8 Best Window Film for Day & Night Privacy: (2022 Reviews)

Window film is a great way to make your home or office more private, day or night. Many modern options offer privacy from the inside, outside, or both. They’re much cheaper than new windows and relatively easy to install. From frosted to transparent, there’s a perfect film just waiting to be introduced to your home.

If you’ve been looking for a window film for your home, look no further. In this review ranking, we’ll talk about the best window film available for every type of preference.

Types of Window Privacy Options:

  • One-way/reflective films
    These types of films will allow a view outside but reflect external light. They create a mirror effect on the windows from the outside and provide a high level of privacy.
  • Frosted films
    These films will give a frosted (white opaqueness) finish to both sides. It will appear frosted from the inside and outside. Useful for allowing light inside while blocking the view from both sides.
  • Blackout/Solid vinyl
    These will typically be one-sided and won’t allow any view inside the building. However, they may still let light inside. The view outside will be dimmer but usually still available.
  • Decorative Patterns
    Meant to double for both privacy and aesthetic appeal. These will restrict the view inside and outside but have a pattern that will double as both decorative and practical.
  • Perforated window film
    This will have holes laced throughout the film that reduce the amount of light that can enter a space and restrict the view from outside. However, a perforated film will not entirely block the view; just make it darker.

Window Films for Privacy Compared

Model Sizes Available UV Rejection Price
BDF NA05 Window Film Privacy and Sun Control 12”x 14’ up to 60”x 100’ (multiple in between) 99% Check Amazon
KESPEN Reflective Glass Tint 17.5”x 6.5’ up to 35.4”x 32.8’ (multiple in between) 95% Check Amazon
Window Whirl Translucent 17.5”x 80”, 17.5”x 160”, 36”x 72”, 36”x 144” Not Specified Check Amazon
VELIMAX Static Cling Window Privacy Film 17.7”x6.5’ up to 35.4”x13’ (multiple in between) 99% UV-B, 91% UV-A Check Amazon
BDF S8MC Window Film Security and Safety 12”x14’ up to 60”x24’ (multiple in between) 99% Check Amazon
Gila PFW486 48”x 6.5’ (2 pack or 3 pack) 99% Check Amazon
Coavas 16.5”x78.1” up to 29.5”x118.1” (multiple in between) 96% Check Amazon
Rabbitgoo 17.5”x78.7” up to 35.4”x78.7” (multiple in between) 84% UV-A, 99% UV-B Check Amazon

How to Choose Quality Privacy Window Films

Intended Purpose

Before choosing which window film to purchase for your home, you need to decide where you want to install it. Is it for an office space? For your bedroom? Or maybe your living room or kitchen?

You should not only think about where you’re putting it, but why. Do you want the film mainly for privacy? Or is heat and UV light rejection a big part of it? Carefully consider the purpose of the window film and what you want it to achieve.

Type of Window Film Vs. Windows

The type of window film you choose should match your window’s size, location, and specific characteristics. The window film needs to be the right dimensions and be able to handle the environment of the space.

Some windows aren’t suitable for window film because of their material and construction method. Find out exactly what type of glass you have and determine whether you can actually use it for your windows.


The window film you purchase should obviously match the size of the window you’re installing it on. You need to measure the glass and add 1” to each dimension. For example, a window with a height of 35” and a width of 24” would need window film that measured 36” x 25”. However, window film is sold by the foot in long stretches, so you will need to cut it to match the dimensions required.

Don’t worry; window film measurements are reversible if necessary. If the box says the film has a height of 25” and a width of 35”, you can just rotate the film to fit the glass. Flip the width side to match your height, and you’re good to go.

Longevity when Applied

It wouldn’t make sense for you to buy a window film that doesn’t last long. Some brands may have greater longevity than others, saving you a ton of money in the long run.

For this list, we’ve tried only to include brands that have fantastic longevity. However, last for years by design, while others may be semi-temporary, depending on their purpose.

Material & Weight

Companies manufacture window film using a lightweight polyester composite or vinyl material. Although there are different benefits for various window film types, they all typically weigh about the same.

Many films are frosted or have a pattern design. These are textured, so if you want something completely smooth to the touch, you should consider another product. Being textured isn’t a bad thing, but some people prefer otherwise.


How much window film costs is an aspect that can make or break your decision. Some brands have an established reputation, exceptional customer service, and other unique qualities that make them more expensive than others. That doesn’t mean cheaper options are bad, though.

Many people jump for the cheapest to stretch their money or go for the most expensive to try to get the best quality. For window film, this type of litmus test usually doesn’t work in the long run. You should carefully consider every feature of the available window films and come to an informed decision on which brand and model is best for you.

Ease of Installation

Window films are becoming a bit of an obsession for DIY fanatics. How easy a model is to install will determine whether or not you need to hire a professional. While we all love an easy DIY job, sometimes it’s best to leave things to a professional or risk ruining your purchase in the process.

