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Lennox Vs American Standard Air Conditioners Compared

Trying to choose between popular AC brands is never easy. Our Lennox Vs American Standard comparison covers everything you need to know about these two brands.

Choosing the right air conditioner for your new project, as an upgrade or a replacement, is never an easy chore. You not only have to research all the features, options, and models, but also sizes, capacities, and even brands.

In this Lennox vs. American Standard air conditioner review, we will rate, compare and explain the two brands side by side. We will look at their features, options, and energy efficiency ratings to help you know what to look for when making a purchasing decision.

Are these the right brand names for your needs? There is only one way to find out. Read on.

Reliability and Expected Lifespan

Brands that have been around a while know that it takes dependability and reliability to stay in business. Both Lennox and American Standard have been around for quite a while. The average expected lifespan for a new air conditioner system is between 12 and 15 years.

For both Lennox and American Standard, though, you can easily expect 20 years. With reliable parts and dependable service, both brands are easily capable of lasting you many years to come.

Winner: Tie. Both brands are capable of being long-term solutions.

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Communication Ability

Customer service is a big part of the overall quality of service, too. If you have no post-sale support, it can make it difficult to invest in the brand.

You will find that Lennox and American Standard offer about the same level of customer service. They are readily available through email and toll-free phone calls. However, both are also mostly automated and will refer any tech assist calls to a local contractor.

While this can be a bit of a hassle, in most cases, the authorized dealers they connect you to will be the same company that performed the initial installation (if they were local). What you won’t find (and only a few brands offer) is post-sale feedback, getting input from their customers to make a better product in the future.

Winner: Tie. Both brands offer the same type of communications and support pre and post-sale.

Unit Purchase Price

While some retail vendors can get their hands on both Lennox and American Standard, the vast majority of sales are through vendors and authorized contractors. These contractors will also perform the installation, so the shown prices are for the unit itself as well as installation and labor fees.

Lennox is seen as a premium brand, and they have other, smaller companies under them that handle the lower-end models at more affordable prices. When you shop for a Lennox, though, you can expect to pay a little more than the industry average.

American Standard is almost the opposite, focusing more on savings upfront with energy efficiency handling the long-term savings. Lennox’s lower-end models will run about $4,000 to $6,000, whereas American Standard is $2,200 to $4,000.

The cost difference stays constant through the mid-range and high-end models, too, with Lennox almost always costing more.

Winner: American Standard has a lower upfront cost, adding in long-term savings to help you in the future, too.

Manufacturer Warranty

The warranty may be one of the most critical aspects of your decision-making process. If you are a wise investor and shopper, it will be. Some brands will lump everything into a single warranty, while others will split them up.

American Standard is one that lumps the warranty together. You get complete coverage of all systems, wear and tear, and parts for 5-years upon purchase. If you then register your purchase and install within 60 days, the warranty is extended to 10-years.

Lennox is a brand that splits the warranty. The parts and electrical are all on one side, and the sealed system with the compressor on the other. This is the more standard practice and helps you only use the portion of your warranty that is needed.

However, with Lennox, both halves are covered for 10-years, so there isn’t much of a difference in what you get out of it.

Winner: Lennox has a 10-year warranty like American Standard but doesn’t require registration to get it.

Costs of Parts and Future Repairs

As with anything electrical, mechanical, or with moving parts, it will break down from time to time. With proper care and general maintenance, you can avoid untimely repairs, but they will still eventually be needed.

American Standard replacement parts can be found anywhere HVAC equipment is sold. This includes home improvement stores, hardware stores, and HVAC specialty stores. You can also find AC parts online through sites like Amazon.

Lennox also has certain parts for sale in these same places, but many of their replacement parts are sold exclusively through authorized contractors. This is to help protect the warranty coverage as well as your equipment from a DIY mishap. Still, it can be a pain for those that know what they are doing and want to save a bit of money.

Winner: American Standard has more readily available and affordable replacement parts.

Range of SEER Ratings Available

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER ratings, are a good indication of long-term savings through your energy bills, as well as telling you how efficient and productive your new unit can potentially be.

The higher the SEER value, the more efficient the system is overall, and it is one of the easiest metrics to understand and learn about. When looking at the Lennox models, you will find a wide range of SEER ratings. From the lower end of 13 SEER to the top of the line models at 26 SEER. On average, across the entire line, Lennox offers 16.6 SEER.

American Standard doesn’t quite reach 26 SEER on any of their models but does offer a model that has 22 SEER. Their low-end model offers 13 SEER ratings. Because they have fewer models, the average SEER rating is also about 16.5 SEER giving them a brand average similar to Lennox.

Winner: Lennox offers more models with higher energy efficiency overall compared to American Standard.

