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How Close Should a Humidifier Be To Your Bed?

There is no question that people sleep easier with a humidifier. Get it set up correctly by following our guide on how far it should be from your bed.

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When humidifiers are used correctly, they can help you sleep better, breathe more deeply and comfortably, limit bacteria and viruses, and help you keep softer skin throughout the winter months.

These benefits are particularly helpful at night when we sleep, and many homeowners want to place a humidifier next to their bed.

To get the most out of your home humidifier, we’ll answer the question, “How close should a humidifier be to your bed?” You deserve a restful night’s sleep, and you can get one with the help of your whole house humidifier.

A good placement of a humidifier can benefit your sleep because it gives it the optimal conditions to run. If you keep your humidifier too close to your bed, you are likely to breathe in the wet discharge, and that can lead to colds.

If you keep your humidifier too far away from your bed, you are unlikely to reap the same benefits because you are farther away from the direct source of moisturized air.

How Close Should a Humidifier be to Your Bed?

It is important to place your humidifier in the correct position for optimal airflow and humidity levels. When placing your humidifier in your room, the first decision is to consider the distance of the humidifier from the bed.

We recommend placing your humidifier three feet to ten feet away from your bed. Keep the humidifier closer if you have a small room (small square footage), have a history of sinus problems, or live in a dry climate.

Keep the humidifier farther away if you have a large room, do not struggle with dry airways (no sinus problems, no coughing, no allergies), or if the noise bothers you (you can also turn the device off at night).

The second decision to make when placing your humidifier in your room is to determine the proper distance from walls, furniture, curtains, and other electrical appliances.

When it comes to electrical appliances, we recommend keeping your humidifier at least ten feet away from them to avoid water damage and possible electrical problems.

When it comes to furniture, walls, and curtains, try to keep your humidifier approximately two feet away and point the mist nozzle towards the room’s center.

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Considerations When Placing a Humidifier in the Bedroom?

Humidifier Size

Humidifiers cover a particular square footage based on their build and feature set. Make sure that you choose a humidifier that can cover the square footage of your bedroom. If the humidifier is too small, it will be difficult to raise humidity levels in the room.

Room Size

If you have a larger room, make sure that your humidifier is not placed towards a wall. Stand on each side of the humidifier to determine where the airflow is going and make sure that it is moving out towards the center of the room.

This will make sure that the hydrated air makes it to each corner of the room.

Heaters in the Bedroom

If you have a heater in the bedroom, keep your humidifier far away. Humidifiers need to be kept away from electronic appliances such as heaters because getting water on the heater can damage it and the space around it. This can be a safety hazard.

Make sure your humidifier is at least ten feet away from any heaters.

Carpets in the Bedroom

Carpets in the bedroom will create a wet mess if you place your humidifier on the floor. Elevate it at least twelve inches off of the ground. If you must put it on the floor, place a plastic tray down first so that you can catch excess water runoff.

However, we recommend that you buy a furniture piece to hold your humidifier if you can. Water runoff can damage your carpets and lead to mildew or mold. Gross!

Windows in the Room

We recommend keeping the humidifier away from the windows in the room because when you open the window, the air will be sucked out into the outside world. You can still reap the benefits of using a humidifier if you place it on the opposite side of the room.


If you have pets, position your humidifier off the ground and against a wall. Make sure that cords cannot be pulled or ripped. Make sure that your pet cannot knock the humidifier off (if you have a cat, this is particularly important).

Proper Positioning of Humidifiers In Your Bedroom (By Type)

When positioning your humidifier in your bedroom, the type of humidifier determines the optimal distance and height placement.

Cool-Mist Humidifier

A cool-mist humidifier can help you save money because they help to keep the room cooler and humid. If you live in a dry, hot climate, then this is the perfect choice for you.

This humidifier will do well on the floor or elevated and can be placed anywhere from three to ten feet away from your bed. If you suffer from nasal congestion and other sinus or allergy problems, we recommend keeping it closer (three to five feet away).

