How to Oil a Window Air Conditioner Fan Motor (DIY Guide)

If properly maintained, A window air conditioner fan motor can function for many years.

However, after years of use, you might need to replace the filter — the coils might become dirty, or the fins may bend. Plus, the electric cord might fail, or there might be a lot of noise because of dripping water on the inside.

Although window ACs are less costly than central air conditioners, according to US Energy Information Administration, only 25% of the population has window air conditioning units.

However, if you have one, keep reading as we discuss how to oil the fan motor of a window air conditioner.

Olit Window AC Fan Motor

What is a Fan Motor?

The purpose of a fan motor is to keep the compressor from overheating. It does this by cooling the superheated refrigerant moving through the condenser coils, helping to cool your house.

Without an operational fan motor, your air conditioner can stop functioning. This would result in further repairs and an insufferably hot house.

Keep Fan Motor From Overheating

Signs of a Bad Air Conditioner Fan Motor

Tell-tales of an improperly functioning fan motor are:

How to Choose Lubricant for Your Window AC

To lubricate a window AC fan motor, you would have to turn the system’s power off and remove the cage of the fan.

Remember that lubricants for a window air conditioner fan motor come in various types. Choose one that provides the following features:

  • Preventions from sludge formation, acidity, and deposit formation
  • Can shed water entering the lubrication system
  • Controls foaming
  • Has high stability towards oxidation
  • Protects against corrosion and rust
  • Provides easy filterability without additive exhaustion

How to Oil Your Window AC’s Fan Motor

Every window air conditioning unit is different; therefore, it is better to follow the instruction manual to oil your model. Ensure you use high-quality oil that is designed for high-speed bearing and shafts.

Never use oil that contains detergent, so stay away from motor oils! Detergent is like poison for the motor’s bearings.

Here is a step by step guide for you to lubricate a window air conditioner’s fan motor:

  1. .Switch off the system power via the disconnect switch. You can also disconnect the AC breaker from the breaker box.
  2. .Remove the condenser/compressor unit’s top cover, and you will find the motor mounted on the underside of the lid. It is usually screwed along the perimeter with 8 to 10 screws.
  3. .Remove these screws with a screwdriver or a nut driver. Some units also contain fans secured in a fan cage.
  4. .Rotate the cage assembly or cover upside down to access the motor’s oil ports. These ports are generally found on the bottom or top of the motor.
  5. .Start removing the plug and cover every oil port. You can easily pull the plugs out by hand, or you can pry them out by using a small screwdriver.
  6. .Spray small amounts of oil in all the ports until the oil starts spilling out of the port. Use an oil container with a small nozzle or hose to do this.
  7. .Wipe away any of the spilled oil with a cloth rag.
  8. .Reinstall the plugs back into their ports. Slowly spin the fan blade by your hand so that the oil is entirely dispersed in the motor.
  9. .Move the fan cage or unit cover back and secure it with screws, and then restore power.

Repairing Your Window AC’s Fan Motor

Here is a guide on how to repair a window ac fan motor safely. It is straightforward and relatively easy to do if you are efficient with switches and wires and have the right gear.

Do not worry; you do not have to be a qualified and experienced mechanic for window ac fan motor replacement.

With the help of some readily available tools, you can easily do it yourself. Keep reading for our step-by-step guide to doing this:

Fan Motor Repair

1. Turn Off The Power

Keep in mind to turn the power off before beginning your work. Typically, there are disconnect panels and shut-off buttons present on the wall near the compressor.

However, if the panels are not there, disconnect the power supply of the air-condition via the main electrical panel.

2. Removing Clutter

To install your window ac fan motor replacement, cautiously clean away the debris, dust particles, leaves, and dust bunnies from the outdoor condenser.

3. Removing Grill

Now cautiously remove your air conditioner’s protective Grill. This Grill is also known as a cover and is easily removable via lifting the edges.

4. Vacuuming The Fins

Ensure that you are using a soft brush to remove the leaves and debris from the air conditioner’s fins. After this, you can begin vacuuming — It should now be convenient to remove the fan motor.

5. Removing The Wiring

Underneath the air conditioner’s fins, you will encounter the fan motor fixed to the air conditioner via switches and wires.

Hose down the fins carefully, and avoid pulling any wires that might lead to electrical damage. Some air conditioner models may require the lubrication to be removed.

6. Removing The Fan Motor

Use mounting bolts and power wires to remove the fan. The tricky thing is that you will have to install the new fan motor in reverse! Fix the fan motor in the air conditioner’s central unit, secure the wires, and fasten the switches.

7. Finish Up

Now that the fan motor has been placed back into the air conditioner, ensure that the AC is switched back on. Occasionally, we tend to leave the thermostat off because of carelessness or forgetfulness, and it becomes a massive problem in the future.

If all goes well, after the window ac fan motor replacement, you will have better cooling than before.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

How do I oil my Frigidaire window air conditioner fan motor when it’s noisy?

The Frigidaire window air conditioner fan motor can emit a continuous and loud noise if it has not been appropriately lubricated. You can open the window unit to lubricate the fan motor, be cautious because most motors are hard to reach and sealed.

Can you rebuild the window air conditioner fan motor?

No, you would need a professional to rebuild your window air conditioner fan motor.

How much does it cost to replace a window air conditioner fan motor?

It usually costs around 300 to 600 USD to replace a window air conditioner fan motor.

What is the difference between an evaporator fan and a condenser fan?

The evaporator fan sucks in the indoor air heat, and the outdoor air heat is released via the condenser fan.


Window air conditioners are the energy-efficient AC option, and most of the population is moving towards them.

However, maintenance and cleaning is the key to having a window AC that works for a long time. To get the best out of your air conditioner, lubricate the window air conditioner’s fan motor once a year.

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