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Molekule Air Purifier Review

Read our unbiased Molekule review and see if this unique home air cleaning system is for you.

Air purifiers are a great way to eliminate fine airborne particles and pollutants from your home. Machines with a true HEPA filter can remove 99.97″ of particulates that are 0.3 microns or larger.

Studies have shown that air purifiers remove airborne allergens and airborne dust particles to improve respiratory function in homeowners. In our review, we will break down the benefits of using a Molekule air purifier for your home to clean your air.

The Molekule air purifier works by cleaning the air in your home with a proprietary technology: PECO. PECO, also known as photoelectrochemical oxidation, removes pollutants from the air, including bacteria, viruses, mold, dust, pet dander, and even volatile organic compounds.

PECO can remove air particles that are 1000x smaller compared to HEPA filter air purifiers. This technology works at the molecular level, which is why the company coined its brand name “Molekule.”

A few air purifiers produce ozone as a byproduct; however, Molekule does not produce ozone and even can help lower harmful ozone levels.

Benefits of the Molekule Air Purifier

Molekule Air Purifier in Room

Why choose the Molekule air purifier? This machine outperforms other air purifiers on the market by using PECO technology to destroy tiny airborne particles and pollutants. Molekule also does not produce ozone.

Molekule comes in two sizes for homeowners: standard (up to 600 square feet) and mini (up to 250 square feet). The air purifier has an onboard sensor to demonstrate particle levels and comes with an auto-protect mode.

Molekule also makes an Air Pro RX model for healthcare professionals. Molekule destroys a large number of pollutants for cleaner, healthier air and better breathing.

If you have allergies or simply do not want to breathe in dust, toxins, and other pollutants, then we recommend the Molekule air purifier.

Design & Features of Molekule Air Purifiers

Sleek Design

The Molekule air purifier has a sleek design with a cylindrical shape and rounded edges. The light gray or crisp white create a clean, pleasant aesthetic that matches most home interiors from modern to industrial and rustic to classic.

Dual-Filtration Design

The dual-filtration design includes a pre-filter and a PECO-filter. Both filters remove pollutants from the air. By trapping larger particles first, the PECO filter can focus on destroying the smaller particles next with greater power.

Filters need to be replaced every six months on the Mini model. On the larger Molekule Air model, the pre-filter should be replaced every three months, and the PECO filter should be replaced every six months.

Size and Dimensions

The Molekule Air purifier weighs 18 lbs. And is 23″ high by 8.25″ wide. The Molekule Mini air purifier models weigh 7.3 lbs. and are 12” high by 8.26” wide.

App Control

Both Molekule air purifier models use the Molekule app, available on smartphones. This app allows multiple users to connect to the device and view the filter refill date, the fan speed, and operate purifier modes.

Operating Modes

There are several different operating modes with Molekule. One operating mode is the Auto-Protect Mode, which runs the fan speed and purifying system on its own. Dark Mode is a mode that shuts down your machine. Active mode runs your operating system at high speed, at all times.

Initial Clean Up

Molekule needs to perform an initial clean up when it is first set up in your home. Homeowners will input their room size and select a mode. Then, the machine will perform a calculation and begin an initial cleaning of the room. Typically, the initial clean up takes approximately twenty minutes to an hour and a half. The app will display the progress.

Molekule Reviews

Molekule Air Purifier Mini

Specification Summary
Coverage Area 600 Sq. ft. (up to 250 sq. ft. for the mini)
Filtration Type PECO technology
Particle Removal Capacity 97-99%
Maximum Noise Levels 41-65 dBa
Warranty 2 year

The Molekule air purifier is a state-of-the-art device. This air purifier eliminates dust, lint, bacteria, mold, viruses, and even volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It uses proprietary PECO technology to destroy airborne pollutants without ozone emissions. This technology has been developed by scientists over two decades to destroy pollutants at a molecular level.

This technology makes it possible for Molekule to eliminate contaminants much smaller than standard HEPA filters. As an allergy sufferer who is also sensitive to chemical smells, I appreciate how quickly Molekule can remove pollen, pet dander, and formaldehyde from the air.

This air purifier works by bringing in air from every direction with its 360-degree air intake feature. Then the air is brought through a pre-filter. From here, the air moves through the PECO filter and then exits the unit.

The Molekule air purifier can even destroy bacteria such as black mold by capturing it, oxidizing it, and then destroying it completely. These air purifiers are extremely quiet and are perfect for light sleepers who cannot handle significant amounts of fan noise. An onboard sensor displays the pollutant level and connects to a smartphone app.

This is the easiest app I’ve ever used for an air purifier. Activating “Protect” mode allows for greater airflow so air can be quickly purified when high levels of particulate matter are detected. I like that I can make adjustments to the app and my air purifier whether or not I’m at home.

The Molekule comes in a standard model size as well as a mini model. The standard model purifies air up to 600 square feet while the mini model purifiers air up to 250 square feet. Molekule offers a package deal to purchase both units at once.

