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Best 240v Electric Garage Heater

This article showcased the best 240v electric garage heaters currently on the market. These models are reliable for any home or office workshop.

If your garage needs help staying warm in the colder months, you are in the right place. This article will cover the best 240v electric garage heaters. Of course, you have a lot of options when it comes to supplemental heat. You can choose propane or kerosene, for example.

Electric heat is generally best for indoor use, though, and 240v heaters work well in large areas like garages. Let’s examine what it takes to make an informed decision and show you the best electric heaters on the market right now to help get you started.

Advantages of 240v Electric Garage Heaters Over 120v

There is an on-going debate as to which is better, using 240v heaters or 120v. Each type has its own advantages. Here are the advantages of 240v heaters.

  • Heats Larger Spaces Easily.
    240v heaters have higher output capacities and can heat larger garages faster and more efficiently, where 120v options may require more units.
  • Less Likely to Trip Circuits.
    240v circuits are generally dedicated, making these heaters less likely to pop breakers.
  • More Installation Options.
    120v models tend to specialize in portable models where 240v have more styles that can be more permanently installed.
  • Use Fewer Amps.
    For the same output, using Ohm’s law, a 240v heater will use half the amperage compared to a 120v model.

Electric Garage Heater (240V) Compared

Model Heater Type Coverage Area Wattage Price
Fahrenheat FUH 54 Electric fan 750 sq ft 5,000 Check Amazon
NewAir G56 Electric Fan-Forced 560 – 800 sq ft 5,000 Check Amazon
Dr Heater DR-PS11524 Infrared Forced Air 1,500 sq ft 15,000 Check Sylvane

Check Amazon

DIMPLEX DGWH4031G Electric Fan-Forced 500 sq ft 4,000 Check Sylvane

Check Build

Check Amazon

KING PAW2422-W Electric Fan-Forced 250-550 sq ft 2,250 / 1,500 Check Amazon
KING KBP2406 Electric Forced-Air 600 sq ft 5,700 / 4,000 / 2,850 Check Amazon
Comfort Zone CZ220 Digital Fan-Forced 750 – 1,000 sq ft 7,500 / 5,000/ 10,000 Check Amazon
Dr. Heater DR966 Electric Forced Air 300-600 sq ft 3,000 / 6,000 Check Sylvane

Check Amazon

Considerations Before Buying 240 Volt Electric Garage Heaters

Garage Size

240 volt electric heaters are great for use in larger spaces. Knowing your garage’s size (in square feet) will help you find the ideal size and output rating, which will narrow your choices and make the decision a bit easier.

Heat Output (BTU’s)

Electric heaters are most usually rated in wattage. When you need to understand the heat output capacities, you will look at wattage, with 240v units having a wide range from below 2000 watts to over 10,000.

If you are more comfortable using BTUs to determine space requirements, you can multiply the wattage by 3.4 to find the BTU rating if it isn’t listed.

Safety Features

With any heating device, there needs to be a safety feature in place to protect the unit, yourself, and the garage you are heating. Common safety features include tip-over and overheating shut off. These protect the heater and surrounding areas from damage, should the unit tip or the heater itself gets too hot.

Other features include humidity or temperature sensors and controls, oxygen level sensing, airflow sensors, and circuit overload protection. Each additional feature may add a bit to the overall price but are generally worth the cost.

Thermostat Options

Because 240v electric heaters tend to be permanently installed in the space, having thermostatic controls helps you by easing operation and allowing you to control the room’s actual temperature better.

Energy Efficiency

Heaters use more energy than a lot of other similar-sized appliances. As such, understanding energy efficiency is important. The more efficient the heater is, the lower your energy bill will be.

Highly efficient models are more costly but pay for themselves in the long run through energy bill savings.

Installation (Fixed vs. Portable Heating System)

If you live in colder climates or have longer winters, you may wish to pay for a fixed heater. These will be installed in the ceiling, on the wall, or on a shelf, depending on size and capacity.

Portable units are most often found in areas that only need the heaters for a short time or in garages that want to be able to travel or use the heater in other areas of the home. Knowing how you plan to use the heater and what its duties will be over the course of the entire year will help you decide which is best for you.


Portable units need carts, wheels, or handles as they can get fairly heavy. To be portable, the heater only needs to not have an installation option. This doesn’t mean they are easy to move or should be continuously moved.

If you plan to use a portable heater so you can move around or use it in different rooms, make sure it is either light enough to move by yourself or has a cart or wheels to assist in transportation.

