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Dyson Humidifier Review

Read our unbiased Dyson humidifier review and see if this popular home air brand is for you.

Humidifiers can improve your living conditions as they hydrate the air, which alleviates various health risks caused by dryness.

Regular use of a humidifier can help treat dry nose, lips, throat, and overall skin. Additionally, they protect your throat, soothe sinuses, safeguard furniture, and do so much more!

To help you out, we reviewed the products manufactured by Dyson — a top contender in the humidifier industry.

Though a little pricy, Dyson humidifiers are worth every penny, because of the performance, agility, and resilience they offer. Read through our Dyson air humidifier review to know why these products are a must-have!

The Dyson Humidifier & Purifier Range Explained

Dyson AM10 Humidifier Fan

Not your average bladeless fan, this humidifier fan combo can adequately humidify your space all year long. Count on it to deliver uniform cool mist in summers in areas as big as 172 square feet.

It also features Ultraviolet Cleanse technology to eliminate 99% of bacteria and is certified to be Asthma and Allergy Friendly.

Dyson Pure Humidify+ Cool PH01

This device takes air quality up a few a notches courtesy of the featured HEPA and activated carbon filters that remove 99.97% of impurities, measuring as little as 0.3 microns from the air.

Additionally, UV Cleanse technology kicks in and exposes water within the tank to UV light to remove 99.99% of bacteria. The result is a clean, cool breeze that can be evenly circulated across 400 square feet.

Dyson Humidifiers Compared

Model Area Tank Capacity Max Airflow  Price
Dyson AM10 172 Sq. Ft. 0.94 Gallons 460 l/s Check Amazon
Dyson Pure 400 Sq. Ft. One gallon 460 l/s Check Dyson

Why Choose the Dyson Humidifier Brand?

Bladeless Fan Humidifier Combo

A Dyson air purifier humidifier is an all-in-one machine that acts as a purifier, humidifier, and fan.

The Dyson humidifier fan delivers a stream of purified cool air from the machine’s front. But you can also choose the backward airflow mode that only filters and humidifies the air without cooling it.

And rest assured that these units can run silently in the background for hours without disturbing your peace since there are no inbuilt blades to make noise.

Ultraviolet Cleanse Technology

Dyson cool air humidifiers feature Ultraviolet Cleanse technology that plays a major role in delivering fresh air. It eliminates 99.99% of bacteria accumulated in the water tank before sending out disinfected air and mist.

Air Multiplier™ Technology

Once all contaminants are removed by the filtration system, the Air Multiplier™ technology kicks in to ensure that humidified air has a uniform spread across the room. This happens seamlessly and swiftly to ensure that clean air reaches every corner of the space.

Dual Functionality & Intelligent Climate Control

Dyson air cleaner and humidifiers provide year-round performance as they deliver clean, cool air in the summers and ensure adequate humidification in cold, dry winters.

The intelligent climate control feature monitors humidity and temperature shifts to self-adjust to ensure uncompromised air quality.

Deep Clean Cycle

The deep clean cycles make maintenance quite easy. Simply press a button to eliminate all bacteria and mineral buildups in the water system.

Supports App & Voice Control

Monitoring the machine’s performance and adjusting settings based on real-time air quality in your place could not be any simpler. Just download the Dyson link app for iOS or Android, and make changes when required.

The humidifier fan can also be controlled via smart home devices such as Siri, and Alexa. Check the Dyson humidifier manual to configure these devices for use with your humidifier.

Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly

All humidifiers in the Dyson line have the AAFA certification by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, which means that Dyson air purifier humidifier units are allergy and asthma friendly.

Money-Back Guarantee

The surefire sign of a quality product is the confidence put in it by its manufacturer, and Dyson is quite assertive on how good their products are. This is made apparent by the 30-day money-back guarantee with free shipping, and they also back their humidifiers with a two-year warranty.

Best Dyson Humidifiers Reviewed

1. Dyson AM10

Specification Summary
Coverage Area 172 Sq. Ft.
Tank Capacity 0.94 Gallons
Airflow at maximum setting 460 l/s
Runtime 18 hours
Cord Length 5.9 Feet
Height 22.8 inches

Do you live in an area with year-round winter-like conditions? Do your allergies act up now and then? Do you suffer from chronic breathing issues such as asthma?

You need to add a humidifier to your space, stat! And there is none better than the globally acclaimed Dyson AM10.

It’s not surprising that the internet abounds with Dyson Am10 Humidifier fan reviews as well as Dyson AM10 hygienic mist humidifier reviews, singing praises of this unit for being the absolute best at alleviating allergy issues.

These Dyson AM10 Humidifier reviews show us why this is the absolute best Dyson humidifier for your needs, especially if it is your first time buying a unit.

Because this unit is much more than your average standalone humidifier – it flawlessly provides hygienic humidification throughout the year and high-velocity cool air during summers.

Before misting the room, it eliminates 99.99% of mold, viruses, and bacteria from the water tank within three minutes, courtesy of Ultraviolet Cleanse technology.

