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The automotive air conditioning system isn’t much different from what’s found in the home, making it easy to ensure there’s plenty of cold air in your vehicle. If you don’t know how to replace an AC hose assembly in your car, we have the steps you need.

We also have some directions for specific models, whether you need to know how to perform a 2014 Chevy Silverado AC hose replacement or you are looking at trying a 2006 Nissan Altima AC hose replacement.

Where Is the AC Hose Assembly Located?

Before you can perform an AC hose replacement, you must first find the hoses. AC lines are essential to the air conditioning system in your vehicle.

If you look under the hood of your vehicle, you see the AC hose assembly connects the pieces together so liquid and gas refrigerants can flow through the system.

AC Hose Assembly Location

How To Replace The AC Hose Assembly (Step by Step Guide)

You will need some materials to replace the AC hose assembly. Gather this equipment before moving forward.

  • AC recovery machine
  • Automotive socket set
  • Safety goggles
  • Line O-ring
  • Replacement AC line
  • Refrigerant

Once you are ready, follow these steps.

  1. Use the recovery machine to remove all Freon. Both sides must read zero before you proceed.
  2. Locate the failing line. You may need to remove other automotive parts to access this line.
  3. Do you know how to remove AC lines? Put on your eye protection and start with one end at a time. If it is threaded, you will need to remove the nut.
  4. Replace the O-ring.
  5. Install the new line one side at a time.
  6. Replace any other car parts that you took off earlier.
  7. Hook the machine back up and put it on vacuum.
  8. Recharge the system to ensure proper cooling.

If you are unsure how to fix a failing AC line and you feel uncomfortable about the procedure, it’s always best to visit your local mechanic.

How To Replace AC Hose Assembly

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Common Signs of Damaged Car AC Hose Assembly (When To Replace It)

  • Noticeable Physical Damage On Hose
    The main reason you need to learn how to replace an AC hose in a car is that you see physical damage. With the engine vibration, the hoses can rub and become worn. If you see any tearing, abrasion, or damage on the hose, you want to replace it.
  • Leaking Around The Hose
    If there is any damage to the hoses, leaks can occur. When the hose begins leaking, even mildly, it can empty the AC system of the refrigerant, leaving the car unable to cool. You can use dye in the system to find where the leak is coming from.
  • AC Not Cooling
    If the AC high-pressure hose is failing, the system won’t be able to create cold air for the cabin. The high-pressure hose is responsible for carrying the refrigerant out of the compressor. If the hose fails, the car cabin will become warmer.

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How To Choose AC Hose Assembly Replacement

To replace the AC hose, you first look at what hose needs to be removed. You might need different parts for an AC discharge hose replacement than you would the high-pressure hose.

You also need to find the appropriate part for your make, model, and year of the vehicle. These are not universal parts, so you need to ensure compatibility for the right fit.

Replacing The AC Hose Assembly Of Popular Car Models

2008 Nissan Altima

The 2008 Nissan Altima AC hose replacement might be very different from a 2006 Nissan Altima low-pressure ac hose replacement because these models are part of different generations. In 2007, the Nissan Altima entered its 4th generation, so the lines could be located in different places.

2014 Chevy Silverado

Many owners find themselves performing a 2014 Silverado AC hose replacement because of the poor design. If you can, you might want to upgrade to an aftermarket part vs. OEM to ensure better durability and longevity.

Buick Enclave

The cost for Buick Enclave AC hose replacement should be $300 or less if you only need the parts. You can save money by doing the labor yourself, based on the instructions offered above.

Honda Pilot & Odyssey

There’s no major difference between a Honda Pilot AC discharge hose replacement and a Honda Odyssey AC hose replacement. However, when you put on a new hose, you also want to replace the filter at the same time.

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People Also Ask (FAQ)

Can an AC hose be repaired?

It’s possible to repair some minor damage to the car AC hose. However, the hose isn’t normally that expensive, so it’s best to replace it. Plus, if damage has begun in one spot, it might occur in another location down the road.

How long does an AC hose assembly last?

The metal tubing and rubber hoses should last eight to ten years, depending on the condition of the vehicle and the abuse it has endured. The assembly isn’t a part that should need to be replaced often.

How long does it take to replace the AC hose assembly?

It depends on your experience level and how hard it is to access the line. To be safe, you want to give yourself several hours to complete the hose replacement.

How much does it cost to replace the car AC hose assembly?

In most cases, you are looking at $300 or less for the hose assembly itself. However, if you need a professional mechanic to install it, you will have to pay the hourly charge on top of the parts.


With the steps to perform a portable AC hose replacement, you can get cold air pumping through your vehicle again. Use your HVAC skills to repair your vehicle quickly and more cost-effectively.

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