives off EMFs. ChiliPad, however, is listed as an EMF-free device, so you can sleep soundly without worrying about emissions.

How Do I Clean & Maintain the Chilipad Cube 3.0?

ChiliPad on UseI have found that the ChiliPad Cube is relatively easy to maintain and clean. The main task that you’ll need to do to keep your ChiliPad running smoothly is maintaining water levels.

The ChiliPad Cube is a closed system, so you won’t have to replace water daily, but over time, evaporation will occur. We recommend adding about 1 cup of distilled water to your unit weekly. If you forget, don’t worry. Should the ChiliPad Cube ever run out of water, it will automatically shut off, so you don’t need to fret about wearing out your system.

To clean the ChiliPad Cube, ChiliPad Technologies recommends using a solution of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner and peroxide every three months and running it through your system for 6-8 hours at a scorching temperature. The complete instructions can be found here.

The mattress pad itself can be cleaned with a mild detergent in a front-loading washing machine. The company warns against use in a top loading machine, and I think it’s probably due to any damage that could be caused by the agitator. If you have a top-loading machine, I won’t risk it.

Make sure that you secure the “tail” of the tubing so that it doesn’t get caught on anything – a simple rubber band will work just fine. And wash on a gentle or delicate cycle. The ChiliPad website suggests that you can dry your mattress using a no-heat delicate cycle, but for best results, we recommend letting air dry.

Comparisons with Alternative Products

Chillipad Vs. Bedjet

While the Bedjet is a contender in alternative sleep comfort products, ChiliPad and Bedjet use different approaches to keeping your comfortable. Whereas the ChiliPad uses micro-tubing to circulate temperature-ready water through a mattress pad all night while you sleep (an action that you can’t feel, per se), the Bedjet works more like a fan to blow warm or cold air over your body while you sleep. You can use the Bedjet with your current bedding, but they suggest using their Bedjet Air Comforter for maximum effect. From a price standpoint, the ChiliPad and Bedjet are competitive.

Read our full Bedjet review here.

ChiliPad Vs. Sleep Number Dual Temp

The Sleep Number Dual Temp works to move temperature-controlled air through a pad that sits on top of your bedsheets with what they call “active air technology.” Unlike the ChiliPad, there is no layer between the pad and your body, so there isn’t a great way to protect it, and it will need to be washed more often. The ChiliPad allows you to control your temperature completely, whereas the Sleep Number Dual Temp only has three settings (low, medium, and high). The two are slightly comparable in price, but we have found that the ChiliPad is a much better purchase for your money overall.

Advantages & Disadvantages

As with any product, there are advantages and disadvantages. We strive to make sure that you see both the good and the bad so that you can make the proper choice when making your purchase.


      • Achieve better, deeper sleep
      • Allows you to use your big fluffy comforters all year round
      • Only has a one-time cost, and is relatively inexpensive to run year-round (about $28)
      • Single and Dual Zone ChiliPads are available
      • Easy to maintain and easy to clean
      • Comfortable
      • Very quiet while running


      • Expensive
      • The number one complaint is that the design needs a little work, and looks more like a hospital device than an ambient sleep source
      • You will need to provide your waterproof mattress protector to assure warranty is valid

Chilipad Customer Reactions

Health and fitness influencer Seth Kardos kept hearing about coaches and fitness trainer using the ChiliPad and recommending it to others. See what Seth has to say after using the ChiliPad Cube for more than a year in his full YouTube review.

On Reddit, user therealjonbrown was over waking up covered in sweat. See his full review on this thread about how ChiliPad allowed him to finally sleep through the night in comfort.

On the ChiliPad Technology website, professional baseball outfielder Mitch Haniger describes the ChiliPad as helping him to perform at peak level.

Co-founder of Believe in the Run’s Meagan Murray says that she will do about anything for a good night of sleep. See what she had to say about the ChiliPad in her full review.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did Tim Ferriss have to say about the ChiliPad?

In his podcast, the Tim Ferriss Show, Tim lists the ChiliPad as 1 of the five tools he uses for faster and better sleep. A coach and mentor to many, Tim is credited with saying

Several of my close friends in Silicon Valley sheepishly admitted that, of all the advice I’ve ever given in my books and podcasts, the ChiliPad had the biggest impact on their quality of life.”

Who designed this product?

Chilipad was created by Todd and Tara Youngblood, a couple who were determined to find a better way to sleep more comfortably.

Where is it made?

Chilipads are a product of Kryo, Incorporated, which is located in North Carolina, USA.

Can you find coupons or discount codes online?

From time to time there are special promotions through the ChiliPad website that give customers up to 20% off the original price of ChiliPad.

How long does this product take to ship?

Most of the Chilipad products are ready to ship. A few (more popular) sizes will take up to two weeks.

Is this a paid review?

No. We did not receive anything in return for our unbiased and independent review of the ChiliPad Cube. We have no direct partnership with the company.

Is there a weight limit for this device?

The ChiliPad can support up to 500 lbs per zone.

Do I have to use distilled water for my ChiliPad?

It is not required that you use distilled water, but regular tap water has a lot more minerals in it and is more susceptible to causing sediment build-up and blockage. We recommend only using distilled water.


The ChiliPad Cube 3.0 is an excellent option if you’ve been striving to find the right sleeping temperature without any luck. We were pleasantly surprised that not only do so many athletes, and trainers use the ChiliPad for maximum rest and recovery, but there is also a massive following from women with hormonal night sweats, couples who argue over a shared thermostat, and even those suffering from insomnia.

Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Last Updated on August 21, 2021

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