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Della Portable AC Review

With the growing competition in the AC industry, let’s find out if the Della brand is an ideal match for your needs.

Della Portable ACThere is no shortage of brands, models, and air conditioner types when it comes to keeping your home cool. Many brands offer similar sizes, have similar features, and all attempt to appeal to your need for high-efficiency systems.

The good news is that the competition in this industry helps keep prices low. The bad news is that it can be overwhelming when trying to find that ideal brand or model.

In this review, we will examine the Della brand portable air conditioners. Let’s find out if the Della brand is an ideal match for your needs.

One thing the Della portable ACs are not big on is selection. Unlike the Della mini split and window air conditioners, there are only four portable models to choose from. This is by design, though, and not to be seen as a weakness.

Della is one of the few companies that quickly adapts to the needs of their customers. While the company is growing, they are taking feedback and feature requests from their customers to build better and more efficient machines.

Keeping the model numbers low, they are able to adapt to the needed changes and keep their customers happy and cool. The most popular model is the Della 14,000 BTU model. There are two options, one with heat and one without.

This review will focus primarily on the Della 048-GM-48265 model (with heat) and compare it to the other options from the brand.

Sizes, Capacities & Coverage Areas

Della Portable AC Sizes

Della portable air conditioners come in a range of capacities. There are a few different sizes to be aware of, based on your specific needs.

The largest units have a capacity of 14,000 BTU (11,000 BTU heat) and can easily cool or heat a room up to 700 square feet.

It is important to note that while the square footage may be applicable, this doesn’t mean a single unit and cool more than one room.

Unless the rooms are adjacent and the doorways are in line with the output, a single room is where the majority of cooling will occur.

You can use fans, though, to help move the cooler air around the home, down hallways, or around corners. However, the capacity and size of the AC won’t fill an entire home.

If you have a smaller space, you can save money with a smaller AC. Della also produces models with 8,000, 10,000, or 12,000 BTU capacities. From the smallest model to the largest, you can effectively cool a room from 250 square feet to 700 square feet.

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Dimensions, Weight & Electricity Usage

There are two main dimensions for the units themselves, and neither one takes up a lot of space. All four of the models will fit comfortably in about 2 or 3 square feet of space.

The smaller units stand about 28 inches tall, while the larger ones reach almost 34 inches in height. All of the portable AC units weigh roughly 70 pounds but come with strong caster wheels for more effortless mobility.

You will also find that the 14,000 BTU model uses about 1250 watts of power (1800 watts peak) which, compared to the BTU output, ranks it quite high on the energy efficiency list. Other models, like the Della 048-GM-48384, or the smaller Della 048-APAC-10 models, use about 1100 watts of power.

Noise & Efficiency Levels

The larger capacity the Della model is, the higher the energy efficiency. This is because even high output models use less energy to produce the same amount of cooling power. The average for all Della models is about 11.8 EER. The 14,000 BTU model here, though, peaks at 12.3 EER.

When properly installed, though, all four current models are relatively quiet. With a range of 48 to 54dB, you will barely know they are on, except to notice that your room is significantly cooler.

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Pricing, Warranty Coverage & Customer Service

For the price point, you get a lot of features. For example, the 14,000 BTU model comes with cooling, heat, fan, and dehumidifying modes, a 24-hour timer, 430 CFM airflow (max), and a window kit for installation.

You also get 3 fan speeds, smart controls with a WiFi-enabled mobile app, voice commands, and remote control. You can also control the entire unit, make selections and settings on the LED touch panel display.

The 2-year warranty is standard for all Della models and covers everything from the casing to the compressor. For a price less than $500, that is a great deal.

Customer service can be difficult to get a hold of, though. The company is still small, and it seems that their customer service department is understaffed. While we are sure this will change, for now, you just have to keep trying.

Once in contact, though, your issues are taken seriously, and most are handled quickly, with everyone ending up happy.

Cooling Capacity 8,000, 10,000, 12,000 & 14,000 BTU
EER Up to 12.3 EER
Heating Yes (Select models only)
Dimensions 14 x 18.5 x 33.5 Inches
Design Single hose front or top vent portable units
Warranty 2-year warranty parts & Labor
Smart Controls Google/Alexa/Mobile app (select models)
What We Like
  • Larger models come with WiFi/Mobile app control
  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Heat pump models used year-round
  • Evaporative technology
  • Dehumidify rooms
What We Don’t Like
  • No dual hose options
  • Comparatively priced slightly higher than competition

Features Of The Della Portable Air Conditioner

While there is a limited range of models to choose from, you should be able to find just what you need. Below are some of the major features and components that the Della brand offers, many of which aren’t found in many other brands.