Design & Other Features

The overall design of the heater will play a part in your decision as well. Force air units, for example, have different space and set up requirements than infrared or radiant heat models. You also need to consider additional features.

Items like remote controls or even mobile app controls can make using the heater easier but may not be worth the cost to you. You should also think about humidification and insulation concerns.

If the garage isn’t insulated correctly, heat will escape faster, making the heater work harder. Proper humidity levels make the system work more efficiently, too, but too low or too high can cause the units to be erratic or overheat easier.

You will also want to look at and understand the warranty, including terms, coverage duration, and claim processes before you buy.


Finally, the price will also be a major consideration factor. It is important to stay within your budget, but heaters tend to be a “get what you pay for” appliance, and the more you can spend for better quality, longer warranties, and energy efficiency will pay off in the long run.

8 Best 240V Electric Garage Heaters Reviewed

1. Fahrenheat FUH 54

Our Top Pick
Heater Type Electric fan
Coverage Area 750 sq ft
Dimensions 12.5 x 12.4 x 14 inches
Thermostat Yes
Wattage 5000
Installation Stand alone, wall mount, ceiling mount

Easily one of the best 5000 watt electric garage heater models is the FUH 54 from Fahrenheat. This model is designed specifically for hard to heat areas. If your garage is drafty, improperly insulated, or you need the door open while working, this heater is for you.

The 208/240-volt power supply will heat the coils to glowing red while the high speed fan pushes warm air into the garage space. It is a simple operation with a unique design allowing you to place the heater on the floor, mount it to the wall, or even the ceiling.

With the adjustable bracket, you can position the heater where it works best for you and make further adjustments with the airflow louvers. This powerful heater can heat more than a drafty garage, too. Open patios, workshops, and sheet metal sheds are no match for this 5000 watt heater.

It also features an internal overheating sensor that will shut the unit off if it becomes too hot. Once the internal temperature goes back to normal, the heater will resume operation based on the thermostat setting.

This durable and rugged heater does get hot to the touch, especially the top, sides, and louvers. Make sure you properly mount the heater and adjust the louvers before you turn it on to prevent burns.

  • Triple-mounting option
  • Heats open or drafty garages
  • Thermostat control
  • Simple operation
  • Overheat protection
  • 1-year warranty
  • Not aesthetically pleasing

2. NewAir G56

Best Budget 240v Electric Fan Heater
Heater Type Electric Fan-Forced
Coverage Area 560 – 800 sq ft
Dimensions 11 x 10.5 x 14 inches
Thermostat Yes
Wattage 5000
Installation Portable

The 5000 watt G56 from NewAir is an industrial-strength space heater designed for your portable use. In your garage, the temperature is maintained so you can work without getting chills. With an adjustable thermostat and fan adjustments, you will only wish you bought it sooner.

This stand-alone model comes in a square box frame with a coil heating element. The adjustable fan uses a three position switch (off, on, auto) so you can control when the fan pushes the warm air out to you.

With a carry handle that doubles as a cord wrap, you can take it with you, put it where you need it most and set the thermostat, enjoying the warmth while you work on your car or build that shelving system.

Depending on insulation levels, drafts, and ventilation, this compact heater will quickly warm between 560 and 800 square feet. The only safety system installed is overheating protection. When the internal temperature is too high, the unit will shut off to cool down.

The 1-year warranty is a little low for the market, but NewAir stands behind all of its products. They even offer a full 30-day, full refund policy so you won’t lose anything if you decide this heater isn’t for you.

  • Quick heating
  • Adjustable fan controls
  • Thermostat keeps temperature consistent
  • All steel construction
  • 1-year warranty
  • No tip-over shut off

3. Dr Heater DR-PS11524

Best Portable Electric Garage Heater 240v
Heater Type Infrared Forced Air
Coverage Area 1500 sq ft
Dimensions 28 x 39 x 22 inches
Thermostat Yes
Wattage 15000
Installation Roll-About Cart

For large garages where you need quick heat, even with the door open, the Dr Heater DR-PS11524 model is your answer. This salamander style forced air heater will perform well, fast, and offers simplistic controls.

The only downside to this model is that it requires you to purchase a power cord. We can recommend the SO 6/4 cord from Dr Heater, but we cannot explain why they don’t include it with your purchase.

Once you have the heater connected to the power source, though, the rest is easy. You can turn the unit on and control the temperature and fan speed through the dial controls on the top of the unit.

