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Midea U Shaped Window AC Review

Our Midea U-Shaped window air conditioner review discusses how we tested this popular AC model. Learn about our experience with cooling & installation.

If trying to find the right model of air conditioner for your room or home wasn’t bad enough, there are now more styles than ever. You can find portable AC units, window units, and even through the wall models. Each type has its own energy-saving styles and designs.

All of these types have their limitations, though, and one of the biggest is removing the ability to use the window with the AC in use. Enter our Midea U-Shaped window air conditioner review.

This model has unique design features with you in mind. Let’s dive in and get to know this new style of window AC.

Midea 8,000 BTU U-Shaped Smart Inverter...
  • ULTRA QUIET - The Midea U Smart Inverter AC...
  • MORE THAN 35% ENERGY SAVINGS - With the...
  • FLEXIBLE WINDOW OPENING - Midea U-shaped...
  • SMART CONTROL - The Midea U Smart Inverter...

Midea is a global brand first established in China in 1968. Since that time, the company has expanded from consumer appliances to also include HVAC equipment, robotics, and floor care.

Their global branding has made them one of the largest manufacturers in the world, with over 195 countries housing local headquarters.

All in all, there are currently over 175,000 Midea employees around the world, and the company continues to grow.

Recent acquisitions of Eureka, KUKA, and Toshiba’s home appliance division give them an edge in future production, including automation and Internet of Things (IoT) compatibility.

When it comes to HVAC equipment, not many brands can compete with the efficiency, design, power, and durability of a Midea system. Currently working alongside Carrier Group, Midea is poised to take on a new role in leading home climate control systems.

Unique Features Of The Midea U Shaped Air Conditioner

Unlike other window air conditioning units, the Midea model is quite unique. Below, we explain these features and why they might matter to you.

The Innovative “U” Design

Most window air conditioners have an inherent problem; you can’t use the window. When a standard model is installed, it uses the weight and positioning of the window sill and pane to keep it in place. To use the window, you have to remove the AC.

With the Midea air conditioner, though, the windowpane slides down into the body of the unit, allowing you to raise and lower the window as needed. The innovative U shape provides security, access, and dependability no matter how your window is positioned.

Low Noise Functionality

Many brands offer some noise dampening options in their window units, but the fact remains that there isn’t much in the way of noise penetration reduction. Because most of the noise comes from the back half of the system, the Midea model adds noise dampening based solely on its mounting.

With low vibration, noise-canceling compressor, and the windowpane shutting off the outside noise, the air conditioner is much quieter than other models.

Energy Savings (DC Inverter Technology)

With new technology comes more productive and innovative features. One of the most energy-efficient is a DV inverter compressor. These compressors are easier to start, smoother to run, and use less energy than any other compressor type.

Depending on your current system, you can save up to 32% in energy costs just by switching to a model with a DC inverter.

Smart WiFi Options

The Midea U-Shaped AC also has WiFi capabilities. While this feature isn’t unique to the brand, it still isn’t widespread. Most brands that have WiFi options on some of their models show it in their price.

With Midea, the features for control, timers, modes, and temperature selection are all included without raising the overall cost of the system.

Flexible Installation Options

You can install the U-Shaped AC by yourself, making it much easier to handle than almost all other types. The bracket system is simple to attach and fits in almost every window.

You even have the ability to lock your window when it is in the full down position, and you no longer need to worry about plastic or cloth “wings” to fill any gaps after install.

Midea U Window Air Conditioner Review

Midea 8,000 BTU U-Shaped Smart Inverter...
  • ULTRA QUIET - The Midea U Smart Inverter AC...
  • MORE THAN 35% ENERGY SAVINGS - With the...
  • FLEXIBLE WINDOW OPENING - Midea U-shaped...
  • SMART CONTROL - The Midea U Smart Inverter...

The Midea U is a new type of window air conditioning unit, and it comes with many features that make it highly sought after. The biggest draw is the U-Shape design that allows you to open and close the window without having to remove the system.

The inside half of the air conditioner is sleek and stylish. It has modern lines and a digital, push-button interface. There are indicator lights and tones for mode and temperature selection as well as errors, shut off, and timers.

These lights and tones cannot currently be shut off, though, and is a major complaint from some users.

Installing The Midea U And First Use

When you first receive your air conditioner, you need to unpack it carefully. Remove everything from the box to ensure you get all the pieces out before attempting assembly and installation of the bracket. More details on the actual install process are further below.

Installation Requirements for Midea U AC

While the install is pretty simple and straightforward, it is still time-consuming. Expect between one and two hours to complete the initial install and set up with the mobile app and WiFi connectivity.

The Midea U comes in three sizes to fit your needs. You can choose from 8000, 10000, or 12000 BTUs which can cool a space between 250 and 550 square feet, on average. Multiple rooms or larger spaces may need a second unit.