Using both units has worked really well for me because I can put Mini units in the bedroom and the standard Air unit in the living room and kitchen. The company is FDA approved and also offers an Air Pro RX for medical use to healthcare facilities. It is the first medical-grade unit with PECO technology.

The standard model comes in a sleek light gray while the mini comes in a crisp, clean white. If you want a home with clean air, this is the perfect air purifier for you. More of a complete air purification system, the Molekule is the best air purifier for allergy and asthma sufferers.


  • Captures 97-99% of all airborne particulates
  • VOCs are eliminated
  • No ozone emissions
  • Sleek aesthetic


  • Expensive
  • Two units might be needed for whole-house air filtration

Molekule Air Purifier Accessories and Parts

The Molekule air purifier comes with very few parts: the air purifier, the filters (two for air, one for Mini), and the attached handle. This makes installation a breeze for homeowners. The pre-filter for the Molekule air needs to be replaced every three months, and the PECO filter for the Air and Mini needs to be replaced every six months.

Light cleaning should include dusting the exterior and lightly running a damp cloth every one to two months. There is a limited two-year warranty on all parts and the unit itself.

Molekule Vs. Other Air Purifier Brands

Molekule vs. Dyson

Molekule and Dyson are both great air purifier brands. The most significant difference between the two companies is the type of filter: PECO vs. HEPA and activated carbon. Both purify air well, are durable, and can handle large rooms. The Dyson is higher rated at reducing pollutant particles, but Molekule can eliminate VOCs.

We recommend Dyson for allergy sufferers and Molekule for homeowners in cities with high numbers of VOCs.

Molekule vs. Airocide

Molekule and Airocide are both specialty air purifiers; however, Molekule outshines Airocide. Airocide uses NASA technology to clean air but focuses most on VOCs and very little on true filtration.

The Molekule air filter is better for cleaning out allergens in the air and is also much quieter in comparison to the Airocide.

Setup and Maintenance

When you first set up your Molekule air purifier, you will want to install both filters for the Air model and the single filter for the Mini model. Once the filters are installed, plug your unit into the wall.

From here, it’s important to start an initial cleanup. To do this, input the size of your room and select your preferred mode. Molekule will then begin an initial cleanup.

This process can take anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour and a half to complete. At the end of this process, Molekule will let you know how long it will typically take to maintain clean air in your room.

This should remain the same unless Molekule is moved to a new room.

Molekule Air Mini Purifier in Office

Customer Reactions & Reviews

“We live in an area where there’s a lot of dust/sand in the air. Our new Molekule has made a major difference!! Thanks!” — Joe, Molekule.

“I absolutely LOVE my Molekule! The air in my home is amazing. It has been a huge help with my allergies as well. I have gotten 4 friends to purchase one, and they LOVE their Molekule as well.” — Deb, Molekule.

“Molekule Air is the best air filter I have ever had. I highly recommend both the mini and regular size for both home/work. My nasal passages are clear and I can feel the difference in air quality.” — Michelle, Molekule.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

Do Molekule air purifiers actually work?

Yes! Molekule air purifiers do work. They are designed to remove airborne particulate matter including bacteria, dust, lint, pollen, pet dander, and other pollutants. They also remove VOCs, which is great for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Will they get rid of the smell effectively?

Yes, Molekule uses PECO technology to remove VOCs, and that includes the VOCs that generate smell. The PECO technology will actually eliminate the gasses and destroy them.

Should I consider using more than one Molekule air purifier at a time?

Possibly, it depends on the size of your home. The largest Molekule air purifier can effectively clean up to 600 square feet. The Molekule Mini air purifier cleans up to 250 square feet. You may want to purchase several Molekule air purifiers to place in different rooms around your home.

Are Molekule Air Purifiers easy to install?

Yes! Molekule air purifiers are easy to install. Simply install the pre-filter and PECO-filter. Then plug your air purifier into a wall outlet and let your unit get to work cleaning your air.

Are Molekule Air Purifiers easy to maintain?

Maintaining your Molekule air purifier is easy. Simply replace the pre-filter every three months and the PECO-filter every six months for best results.

Are Molekule air purifiers safe and healthy to run in my home?

Yes, Molekule air purifiers are safe and healthy to run in your home. These air purifiers do not give off ozone byproduct.

Where can I get a discount or promo code for Molekule Air Purifiers?

Molekule rarely offers discounts or promo codes for their air purifiers. These machines are state-of-the-art and in high demand, so the company doesn’t offer incentives. However, if a discount or promo code is available, it’s likely available on Amazon (links below) or the Molekule site.


The Molekule air purifier is the best air purifier for homeowners who want clean air. If you want an air purifier that can remove airborne pollutants such as bacteria, mold spores, dust, lint, and pet dander as well as eliminate VOCs, then we recommend the Molekule air purifier.

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Last Updated on January 19, 2022

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