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Friedrich Air Conditioner Reviews

Our unbiased opinion helps you choose the best Friedrich air conditioner for your home.

Best Thru-Wall AC

Friedrich Wall Master Series
Wall Master Series

Our Top Pick

Friedrich EP18G33B
Friedrich EP18G33B

Smart WiFi AC

Friedrich Chill Premier CCF12A10A
Friedrich Chill Premier

While the majority of Americans have central AC in their homes, those who do not often live in warm climates where fans simply won’t get the job done. However, many are hesitant to purchase an air conditioner because they don’t want to waste their money on a sub-par model. One way to avoid this is by going with a trusted brand, like Friedrich.

We also know it can be overwhelming perusing through the countless models out there, which is why this guide features a carefully curated list of the most efficient, quietest, and biggest bang for your buck.

Friedrich Air Conditioners Compared

ModelAC TypeBTUsHeatPrice
Friedrich EP18 G33BWindow18000YesCheck Build

Check Amazon

Wall Master SeriesThrough the Wall12000NoCheck Price
Friedrich Chill PremierWindow12000YesCheck Sylvane

Check Amazon

Friedrich Chill CP06 G10BThrough the Wall6000NoCheck Sylvane

Check Amazon

Friedrich SL36 N30BWindow or Thru-Wall36000NoCheck Sylvane

Check Amazon

Friedrich Uni-Fit Series US08 D10CThrough the Wall8000NoCheck Price
Friedrich Kuhl Series SQ06 N10CWindow or Thru-Wall5800NoCheck Price

Who Makes Friedrich Air Conditioners

Ed Friedrich founded the company almost 140 years ago in San Antonio, Texas. The family is an important one to the city, from owning various iconic places throughout. Their innovation, business-savviness, and high-quality production translated over well to Friedrich Air Conditioning.

Developing one of the first refrigeration systems proved to be a natural progression onto room air conditioners. In 2006, Friedrich started production at their brand-new facility in Monterrey, Mexico, which places it as the only North American manufacturer of room AC units! Finally, 10 years ago, the company moved its headquarters to a huge space at the Union Square II Building at 10001 Reunion Place in San Antonio.

The Friedrich AC Range Explained

Kuhl Room AC Units

This air conditioner line comes with integrated Wi-Fi control, making it possible to change operation through voice commands. Known for top-notch quality and user-friendliness, you can move between operating modes, fan speed, and temperature all with one-touch technology. Solid steel and aluminum construction ensures long-lasting capabilities. These are available in Cooling Only and Cooling + Heat.

Chill Window Units

These units are also available in Cooling Only and Cooling + Heat, though it is around a third lighter than similar models. Installation and maintenance are a breeze, and the Chill line is perfect for single-room or open space usage. The Chill Premier and Chill CP06G10B are the most popular models in this category.

J Series Wall Mounted Units

Whether you need to cool down a single room or multiple rooms, the J Series has you covered. You can choose from models ideal for one particular area, heating and cooling or multi-zone units.

Through the Wall Units

There are 2 models here: the WallMaster and Uni-Fit. The first features Cooling Only and Cooling + Heat. Made with robust materials, it’s long-lasting and quiet operation at low temperatures. The Uni-Fit is made for 24.5″, 26″, or 27 ½ ” sleeves without the need for the hassle of retrofits. Coming with a solid-side sleeve without side vents, it can be installed in walls up to 16 ¾ “ while performing at a top level.

Floating Air Ductless

This budget-friendly line comes with variable-speed compressors and fans to reach the desired temperature more efficiently while maintaining the level consistently, all while reducing energy consumption. These are available in Cooling Only and Cooling + Heat.

Why Choose the Friedrich Brand?

While it’s easy to go on and on about what a great brand Friedrich is, the bottom line is that their AC units are perfect for those who value convenience and quality. If you’re always on-the-go or are particularly tech-savvy, you’ll love the Wi-Fi connectivity options, and how user-friendly they are to install and operate.

Their Cooling and Cool + Heat features also save energy to keep your electricity bill low, achieving Energy Star certification. Each component is made with supreme quality to ensure long-lasting operation and reliability.

7 Best Friedrich Air Conditioners Reviewed

1. Friedrich EP18G33B

Our Top Pick
AC TypeWindow
Cooling Area1000 sq. ft.
HeatingYes, 12,000 BTUs

“Friedrich air conditioners are hard-working and hard-wearing. Their commercial-grade products are the first choice for tough environments, from oil rigs to the Kennedy Space Center,” proclaims AJ Madison.

We couldn’t agree more, and their EP18G33B is exemplary of that. The Friedrich window air conditioner offers the perfect balance of heavy-duty operation with energy efficiency.

