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Holmes Air Purifier Reviews

Read our unbiased Holmes air purifier review and see if this unique home air cleaning system is for you.

Who doesn’t enjoy clean air? It’s probably safe to say no one likes feeling like they’re breathing in stale or unhealthy air, but sometimes it’s difficult to have a choice. If you’re looking to eliminate almost all foul odors, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and other harmful contaminants in your household, you need an air purifier.

However, not just any air purifier will do; you need a model from a brand you can trust. Holmes air purifiers are some of the best around, due to their feature-packed selections, efficient performance, and overall user-friendliness. For the best Holmes models, you’ve come to the right place, because this review has them all.

Holmes is often considered to be the most reliable, trustworthy brand in the air purifier world. Moreover, Consumer Reports in 2013 stated that Holmes, along with Honeywell, is the biggest and most popular brand in this niche. Starting over 30 years ago, the brand has had quite a bit of time to perfect their designs, offering top-notch efficiency and performance that leads consumers to go back to them time and time again.

Based on Milford, Massachusetts, they create air purifiers, humidifiers, fans, and heaters. If you want clean and fresh air in your home, then it’s really the best choice. Offering a wide variety of sizes, settings, and strengths, you’re bound to find at least one Holmes air purifier that suits your needs and space.

Quick Guide – Our Favorites

Best Mid-Size Model

Holmes HEPA Type Tower
Holmes HEPA Type Tower

Best For Desktops & Offices

Holmes HEPA Type Desktop HAP242-NUC
Holmes HEPA Type HAP242-NUC

Best For Bedrooms

Holmes Allergen Remover Air Purifier
Holmes Allergen Remover

The Holmes Air Purifier Range Explained

  • Desktop Air Purifiers:
    As you can probably guess from the name, these are designed to sit on a desk or table. They’re very compact, inexpensive, and perfect for a single room. If you just need to clean the air within your office or bedroom, we can’t recommend them enough. Generally speaking, we recommend these for rooms 155 square feet or less.
  • Console Air Purifiers:
    These are ideal for larger rooms and spaces. They produce very little noise, even on higher speed settings, so it will never interrupt a conversation, music, television, working, etcetera. We recommend these for spaces up to 500 square feet.
  • Tower Air Purifiers:
    Towers come in various sizes, from small units that can cover up to 180 square feet to larger models capable of covering up to 418 square feet.

Holmes doesn’t currently offer air purification systems for the entire home, however. Their air purifiers operate very efficiently, drawing in contaminated air through the inlet grill.

Specific models will come with a washable pre-filter that traps bigger airborne particles. This air then travels through the carbon filter, which reduces or eliminates odors and traps any larger particles that may have gotten through the first round.

Holmes Air Purifiers Compared

ModelMax Room AreaFilter LifeNoise (max)Price
Holmes HEPA HAP 242-NUC109 sq ft4 – 12 months55 dBCheck Amazon
Holmes Mini Tower80 sq ft4 – 12 months55 dBCheck Amazon
Holmes HAP 9726-U349 sq ft4 – 12 months60 dBCheck Amazon
Holmes HEPA Tower180 sq ft4 – 12 months60 dBCheck Amazon
Holmes Allergen Remover Air Purifier256 sq ft12 monthsn/aCheck Amazon

Why Choose Holmes Air Purifier Brand?

Filtration Technology

Holmes air purifiers can come with up to 5 different filtration stages. You’ll have the regular filters which absorb and remove a large portion of airborne pollutants, along with a True HEPA filter or a HEPA-type (we’ll cover these below). Some even come with carbon filters or baking soda filters, which further help to absorb odors and more pollutants to leave the air fresh and clean.

True HEPA Filtration

Holmes offers both True HEPA filtration, as well as HEPA-type. HEPA filters meet efficiency and air purification levels determined by the US Department of Energy. They’re capable of trapping and removing a whopping 99.97% of impurities in the air as small as 0.3 microns. However, HEPA type filters can capture 99% of particles, which are 2 microns or larger, like pet dander or dust particles. Each has their place, and neither is “better” than the other – simply, different.

