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LG Air Conditioner Reviews

We have independently reviewed, rated and compared the LG Air conditioner range.

Buyers Guide & Information

LG Air Conditioner Reviews

We have independently reviewed, rated and compared the LG Air conditioner range.

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Best LG Window AC


Best LG Thru-the-Wall AC


Best LG Portable AC


According to Cole Porter’s timeless classic ‘Too Darn Hot,’ quality of life is compromised pretty spectacularly when the temperature rises! We all prefer to keep our cool these days. In fact, according to statistics, 84 percent of all homes in the United States have some air conditioning. Interesting fact: it’s more common for houses in the US to have an air conditioning unit than a garage, a dining room, or a dishwasher.

These essential appliances make home life much more pleasant for everyone in warmer climes, hence their priority on the list of home comforts. LG offer a wide range of products to keep you cool as a cucumber whether you live in a small apartment or a large family home.

With its origins dating back to 1958, the Korean electronics giant LG now spans the globe. LG’s vast range of products and appliances can be found in homes and businesses everywhere, from Home Entertainment and Mobile Communications to Home Appliances and Air Solutions. LG has grown consistently and are now one of the brand leaders globally for air conditioners.

LG’s AC Range Explained

With their wide range of air conditioning products, including portable, wall-mounted and window-mounted options, LG aims to keep you cool and comfortable — even when Mother Nature turns up the heat. LG air conditioners give you the power and technology you need to maintain the perfect temperature inside your home all year round, no matter how hot and steamy it gets outside.

Model Number Type of AC BTU (Max) Cooling Area (sq.ft.) Heating BTU (Max)
LG LP1417WSRSM Portable 8000 400 N/A
LG LP1417SHR Portable 14000 500 12000
LG LW1017ERSM Window 10000 450 N/A
LG LW8016HR Window 7500 320 3850
LG LT1037HNR Through-the-wall 10000 440 11200

Our Favorite LG Air Conditioners For The Home

Portable AC


There’s no doubt that portable air conditioners are useful if you like the flexibility of being able to cool different areas of your home without the need to install multiple window or through-the-wall units – or the expense, come to that. The sleek contemporary design of this unit will blend in seamlessly almost anywhere.

Although it’s far from being the smallest or lightest portable AC unit – weighing in at 75 pounds – it’s surprisingly easy to move around with its easy-roll castors and side handles, even over thick carpeting. Being reasonably bulky, it would be trickier to climb up and down stairs, but on one level it’s plain sailing.

The powerful 14000 BTU cooling capacity does an efficient job in spaces of up to 500 sq ft. It’s also relatively quiet so it shouldn’t trouble you too much if you’re bothered by white noise.

The control panel with digital LED display is on the top of the unit, operated by remote control. The three operating modes are Cool, Fan, and Dry. The cooling function allows the required temperature to be selected, raised, or lowered. The fan function controls the dual oscillating air vents on the top of the unit, which direct the cool air in different directions to ensure there are no hot spots in the room. The drying function operates as a dehumidifier with a capacity to remove 3.1 pts per hour. There is no self-evaporation on this unit, and the collection tank must be emptied periodically, indicated by the control panel when necessary.

LG’s SmartThinQ® Technology is innovative, but some reviewers mentioned that the app is lacking in features to fine-tune the functioning of the unit. Many of the functions can only be controlled by the remote, for example, which seems a missed opportunity.

Other features include Sleep, Timer, and Wi-Fi. The Sleep function shuts the unit off after eight hours and operates the fan at low speed for optimal sleeping comfort. The Timer feature allows you to set automatic on and off times. Somewhat frustratingly, neither of these features can be controlled via the smart app and are operated by remote control.

According to an in-depth review on, the LP1417WSRSM is

‘more powerful and less expensive than the Frigidaire Gallery Cool Connect Smart Portable Air Conditioner.’

