KVA to AMPs Calculator & Charts (How to Convert Easily)

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How Many BTU in a Ton (Conversion Explained)

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Kilowatts (Kw) to Amps (A): (Conversion & Calculator)

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Convert kW to BTU: Air Conditioner Calculator & Charts

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Air Changes Per Hour Calculator (Easy To Use Formula)

I always ensure my home has proper ventilation and air circulation, and you should too. Having the right amount of external air entering your home helps keep your air clean and prevents a build-up of pollutants. To ensure your home has proper ventilation, you must understand the air exchange rate and ACH (air changes per … Read more

EER to COP: Online Calculator for AC Units (+ COP to EER)

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SEER to EER Calculator: How to Convert for ACs (With Charts)

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EER to SEER Calculator: How to Convert for ACs (With Charts)

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When it comes to finding the best air conditioner, you have many factors to consider. One of the most important is the air conditioner size. This doesn’t mean the actual dimensions of the unit (though that is important, too), but instead refers to the output rating of the machine. A properly sized air conditioner will … Read more