This model is also highly portable. The salamander stand features 10-inch wheels for easy maneuverability and transportation. After turning the unit on, you will notice the heat instantly. It takes no time to heat up and will push warm air out into your garage, heating the entire space in only a few minutes.

Double and triple car garages are the most beneficial. However, Dr Heater also makes a single phase 10000 watt unit for slightly smaller spaces or a triple phase 15000 watt model for 208v power supplies.

With a 1-year warranty and the lack of power cord, it does get knocked a few pegs. But, the durability and reliability make these small nuances worth the sacrifice.

  • Instant heat
  • Stable and portable on stand
  • Adjustable heat control with overheat protection
  • Thermostat control options
  • 1-year warranty
  • Power cord not included


Wall or Ceiling Model
Heater Type Electric Fan-Forced
Coverage Area 500 sq ft
Dimensions 11 x 7.25 x 9 inches
Thermostat Yes
Wattage 4000
Installation Wall of ceiling bracket mount

Dimplex makes a 240v electric fan-forced garage heater designed to stay out of your way while heating the space. With multiple mounting options and simple thermostat controls, you can set it and forget it while working on whatever project has you in the garage.

This 4000 watt unit is compact but has a high heat output. The coils heat up in less than 3 seconds, and the fan has a delay shut off to use residual heat and cool the coils when you turn it off.

An overheating and overload protection will turn the heater off if it becomes too hot internally. Once the temperature reaches a normal range, the heater will resume operation.

The best feature, though, is the multiple mount design. The bracket can mount to a wall or the ceiling, whichever works best for you. The heater itself attaches to the bottom of the bracket and even offers a swivel adjustment.

With 2 lock pins you can rotate the fan either 0 or 45 degrees. Pointing the heater where you need it most to enjoy the benefits and quick heating it offers. The downside is the low 1-year warranty. However, the entire unit is covered for the 12-months, and DIMPLEX makes good on all claims.

  • Quick heat
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Thermostat control
  • Fan delay
  • 1-year warranty
  • Adjustable tilt-only offers 2 positions
  • Not ideal for larger garages

5. KING PAW2422-W

Best 240v Electric Wall Heater
Heater Type Electric Fan-Forced
Coverage Area 250-550 sq ft
Dimensions 13.5 x 7.5 x 4 inches
Thermostat No
Wattage 2250, 1500
Installation In Wall Mount

King heaters have been well known for the Pic-A-Watt (PAW) series that allows you to customize the wattage of your heating units. The new PAW2522-W is another in the long line of King excellence.

The 2250 watt model will heat garages to 550 square feet, and you can control the output, of course, selecting the TKIT wattage during install. These models also work with thermostat controls, though they are a separate purchase and install.

The in-wall mounting provides you with a wall cap and metal grill for recessed, out of the way installation and heat protection. The heater does feature auto shut-off for overload, overheating, and Smart Limit (patented) protection.

One of the best features, though, is the whisper quiet squirrel cage blower. Even when on high, you won’t hear a thing but can definitely feel the high heat output. Hot enough to warm your entire garage and quiet enough to take a nap in your bedroom, you get the best of both worlds here.

To top it off, King offers you 30-years of customer quality satisfaction backed by a 5-year all-inclusive warranty. You have nothing to lose with this heater except working in cold temperatures.

  • 5-year warranty
  • PAW system lets you control wattage
  • Multiple safety shut-offs
  • High-heat, High output
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Thermostat is a separate purchase

6. KING KBP2406

Best Compact 240v Electric Garage Heater
Heater Type Electric Forced-Air
Coverage Area 600 sq ft
Dimensions 13.63 x 10.38 x 11.25 inches
Thermostat Yes
Wattage 5700, 4000, 2850
Installation Wall, ceiling mount

King offers another model if the PAW2522-W isn’t your style. The KBP2406 is a multi-mount, multi-watt system that will heat your garage or workspace in no time at all. With variable watt models with a wide range of wattage selections, you are sure to find the one you need.

The most popular model is the 5700 watt 240v system. Though you can also choose the smaller 2850 watt system or, for industrial applications, the 277v 4000 watt system. No matter which one you decide, you are getting King quality and reliable forced-fan heating.

The mount is a permanent bracket that can mount to the ceiling or wall. You will need to supply your power cord, though, with a 6/4 SO/OW cable recommended. You can adjust the dual elements to match your garage size and needs. Using the color-coded Pic-A-Watt system, your output will depend on which elements you leave active.