Features and Settings

The low-watt system only needs about 710 total watts and runs on a dedicated 115-volt outlet. You don’t need a special plug or adapter, and it will fit most 20 amp circuits. Once installed in the window, the 70 pound unit is quiet and easy to operate.

The U-shaped model has an average 15 SEER capability that can drastically cut your energy costs. In many cases, this one upgrade to an existing, older window unit can reduce costs up to 35%.

It is also one of the quietest window ACs on the market. With your window closed and the system at any speed, it will produce about 42dB of noise, which is barely noticeable in most situations.

Most other reviews that we read stated that it was about as loud as a refrigerator on low and that after a while, you won’t hear it at all.

Controlling Your New Air Conditioner

There are three methods of control for the system. First, you can use the onboard digital control panel to select fan speed, mode, and temperature. You can also cycle through timer settings and even select fan only or dehumidify options.

Once you connect your system to the wireless network in your home, you can use the MideaAir mobile app to take full control of your system. The mobile app also tracks filter cleaning, usage time and reports to you the current and set temperatures.

Midea has also committed to new feature releases for the mobile app through updates over time.

Midea U-Shaped AC Smart Remote

Another control option is also WiFi dependent. It will require you to have a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa enabled device. Once connected and learned, you can use simple voice commands to control your system, set a timer, temperature or turn the unit on and off.

Warranty, Cost And Support

The Midea U has a fairly simple warranty. Your purchase is covered for up to 90 days (depending on where you purchase) for a return window.

After that, you have 12 months of protection on all parts from the bracket to controls. The sealed system that includes the compressor and refrigerant lines is further protected for 5 years.

If something does happen, customer service is there to help. Most of the issues with the system are leaking through the front, damaged parts during shipping, or an improper bracket install.

Most users find that customer support is quick to respond and does offer a solution, even if it isn’t one you want to hear.

The cost will vary some based on where you buy, your location, and which size you choose. However, on average, all three sizes will fall between $400 and $600. You can also get a three month extension on your warranty by following the instructions in the owner’s manual (send a photo of your receipt).

All in all, the Midea U has a little bit of tweaking to do to be a high-value buy, but for the cost and what you get, it is a steal. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase.

Specifications of the Midea U-Shaped AC
Cooling Capacity 8000, 10000, 12000 BTU
Heating No
Dimensions 21.97 x 19.17 x 13.46 inches
Design U-Shape, In-Window
Warranty 1-year parts and labor, 5-year sealed system
Smart Controls MideaAir Mobile App, Google/Alexa
What We Like
  • Super quiet operation (42dB)
  • Sleek, stylish appearance
  • Highly efficient
  • Mobile app and voice controls
  • Automatic louvers
  • Works with single and double-hung windows
What We Don’t Like
  • Bracket install is difficult
  • 1-year warranty is a bit low
  • Cannot turn off light and tone alerts

How Does the Midea U-Shaped Window AC Work?

The Midea U-Shaped AC is essentially a window mounted mini-split system. The compressor and condenser side sits on the outside of the window. The refrigerant lines run through the bottom of the housing (the base of the U design).

On the inside of the window is the air handler side. Because of this mini split design, the unit has a U-shape. The windowpane slides up and down inside the U shape so you can use the window without having to remove the system.

Once installed and plugged in, the system works just like any other air conditioner moving refrigerant through a sequence of high and low pressure, changing states, and creating cool air.

The cold air is passed into the room, where it replaces the warmer air, resulting in a lower temperature space.

Midea Vs Soleus U-Shaped Window Air Conditioners Compared

There are two primary brands currently offering the U-shape designs. The Midea is a natural U-shape that allows the window pane to set inside the unit itself. Soleus has a model that is an inverted U, or saddle, air conditioner.

This model sits on the window sill and hangs down on either side of the wall, like a saddle over a horse.

The Soleus model is quiet, efficient, and easy to install. In fact, because there are no brackets needed, if it fits in your window, one person can set it in and plug it in. Install takes less than 5 minutes.

It rises 4 inches over the sill, and the windowpane sets on top. You can read our full Soleus Window AC review here.

The biggest downside is that the unit height prevents the window from locking using its natural locking system. The model is also industrial looking, which isn’t as eye-pleasing as many would like.

The Midea model will also prevent most window locks from being used, but the bracket system includes a locking system that lets you lock the window in any position. It also has a modern, sleek and stylish appearance that many find aesthetically pleasing.

The Midea model has more features such as WiFi and voice control compatibility, and it is slightly quieter during operation. The Soleus also only has two BTU sizes, where Midea has three.

