How to Hide Portable Air Conditioner Hose (7 Hacks)

Portable air conditioners are incredibly helpful, but their hoses can be bulky and ugly to look at. They are large and need to be near a window, making them inconvenient to place and design your home. In this guide, we have tips on how to hide your portable air conditioner tube without sacrificing your interior design.

How To Hide The Portable AC’s Hose? (7 Creative Hacks)

Portable air conditioner hoses are ugly, inconvenient, and bulky. However, there is no need to despair over your decor just yet. Follow our tips below to know how to hide portable ac hoses effectively.

1. Use False Cabinets And Shelves

False cabinets are an excellent way to hide portable AC hoses; they are hollow, portable, and less permanent. You can design the cabinets to suit your budget and style, making the concealment appear seamless. You can even add custom shelving to make the most of your storage space or hide the air conditioner machine itself.

It is possible to measure out your desired space and make some yourself or buy one from a cabinet supplier.

2. Use Decorative Wall Panels

In a similar vein to our previous entry, decorative wall panels create a wide range of seamless style options. Wall paneling comes in a range of materials, colors, and detailing that can hide your AC unit and give your room a facelift.

We would recommend using wood or metal paneling instead of plastic for durability and style. When measuring your desired spot, make sure to leave plenty of room for the AC unit and hose to breathe.

Hide Portable AC By Using Decorative Wall Panels

3. Paint The Portable AC’s Hose

Painting your AC hose is one of the quickest and easiest ways to conceal it from guests. This method works best in rooms that use a simple paint scheme on their walls. If you intend to move your unit from room to room, you would have to ensure the walls are the same color and that you paint the entire hose the same color.

Avoid soaking the hose in too many or too thick layers of paint.

4. Utilize The Columns

If your home has many columns, you may find them an excellent aid in hiding your portable AC unit hose. Find a column that is near a window and measure the length of your hose against the length needed to reach the window; most portable ac unit hoses are 5-7 feet long.

When you are ready, stick the tube on the back of the column and follow it up until you can attach the hose to the window or vent. This method can be permanent or impermanent, depending on your needs.

5. Use Indoor Plants

This one is for plant lovers. Placing your plants in front of the hose until it reaches the window is a great way to both hide it and brighten up your space. As a bonus, some plants can improve the air quality of your home.

This method does not require you to damage your home or customize the unit. We do recommend being wary of water or soil getting onto the hose and potentially damaging it. The hose may get hot, so keep some space between it and the plants.

Hide Portable AC By Using Indoor Plants

6. Use Slatted Wood Panels

Slatted wood panels are a highly aesthetic way to hide portable AC units. They come in a range of colors, sizes, and designs to match your interior decor. As with a previous entry, we recommend measuring your walls and space carefully and leaving enough space for your unit to breathe.

This method is another that can be made permanent or not, depending on how much you move your ac unit and its long hose.

7. Use Furniture

Our final suggestion can hide your portable ac unit without emptying your wallet. Once you have found a good spot for your portable AC unit, simply moving your furniture around could cover your unit with ease. Ensure that there is plenty of breathing room between the unit and furniture to prevent overheating or fire.

This method works well with painting the hose if you can’t quite cover the entire unit with your home furniture.

Where Should You Put The Portable AC Units Hose?

The first step to knowing how to hide portable air conditioner tubes is being aware of where to put your unit. As air conditioning units are designed to vent hot air out of your home or room, they need to be near a space where they can deposit that heat. There are several venting options for portable ACs to consider as well. Common places to vent this air out include windows, sliding doors, wall vents, and drop ceilings.

Making sure that your portable ac unit is near a spot with one or more of these things prevents you from cycling the same air in the room. You may need to get creative by cutting holes in your walls or positioning your ac unit and hose in a specific way, but proper ventilation should be achievable in most situations.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

Can you put a portable AC hose in a bucket?

If you have to, try attaching a garden hose to the unit, set your unit to dry or dehumidify mode, and angle the hose into the bucket to catch any excess water. You’ll need to keep an eye on the bucket to ensure it doesn’t overflow.

Can you run a portable air conditioner without an exhaust hose?

The short answer is that you can, but it will be extremely inefficient. You’ll simply be working the motor too hard and recycling the same hot air over and over.

Why is my portable AC hose hot?

A hose with too many kinks is more likely to catch and retain heat than vent it. Try straightening out the hose or turning it off for a little bit to cool it down.


By following our tips above, we hope that you can hide your portable AC and freshen up your interior design. No matter what method you choose, you can enjoy fresh air without ruining your home’s aesthetics.

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