Most of the brands we’ve included are incredibly easy to install on your own. If you’re looking for an excellent DIY project, you’ve come to the right place.

8 Best Window Films for Day and Night Privacy

1. BDF NA05 Window Film Privacy and Sun Control

Best Window Film for Day and Night Privacy
Best For Day and Night
Sizes Available 12”x 14’ up to 60”x 100’ (multiple in between)
UV Rejection 99%
Life Span 5-10 years (approx)

Our top pick for the best window film goes to an exceptional product from BuyDecorativeFilm. BDF offers the best window film if you’re looking to add privacy and sun protection to any room in your home or office.

The product? The BDF Natural 5, the best choice on the market for anyone shopping for window film.

In most homes, there’s one window that gets too bright at certain hours of the day. Maybe the glare prevents you from working, or perhaps you just want to catch a few more minutes of sleep. In any case, Natural 5 is a great way to limit the amount of sunlight exposure to living spaces.

To do this, the NA05 uses extra dark tinting technology that reflects light in the direction it came from. The result is a classy, limo-black that can add some much-needed creativity and ambiance to an otherwise drab office building. For homes, you can add it where you need to, so it doesn’t mess with your chosen aesthetic.

For day time, this is the perfect product if your primary concern is privacy. By reflecting the light, the dark film prevents any unwarranted attention. As long as there is light from the exterior, the window film completely hides the interior space from view.

The NA05 is an excellent product for night time privacy as well. The film blocks any distractions from outside the building by reflecting the light coming from inside your home or office. When an ambulance zooms past, sirens blaring, you won’t see the lights at all. When combined with light curtains or blinds, the privacy levels are unmatched.

A great feature of the NA05 is that it can save you hundreds of dollars on energy costs every year. If you are looking for window film for your office, this number can be even higher. By limiting the intake of sun and heat, the NA05 can cut energy costs related to air conditioning by a wide margin. During hot summer days, this can make all the difference.

The NA05 also comes with free tools and an installation guide, making it an easy DIY project to complete in your spare time. Just be aware that this film is not suited for double-pane windows. Any mishandling of the material may result in a crease or tear, which will be permanent.

Overall, the BDF Natural 5 goes above and beyond what a window film is typically capable of. Using their dark black tint, you can achieve unprecedented levels of privacy, all while saving a heap of money on your electricity.

  • Ultra-private tint
  • Great heat reduction
  • Long-lasting
  • Not available for double pane windows

2. KESPEN Reflective Glass Tint

Best One-Way Window Film for Privacy
Best For Day
Sizes Available 17.5”x 6.5’ up to 35.4”x 32.8’ (multiple in between)
UV Rejection 95%
Life Span Over 10 years

Coming in as the runner up on our ranking is a quality product specially designed to keep out the looky-loos who may endanger your sense of privacy.

The window film in question is none other than the Kespen Reflective Glass Tint.

The key to this film’s effectiveness is its reflective coating, creating a mirror effect that has many benefits for your home or office. Made from a patented vinyl material, the Kespen is a high-tech piece of equipment that amounts to more than just window dressing.

From the outside, it is impossible to discern what is going on inside. The window film mirrors the light produced from the sun, moon, and streetlights. This creates a mirror effect that reflects the image of the building’s exterior outward.

While some window films may not produce an aesthetically pleasing effect, the Kespen retains a natural feel by mirroring the outside. For homes and businesses looking to have an inviting quality to them, without inviting unwanted gazes to what’s going on inside, this is a perfect option. Enjoying personal time has never been easier.

Not only is the Kespen a beautiful film and perfect for daytime privacy protection, but it also has several other practical functions. It offers UV protection of 95%, meaning it blocks 95% of the harmful radiation from the sun. This window film is incredibly useful to install for people with sensitive skin or furniture that can lose its color due to sun exposure.

By blocking out the sun’s rays, the Kespen effectively keeps your home or office cooler than usual. This film will save you money on your energy bills, reducing the need to keep air conditioning and fans running on hot days.

Another fun feature is that the Kespen is super easy to install. The film doesn’t require any glue and has no adhesive in its design. You simply use a lot of soapy water on both the film and the window, line it up with the window frame, and the Kespen’s static cling material does the rest.

The Kespen Reflective Glass Tint is a fantastic choice for people looking for a balance between privacy and heat reduction, all while looking remarkable to everyone outside. This model is the best one-way window film for daytime privacy on the market today.

  • Mirror coating
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Easy installation
  • No nighttime protection

3. Window Whirl Translucent

Popular Model for Home Privacy
Best For Day and Night
Sizes Available 17.5”x 80”, 17.5”x 160”, 36”x 72”, 36”x 144”
UV Rejection Not Specified
Life Span Not Specified

Ranking at number three on our list of best-rated privacy window film is a very popular model among online shoppers everywhere, the Window Whirl Translucent.