Della Portable AC Button Panel

Smart WIFI Options and Remote Controls

Only some of the Della brand models utilize WiFi or smart control options.

However, they do offer remote controls and innovative sensors that can help keep your home at the right temperature.

For the WiFi-enabled models, you can use the Della app for full control or turn the units on and off (and change temperature) with voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Cooling Power

Each of the Della models has a high output capacity. Ranging from 8000 to 14,000 BTUs, you can use the Della brand portable ACs to cools spaces up to 700 square feet.

Of course, because they are portable AC units, you can quickly and easily move them to any room of the home for an added boost in cooling or to minimize the number of AC units you need to buy for your entire home.

Design & Style

Della is one of the few brands that specializes in style and design. Their portable ACs are all modern, sleek and stylish. You can find their models in both black and white and with modern LED control panels.

Each model also has a smooth design with a detailed shape that looks great in any room, matching almost every décor style out there.

Multiple Modes Options

Like most major brands, you will find there are several operational modes with Della portable air conditioners. From “fan only” to various levels of cooling, you won’t have to worry about missing any features here.

Most of their options also come with dehumidifier options to help control the moisture and humidity in your home. The larger 14,000 BTU models also have heat options to control your home’s temperature year-round.

Low Noise Functionality

All of the Della ACs are quiet when operational. Even on the highest settings, they won’t often be loud enough to disturb your relaxation time. You can stay cool while entertaining guests or watching TV and not have to worry about increasing volume over the unit.

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Energy Cost & Savings

Any brand that doesn’t have highly efficient units in today’s market is dead in the water. However, Della is swimming just fine. Their portable AC models may not be the most efficient on the market, but for the price point, they are among the highest efficient unit available.

Flexible Installation Options

Each unit comes with a window kit that will fit in any single or double hung windows. Depending on the height of your window, they may fit side-sliding style windows as well.

However, because of the nature of the window kits and the exhaust hose attachment, you won’t be able to use the included kit with awning style windows.


The units are not lightweight, which is typical for most portable AC brands. However, the large, easy-roll caster wheels allow you to quickly and easily transport the unit from one room to another. You can push the AC over any hard flooring surface without scratching or over carpet without tipping or snagging.

Della Portable AC Filter

Slide Out Washable Filter

Each Della model features a front-load removable filter.

The filter keeps contaminants out of the unit, the motor and compressor dust-free, and prevents dust and debris from returning to your room.

The filters are also rated to last a lifetime and are washable.

Cleaning the AC filter is quite easy. Rinsing them off is easy, and once completely dry, you can return the filter to the unit for continued operation.

All About The Della Brand

Della is a smaller brand that got its start with kitchen appliances. They have recently moved into the home climate control space with both window and portable ACs. However, because of the recent move, the number of AC products is limited.

This doesn’t mean they are low-quality. On the contrary, Della appliances are known for their efficiency, ease of use, and quick cooling options.

The brand may not be as well known as their competition…yet. We expect that to change, though. The Della brand will be around for a while, and their product line will expand. In the meantime, the portable ACs they do offer might just surprise you with their efficiency, cooling capacity, and intuitive use.

Della Vs Other Portable AC Brands

When compared to other portable AC models and brands in the space, Della actually holds up quite well.

Since they have added smart controls to their larger models, they also closed the gap with the competition. Now, Della has a cooling output and control option that will rival almost any LG portable AC or even Frigidaire models.

The efficiency rating is equal to or higher than that of DeLonghi portable ACs and matches that of the Frigidaire models, too.

The price is where the Della brand is going to fall a little short. They price their models with the larger name brands like LG, Haier, and Honeywell, but the durability and overall performance just aren’t there yet.

This is by no means a knock against the quality of the Della models, but the components used in construction and the overall performance of the machine suggests a slightly lower price. However, with that being said, Della does offer a warranty that is double the length of many other brands.

Portable Vs Mini Split AC – Della Range Compared

As of this writing, Della offers several AC types. The portable units we cover here, window air conditioning units and mini split AC systems. The Mini-split works similarly to a central AC system but can be ducted or ductless.