Humidity Control

Controlling the humidity levels in your home with your air conditioner is a common practice. Air conditioners remove moisture from the air lowering humidity as they are cooling it naturally. However, this may not be the most optimal method.

With advancements in technology, though, and multi-speed systems, you can take more control over the humidity levels in your home. Most systems will require a smart thermostat with humidity sensors.

Lennox is compatible with almost every major aftermarket thermostat and sensor. They also have their own thermostat called the iComfort that will monitor humidity levels for you.

American Standard will require a 3rd party thermostat and sensor as they don’t include any on their own. However, for the major brand thermostats, compatibility won’t be an issue.

Winner: Lennox offers their own monitoring and solutions for humidity and is compatible with more aftermarket options.

Noise Levels of AC Units

Noise is another factor that can be a major or minor deal breaker. Some brands, like Carrier, are well known for running silent. Lennox and American Standard, though, are not among those.

For Lennox, the average noise level is about 74dB, with their top-tier model offering sound dampening and noise reduction methods allowing it to drop to 59dB.

American Standard, on the other hand, also uses sound dampening on almost every model, known as Aero Quiet II, which brings the average down to about 72dB. The top-end model ranges between 57 and 75dB, depending on operational speed.

Winner: Lennox is quieter overall and as a whole, plus the best model is quieter than American Standard’s top model.

Variable Speed Systems (Compressors)

Variable speed compressor systems are some of the most efficient ACs on the market. With slight changes in speed from 1% to 100%, your system never entirely shuts off. This saves a lot of wattage when turning the system on.

They also only run at the speed needed to get to or maintain the set temperature, saving you money on your monthly energy bills. All of the Lennox SL series models have variable speed compressor systems giving you high SEER and easy comfort control.

American Standard has only a couple of models with a variable speed setup, though they are more affordable. The speed controls are all automatic, and the systems will run as needed to maintain your set temp.

Winner: Lennox has an overall better variable speed system compared to American Standard, as well as more models with a variable speed compressor.

Single Vs. Two-Stage Cooling Options

For all other models that are not variable speed, you have the option between single-stage and two-stage compressors. As you can imagine, a single-stage compressor is the least efficient and offers only one speed: max.

While two-stage compressors only have two speeds, they are still notably more efficient in almost all cases; there is a case to be made for single-stage units. Regions that are typically colder won’t need to run their AC as much and can save a lot of money by using a single-speed compressor system. These benefits may make two stage ACs worth it for some people.

Lennox offers a lot of single and two-stage compressor systems, and compared to American Standard, similar models will always have better performance and functionality.

Winner: Lennox offers more models with single and two-stage compressors that perform better than the American Standard counterparts.

Technology Integration and Developments

With technology at an all-time high, it is easy to see why HVAC systems are getting better and better. Like variable speed compressors, some technology is shared between brands, but some are unique to each manufacturer.

For example, American Standard has rust-proof drain pans and weather protective covers. They also feature an all-aluminum fin and coil system that isn’t found in many other places. Because most companies use copper or copper and aluminum (it is cheaper), American Standard stands out for going this more efficient, if not expensive, route.

Lennox utilizes many user-friendly features that you don’t see anywhere else. Their iComfort system, for example, allows you full control over your entire HVAC system with a simple app. They are also working on using more green resources such as solar-powered systems and two-stage split systems.

Winner: Tie. You can have better unit protection and controls with American Standard or better user-friendly features with Lennox.

Financing Options Available (Via The Brand)

A new air conditioner system can quickly eat away at savings or be well beyond your current budget. With financing options, though, you can get the system you need with low monthly payments.

Most larger brands will offer financing of some sort, though it may come from a dealer or contractor instead of the brand directly. With American Standard, all financing is done through a contractor or vendor as they will be the ones to perform the installation. You will make payments through the contractor, and American Standard does little more than approve your application.

With Lennox, you have multiple options and can apply over the phone, online, and in person. They also offer more financing option packages and help you get approved by taking a more proactive approach to your investment.

Winner: Lennox has a better system in place for getting you set up with a new air conditioner as soon as possible, though they are more expensive.

Customer Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings are a critical part of the process. During your research phase, you may read well over 100 different reviews from previous consumers. You can also read websites that offer a collection of ratings for specific brands like Consumer Reports and Consumer Affairs.

What you will find is that American Standard has high ratings and will include higher than average numbers, frequently finding a top 3 or even #1 spot on lists. Consumer Reports has American Standard #1 in many categories.

For Lennox, the reviews are a little more harsh, and the rating is below average as a whole. With 2.9 stars out of 5 from Consumer Affairs, it is a trouble spot for the brand.

Winner: American Standard has better overall reviews from previous consumers, though not all of them are glowing references.