Even with minimum watts, the heater will push out an incredible amount of heat. While you will need more watts to heat the entire space, this unit will deliver. All metal construction and a 5-year warranty give you peace of mind and durable, rugged heat when you need it most.

King does offer a kit to make this heater a portable unit. As a separate purchase, of course, you can take the heater off the wall and take it where you need it and not have to worry about tipping or kicking the heater while it is in use.

  • 5-year warranty
  • Dual Pic-A-Watt Elements
  • Thermostat Dial Operation
  • Multiple mount options
  • 240v power cord required
  • Portable kit sold separately

7. Comfort Zone CZ220

Best 7500w 240v Ceiling Garage Heater
Heater Type Digital Fan-Forced
Coverage Area 750 – 1000 sq ft
Dimensions 17.5 x 13.6 x 14.2 inches
Thermostat Yes
Wattage 7500, 5000, 10000
Installation Ceiling Mount

Comfort Zone has the best 7500 watt ceiling heater for your garage. This model features a lot of nice accessories, including all digital controls and overheat protection. But the mounting and operation will impress you the most.

With a ceiling mount bracket, you can put the unit where it will do the most good in your space. Beyond that, you also have a three-position lock pin for swivel mounting and directional output. After mounted, you can position the heater to blow between 0 and 85 degrees giving you more control over the output.

The 7500 watts will heat spaces up to 1000 square feet with ease, but if you need more, there is also a 10,000 watt option, or for smaller spaces, the 5,000 watt option may be more viable. No matter which option you select, your garage will stay warm all winter long.

This unit is hardwired, so you don’t need to fuss with buying extra plugs, though an HVAC tech or electrician may be necessary for the install. If you aren’t comfortable hard wiring the unit or dealing with 240 volts, please call a professional.

The 1-year warranty is a little disappointing. Especially since Comfort Zone has such great products and customer service. However, as long as you have the system properly mounted and wired, you shouldn’t have any problems with the heater even long after the warranty has expired.

  • Remote control operation
  • All digital controls
  • Overheat protection
  • 3-position swivel
  • 1-year warranty
  • Hardwired only

8. Dr. Heater DR966

Best Small Commercial 240v Heater
Heater Type Electric Forced Air
Coverage Area 300-600 sq ft
Dimensions 14.5 x 13 x 14.5 inches
Thermostat Yes
Wattage 3000/6000
Installation Wall or Ceiling Mount

The Dr is back, and this time DR Heater brings you the DR966 electric forced air heater for your garage. This is easily the best small commercial 240-volt heater out there, and it shows, not only in performance but in durability and reliability.

This forced air unit is full of hidden features that you won’t find on many other models. For example, the motor is encased and has permanently lubricated ball bearings. This makes for extremely low maintenance, long motor life, and less operational noise.

Ideal for spaces between 300 and 600 square feet, you can adjust the built-in thermostat to maintain the temperature you need in the space you are working. For a quick warm-up, you can turn the unit on high, and within minutes the entire garage will be warm enough to work. Once you are comfortable, turn the thermostat down to maintain temperature.

While this model isn’t as energy efficient as some of the other units on this list, it is still moderate in expense. It is a hardwired unit, but you can also attach a 240v 6/4 SOOW plug and use an outlet that is on a dedicated circuit.

Thermal protection shuts off the heater if it gets too hot or has circuit overload but will resume operation when the unit cools down. The airflow louvers are adjustable, too, giving you more control over where the warm air goes.

With a 1-year warranty, we have to bring it down a spot or two, but that shouldn’t detract from the overall reliability and functionality of this heater. After purchase and installation, you will wonder why you waited so long to buy it.

  • Hardwired or plug compatible
  • Easy thermostat controls
  • Wall or ceiling mounting bracket included
  • Heats quickly
  • 1-year warranty
  • Not highly energy efficient

Sizing Up 240v Electric Garage Heaters

Understanding the size and output limitations will help you know what size heater you need for your garage. The normal measurements are the wattage of the heater and square feet of the garage.

To get the square foot measurement, multiply the garage’s length by the width (in feet). The result will be the square feet of your space. For example, a typical 2-car garage is 18 feet by 20 feet, or 18 x 20 = 360 square feet.

The typical requirement for heating is 10 watts per square foot. For this, you multiply your square feet by 10 to get the minimum watt rating needed for your space. In our example, this would be 360 x 10 = 3600 watts.