Multiple Speed Settings

You will ideally want a purifier with multiple speed settings to offer just the right intensity at all times. You’ll typically find either 3 or 4 settings on any Holmes model you’re looking at.

Dual Positioning

While it may not be the most important determining factor for you, dual positioning does make an air purifier a bit more convenient. These models can be fixed horizontally or vertically, so you can place it on a desk, table, nightstand, etc.

Optional Ionizing Technology

You can opt to turn the ionizer on, which will begin to emit negative ions. This actually helps purify the air as the ions attach themselves to tiny air particles in the room it’s placed in. They now have a negative charge and will connect with positive particles, like dust, smoke, etc. to combine and create bigger particles. As they’re now larger, they’re easier for the filter system to catch.

Style & Space Saving Designs

Holmes air purifiers are very sleek and stylish. These are anything but eyesores, and the typically white exterior ensures it looks good with any existing design and décor you may already have going on.

Quiet Operation

Air purifiers that come from less-reputable manufacturers often produce quite a bit of noise. This may not seem like a big deal until you’re trying to work or have a conversation, and all you can think about is that annoying background music it’s producing. Holmes models are known for being nearly silent, so this is never even an issue.

Extra Features

These features are very handy to have and can really improve your overall user experience. For example, having an LED filter monitor will let you know when you need to change out your filters or the condition of the air, while allergy removers work to trap contaminants that can irritate those with allergies and sensitivities. Odor eliminators usually come in the form of baking soda filters, which also gets rid of foul odors.


The warranty is a huge part here, as it is an excellent way of knowing just how long your air purifier is expected to last. Your warranty should be long enough that you don’t have to worry about any mishaps that could cost you extra money or hassle. We love that Holmes always keeps their customers protected with extended warranties.

5 Best Holmes Air Purifiers Reviewed

1. Holmes HEPA Type Desktop HAP242-NUC

Best Desktop Air Purifier
Coverage AreaUp to 109 square feet
Filtration Type2
Filtration LifeEvery 4 – 12 months
Noise Level30 dB (low) 55 dBa (high)
Air Quality SensorNo

If you’re searching for a Holmes desktop air purifier, we have just the model for you. Their HEPA Type Desktop HAP242-NUC is a 3-speed HEPA type air purifier that’s small yet relatively powerful. Capable of removing a large percentage of pollen, dust, dirt, pet dander, and more, it’s an excellent choice if you have allergies or simply want to breathe cleaner.

Coming in either all-white or all-black, the purifier is sleek and goes with just about everything so it won’t look out of place on your desk or table. Dual positioning capabilities mean that you can place it vertically or horizontally – whatever works best for you and your space. Just keep in mind that it’s made for rooms up to 109 square feet.

With this system, you’ll find a HEPA type filter capable of removing up to an impressive 99% of airborne particles as tiny as 2 microns from getting through. This isn’t quite as precise as an actual HEPA, but it is perfect if you live in an area with a lot of pollen or have pet dander floating around.

Three different speed settings let you adjust according to varying conditions, and an optional ionizer increases the filtration efficiency.


  • Dual positioning
  • 3 different speed settings
  • Optional ionizer
  • Compact design
  • HEPA type filtration


  • Not the most powerful

2. Holmes Mini Tower

Best for Small Spaces
Coverage AreaUp to 80 square feet
Filtration Type2
Filtration LifeEvery 4 – 12 months
Noise Level30 dB (low) 55 dBa (high)
Air Quality SensorNo

Our favorite Holmes small room air purifier is up next, and it’s perfect if you need something for 80 square feet or less. The Holmes Mini Tower is incredibly compact, with big performance and convenient operation. The slim tower design is great if you’re limited on space, yet looks great anywhere you place it.