Both models will work well in most homes, and the prices are similar. However, when it comes to the points that matter like features, reliability, performance, and options, the Midea U-Shaped AC has more, or is better, in virtually all categories.

U-Shaped Window Model Vs Other Midea AC Units

Midea isn’t a single model company. They have a lot of other options if you aren’t into the U-Shape design. Their standard models include window mount and portable ACs along with room dehumidifiers.

The Midea Duo portable AC, for example, has a high output fan system that produces two times the cooling power for a faster temperature lowering experience. All of their AC models, regardless of type or size, are Energy Star certified, too.

For their window units, you can select models that cool, fan and dehumidify, or just fan and cool. Either way, you go, the 2-in-1 model is highly affordable, lightweight, and powerful. The 3-in-1 model is highly efficient and can be used year-round to help control humidity levels in your home.

Regardless of their lineup, the Midea U is the highest-rated, most reviewed, and most efficient AC they make. While it is the most popular, they do show the experience and durability with their other options. Buying a Midea U over their other AC products is an easy choice.

For a similar price, you get a more efficient and quieter machine. It also has more features, modes, and durability compared to the other models. Though, to be fair, any option you choose is a good one, the Midea U is just slightly better.

Midea U-Shaped Air Conditioner Installation Tips

The most challenging aspect of the entire process is the initial installation. The bracket is highly durable and extremely functional but can take a while to install correctly. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to install and set up your machine for first use. Generally, it takes less than an hour, but a two hour buffer will let you work at a better pace.

Start by removing everything from the box. Use the materials list in the owner’s manual to make sure you have all pieces. Some consumers complain they have missing parts, but the loose packing of the L brackets and screw packages means they can shift under the foam padding or get into the corners of the box.

Carefully remove all packing and check for loose parts before throwing the packaging away. Once you have all the parts out and displayed, you will follow the step-by-step instructions for the bracket placement and installation.

Since the process is slightly different for each window sill type, we won’t be able to cover them all here. However, you can follow along with the instructions included in the box or watch the YouTube video for guidance.

Once install is complete, you will need to insulate the bracket and air conditioner. Using the included foam sealer, you simply need to find your gaps and cut the foam to fit. This process can be time consuming, but it is the one step (aside from the bracket placement) that you want to get right.

Look for gaps on the bottom of the unit around the bracket specifically. You also want to insulate the windowpane at the top. Check the system with the window open and again with it closed. Keep your leftover foam sealer, though.

You will want to check the gaps and placement after a few weeks of operation. Sometimes the foam can shift or the unit will settle, revealing another small gap. While this is rare, it is best to have the foam sealer handy instead of having to go out and purchase more.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

How do you clean this AC by Midea?

Most window AC units can be cleaned without moving the appliance. To clean this unit, you will want to open the front panel and remove the washable filter. You should vacuum the dust and debris off and then spray the filter with a 1:1 solution of vinegar and water. This will kill any bacteria that may be present.

Let the filter set for 10 minutes, and then rinse off with clean, cool water. Using a clean, dry cloth, you can wipe off the front panel and vent louvers and wipe away dust and debris as needed.

Once the filter is dry, replace it in the system and close the front panel. For the outside half, you can rinse it off with a hose (do not spray directly into the unit, or wipe it off to keep the vents clean, as needed.

Is Midea a Chinese company?

Midea is a Chinese company headquartered in Guangdong in southern China. However, this global powerhouse has over 175,000 employees operating in 195 countries around the world.

Are Midea and Carrier the same?

The two companies are not the same, but they do have a few worldwide partnerships. One of the largest is Midea Carrier India, which builds and manufactures providing HVAC equipment to the country.

They also have a few mergers and compatible agreements in other countries, as well as Midea manufacturing Carrier systems for global distribution.

How much will this save me in utility bills per month/year?

Total savings will depend a lot on current factors. Things such as average daily temperature and humidity levels, how often you run the system, the efficiency of the system you have now, and much more.

On average, though, compared to a 5 year old standard window AC unit, the Midea U can save up to 35% on energy costs over a 12 month span.

Midea 8,000 BTU U-Shaped Smart Inverter...
  • ULTRA QUIET - The Midea U Smart Inverter AC...
  • MORE THAN 35% ENERGY SAVINGS - With the...
  • FLEXIBLE WINDOW OPENING - Midea U-shaped...
  • SMART CONTROL - The Midea U Smart Inverter...


Window air conditioners don’t need to be an eyesore, remove window functionality or take up too much space anymore. Thanks to the Midea U, you can have a reliable, powerful air conditioner while still being able to use your window.

With high efficiency ratings, Energy Star certification, and ease of use, this window unit may be all you need. The mobile app and voice commands give you better control over your home’s temperature, and you can watch your energy costs go down while you stay cool and comfortable.

Our Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

Last Updated on July 6, 2022

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