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Does An Air Purifier Help With Marijuana Smell?

by Josh M

Getting the smell of marijuana out of a home isn’t always an easy task, which can make for a stressful experience, especially if the home isn’t one you own. There are a lot of theories on how to eliminate the odor, including using an air purifier.

So, does an air purifier help with marijuana smells? Stay right here because you’re about to find out everything you could want to know about it!

Air purifiers use varying types of technologies to help remove or eliminate particular pollutants from the air. Usually, these pollutants include allergens, chemicals, and foul odors. The most common technologies used to do this are carbon, ozone, and HEPA. The first uses carbon filters or activated carbon to filter the air, catching pollutants.

The second produces O3 molecules into the air, which act kind of like a magnet, attracting pollutants in the air to them neutralize them. However, as they’re hanging out in the air, they can be inhaled, which has proven to pose a threat to the health of humans and possibly pets. HEPA purifiers are similar to carbon in that they use filters to trap particles, though HEPA filters usually capture particulates or solid air contaminants.

With that being said, can an air purifier help with weed smell? Absolutely! For best results, we recommend using a purifier with high-quality HEPA and/or carbon filtration. Why both? Well, if you’re wondering does an air purifier help with weed smoke, it can with these two systems.

Carbon filters remove airborne odor particles, or what actually causes the “weed smell.” HEPA filters catch bigger particles, such as the particles of marijuana which are carried through the air with the weed smoke.

The pollutants in weed smoke are both particulates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There are quite a bit of liquid particles in the smoke, which may impair lung health over time, according to the American Lung Association. Carbon filters are excellent for removing these, but it’s crucial that the filters are replaced before they become filled with the VOC molecules.

The size of air purifier you need will depend greatly on the space of the area you want to address. If you’re looking to use it in just one room, then you’ll want a small one that covers around 200 square feet. For larger rooms, perhaps a medium-sized purifier that covers up to 400 square feet. Of course, many may want to ensure their entire house stays smoke-free; there are many whole-house purifiers, too!

Does Air Purifier Help With Marijuana

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How To Use An Air Purifier To Get Rid Of Weed Smell?

Do you know how to run the air purifier to get rid of marijuana smell? Well, first, you should try to wash what you can, like curtains and rugs that may be holding particles and bad odors. Next, clean the house, making sure to keep the windows open for good ventilation. Then, you can start running your air purifier.

A good general rule is to run the purifier for 8 hours a day, minimum. You can set your air purifier to turn off automatically after this period of time. 1-2 hours is typically enough to cycle and clean the air in a normal-sized room, but if you’re doing the entire home, you may need to run it for longer if the smell has really permeated your house.

Where should an air purifier be placed? If it’s for this purpose specifically, somewhere in your breathing zone. If you’re sitting on a couch, it could be right next to the couch or coffee table. If it’s in your bedroom, then perhaps by your bed or desk.

Can An Air Purifier Help With Weed Smell

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How Bad Does Marijuana Smell?

Perhaps you’re not aware, or you’ve simply grown accustomed to the smell. Just how strong is a marijuana smell? It’s very pungent and highly identifiable – there isn’t a whole lot that smells similar to its strong herbal (occasionally citrusy or fruity) scent outside of perhaps a skunk spray. No matter what the “base” smell is, though, you can count on it being quite potent and quick-traveling.

How does it smell like before and after being smoked? Before, it has a more herbal scent – almost like concentrated pine trees. After being smoked, it’s more musty or sometimes overly-sweet. How bad does the marijuana smell in your house? It’s hard to tell if you’ve grown used to it, but if you are smoking in your house and not using an air purifier, you can be almost guaranteed that the smell is going to be noticeable.

Is marijuana smell bad for those not using it? Actually, studies show that it is. “Particulate levels from second-hand marijuana smoke are even higher than particulate levels from second-hand tobacco smoke,” says No Smoke. They state that on average, the PM2.5 emission rate of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes indoors produces very high indoor PM2.5 concentrations, which is quite dangerous to those breathing it in.

The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment reported at least 33 individual constituents present in marijuana and tobacco smoke are Proposition 65 carcinogens. Other studies show that with exposure to second-hand marijuana smoke (at an amount similar to what’s allowed in smoking sections in restaurants) for just 30 minutes impaired blood vessel function.

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Other Ways To Remove Marijuana Smell In The House (DIY Technique)

What are the other ways of getting rid of marijuana smell aside from using the air purifier? There are quite a few, but they vary in efficacy. Of course, air purifiers tend to be the most effective; however, there are other ways to minimize the smell.

  1. Opening a Window:
    This is a really easy way to minimize the smell, by bringing fresh air to your home or room that dilutes air pollutants.
  2. Incense:
    These are equally (if not more) as intense in smell and can overpower the cannabis odor. However, if you don’t like the smell of incense or just smelly air in general, then it’s not the best solution.
  3. Odor-Absorbing Gel:
    Placing these near doorways and/or vents can help absorb the odor. While it may minimize the smell, though, it will not eliminate it alone.
  4. Use a Sploof:
    You can make these yourself or purchase the devices. You exhale the smoke through them, eliminating a good amount of the odor as the particles get trapped in the filter. It’s pretty effective, but again, it should be paired with an air purifier to really eliminate the smell.

Common Marijuana Smell and Air Purifier Questions

Will a Holmes air purifier work for weed smoke?

The Holmes air purifier is a great option, but we found they don’t completely eliminate the odor of cannabis. However, by adding their “SMOKE” filter line and adding carbon to them, they do produce much better results.

Will blowing weed into an air purifier kill the smell?

You probably shouldn’t blow it directly into the air purifier. It is much more effective to use it within the “exhale space” but not by blowing directly into it. However, that’s not to say it won’t help at all.

Will smoking weed shorten the lifespan of an air purifier?

Well, every few months or so, you’re going to have to change the filter of the air purifier. However, that doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily shorten the purifier’s lifespan. It’s designed to eliminate impurities in the air, and that’s exactly what it’s doing.


Now that you practically know everything there is to know about using an air purifier to help with marijuana smell, have you decided to get one or not? We hope our guide has helped answer all the questions you had. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you again soon!

Last Updated on January 9, 2023

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