They rated it as the most powerful smart unit they had seen, performing well in their tests for cooling, without being too noisy, and easy to move to where it’s needed.

Need a Portable AC with Heating?


Keeping cool in the hotter months is a necessity, but when the temperature dips in the colder months, having a dual function unit with supplemental heating is a great option. LG’s LP1417SHR portable air conditioner with heat pump technology will keep you as cool as a cucumber or snug as a bug in a rug, according to your needs. Its 14000 BTU cooling capacity is optimal for spaces up to 500 sq ft, whereas its 12000 BTU heating capacity is designed for areas up to 400 sq ft.

The auto-swing oscillating air vents circulate the warm or cool air efficiently to ensure the whole space is kept in the ‘comfort zone.’ What’s more, the dehumidification function will control the humidity in your home. With a sleek contemporary design, this free-standing portable unit blends in with almost any room décor so it will fit in where you want it when you want it.

Window AC


Receiving an excellent 5-star rating on from some delighted customers, this window AC unit not only meets but exceeds customers’ expectations.

This ENERGY STAR® certified unit is specially designed with energy efficiency in mind, with an impressive 12.1 EER. Its 10000 BTU cooling capacity is suitable for spaces up to 450 sq ft.  The auto restart function ensures that your AC automatically turns back on when power returns after a power outage, giving you peace of mind.

With LG’s SmartThinQ® technology, you can control your AC at home from anywhere: start or stop cooling, change the mode or set the temperature to be just how you like it when you get home. The app also works with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so you can change your air conditioner settings with simple voice commands from the comfort of the sofa, without having to search for that elusive remote control.

In addition to smart control, there’s a Wi-Fi control option too. The three cooling speeds and three fan speeds offer maximum cooling flexibility, and the 4-way air deflection directs cool air exactly where you want it.

So you can be sure that this window AC unit meets your needs, you can download the technical specification sheet from LG here.

Need a Window AC with Heating?

LG LW8016HR Window-Mounted

Perhaps you’re looking for a window AC unit that offers the extra dimension of a little heat when you need it in the chillier months as well as keeping your home cool and comfortable when the temperature rises. If so, look no further than this high-performing unit from LG. It offers an impressive energy efficiency Ratio (EER) of 11. 2, with 7,500 BTU cooling capacity for space up to 320 sq ft and 3850 BTU supplemental heating for up to 220 sq ft, making it ideal for smaller homes.

Through the Wall AC


As an alternative to a window AC unit, this LG wall unit is not only stylish but offers powerful performance with innovative features including multiple cooling and fan speeds, remote control, and a trim kit for a flush/clean installation. Delivering an effective 9,800/10,000 BTU cooling capacity and 9,200/11,200 BTU heating, with an EER of 9.7, this unit can cool or heat rooms of up to 440 sq ft.

You can control the temperature of your room at the touch of a button (or remote control). Better yet, you can set your unit with the programmable timer to come on before you arrive home, so you are greeted with warmth or glorious cool air depending on the season.

Two cooling speeds and two fan only speeds allow you to set the perfect temperature and you can enjoy the cool air even more with the 4-way air direction. By adjusting the deflection, the air is directed up, down, left or right, so you’re in control and can move the air where it’s needed most.

When the climate gets a little sticky, there’s also a dehumidification option, removing 3.2 pts/hr of moisture from the air. The remote control is easy to use so, and once you’re relaxed, you can control the temperature from the comfort of your sofa.

In these energy-conscious times, the LG LT1037HNR includes an Energy Saver Mode, so you don’t have to sweat about high utility costs when you’re cooling down.

To find out if this AC unit with cooling and heating functions is suitable for your needs, you can find LG’s technical specification here.

Portable Vs. Window

One of the best features of a portable air conditioning unit is that it’s super-easy to install. These products plug into a wall socket and come complete with a window kit – effectively a pipe through which the heat removed from the air inside.