Warm-Mist Humidifier

A warm-mist humidifier will help increase the room temperature as well as the humidity level. We recommend placing a warm-mist humidifier closer to your main space (the bed or desk) so that you can feel the warmth.

However, if you feel too warm, you can place the humidifier farther away. With this model, we recommend keeping it elevated to avoid water pooling around the sides or bottom of the device (this happens most often with warm mist humidifiers).


An evaporative humidifier uses a fan to create the water droplets that are distributed throughout your room. These should be placed farther away from your bed because they tend to push the water droplets farther throughout the room.

This model can be placed on the floor or elevated. If you have carpet, we recommend elevating the humidifier at least twelve inches off of the floor. If you have hardwood floors, you can choose to elevate or allow it to rest on the floor.

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Correct Placement of Humidifiers By Bedroom Type

Is there a correct placement of the humidifier by bedroom type? We recommend keeping your humidifier three to ten feet away from your bed, but there are specific recommendations for particular bedroom types.

Adult Bedroom

When it comes to the correct placement of humidifiers in an adult bedroom, you need to consider the size of the bedroom. We recommend keeping the humidifier approximately three to ten feet away from your bed in order to experience the greatest number of benefits.

If you have an overly large room (larger than 14×16), we recommend keeping the humidifier closer to the bed. We also recommend choosing a humidifier that can properly raise humidity levels in your bedroom.

Make sure that the square footage is covered by your device. You can keep the humidifier on the floor if you do not have carpet, but otherwise, it should be elevated.

Children’s Bedroom

The biggest precaution with a children’s bedroom is to ensure that the humidifier is in a place where the child cannot mess with it. Young children are often curious about how humidifiers operate and want to run their hands over the mist and play with it.

Keep the humidifier on a furniture piece that is elevated and where they cannot touch it. We also recommend choosing a cool mist or ultrasonic humidifier for your children’s bedroom so that there is no risk of burns if they do get too close.

With children, we also recommend cleaning the humidifier every week, so there is less of a risk of bacterial contamination.

Baby/Nursery Room

When it comes to a baby’s room or a nursery room, the same precaution of keeping the humidifier in an elevated position, out of reach, is recommended. For a baby, we also recommend keeping the humidifier ten feet away from the baby’s crib at a minimum.

If you can place the humidifier on the opposite side of the room, that would be best. The reason for this is that babies are more sensitive to what they breathe in, and you don’t want the baby breathing in the wet discharge directly.

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People Also Ask (FAQ)

Where should you put your humidifier if your bedroom is too large?

We recommend placing your humidifier approximately three to ten feet away from your bed. You want it far enough away that you won’t be breathing in the wet discharge, but also close enough that you will be able to feel the moisturized air and your sinuses (and skin!) won’t become dry.

Should the bedroom door be closed when a humidifier is running?

This depends on your goal when running the humidifier. When you close the bedroom door, the humidity level in your room is more likely to stay at an optimal level. After all, the moisture is remaining in the room.

However, if you want to humidify your entire home, then you may want to leave the door open so that the water droplets can move throughout the house. You will save money and time by closing the door because the humidifier will only be focused on humidifying the bedroom.

Do humidifiers make everything wet?

No, humidifiers do not make everything wet. Typically humidifiers create a wet or damp area when placed on the floor. What happens is that the moisture generated by the humidifier begins to leak down the side or around the bottom and pools.

To avoid making everything wet, simply place your humidifier on a furniture piece or plastic tray that is elevated off of the floor.

Can you over humidify a room?

Yes, you can over humidify a room. Humidifiers, particularly ultrasonic humidifiers, are exceptional at adding moisture to the air. If you leave your humidifier on 24/7 and do not set the humidistat level, then you may end up over humidifying the room. If you do this, you will be prone to mildew and mold.


A humidifier can help you sleep better each night by providing white noise, moisturizing your sinus passageways, and helping you avoid dry skin while also eliminating viruses in the air.

Make sure that you keep your humidifier approximately three to ten feet away from your bed and set your humidistat level each night. Purchase a humidifier and enjoy a night filled with rest and relaxation!

Last Updated on July 16, 2021

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