7 Best Home Window Film for Heat Rejection: (Reviews 2022)

During the summer, windows can let in a lot of heat. During the winters, windows let excess heat out of your home. To fix these issues, you need heat control window film.

This kind of window film can trap heat in your home during the cold months and keep heat out during the hot months, making your home more comfortable year-round. In this review, we will cover the best heat control window films.

Benefits of Using Heat Rejection Window Film

  • Saves Energy
    Window film can save you nearly 25%-30% on heating and cooling costs during the winter and summer, respectively.
  • Less HVAC Use
    The less you have to use your HVAC system, the less you have to spend on maintenance and repairs for it.
  • Reduced Fading
    The sun’s UV rays can cause furniture and paints to fade. Heat control film can prevent this from happening.
  • UV Protection
    By the same token, heat control window film can also protect you from UV exposure, which can damage your skin.
  • Reduce Glare
    Window film blocks out certain types of polarized light, so you get less annoying window glare.
  • Daytime Privacy
    Window film also blocks out a portion of visible light, so you can have more daytime privacy while keeping your blinds open.

Home Window Film for Heat Rejection Compared

Model Film Type UV Rejection Heat Control Price
Gila Heat Control Reflective 99% 71% of total solar energy Check Amazon
BDF NA05 Reflective 99% Not listed Check Amazon
KESPEN Reflective 99% 91% of total solar energy Check Amazon
VELIMAX Solar ~100% 100% of total sunlight Check Amazon
Window Whirl Solar Not listed Not listed Check Amazon
Filmgoo Solar Solar/Reflective 97% 85% or infrared rays Check Amazon
BDF NA35 Solar Not listed Not listed Check Amazon

How to Choose Heat Blocking Window Film

Type of Film
  • Solar Film
    Solar window film is polarized, so it blocks out UV wavelengths of light. Solar film can be either invisible or have a colorful tinge. It is also very affordable and easy to install on your own. However, if the film is too dark, it can block out visible light as well.
  • Reflective Film
    Reflective film actually reflects light from the outside instead of absorbing it like solar film. Reflective film creates a kind of one-way mirror. This allows for more privacy than solar film. Reflective film blocks out more light, too, so the inside of your home will be darker.
  • Low-E Film
    Low-E (“low-emissivity”) film contains metals or metal oxides that can effectively block out UV rays. They can block up to 99% of UV rays, but they also can make the interior of your house too dark. Low-E film can be a bit tricky to install, though.
  • Size of Window Glazing Area
    The larger your window, the more light it lets in and the more film that you need. Ensure you know your window’s dimensions before you buy your film, or else you run the risk of not buying enough or too much.
  • Window Orientation and Building Orientation
    Window orientation matters as it affects how much sunlight that particular window gets. In general, south-facing windows get the most sunlight because the sun follows a south-east-to-west arc through the sky. Thus, south-facing windows will require more UV-blockage than other windows.
  • Climate
    Climate also matters because if you live in a hot, sunny climate, you will get more sunlight and UV exposure. Alternatively, if you live in a place with frequent rain and clouds, you might not need as much coverage. Keep in mind that you can still have a lot of UV exposure even when it’s cold in the winter. The sun emits UV radiation even when it’s not hot outside.
  • Thickness
    Most commercially available window films are about 4mm thick. Despite what you might think, a thicker window film does not always mean it blocks out more UV light.

Window films are typically sold on rolls that are 40” wide. This size should cover most windows in a residential home. If you need window film for larger windows, there are variants that measure around 60” wide. You can use multiple films to cover larger windows by lining them up along the seams.

Ease of Installation

In general, window films are straightforward to install and you can do it yourself. All you need is a measuring tape, box cutter, spray bottle, and something flat you can use to smooth out the layers, such as a credit card. You also need to make sure you thoroughly clean the window first before applying the film.


In general, reflective film is the cheapest kind you can buy whereas Low-E film is the most expensive. Low-cost varieties of reflective film generally cost around $40 a roll, while Low-E film can cost up to $200 per roll.