Comparing Lennox and American Standard Model Numbers

Now that you understand more about what goes into your decision-making process and which features or options you need to include in your system, let’s look at those systems. The following chart compares both brands’ more popular models in highly important categories.

Model Number SEER Ratings Cooling Stages Energy Saving (%)
Lennox XC25 26 SEER 2 52%
American Standard Platinum 18/ 20 21 SEER 700 50%
Lennox XC21I 21 SEER 2 52%
American Standard Gold 17 18 SEER 2 50%
Lennox SL18XC1 19 SEER 750 58%
Lennox XC20 20 SEER 2 54%
Lennox XC16 17 SEER 2 52%
American Standard AccuComfort™ Platinum 18 18 SEER 700 50%
American Standard Gold 17 17 SEER 2 50%
American Standard Silver 16,15,14 16 SEER 1 48%
Lennox SL18XP1 18 SEER 1 50%
American Standard Silver 16 Low Profile 17 SEER 1 52%
Lennox 16ACX 17 SEER 1 48%

Overview of Lennox Air Conditioners

Like most larger brands, Lennox has been around for a while. Starting in 1895, the first riveted steel furnace was introduced. From then on, the HVAC industry had a new leader.

It wasn’t long before Lennox fell into the residential air conditioning market and quickly adapted to the needs of their consumers. By the 1960s, there were more Lennox ACs in residential neighborhoods than many other brands of the day.

The brand continues to grow and innovate, including the first solar-powered system, smart control systems, and more. Looking forward, there isn’t anything stopping the brand from continuing to expand and innovate the market it has dominated for decades.

Lennox HVAC Products

Quick Look At Lennox Air Conditioner Features

Lennox, like a lot of other big-name brands, has a big focus on user-friendly systems. While there is a lot of technology inside their HVAC systems, there is just as much outside.

For example, the Lennox two-stage split system air conditioners offer higher than average efficiency ratings, easy installation, and room by room controls.

You will also find the iComfort smart thermostat with built-in compatibility, sensors, and additional diagnostics to help you keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape. If you already have a smart thermostat, though, not to worry. Lennox is also compatible with every major smart thermostat brand on the market.

Not only will you have full control from anywhere, but with Lennox’s focus on being green, the solar-powered options are becoming more and more readily available. You can also save a lot of money on your energy bills with higher SEER ratings and variable speed compressor systems.

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Pros & Cons of Lennox AC Units

What is there to like (and dislike) about Lennox systems? The following will show you what we found about the brand and their models as a whole.

What We Like
  • High SEER ratings
  • Energy Star rated
  • Highly dependable construction
  • High-end parts included
  • Filter drier installed at factory
  • Qualifies for most rebates and credits
  • Worldwide sales and service
Things We Don’t
  • Can get expensive
  • Installation is not as easy as other brands
  • Warranty should be longer

Overview of American Standard Air Conditioners

American Standard also got their humble start in the late 1800s, but as a plumbing and manufacturing brand to start. It wasn’t until the 1930s that the brand became a well-known HVAC brand.

Like Lennox, they too started to get a firm hold of the market as a reliable, reputable brand that was as affordable as they were dependable. Today, the brand works to give their consumers low prices, low maintenance, and high value. Something they succeed at very well, even without some of the modern technological advances of the more expensive brands.

Quick Look At American Standard Air Conditioner Features

When it comes to unique features, American Standard won’t wow you with user-friendly features that you can brag about during your lunch break. However, what they do offer some features that help prolong the life of the units and make cleaning and maintenance easier.

For example, the SpineFin all-aluminum coils system is one of the more expensive options in the industry. However, American Standard doesn’t pass that cost on to their consumers, offering one of the most efficient cooling coil materials in use today.

You will also find the Weather Guard system that gives you a protective topper and a rust-proof drain pan (along with corrosion-resistant panel screws). Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze, and with proper care, these features add several years to the system’s life span.

american standard air conditioner reviews

Pros & Cons of American Standard AC Units

All things have benefits and negative aspects. Therefore, it is important to know those areas on either side of the list that can make or break your decision.

What We Like
  • Multiple variable speed options
  • High SEER ratings across the board
  • Less expensive than many other brands
  • Can be found in all regions of the US
  • Made in the USA
  • Uses highly dependable parts
  • Replacement parts are affordable
  • Low install costs
Things We Don’t
  • Must register for extended warranty
  • May not be available through your chosen contractor
  • May need repairs sooner than other high-end brands


Finding the right model, features, and brand for your new air conditioner system can be tricky. Along with the actual installation and unit cost, you need to figure out which features and options you need and find the brand that offers what you want.

Here, we rated, reviewed, and compared Lennox and American Standard brands. While they may not be the right brands for everyone, you may find what you need in the review above. With luck, you can also narrow your search down to a model or style that will best suit your needs.

Last Updated on April 18, 2022

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