The Designer White color will jive with just about any existing room décor, with 18,000 BTUs of cooling power and 12,000 of heating power ideal for a 1,000 square foot room. It’s your choice whether you’d like to install it as a window air conditioner or in the wall. Thanks to the versatility of the power cord, you can also choose whether to run it on the left or right side of the AC unit.

The auto air sweep feature oscillates louvers side-to-side during cooling operation to provide a continuous and even air circulation, all while remaining incredibly quiet.  However, you can choose to turn on the fan only while cooling to save money. The included remote control allows you to conveniently adjust to your liking, no matter where you are in the room, and you can even set the 24-hour timer to program when it’s on or off.

2. Wall Master Series

Best Friedrich Thru The Wall AC
AC TypeThrough the Wall
Cooling Area550 sq. ft.

The Wall Master Series is a Friedrich through the wall air conditioner that comes highly reputed across the board. “Built with the finest commercial-grade materials and components, WallMaster is durable, yet quiet,” informs Alpine Home Air.

Installing in walls up to 15 15/16” deep, it is ideal for rooms which measure around 550 square feet.

If you read through Friedrich wall air conditioner reviews, you’ll find that consumers love the “Money Saver” which only runs the fan while cooling to keep operation costs down. The smart fan also auto-adjusts the speed to achieve and maintain the temperature you want, whenever you want. You don’t even have to hassle with remotes to do so, due to the 24-hour timer that lets you program on/off timing. However, the top mount controls are easy to reach, and an included remote control gives you more options.

If you live in an area that gets hot and cold months, you’ll be sure to take advantage of the cooling-only and cooling with electric heat. The steel inner and outer weather panels help block out frigid winter air, to further help keep your room warm.

3. Friedrich Chill Premier

Best Friedrich Smart Window AC
AC TypeWindow
Cooling Area550 sq. ft.
HeatingYes, 12,000 BTUs

Are you someone who’s always on your smartphone? If so, then the Friedrich Chill Premier is just for you! With integrated Wi-Fi, you can control the AC unit with the brand’s app from your device. If you have Amazon Alexa, you can adjust the operation and set a cooling schedule, too – all without the need to get up from your comfy bed or sofa.

Clocking in at around 25% quieter operation than competitor models, it comes with QuietMaster technology consisting of thick insulation on the inner walls along with hardened sheet metal to block extra noise from escaping.

3 cooling speeds, 3 fan-only settings, auto-fan, and an 8-way airflow features allow you a substantial amount of control over your Friedrich air conditioner. If you don’t quite have the time to continually be adjusting cooling settings manually or with a remote, we can’t recommend the Chill Premier enough.

4. Friedrich Chill CP06G10B

Most Popular Small Friedrich AC
AC TypeThrough the Wall
Cooling Area250 sq. ft.

Simple, sleek, and easy on the wallet, the Friedrich Chill CP06G10B offers amazingly low noise output and powerful, efficient cooling.

If you read through Friedrich 6000 BTU window air conditioner reviews, you’ll see that this model may be slightly more expensive than many competitor products, but you really do get much more, which makes the extra expense worth it in the end. For example, the efficiency rating of this model is 12.2, which is quite a bit higher than the normal threshold of 10.

Made to cool spaces anywhere from 200 to 250 square feet, the Auto Air Sweep aids in distributing cold air evenly to avoid “hot spots” or particularly frigid ones. We did notice that perhaps due to this feature, it proved it was able to cool open spaces even greater than the 250 square feet the brand recommends.

3 cooling and fan-only speeds come with the unit, along with the ability to run the power cord out of the left or right side. While you don’t get quite as many adjustment settings as the others we’ve covered so far, it’s more than an excellent choice for most small-to-medium spaces.

5. Friedrich SL36N30B

Best Large Model Friedrich AC
AC TypeWindow/Thru-Wall
Cooling Area2500 sq. ft.

Out of all the Friedrich air conditioner models on our guide, the SL36N30B is the most powerful. If you’re on the hunt for an AC unit that can address large areas of space at once, then this is it. The 36,000 BTU unit is heavy-duty and can cool up to a whopping 2,500 square feet at once.

Durable in every sense of the word, the model features aluminum end plates to eliminate the risk of corrosion, while improved indoor and outdoor temperature monitoring help deliver dependable operation. The 2-stage air filtration system will leave the air feeling more pleasant and easy on the lungs, coming out even cleaner than when it went in.

With the option to install in the window or through the wall, the slide-out chassis with handles makes installation and maintenance a breeze.

A 24-hour timer, 8-way airflow control, control panel lockout, along with the capability of setting the display set temperature, and room temperature allows for complete control over exactly when and how you want the air conditioner to operate. You can even take advantage of their Comfortwatch technology, which samples the air in the room to set and maintain your desired temperature.

6. Friedrich Uni-Fit Series US08D10C

Best Friedrich in Wall Air Conditioner
AC TypeThrough Wall
Cooling Area350 sq. ft.