7 Best Heat Control Window Films Reviewed

1. Gila Heat Control

Best Home Window Film for Heat Rejection
Film Type Reflective
Thickness 4mm
Sizes Available 36”x15”, 48”x15”, 36”x100”, 48”x100”
UV Rejection 99%
Heat Control 71% of total solar energy
Life Span 10 years

Up first is Gila Heat Control window film. This window film comes in 4 sizes ranging from 36″ x 15″ to 48″ x 100″. Gila is a reflective film reflecting up to 71% of total solar energy, including up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

The Gila film can also reduce annoying window glare by up to 69%, which means you can relax comfortably without annoying window glare. The mirrored appearance provides a lot of privacy during the day without affecting your ability to see outside. This blockage makes your interiors cooler while also not obstructing your views outside.

Gila window film is also very easy to install and can be done completely on your own without any special installation tools. All you need is a tape measure and utility knife for shaping the panels. The manufacturers also offer a very generous 3-year warranty that will cover all manufacturing defects.

Overall, the Gila wins our pick for the best heat film for home use due to its affordable price, simple installation, and durable character. They offer superior daytime coverage and privacy without obstructing your view, and they can be installed without the help or cost of a professional installation team.

  • Very affordable
  • Blocks almost all UV rays
  • Easy to install
  • Generous 2-year installation
  • Can form air bubbles
  • Blocks out 28% of visible light

2. BDF NA05

Best Window Film for Dual Pane Windows
Film Type Reflective
Thickness 4mm
Sizes Available 12”x14’, 24”x14’, 24”x24’, 24”x50’, 36”x24’, 36”x100’, 36”x12’, 36”x50’, 48”x100’, 48”x12’, 48”x24’. 49”x50’, 60”x100’, 60”x24’, 60”x50’
UV Rejection 99%
Heat Control Not listed
Life Span 10 years

Up next is the BDF NA05 window film. This heat rejection window film is great for privacy and sun control. This reflective film gives your windows a classic, black tint that blocks out most UV rays and gives a natural shade to your home’s interior.

The NA05 blocks up to 99% of UV rays and allows transmission of 5%-6% visible light. It can help reduce the fatigue and fade on your furniture and walls while also minimizing the total amount of glare that your windows produce. The dark reflective layer also blocks out much of the sun’s infrared rays, keeping your interiors cool and comfortable.

The NA05 also comes with a simple DIY installation kit and all the necessary tools you will need. It works for residential homes, but the company also offers large roles that are great for commercial and industrial buildings. With several seize to choose from, you are sure to find a size that will fit your windows.

Overall, the NA05 is an excellent type of reflective film to get for your windows. It comes in a wide range of sizes and is easy to install. The dark lining blocks out the majority of heat and keeps your rooms cool and free from UV damage.

  • Multiple sizes available
  • Blocks out majority of UV light
  • Professional look and feel
  • Great for homes and commercial buildings
  • Blocks a lot of visible light
  • Corners are hard to keep down


Best Heat Reflective Window Film
Film Type Reflective
Thickness 6mm
Sizes Available 17.5” x 6.5, 35.4” x 6.5’, 35.4”x8.2’, 35.4”x16.4’, 35.4”x 32.8’, 23.6”x6.5’, 23.6”x13.1’
UV Rejection 99%
Heat Control 91% of total solar energy
Life Span 10 years

Up in third is the KESPEN reflective window film. This reflective film can block out 91% of all solar rays and up to 99% of harmful UV rays. The KESPEN has the look and feel of professional window film and works great on both residential properties and commercial buildings. The black and silver base nullifies much of the sun’s heat radiation, so it will keep the interior of your building cool and comfortable. It will also prevent any fading on your furniture and wall paint while providing maximal privacy levels during the daytime.

The KESPEN also has a self-adhesive design free from any glues or substances that could create a gunky residue and prevent clinging. It can be used on any window in your home, including kitchen, balcony, bedroom, restroom, sliding door, office doors, and more. When it gets dark outside, the mirroring effect will be reversed, meaning that it keeps your interior bright.