Once cleaned, the water drives into a chamber where it is converted to a mist by piezoelectric transducer — this happens 1.7 million times a second, which is why the AM10 qualifies as an ultrasonic humidifier.

Like any new appliance, you need to get used to it to get it to perform optimally. It’s easy to find the perfect humidity – choose the Auto-mode or set the precise mist levels on your own.

When the Auto-mode is selected, an intelligent climate control system kicks in and monitors temperature and current humidity levels. The humidifier also self-adjusts to maintain adequate healthy humidity.

Plus, the Dyson humidifier fan combo is backed by Patented Air Multiplier technology, which amplifies the airflow by 17 times, spreading the mist evenly across the room, no matter where you place it.

You also get a magnetized remote control with the device. It helps you shift between modes and amend settings without having to get up. When not in use, the remote can be left on the machine, as it stays put thanks to the magnet.  You can also control the humidifier via the Dyson app, Siri, and Alexa.


  • Improves living conditions
  • AAFA certified
  • Air Multiplier technology
  • Sleep mode
  • Ultrasonic humidifier


  • Pricy
  • The tank may need to be refilled twice a day when it’s very dry

2. Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool

Specification Summary
Coverage Area 400 Sq. Ft.
Tank Capacity One gallon
Airflow at maximum setting 460 l/s
Runtime 36 hours
Cord Length 6 Feet
Height 36.42 Inches

Some spaces need to be purified and cleaned before they are humidified. In such instances, you need a device like the Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool.

This Dyson air cleaner and humidifier combo is a sleek and stylish device with a well-lit LCD that reports humidity and air quality in real-time.

If you want to change mode or alter settings, you can do so via the buttons on the unit, the provided remote, the Dyson app, or using voice commands on Siri or Alexa.

The combo unit can oscillate 45-degrees or 90-degrees, the airflow has ten adjustable speeds, and the humidity level can be adjusted by 30% to 70%.

Just activate the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool and let it handle the rest. On its own accord, the machine will detect all airborne gases and particles and control the humidity and temperature.

99.97% of impurities that are as small as 0.3 microns can be by the activated carbon and HEPA filters on this unit.

Additionally, 99.99% of bacteria in the water tank are killed by the silver mesh and UV-C light to ensure that the resulting mist is free from all sorts of pollutants.

Plus, it can easily cover and humidify a 400 square feet space, evenly spreading cool breeze courtesy of the Air Multiplier™ technology, which significantly amplifies the airflow.

Some of the many noteworthy features of this Dyson cool air humidifier are the many modes it comes with. For instance:

  • Breeze mode that mimics a cooling breeze
  • Fan mode that sends out a stream of cool air via the bladeless fan.
  • Backward airflow mode which purifies and humidifies, but does not provide cooling
  • Night mode that keeps everything maintained at the lowest settings
  • Sleep mode, so you can pre-configure the machine to go off when you sleep


  • Deep-cycle mode
  • 36 hour run time
  • PTPA seal of approval
  • Backward airflow mode
  • HEPA and activated carbon filters


  • Expensive

Dyson Humidifiers Vs Air Purifier Models

Humidifiers and purifiers are meant for different functions — the former introduces moisture to the air, and the latter purifies and delivers clean air.

If you are using a standalone humidifier, remember that too much moisture can lead to mold spores and other bacteria. That’s why it makes more sense to buy a Dyson air purifier humidifier combo instead of individual units.

The basic distinction between Dyson humidifiers vs. air purifier models is that air purifiers deliver clean air, while the Dyson fan with humidifier provides moist, fresh air.

Who Makes Dyson Humidifiers

Dyson was founded in mid-1991 by James Dyson and is headquartered in Malmesbury, United Kingdom. The company is highly regarded for its fully-functional, unique products that are far superior to their counterparts.

Dyson manufactures several household items, including air purifiers, humidifiers, vacuum cleaners, bladeless fans, lights, hand dryers, etc.

Comparing Dyson Vs. Similar Humidifier Brands

Dyson Humidifier Vs. Levoit

We pinned Dyson AM10 against Levoit LV600HH, and both machines did remarkably well. The Dyson model comes with a fan for uniform mist and cool air spread, and UV Cleanse technology to sterilize the tank. The Levoit doesn’t have these features, yet it offers adequately humidified air, and it is much easier to maintain.

Additionally, the Dyson humidifier fan is aesthetically more pleasing. These units are designed to add style elements to any environment but come at a higher price tag.

Overall, if you want to buy something useful, yet cheap, go with the Levoit. But if you need a unit that delivers cool air when need be, the Dyson humidifier is right up your alley.

Dyson Humidifier Vs. Honeywell

We pinned Dyson AM10 against Honeywell HCM-315T and saw that both products had their strong-suits.

For instance, the AM10 is a Dyson fan with a humidifier and not a standalone unit. You can use both functions simultaneously or one at a time — your call! Plus, it comes with many safety features, which makes it more child-safe.

