How To Hang Curtains Around A Window Air Conditioner

Hanging curtains around a window air conditioner can seem difficult if you have never done it before, especially if you are unsure of which coverings to use. Read on to learn about selecting curtains for any air conditioner that are safe and best suited to the window.

How to Hang Curtains Around a Window AC? (Very Easy Steps)

Before beginning, decide which parts of the window need to be covered when the window AC unit is in operation and when it is not. Drapes cover the AC when it is not in use, or a combination of Roman blinds and draperies may cover parts of the window when the unit is in use.

Hang Curtains Around Window AC

What You’ll Need

Once you decide which parts of your window to cover, collect the following materials to hang curtains for your air conditioner:

  • Two drapes, curtains, or sheers (slightly longer than floor length)
  • Cafe curtains
  • Roman blinds
  • Curtain rods and hanging equipment
  • Hooks or ties (if using rod pocket drapes)
  • Window fitted with an air conditioner

Step By Step Guide

  1. Before you begin hanging curtains for your window AC, ensure that the air conditioning unit is off and your workspace is free of hazards.
  2. Attach a curtain rod above the window for the drapes. The drapes should hang down from the top of the window to the floor.
  3. If you are using hooks or ties for the drapes, attach them to the side of the window frame or wall so the unit can be used with the curtains drawn back. The extra fabric can be styled or pulled into a bunch above the AC unit for more dramatic appeal. These floor-length drapes alone may be suitable if you wish to cover the unit when you are not using it.
  4. Attach another curtain rod approximately 1 inch above the AC unit if you need more coverage. Hang cafe curtains ensuring that they fit over the unit when it is not in use. The curtains should comfortably touch the bottom of the window frame.
  5. As an optional step, attach Roman shades to the inner top of the window frame so the bottom of the shades can rest or hang on top of the AC. This step is only necessary if covering the top portion of a window when an AC unit is running.
  6. Be sure all drapery, curtains, and coverings are pulled back from the unit when it is in operation. If you are using a reverse air conditioner, do not use sheer curtains as they are flammable.

Can You Hang Curtains Easily Around Window AC?

Hanging curtains for an air conditioner can seem daunting. However, by exercising due caution and choosing their materials carefully, even amateurs can create more visually stunning and dramatic rooms. The pairing of cafe curtains with floor-length drapes is appealing for most standard-sized windows, but suitable pairings will necessarily vary by window type and individual taste.

The biggest risks in hanging draperies around the window AC occur when the unit is on. Ensure that draperies or coverings are pulled back from the AC before making any changes or whenever your AC is in operation. The rest of the process for decorating your window is as simple as attaching curtain rods and/or hooks to the wall and choosing the right curtains for the room.

Can You Hang Blinds Around A Window Air Conditioner?

Pairing floor-length drapes with Roman blinds can help improve energy efficiency and thermal insulation around your window, lessening the load on your AC. Roman blinds or shades fit snugly in windows and are more suited to recessed spaces than traditional blinds.

Installing air conditioner blinds is safe and easy to do, provided you keep the area free of hazards. You can even make Roman blinds by hand. However, cords can present a hazard to children, so ensure that any blinds you hang fit the safety requirements in your region.

Other Ways to Decorate Around an Ugly Window AC (Creative Ideas)

Aside from drapery, there are many other creative means of decorating around a window air conditioner. Here are a few alternative ideas to get you inspired:

Cover The Unit With Plants

Surrounding your AC unit with potted plants can present a visual distraction from the unit. Instead, pick plants suited to your space and environment and arrange them in a way that hides the AC unit from view.

Use A Room Divider

A room divider or privacy screen can hide your AC unit from view by serving as a physical barrier that is more visually appealing. Ensure that the placement of your privacy screen does not inhibit airflow to the room.

Decorate Your AC Unit

Instead of using an AC curtain, your unit can become its work of art on its own, with handmade decorations and interchangeable panels. Decorations can produce a custom look that blends with your environment; just be sure that airflow to the room is not blocked.

Decorate Window AC

People Also Ask (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions on curtains and window AC.

What shouldn’t you put around a window air conditioner?

Ensure the area around your air conditioner is free of fire hazards and, preferably, doesn’t contain other appliances to prevent overloading circuits.

Should I hang thick curtains around the AC?

Thermal insulating fabrics may be used as draperies, but all fabrics should be pulled back from the unit when it is in operation.

Should you cover the window AC with a cover beforehand?

If you think you may drop tools (e.g., screws) onto or near the unit, it may be a good idea to cover the unit before installing any window treatments.

How do you block light coming through a window AC?

Blackout curtains may be used with window air conditioners. Check fabric transparency and thermal retention when you are selecting fabrics for your coverings.


Careful planning for how you use your window AC and thoughtful fabric selection can help you hang curtains around a window air conditioner quickly and easily. The result is a fashionable window treatment that will keep spaces cool while looking beautiful.

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