Additionally, the KESPEN window film will block out unnecessary glare, making it so you can relax without the annoyance of constant glare bearing down on you. It is highly customizable and can be cut to fit any window tint you need.

  • Highly reflective surface
  • Reverses mirror effect during night
  • Multiple sizes available
  • No glue or adhesive used
  • Can make your rooms dark
  • Installation can be tricky


Best UV Blocking Window Film
Film Type Solar
Thickness 12mm
Sizes Available 17.7”x78.7”, 17.7”x157.4”, 24.6×78.7”, 23.6”x157.4”, 23.6”x235.5”, 29.5”x78.7”, 29.5×157.4”, 29.5”x236.6”, 35.4”x78.7”, 35.4×157.4”, 35.4”x236.6”, 35.4”x314.9”
UV Rejection ~100%
Heat Control 100% of total sunlight
Life Span 10 years

In 4th place is the VELIMAX. The VELIMAX is a non-adhesive window film that can block out up to 99% of daylight while also providing comprehensive 2-way privacy. The VELIMAX is ideal for people who like to nap during the day and care about their privacy. The VELIMAX is also unique because the window film is reusable. You can take it off any windows and reapply it with minimal effort. It cuts easily, so you can customize it to the shape and size of your individual windows.

The VELIMAX is designed specifically for single pane glass or modern double glazed units. It is not suitable for double pane glass as it can cause cracking due to shrinking. They are made out of a tough vinyl material that is non-static cling and does not use adhesive materials. It works great for people who need to sleep during the day, such as night-shift workers. This vinyl material is also eco-friendly and meets environmental regulations through the states.

Overall, the VELIMAX is a great solar UV heat rejection window film and can essentially provide blackout darkness levels. They can also be reused, giving them a lot of versatility and utility.

  • Effectively blackout levels
  • Reusable
  • Great for night shift workers
  • Durable and thick vinyl material
  • Heavy
  • Blocks out virtually all sunlight

5. Window Whirl Translucent Static Cling Treatment

Best Translucent Window Film for Heat Control
Film Type Solar
Thickness 4mm
Sizes Available 17.5”x80”, 17.5”x160”, 36”x72”, 36”x144”
UV Rejection Not listed
Heat Control Not listed
Life Span 10 years

Now for something a little bit different. The Window Whirl won our pick for the best translucent window film for heat control due to how it effectively blocks out UV rays while also allowing in an appreciable amount of visible light. The Whirl offers both heat control and UV prevention while also allowing privacy from the interior of your house.

The super static cling makes it extremely easy to apply, and there are no glues or adhesives you have to use. Just follow the simple, included instructions, and you can apply it on your own without professional help.

Each roll of the Whirl comes on a paper roll with an easy-to-peel backing. The translucent nature blocks out clear views from the outside but also allows in visible light. It’s great for bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, and any other room that needs light and privacy at the same time. When you no longer need it, you can peel the film off without leaving any gunky residue or markings.

The Whirls is also very durable and made from a safe and environmentally friendly PVC material. It cuts easily using a box cutter or utility knife so you can custom fit it to your windows.

  • Heat and UV control
  • Allows lots of visible light
  • No adhesive required
  • Generous lifetime warranty
  • Not good for blackout darkness
  • Forms bubbles easily

6. Filmgoo Solar Window Film

Best Solar Film for Home Windows
Film Type Solar/Reflective
Thickness 0.15mm
Sizes Available 17.7”x7.8’, 17.7”x15.7’, 23.6”x6.5’, 23.6”x13.1’, 23.6”x32.8’, 35.4”x6.5’, 35.4”x13.2’, 35.4”x25.2’, 35.4”x32.8’, 41.3”x7.8’, 41.3”x15.7’
UV Rejection 97%
Heat Control 85% or infrared rays
Life Span 10 years

The penultimate entry in our list is the Filmgoo Solar Window Film. This solar film also has reflective characteristics, which allow for superior UV and heat control while also allowing substantial amounts of visible light. It comes in 4 color options ranging from silver to blue, so you can find a tone that matches the color scheme of the rest of your house.