Next up, we have the Friedrich Uni-Fit Series US08D10C, which is the perfect through wall air conditioner if you need a single-room solution that’s also incredibly convenient. Made to fit 24 ½ inch, 26-inch, and 27-inch sleeves, it’s effortless to install, even if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly DIY-savvy. The flush mount looks like it was made to work with your home, with a notably slim interior profile and 2-piece trim ring, which will cover up to a 1″ gap.

If you need to keep cool while studying, working, making music, etc. then you’ll love how quiet this model is, due to the rotary compressors and sufficient insulation. 6-way airflow eliminates stagnant air, offering improved air circulation and coming with a remote for easy adjustments. If you get distracted easily or simply don’t want to be bothered to continually adjust manually, you can take utilize the 24-hour timer as well.

As it comes, Energy Star qualified and the Money Saver setting we covered earlier up in the guide, you can count on this being an incredibly budget-friendly cooling solution.

7. Friedrich Kuhl Series SQ06N10C

Quietest Friedrich AC
AC TypeWindow or Through Wall
Cooling Area250 sq. ft.

Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to the Friedrich Kuhl Series SQ06N10C. With quick and easy installation in either a window or wall, it’s perfect for spaces around 250 square feet. Built with a sturdy base pan, steel inner walls, and aluminum end plates, you can count on it providing reliable operation for many years to come.

The Friedrich window air conditioner is the quietest on our guide and easily one of the quietest on the market today. From thick rubber motor mounts to extra-dense insulation, each component is protected for muffling and minimizing vibration and extra noise. That makes it ideal for use in offices and common areas; work, conversation, nor studies will go interrupted by your AC unit.

The 8-way airflow system creates effective air distribution as well, so you don’t have to worry about your corner of the room being forgotten about. Two energy management schedules let you make up to 5 personalized programs to suit your lifestyle, so you can just set it up once and go. If you ever do want to change settings further, you can connect using your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, with FriedrichLink! Just keep in mind the Wi-Fi adapter is sold separately.

How Friedrich Compare with Other Brands

If you haven’t heard of Friedrich before, an easy way of understanding their level of quality is by comparing it to brands you are familiar with. Let’s take a look at a few comparisons to provide you with a more comprehensive picture.

  • Frigidaire vs. Friedrich
    Both are very reliable options, and Frigidaire is notably less expensive. However, Friedrich offers significantly more flexibility and user-friendliness when it comes to installation. Not only that, but it comes with just a few more specialized features, like letting you exhaust stale air outdoors.
  • Danby vs. Friedrich
    Danby is a very similar brand in terms of special features and technology. However, Friedrich simply was more durable and easier to install, with a wider variety of options.
  • Hisense vs. Friedrich
    Hisense is another which is similar in terms of technology and can cool large room sizes effectively. However, the materials used aren’t quite up to the level that Friedrich offers, and their models are known to be rather bulky.
  • Toshiba vs. Friedrich
    Toshiba is a highly respected tech brand, so it comes as no surprise that they also offer smart AC units like Friedrich does. However, they still don’t offer the installation versatility and can sometimes be very expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to setup and properly install a Friedrich window air conditioner?

This is a comprehensive video that will take you through each step of the installation process.

Where can I download an owner’s manual online for my Friedrich air conditioner?

Check out either one of these resources here: Sylvane, Friedrich.

Where is the model number on a Friedrich air conditioner?

This will vary depending on the model, but will always be either on the top, right, or left side of the AC, and occasionally on the serial plate behind the front grill.

How do I reset my Friedrich air conditioner?

It’s actually quite easy! All you have to do is press the “Reset” button on the Friedrich plug. Make sure to keep it pressed after the On/Off button is pressed, and the unit turns on.

How do I connect my Friedrich AC to WIFI?

This video will take you step-by-step through the entire connection process of your AC to your Wi-Fi.

What do other customers say about Friedrich air conditioners?

“The Wi-Fi is a very good option to turn on and cool your room from somewhere other than the home.”

They work fine and the units have proven to hold up to constant use during the hot summer days.”

Where is the best place to buy Friedrich air conditioners online?

Amazon and Sylvane are your best options. They’re both incredibly convenient in terms of delivery and are always careful with your products. Not only that, but they offer reliable, real customer reviews and competitive prices, so you always know what you’re receiving.


Friedrich AC units are ideal for those who love cutting-edge technology, value durability and special features, along with versatility. If you’re still stuck between a couple of models, allow us to recommend once again how incredible the Friedrich EP18G33B Window Air Conditioner is. It’s incredibly versatile and powerful, offering 18,000 BTU of cooling and 12,000 of heating.

Operation is ultra-quiet, and auto air sweep features address every inch of space. Not only that, but it’s very durable and budget-friendly when you take into consideration its long life span. What’s most important is that you select the model that works best for you and your lifestyle.