Mini split air conditioners are also the leading type for high energy efficiency. As it stands, Della offers 13 mini-split options, compared to the four portable AC models.

This is likely to change, though, as Della is still going through their initial growth and identity stage. New models come and go as they find the components, features, and options that will serve their customers the best.

Because of this growth, older models fall off the availability list a lot faster than other brands. This is the main reason we suggest a buyer choose a Della portable AC over a Della mini split system at this time.

This isn’t to say the mini splits aren’t worth it, but it would be better to wait until the end of 2022 for their lineup to smooth out and ensure your chosen model will be around for parts, repairs, and service when needed.

Della Portable AC Installation Tips

Installing a Della portable AC is relatively simple and straightforward. You will want to follow along with the owner’s manual for the first time. This will outline all of the warnings and suggestions for placement, clearances, and other notable installation specifications for your particular model.

The owner’s manuals come with all models, but if you happen to lose yours, you can search online at the Della website for a digital copy. Their customer service can also send you a link or a PDF version if you choose.

The basic steps, though, are outlined below. Keep in mind that we don’t cover clearances or obstacles here, as they are different for each model and home.

  1. Open the AC and remove all packaging. Don’t forget to open the filter panel and remove the filter from the plastic wrap.
  2. Install the filter and close the filter cover.
  3. Open the window you will vent from and insert the window kit. Slide the panel to adjust to the size of your window and lock it in place.
  4. Close the window to secure the window kit in position.
  5. Attach the vent hose to the window kit and position the AC unit close by.
  6. Ensure the portable AC is on flat, even and firm ground to prevent tipping and wobble during operation.
  7. Extend the vent hose only as far as needed to reach the AC unit and twist-lock the connector into place on the machine.
  8. Plug the unit into a grounded 110-115v outlet and ensure the reset button is depressed.
  9. Turn the unit on and select your mode, temperature, and fan settings.

Della Troubleshooting Tips

Below we list some of the most common issues with Della portable air conditioners. We also list their probable causes and simple fixes to get you back to operational.

Problem Cause Solution
AC doesn’t turn on Breaker tripped Press the reset button on the plug/ check the circuit breaker for a tripped breaker
Unit makes a loud noise when running Unit is not level Some noise is common, but if the noise levels become excessive, it is most likely due to the unit not being level. Move to level, flat and hard ground.
Della air conditioner not cooling Airflow blocked, temperature set too high Check the vent hose for blockage and ensure the room temperature setting is not too high.
Display showing “E4” Antifreeze protection is on Once the antifreeze cycle is completed, normal operation will resume.
Unit has power but doesn’t turn on when power button pressed Water tank full Check the Water Full indicator and empty the water reservoir.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

How do you reset a Della portable air conditioner?

To reset all settings, you need to unplug the system for at least 5 minutes. Once the memory is drained, you can restore power and reset all modes and settings. To reset power, find the Test/Reset buttons on the outlet plug and press the Reset button until it stays in place.

How do you clean a Della portable air conditioner?

Cleaning the portable AC unit requires two parts. First, you will want to remove the filter and wash it off, following the directions in the owner’s manual. Second use a vacuum with a hose attachment to clean off the vents, louvers, and body of the machine.

How do you drain a Della portable air conditioner?

All models are evaporative models (except the 8,000 BTU cooling only model). The units are designed to evaporate collected moisture, so you do not need to empty the reservoir.

However, in high humidity areas, the reservoir may fill faster than it can evaporate. In these instances, you need to open the drain valve and allow the water to run out. Placing the unit over a drain or in the tub will minimize clean-up.

What happens if you don’t drain your Della portable air conditioner?

If the Water Full indicator is blinking and you do not empty the reservoir, the unit will not operate. The safety feature cannot be overridden, and you will need to empty the water tank or drain the machine for regular operation to resume.


Della is a brand that you may not have heard of yet. However, with innovative designs, and a production team that listens to their customers, it won’t be long until everyone is talking about them.

The portable ACs are gaining recognition for their smart features, sleek design, and easy-to-use controls. With LED touch panels, mobile apps, and even voice commands, it is easier than ever to control the temperature in your home. Models like the Della 14,000 BTU Smart AC are proof the brand is here to stay.

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Last Updated on July 9, 2022

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