GE Window AC Troubleshooting (How To Reset When Not Cooling)

General Electric is a famous air conditioning equipment manufacturer. Their window air conditioners are among the best available options in the market. However, as with any home appliances, GE products are bound to face some repair and maintenance issues.

One crucial issue is how to reset your AC unit when not cooling. Hence, you must learn the critical points of GE window air conditioner troubleshooting by reading this blog.

Common GE Window Air Conditioners Problems (+ Causes & Troubleshooting Guide)

Common GE Window AC Problems


GE window ACs have two beeping functions. The unit beeps once if the power cord is connected or if the A button is pressed with the power on. The unit beeps twice on button failures. This is normal behavior, and you don’t need to take any steps.

Sometimes, the unit will beep continuously. It represents a serious issue; hence, you must consult an HVAC specialist to examine the unit thoroughly.

Control Panel Not Working

If your GE air conditioner control panel is not working, you should check if the AC is in COOL mode if it does not change the temperature. Another method is to turn off the switch and leave it for 30 seconds. As a result, your GE AC will reset.

If the panel is not working, the control panel’s electronic components may be faulty. Contact your local GE HVAC support to find a repair or replacement.

Not Cooling

Your GE air conditioner, not cooling, can occur for various reasons, including improper installation, wrong unit size, clogged filter, or icy coils.

First, you should ensure the filter is clean and that no object is obstructing the airflow of the window air conditioner. Second, give the air conditioner some time if the room was previously quite warm. Third, look closely in the room as cold air may be escaping from an opening.

For icy coils, you should set your unit to a High Fan setting at a high temperature. This selection will create a burst of warm air removing ice from the coils.

Buttons Not Responding

When the GE air conditioner buttons are not working, the best solution is to disconnect power for a few minutes. As a result, the unit’s electric components return to their default values.

You should ensure that the window air conditioner is in the proper mode. You can control the temperature in COOL mode while changing only fan speed in the FAN mode.

Flashing Red Light

The flashing red light on GE air conditioner units usually indicates that the outside unit or compressor is not receiving power. Therefore, you should check if it is receiving the standard power supply.

The flashing light may represent a module failure if you continue further GE air conditioner troubleshooting methods without success. Consequently, you will need to call an AC professional to check if the unit has a faulty compressor.

Filter Light Blinking

The filter light blinking occurs when the GE air conditioner has been used for over 250 hours. It reminds customers to check and clean the air filter.

You can press the reset filter to turn off this light. In addition, it will also reset the unit to once again display the filter light after the next 250 hours of operation.

Repeatedly Turning On And Off

In normal operations, the GE window units are designed to run on 8-minute cooling cycles. Therefore, the GE air conditioner turning on and off repeatedly could be due to multiple reasons, such as a dirty filter, frozen coils, low refrigerant, and a faulty compressor.

Another significant problem is the wrong placement of the thermostat, where it keeps reading the wrong temperature, causing it to cut power repeatedly.

Restricted airflow is a common cause that can be rectified by cleaning the unit and replacing the air filter.

Voltage problems are harder to identify. Hence, you can use a multi-meter to check if all parts of the air conditioner are getting the power mentioned in the GE manual. Still, you should contact an HVAC expert and look at your GE AC unit for the more severe issues.

Wi-Fi Not Working

GE window air conditioner Wi-Fi not working is usually caused by entering the wrong password for the home network. You can find the GE Wi-Fi guidelines online and follow them to connect your window AC with your home network the right way.

You should make sure that your GE air conditioner is connecting to the correct network. In addition, make sure that this network is not hidden from new devices. Sometimes, the AC unit may not connect with the network device due to low signal. As a result, you will have to buy an additional router to ensure signal strength.

Error Code Numbers

Understanding the error code numbers is essential when attempting to perform GE window air conditioner troubleshooting. Some common codes are:

  • E1: Electronic board malfunction. Turn off the power for a few minutes. Then turn it on again. Your AC requires a new circuit board if it doesn’t recover.
  • E5: Overcurrent protection. This error occurs due to low voltage, causing the unit to draw more current. One needs to correct power issues to fix this.
  • E8: Overload malfunction. It occurs when the unit’s compressor cannot handle the cooling requirements and keeps getting overloaded.
  • H3: Compressor overload protection. It happens when the compressor is drawing too much electricity. H3 and E8 errors occur due to high humidity and high temperature conditions.

EP Error Code

This error code appears due to a faulty temperature switch or if the evaporator coils have frozen. Therefore, disconnecting the air conditioner should reset it after a few minutes.

However, if the error persists and the window air conditioner doesn’t function, you may need a replaced control board. If you have the required skills, you can also replace the thermocouple that takes temperature from the cooling coils.

GE Window AC EP Error Code

How To Reset A GE Window Air Conditioner?

If your air conditioner control panel or other parts are not working, resetting the appliance often solves the problems.

If you are wondering how do you reset a GE window air conditioner, you can use these methods:

Reboot your GE air conditioner by turning the power off and letting it remain off for some minutes. It will usually resolve many errors by removing the stuck settings. Then, turn the power back on to see if it works.

Moreover, you can use the reset button on the air conditioner. It is present on the plug of the power cord. Press it for five seconds to force a restart.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

How long do GE window air conditioners last?

GE window air conditioners can last up to ten years. However, they will require routine maintenance over this period and would otherwise develop faults. Moreover, window ACs used daily will have a shorter life than those used for only a few months every year.

How will I know if my window air conditioner is low on freon?

You know when the window air conditioner runs under the usual settings but fails to cool the room. Cooling coils may also have an ice buildup when Freon is low. The energy bills may also increase significantly.

Where is the drain on GE window air conditioners?

GE window air conditioners don’t have a drain plug like portable AC units. Instead, fan blades use a slinger ring to collect water and throw it against the condenser coils placed outside. No manual drainage is required for these models.


GE window air conditioner troubleshooting uses some basic steps. You can resolve most of the issues by simply turning off the unit and letting it stay unplugged for a few minutes. For persistent problems, contact GE AC support to ensure you can reach the optimal maintenance solution.

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