On the other hand, the Honeywell humidifier covers more ground, is cost-effective, and is easy to clean; however, it doesn’t have a fan.

If you are not too keen on spending money and controlling the unit with a remote does not matter, go with the Honeywell unit. On the other hand, if you need a multi-purpose, sleek, and stylish unit rated to be allergy and asthma friendly, go with Dyson.

How To Use A Dyson Humidifier

Operating a Dyson humidifier is quite straight forward, follow the steps:
  1. Fill up the tank and close the knob
  2. Place in on the base
  3. Plug the Dyson AM10 humidifier fan refurbished or new to the wall outlet
  4. Place it near your bedside if it’s a large room. However, you can also place the device in the middle of the room as Dyson humidifiers have Air Multiplier technology which ensures even mist spread
  5. Press the provided button to power it up
  6. Press and hold the button to adjust mist levels
  7. Use the supplied remote to select different modes. and you can also increase or decrease the mist level
Linking to Dyson App
  1. Download the App from Google Play or Apple App Store
  2. Press the top left icon that says “Add Machine”—it will automatically detect the Dyson cool air humidifier
  3. Hold the phone close to the humidifier and press the power button, and a connection will be established
  4. Now the app will guide you on how to connect the Dyson device to your home Wi-Fi
Linking to home assistant
  1. Go to settings in the Dyson app
  2. Click on voice control and then choose Alexa or Siri
  3. Then you can operate your humidifier by shooting out voice commands

Check out this Dyson humidifier YouTube video that talks about all the setup steps in detail

Dyson Humidifier Troubleshooting

Dyson Humidifier Leaking From The Bottom

The drainage line is probably clogged up, so you better create a clear passage. Plus, the evaporator pad may need to be cleaned or replaced.

Dyson Humidifier Making A Bubbling Noise

Dyson humidifier bubbling noise happens when the water moves towards the base of the unit. To stop the annoying sound, loosen the tank cap. Also, make sure that pool is maintained at an acceptable level.

Dyson Humidifier Not Misting

Set the humidity level at 70% and put the airflow at the lowest setting. If the unit still doesn’t mist,  thoroughly clean it and check the filters. If it’s a new unit, running three to four tanks should fix the issue.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

Are Dyson Humidifiers Worth The Money?

Too much moisture in the air is never good for anyone. Thankfully, with the self-adjusting capabilities of Dyson fan with humidifiers, the humidity will always stay at an acceptable level in your space. This is why investing in it makes all the more sense.

How Often Should I Replace Dyson Humidifier Filters?

If you use your humidifier 12 hours a day, it is recommended to replace the unit once every year. Also, to get the most out of the filter, it would be best to use the humidifier on Auto Mode.

How Long Do Dyson Humidifiers Last?

A full tank lasts for 36 hours. Also, the humidifier will last a minimum of five years, but you can get even more out of it with proper care and timely maintenance.

Is It Safe To Run These Humidifiers At All Times?

If properly cleaned and maintained, you can safely run a humidifier around the clock.

Are Dyson Humidifiers Safe To Use In A Baby Nursery Room?

Yes, you can use Dyson humidifier for baby room as they come packed with various safety features and are also awarded the PTPA seal of approval.

Here are some other humidifiers that are safe for babies.

How Do I Clean And Maintain Dyson Humidifiers?

Wondering how to clean Dyson humidifier? First off, activate the deep-clean feature to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and mineral buildup in the water system. Fill the tank up, throw in a citrus powder packet, and press the self-clean button.

For a thorough clean-up, pull apart the unit and clean each part separately, it would take you about half an hour, and you should ideally do it once a month.

Where Should I Place A Dyson Humidifier?

If it’s a small room, place it anywhere to get the most from your humidifier. But if your room is large, i.e., upwards of 400 square feet, place the unit as close to yourself as possible.

Regardless of where the Dyson air purifier humidifier is placed, moisture will be spread thanks to the Air Multiplier technology.

Can You Use Vinegar To Clean Dyson Humidifiers?

The answer is yes, fill the base with a cup of vinegar and a cup of water. Let it breathe for a while and then clean it. This will eliminate any present bacteria and mineral built-ups, while also disinfecting the filter.

Is It Okay To Buy Refurbished Dyson Humidifiers?

Apart from a few scratches, and possibly no warranty, a well-maintained Dyson humidifier refurbished unit should be a good buy. You’ll still get an excellent humidifier at a reasonable price.

Where Can I Buy Dyson Humidifiers?

You can go to the local superstore, but don’t expect many good bargains there. Instead, it would be best to buy from online market places such as Amazon, Home Depot, Best Buy, Costco, etc.


All in all, dry air can lead to many health scares, causing your allergies to act up. It’s recommended to introduce moisture to the air for comfortable living.

Dyson humidifiers are always a safe bet, especially for people with asthma and allergies — you can get an all-in-one solution for purifying, humidifying and cooling air.  These humidifier units look great and last a lot longer than many of their counterparts, making them a great addition to any home or office space.

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Last Updated on August 21, 2021

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