The reflective aspect of the film also provides excellent privacy during the daytime; this film can block out up to 85% of infrared rays, 97% and UV rays, and 10% of visible light, giving excellent heat and UV control while allowing lots of visibility.

The Filmgoo is an excellent choice for the winter and summer because it can keep heat in during the cold and keep heat out during the hot months. The static cling windows do not use any adhesive, just soap and water. The Filmgoos is also extremely thin and only measures 0.15mm thick, making it one of the finest window films you can buy.

It will not fade nor blister and has a special anti-scratch layer that protects the underlying glass. During the nighttime, the mirror effect is reversed.

  • Both solar and reflective film
  • Excellent heat control
  • Lets in lots of visible light
  • Multiple colors available
  • Difficult to install
  • Very thin

7. BDF NA35

Highly Rated
Film Type Solar
Thickness 3mm
Sizes Available 12”x14’
UV Rejection Not listed
Heat Control Not listed
Life Span 10 years

Last but not least on our list is the BDF NA35. This high-quality solar window film has excellent heat rejection and UV control and can block out optimal quantities of UV and infrared rays. The mildly dark, black finish does a great job of keeping the interior of your rooms cool and preventing fading on furniture or paints.

It can also reduce energy expenditure during the winter and summer. The strong adhesive is tough and can last for many years if taken care of properly and maintained.

The NA35 works for both commercial and residential buildings and comes with the necessary tools for installation and a handy installation guide. This high-quality film is very sensitive by nature, so make sure that you take great care when applying it. It has a 35% tint meaning that you can still get a clear view of the outside while giving your sufficient privacy during the daytime.

The NA35 is most effective on south-facing windows and is relatively easy to take off and replace if you need to. It can cut heat radiation virtually in half and is especially effective in climates that receive a lot of heat and sunlight throughout the year.

  • High-quality materials
  • Effective heat control while also allowing visible light
  • Installation is strong and won’t come off
  • Offers excellent privacy during the daytime
  • Difficult to install
  • Not suited for double pane glass

How Do Heat Reducing Films Work?

In general, heat-reducing films work by reducing the amount of heat radiation and UV rays that enter your windows. They can do this by absorbing the rays or reflecting them back outside.

Solar and Low-E films are polarized, meaning that they only let through specific wavelengths of light and absorb the rest, while reflective films simply reflect rays back to the source.

Other Ways of Blocking Heat from Windows

  • Window insulation kits.
    These kinds of kits close the gaps between the window and the frame, which results in less heat leakage or penetration depending on the season.
  • Heat blocking window shades.
    Typical interior or exterior shades block heat by merely blocking sunlight and not letting it through. Shades can make the interior of your home dark, though.
  • Window tinting.
    Window tinting is very similar to applying window film and can block out certain types of infrared and UV light rays.
  • Curtains and drapes.
    Curtains and drapes on the interior of your windows are very effective at blocking out visible light and UV rays, but they leave the interior of your home very dark.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

How effective are these heat rejection window films?

Most window films can block at least 70% of UV light, potentially more.

Does window film help keep heat out?

Yes, window film can help keep heat out during the summer but also can keep heat in during the winter. Either way, they block harmful UV rays from the sun.

How long do heat rejection window films last?

Given the right conditions and provided you take care of them, window films can last upwards of 20 years.

Do window films cause windows to crack?

Yes, window film can damage windows if it is installed unevenly. The film will cause different parts of the glass to expand at different rates, leading to cracking.

How do I install heat blocking window film?

First, you need to clean the window from any debris or smudges. Next, cut the film so that it fits the dimensions of your window. Next, smooth out the film and remove any air bubbles using something flat like a credit card. Lightly spray water on the film and leave it to set.


Based on our lineup, the best heat control window film for your home is the Gila Heat Control film due to its quality, UV blockages, and ease of installation. It can block out annoying sunlight while leaving you comfortable and cool in your house.