If you need to measure BTUs instead of watts, you can get the same measurements by multiplying the watts by 3.4, as 1 watt = 3.4 BTUs. Following the above example, then, a 3600 watt heater would be the same as a 12,240 (3600 x 3.4) BTUs.

Generally, you will want to get a range with your measurements and calculations as the minimum. From there, thinking about ceiling height, insulation level, and humidity requirements as well as ventilation and distribution of the warm air, you can multiply the final number by 1.5 or 2, giving you an approximate range needed for your heater’s output.

Continuing with the 2-car garage example then, we need a 240v heater with an output capacity between 3600 and 5400 (3600 x 1.5) watts or 12,240 to 18,360 BTUs.

Placing Electric Garage Heaters for Efficiency

Proper placement in your garage is crucial to the efficiency and heating output of your garage heater. Placement depends on the type of heater and the size of your garage more than other factors.

Forced air heaters require the most space as they require airflow from the rear while needing a large space out front for the warm air to travel. They also tend to get hotter above the unit, so a high clearance is critical to their functionality and safety.

Infrared and radiant heaters, on the other hand, don’t need as much rear or side clearance and can be immensely effective when placed in a corner or against a large wall.

Each model is different, and depending on if the style heats the air or the objects in the room, the placement will be affected, too. Portable units may do well in the center of the room so they can radiate the heat in all directions.

Likewise, mounted units on the wall or ceiling may need additional fans or blowers to help move the heat where it is needed most.

Installing 240v Electric Heaters in the Garage

Models capable of being mounted tend to be more efficient when they are installed. Wall mount options will heat the air, and as it rises, new, colder air flows from the bottom, completing the cycle and heating the space. If they weren’t mounted, they wouldn’t be as efficient since they couldn’t draw colder air in as effectively.

There are also ceiling mounted and ducted models that are generally designed for a permanent installation. Some will use bracers or brackets, and these should be included in your purchase or as a kit on optional install models.

Wall mount heaters will require studs for stability and may benefit from a shelf. In almost all cases, installation is a simple DIY process and can be accomplished by following the model-specific instructions in the owner’s manual.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

What is the most efficient type of 240v electric heater?

Infrared and radiant heating electric models are more efficient than forced-air models as they can heat without the need for fans or motors. Finding the correct size for the space will also help the efficiency of all models keeping the actual usage time to a minimum.

How much does it cost to have a 240v electric garage heater installed professionally?

Professional installation is generally not required for electric heaters. However, if you are unable to complete the job yourself, hiring a professional is an option. Depending on labor costs in your area, the heater’s size, and installation location, you can expect to pay between $200 and $800, on average.

How much will it cost to run a 240v electric garage heater?

The cost to run a 240v heater will depend on several factors. The main factors are the wattage draw of the heater and your cost per kWh for electricity. For example, with the national average kWh cost of 13 cents and a basic heater wattage draw of 3600 watts, you can expect to pay about $2.34 per day if you run the heater for 5 consecutive hours.

What type of maintenance is needed for 240V electric garage heaters?

Maintenance for heaters is pretty low. Dust and dirt accumulation need to be removed regularly from the machine body and heating elements. You should also inspect the cord, plug, outlets, and circuit breakers for signs of damage, scorching, or burning. Beyond that, there isn’t much for you to do aside from staying aware of the heater and turning it off if you notice smoke, odd smells, or see a fire.

Can I allow my electric heater to remain on when I am not present?

It is never advised to leave an electric heater on unattended. If you are just stepping out of the room, then it will be okay. However, if you plan to leave the house for errands or to see a movie, then you need to turn the heater off while you are away.

Where is the best place to buy 240v electric heaters?

You can find 240v electric garage heaters at many brick and mortar shops around the country. These will include places like Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, and local hardware stores. The best places to find deals, cost savings, and bigger selections are online, though. Amazon and Sylvane offer big selections of new and older model heaters, with great shipping costs and warranty services.


Finding the best 240v electric garage heater doesn’t have to be a challenge. While there are many brands, styles, and designs available, the right model for your needs is easily discovered. Through wattage or BTU requirements, space size and heating needs, you can narrow your choices considerably.

This article showcased the best electric garage heaters currently on the market, but if you are still undecided, take a second glance at our top pick. The Fahrenheat FUH 54 is the best 5000 watt garage heater available. With thermostat controls, transporting handle, and heavy-duty construction, you can heat almost any garage in a matter of minutes.

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