Some homeowners’ associations don’t allow the use of window AC units because they protrude to the outside. Portable units have the advantage here because the small exhaust pipe won’t violate any such rules.

The most obvious benefit is that you can move it quickly from room to room so you can enjoy its cooling effect wherever it’s needed. A window AC doesn’t offer that flexibility. If it’s not possible to vent through a window for some reason, ceiling vent kits are also available for portable ACs.

A small window unit, by contrast, removes the possible problem of the space taken up by a freestanding portable unit which is particularly relevant in homes where space is tight. Sitting in the existing window opening, without taking up any valuable floor space, window units undoubtedly reduce clutter.

Another essential factor to bear in mind in these energy-conscious times is that a window air conditioner uses energy more efficiently than a portable unit. As a result, you get more cooling power per BTU.

A top tip is to pay attention to the BTU rating when looking at window units. The higher that number is, the bigger the room the unit can cool.

Both window and portable AC units can come with many features such as digital thermostats, remotes, and timers. The presence or absence of these factors may help your decision-making process.

lg portable ac

Portable AC Setup

lg window ac

Window AC Setup

through the wall lg AC

Through Wall AC Setup

Window Vs. Through-the-Wall

Window and through-the-wall ACs are easy to compare because they’re effectively similar in cooling capacity and size. Through-the-wall units, however, tend to be more energy efficient because they create an airtight seal in the room.

The significant differences between these types of AC units are their installation and way that they vent. Window ACs, as the name suggests, fit through a window and don’t require permanent installation. Through-the-wall ACs, on the other hand, is built into the wall. They are ideal for windowless rooms or for those who prefer not to interfere with the existing windows.

Wall air conditioners typically only vent (or exhaust) warm air through the back of the unit to the outside, while window ACs vent from both the sides and back. This is why the two types are not interchangeable, even if they are identical in size. Simply put, since a window unit needs to vent from both the back and the sides, if it’s installed in a wall, the side vents will be blocked, and it will overheat.

British Thermal Units (BTU) Explained

A British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a precise measurement that represents the amount of energy required to change the temperature a single pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit above or below the current temperature. It’s the most commonly used way to measure the effectiveness of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Nearly all air conditioners have a tested BTU rating. A higher BTU rating means that the air conditioner is capable of cooling a larger area more effectively. LG air conditioners include products suitable for both cooling both large and small spaces.

Cooling Area

Though it may be tempting to think that a higher number of BTUs will cool your room more effectively and quickly, it won’t be energy efficient if it’s the wrong size for the space. A potent air conditioner with more BTUs than necessary will cool the area quickly. The problem is that the unit will then cycle on and off frequently throughout the day in short bursts to maintain this temperature. This can damage internal components and shorten the operational life of the AC.

Here’s a guide to help you to calculate the optimum number of BTUs for the space you wish to cool:

Calculate BTU Per Square Foot

More Features of These AC Units

Advances in technology have made controlling your AC and making it as energy efficient as possible so much easier. Less energy equates to less cost to you on expensive electricity and less burden on the environment, so it’s a win-win to use features such as smart technology which are now available with many AC units.

Some LG products allow you to stay cool and in control with their LG SmartThinQ® technology. It lets you control your LG air conditioner remotely, so you can start or stop cooling, change the mode, or set the temperature from anywhere. Even if smart technology isn’t for you, you can still benefit from the many other features offered by LG such as remote control operation, energy saving features which keep the temperature at a set level without working constantly and variable fan speeds to control the noise level and rate of cooling.

Comparisons with Similar Products

Portable AC

A top alternative to our pick for an LG portable AC is this unit from Haier which combines compact size and performance. Its 12000 BTU cooling power will cool a room up to 450 sq ft. It includes remote control, a digital settings panel, and three cooling speeds.

Being minimalist in size and styling, it doesn’t intrude on living space unduly, and it performs well in terms of energy efficiency. It also has helpful features like auto-start and a 24-hour timer, which make it easy to ‘set and forget.’