Here, you get true HEPA filtration, along with an odor eliminator, allergen remover, carbon filter, and HEPA type. Together, they work to eliminate foul odors, remove pollutants as small as 2 microns, and 0.3 microns. This means that pollen, dust, mold, dander, cigarette smoke, staleness, and more will be a thing of the past. To maximize results, you even get the optional ionizer like with the previous model. Not only will your air be healthier for your lungs, but will feel fresher, too!

Three speed settings are there for you to choose from. We always recommend going for a lower speed when you’re actually at home and the top speed when you’re not. As you may have guessed, higher speeds generate more noise. Thanks to the low-vibration motor and advanced fan blade design, even level 3 is still pretty quiet. However, if you need minimal ambient noise while you’re focusing on work or another task, then the low setting is ideal.

For added peace of mind, the Homes personal space air purifier comes with a 5-year limited warranty to ensure proper operation for years to come.


  • Various filters
  • 3 different speed settings
  • Optional ionizer
  • Compact design
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Not ideal for larger spaces

3. Holmes HAP9726-U

Best for Large Spaces
Coverage AreaUp to 349 square feet
Filtration Type2
Filtration LifeEvery 4 – 12 months
Noise LevelUp to 60 dBa
Air Quality SensorYes

On the other end of the spectrum, if you need a powerful air purifier capable of handling rooms up to 349 square feet, the Holmes HAP9726-U has you covered. While it may be robust in performance, it’s quite small. Couple that, with the fact that it weighs just 11 pounds, and you can easily move it around your home as you please.

The all-black color scheme offers a kind of premium look to match its premium performance. This also won’t clash with any other furniture or décor you have in your space, so you can place it anywhere in the home you need. Overall, we felt the build quality was top-notch and built to last, which is backed by a 3-year warranty.

The control panel is easily accessible. It’s here where you can select between 4 customizable speed settings to ensure your air is always pure. Also, the digital display was clear and easy to read, coming with an auto-off timer, so you don’t have to be at home for it to know when to turn off. We didn’t see on previous models the filter life indicator found on this Holmes air purifier large room model. This indicator light will let you know when you need to change the filter, starting at green when it’s new, and going from orange to red as it is used.

You’ll also find 2 different filters: an activated carbon filter, and a true HEPA filter. The former comes with baking soda, acting as a pre-filter to catch bigger particles and absorb foul odors that are often generated by smoke, pets, garbage, and the like. The true HEPA filter can catch up to 99.9% of contaminants as small as 0.3 microns. This includes dust mites, pet dander, and even mold spores. Just like the previous models on our guide, it has an optional air ionizer to help catch these particles even easier.

Our only complaint here is that when set on the 2 higher speed settings, it can become pretty noisy – reaching up to 60 dB. We recommend using these settings when you’re either not at home or not in that room. Otherwise, we loved the HAP9726-U!


  • Various filters
  • 4 different speed settings
  • Optional ionizer
  • Compact design
  • Sleek and high-quality build and appearance


  • Somewhat noisy

4. Holmes HEPA Type Tower

Best for Medium Sized Rooms
Coverage AreaUp to 180 square feet
Filtration Type2
Filtration LifeEvery 4 – 12 months
Noise LevelUp to 60 dB
Air Quality SensorYes

If the previous models were either too big or too small for your space, then we have the Goldilocks solution for you: the Holmes HEPA Type Tower. The tall-standing tower comes with a small footprint, taking up very little space. However, it is made to purify the air in rooms up to 180 square feet, making it fantastic for medium-sized spaces.

With HEPA-type filtration, it can remove up to 99.97% of dust, smoke, pollen, foul odors, mold spores, and even bacteria from passing through it. Moreover, it can filter particles as small as just 0.3 microns. The Holmes air purifier ionizer helps to catch these particles more effectively, too, so no matter if you’re an allergy sufferer or not, you’ll always be breathing easy in your home.

Much like the previous model on our guide, this one comes with an optional ionizer to further freshen the air, along with 3 speed settings. For easy, at-home use, we recommend setting it on the lowest setting, as it allows for continuous, near-silent operation that won’t distract you.

