Are You Supposed To Tip HVAC Installers? (Here’s What You Should Do!)

When making home improvements, it’s possible that keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer is a top priority. You could try and install them yourself, but thankfully there are HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) installers that have years of experience to complete the project for you. These workers are trained extensively on correctly installing new appliances in your home under various circumstances.

HVAC installers are working directly in your home to provide a highly needed service for you. This begs the question: do you tip HVAC installers?

Do You Tip HVAC Installers?


Tipping culture in the US can be confusing. If someone is providing a service for you, we normally assume that we should tip them for a job well done. However, that thought doesn’t often come to mind when we think of laborers. The cost of a laborer’s service is typically higher than that of another service person, which leads us to inherently believe that tipping is not necessary. So, do you tip your HVAC guys?

The short answer is no. You do not have to tip your HVAC installer as they do not rely on tips to make their earnings. Installing these products is what they do every day and what they specialize in, so tipping is not customary in the industry. Some companies may even have a no-tipping policy. However, some homeowners choose to tip their HVAC installer if they have the opportunity.

If you would like to show your appreciation to your HVAC installer but do not have limitless cash flow, offering drinks or food while they work is a great way to do so. You can allow the laborers to utilize your bathroom or other amenities while they work as well.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to show your HVAC installer you like their work is by being kind while they are around. Build a good relationship with your HVAC installer and tell them you appreciate their work. A good partnership can lead to better projects down the road.

When Do People Tip For HVAC/Air Conditioning Installation?

If a homeowner does decide to tip their HVAC installer, it may be for various reasons. Perhaps the installer worked outside their normal timeframe and accommodated the client. The client could also appreciate a job well done that wraps up quickly.

Some clients may tip their installer because the job is not easy. A trade job like this is taxing on HVAC installers. They often find themselves in awkward spaces to do their job and frequently work in extreme conditions such as heat and cold. Many clients can understand the discomfort in these conditions and will be more swayed to tip for a well-done job.

Installers can work long hours, and some may believe they aren’t paid fairly for their labor. Trade jobs are in high demand now, so a career in HVAC is more popular than in past years. Those that have been in the industry long-term and have years of experience feel that they should be paid more than those just starting. If a client relates to this, they will tip for the installer’s work.

It’s also good to remember that most HVAC installers go through rigorous training and HVAC apprenticeship programs to gain all the knowledge necessary to put out quality work. Some homeowners may choose not to tip their plumber or electrician but decide to tip their HVAC specialist. This is because there are numerous certifications installers must obtain on their career path that are not necessary for other laborers.

Why Don’t People Tip These Installers?

Most often, a homeowner will not tip their HVAC installers as the prices for these services tend to be high. However, there could be other reasons you decide not to tip your installer.

The installer might have completed the project well past the deadline, or their work was not to the quality you were guaranteed. They might have been rude to you while they worked. There is still the expectation of professional customer service from an installer, and if they did not meet that expectation, it is understandable that you don’t tip.

Of course, if you know the installer or the owner, it will also make sense not to tip in that situation.

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What Is The Right Amount To Tip An HVAC Contractor?

So, how much should you tip HVAC installers? Most homeowners tip contractors a minimum of $20. Keep in mind that this may seem like a large tip compared to what you’d leave a waiter/waitress after dinner, but it’s less than a 20% gratuity on the whole project. It is not expected that you tip based on a percentage of the completed project, as is the case with tipping waitstaff.

If you tip, doing so in cash is customarily preferred. Again, tipping in this industry is not expected. However, if you feel inclined to tip your installers, it is always appreciated.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

Are you supposed to tip the AC repairman?

Again, the short answer is no. It is not expected, but it is always appreciated. If you do tip them, consider the quality and timeliness of the work done to calculate a fair tip.

Do you tip for air duct cleaning?

Tipping is not expected for any service, including air duct cleaning, where the employee does not count gratuity towards their overall income (waitresses and bartenders, for example). Like tipping your HVAC and AC installers, you can decide if you’d like to tip your cleaner for their work. These services typically aren’t as extensive as an installation, so keep this in mind if and when calculating a tip.

Is there such a thing as an anti-tip policy for HVAC companies?

Yes, many HVAC companies have a no-tipping policy. If you try to tip your installer and they are unable to accept it, you can show your appreciation for their work with a great review or recommendation of their services. If you know the company has a no-tipping policy, be respectful to the workers and help them complete their project on time by following any directions or suggestions.


Tipping a tradesperson may seem disrespectful to some, but most will appreciate the gesture if you would like to do so. Most HVAC installers are not expecting a tip when they complete a project but will always be thankful for a friendly client who offers drinks, snacks, amenities, and even some light conversation during their work.

If you like the quality of work you see, showing gratitude in any way is appreciated by all laborers. They love to hear about a job well done!

Josh Mitchell

Josh Mitchell

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