Another feature is its self-evaporative draining system, which means you don’t have to empty the tank every day – one less thing for your to-do list. As with all portable units, it’s easy to install, with a 6ft power cord and a 5ft single exhaust hose, both of which give some flexibility on where it can be sited in your room. Read more about Haier AC units here.

In general, the Haier HPC12XCR receives good feedback, especially considering the average reviews for most portable ACs. Most users note that the cooling performance is about what they expected or better.

Window AC

As an alternative to our suggested LG Window AC unit, you might like to take a look at the AHM06LW from General Electric. It’s a straight-forward, 6150 BTU fixed-chassis unit that offers an EER of 12.1, enough to receive ENERGY STAR® certification. With three cooling speeds, four fan speeds, remote control, and a 24-hour timer, you’ll have all the necessary and intermediate features you need to keep a room consistently cool.

It’s easily installed, thanks to the EZ Mount kit, although we advise you to take the additional steps of using tape or adhesive to seal up any small air leaks.

The GE AHM06LW is one of Consumer Reports’ highest-rated window air conditioners. It is rated as a Best Buy due to the level of performance and efficiency it offers at a relatively low price.

Through-the-Wall AC

This through-the-wall AC from Koldfront is an excellent alternative to our LG top pick. It offers superb value for money and has both heating and cooling functions. With a 12,000-BTU rating, it can cool a space of up to 550 sq ft, and the 10,600 BTU heating element can heat an area of up to 450 sq ft.

Although it doesn’t offer the ‘smart’ control technology of our LG recommendation, it has remote control operation, an electronic digital thermostat, a sleep mode, a 24-hour timer, and an energy-saver mode. The louvers in the output vent can be adjusted to direct air in 4 directions, and there are three fan speeds plus ‘auto.’

It also has a ‘Dry’ mode for dehumidification which extracts about 2.5 pints of water from the air per hour. The lack of a self-evaporative function means that you need to empty the tank regularly, however.

LG Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Water is leaking from the window or through-the-wall AC unit

If water is coming from the AC unit, this may be due to regular operation, condensation process, or proper leveling. Follow this link to LG’s resolution center to identify and solve the problem.

AC Unit is not cooling

Sometimes the unit will cool at night but not during the day, which indicates that there is a performance issue. Alternatively, it may have ceased to function correctly at any time. Look here for a solution to the problem.

The error code is showing on the display

An error code can usually be resolved by performing a few simple troubleshooting steps. Click here to start the process of identifying the problem.

How to maintain your AC unit and keep it functioning efficiently

As with any household appliance, regular maintenance will keep it performing optimally. You’ll find maintenance tips from LG for portable, window and through-the-wall AC units, by following this link.

How do you install an LG portable air conditioner?

We find it’s better to show than to tell, so we suggest you follow this link to a video installation guide for your portable AC unit.

How do you drain LG portable air conditioner?

This video guide helps explain how to drain your unit.

How do you clean an LG AC filter?
  1. Pull the inlet grille forward.
  2. Remove the air filter from the front grille by pulling the air filter up slightly.
  3. Wash the filter using lukewarm water (below 104 degrees).
  4. Gently shake away the excess water, leave it to air dry and reinstall the filter.


There’s no doubt that home appliance market leaders LG has covered all the bases with their range of split system, portable, window and through-the-wall air conditioning units, incorporating smart technology for many of them.

From the vast range they offer, we have done the hard yards of research and narrowed down the options. We’ve selected some of the top performing LG air conditioners so you can keep your home cold (or warm) and comfortable through the seasons.

If you’re looking for a high-performing portable AC unit which will blend into any décor, then our top pick would be the LG LP1417WSRSM. It ticks all the boxes and gets on with doing its job of cooling your home, wherever and whenever you need it.

The addition of LG’s innovative SmartThinQ® Technology puts you in complete control, so your home can be cool and comfortable when you arrive home at the end of a long hard day.

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