The filter monitor lets you know when it’s coming close and when it’s time to change the new filter for optimal performance.


  • Various filters
  • 3 different speed settings
  • Optional ionizer
  • Small footprint
  • Alert system for dirty filter


  • Somewhat noisy

5. Holmes Allergen Remover Air Purifier

Best for Bedrooms
Coverage AreaUp to 256 square feet
Filtration Type2
Filtration Life12 months
Noise Leveln/a
Air Quality SensorYes

No matter what your lifestyle is like, we all spend a significant amount of time in our bedrooms. This means that if the air isn’t clean, it can cause adverse effects, ranging from slight irritation to a full-blown asthma attack. If you’re looking specifically for the best air purifier from bedrooms, you must look at the Holmes Allergen Remover Air Purifier.

This model is a bit on the more expensive side when compared to others on our guide, though being a Holmes product, you can still expect it to be very budget friendly and user friendly. The Holmes air purifier is very slim, with dual positioning capabilities. Place it vertically or horizontally, depending on the surface and layout that works best with it.

True HEPA filtration is some of the best on the market today, with the ability to remove up to 99.97% of dust, smoke, pet dander, and other harmful particles as small as 0.3 microns. You get 4 speed settings here, which is more than enough to efficiently clean inside your home. The multiple setting timer is easy to set on the digital display on the top of the purifier. You can run it up to 16 hours without interruption, too, in spaces up to 256 square feet. Filter monitors will let you know when you need to change it out for maximum results.

Finally, you’ll be able to purchase confidently, knowing that your purifier is covered for 3 years.


  • Various filters
  • Multiple setting timer
  • Optional ionizer
  • Dual positioning
  • Alert system for dirty filter


  • A bit more expensive

Comparing Holmes vs. Similar Air Purifier Brands

As we just mentioned briefly, Holmes’ biggest competitor is Honeywell. Both offer great overall performance and a wide variety of selections to cover any consumer needs. However, Holmes is known for offering a build quality slightly more durable and premium than Honeywell. On top of that, you’ll often find details like their control panel to be more user-friendly.

At a minimum, Holmes offers a 3-year warranty on all of their products, which gives customers an added boost of confidence.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

How often should I replace the filters?

This will, of course, vary depending on the model, the filter type, and the level of contamination in the air. Generally speaking, you should do so every 3 to 18 months. If the purifier has a filter indicator light, then simply change it when the light turns orange or red. The carbon filter should be replaced every 3-6 months, while the HEPA should be replaced every 12-18 months.

How much will it cost to replace Holmes air purifier filters?

You can expect them to cost around $25, which is very cost-effective for most consumers.

Where can I buy replacement filters for Holmes air purifier?

You can do so on their site, or better yet, on Amazon! Amazon offers extremely fast shipping, so you will always have your filters on time. Moreover, their prices can’t be beat!

How long do Holmes air purifiers last?

This will vary depending on usage and the model, but they will last at least 3 years, with some lasting well over 7 years. Make sure you’re properly maintaining and changing the filters as often as you should to extend the lifespan of the purifier.

Is it safe to run these purifiers at all times?

Yes, it is! Not only is it safe, but it’s also recommended to run it at all times.

Do Holmes air purifiers eliminate smoke?

It doesn’t eliminate it 100%, but it can significantly reduce it by over 97% or more!


Now that you’re practically an expert in the best Holmes air purifiers, which model will you be using to keep your lungs happy and healthy? If you’re still unsure, there’s no need to worry.

While all of the aforementioned models are some of the best on the market today, we can’t say enough how impressed we were with the Holmes HEPA Type Desktop HAP242-NUC.

It’s nice and compact and features dual positioning so you can place it vertically or horizontally, depending on your space.

Visually attractive, you can choose between black and white to go with your décor. Despite being so relatively small, it features big performance and can get rid of almost all irritants in the air to leave you living fresh and easy.