Privacy is a top priority for most window film manufacturers, and Window Whirl doesn’t disappoint. The film gives off the impression that it is a fully-frosted window. It is opaque but not so much that it won’t let in any natural light. Only the homeowner will know that the Translucent window film costs them a fraction of the price.

If UV protection is a concern, don’t worry, the Window Whirl Translucent has you covered. It blocks out a majority of harmful UV radiation that can damage your skin and quickly age your furniture.

Customizing the light in your home or office has never been easier. The Window Whirl Translucent can be cut and reshaped to your preference. You can effortlessly create a pattern or transparent portions for your window that will have your windows looking functional and modern.

This window film is straightforward and easy to install. The static cling material makes it a perfect DIY project that will only take a couple of hours to finish. Window Whirl includes an easy to read instruction manual and provides online resources to get you through any hiccups you may encounter.

If you have a sharp cutting tool on hand, the ease of installation makes this window film perfect for non-conventional window frames. The film can fit any shape required of it, with no rough edges or bubbles in sight. Just make sure you get your measurements right, or you may wind up with some uneven trim.

The Window Whirl Translucent is such a fantastic product not just because of its quality but also because of its customer support. If you are unhappy with the window film for any reason, Window Whirl will refund or replace it for free. You can rest easy knowing your purchase is protected if you are unsatisfied with the final result.

If you’re looking for an easy to install frosted window film that offers excellent light restriction and UV protection, the Window Whirl Translucent is one of the best options available.

  • Frosted
  • Excellent customer guarantee
  • Easy to install
  • Textured film

4. VELIMAX Static Cling Window Privacy Film

Best Looking Window Film for Privacy
Best For Day and Night
Sizes Available 17.7”x6.5’ up to 35.4”x13’ (multiple in between)
UV Rejection 99% UV-B, 91% UV-A
Life Span 3 years +/-

Number four on our list is an excellent product for people looking for an aesthetically-appealing window film that effectively maintains privacy in their home or office. Coming from the manufacturer Velimax is the Static Cling Window Privacy Film.

Velimax took a lot of time to devise a window film that is both aesthetically appealing and environmentally friendly. If you’re looking for a window film that will look great and save you money on energy bills every year, this might be the perfect option.

Cutting-edge heat rejection technology reduces the need for airconditioning and fans. This aspect alone will reduce your energy bills significantly year on year. For less than $50, you can drastically decrease your household expenses.

This is a very eco-friendly model of privacy film, entirely made using sustainable materials. Not only that, but this Velimax model is entirely reusable. It features zero-adhesive substances, so you can easily remove it from a window with no marks left behind. If you’re looking to change the lighting in any given space, you can reapply the film to another window with little effort, saving you money and the planet in the long run.

In addition to being exceedingly environmentally friendly, Velimax has created the most beautiful window film we’ve ever seen. While many translucent films are frosted white, this model mimics black silk. The result is a classy mix of modern and classic home decor.

Even though the film is black, it isn’t wholly opaque like some of its counterparts, letting plenty of natural light into any space. However, it still provides a high level of privacy for buildings of every variety. No one can guess what’s happening inside when you have this film affixed to your windows.

The only drawback of this Velimax window film is its longevity. It has a listed lifespan of 3 years on average, bringing it far below some other models on this list. However, its easy application and green materials mean it won’t be too much of a hassle to reinstall in a few years.

The Velimax Static Cling Privacy Film is an excellent option for people looking to make their home or office more energy efficient without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal, maybe even enhancing it in the process.

  • Beautiful brushed black
  • Excellent privacy protection
  • Eco-friendly
  • Short lifespan

5. BDF S8MC Window Film Security and Safety

Best One-Way Privacy Film
Best For Day and Night
Sizes Available 12”x14’ up to 60”x24’ (multiple in between)
UV Rejection 99%
Life Span 5 years

Taking the fifth spot on our ranking of the best window films is another model from the exceptional manufacturer BuyDecorativeFilm. This model is specially designed to increase the security of any household.

The film? The BDF S8MC Window Film Security and Safety model.

What makes this window film unique is the patented technology designed to withstand a hard object’s impact force. In other words, potential burglars using a hammer or crowbar to break a window will have a much harder time getting through with this film attached.

Essentially, BDF chose to make this window film with powerful adhesives and an 8mm thickness. Not only does it keep the film secure, but in the event of shattered glass, the film will actually hold the shape of the window together. The additional layer of security makes it much harder to invade a home through a window. If your neighborhood has been experiencing break-ins recently, this may be the perfect, inexpensive product to increase your home’s security measures.

Although this model is perfect for security, it is a clear window film. Transparent films offer no privacy protection. If you are looking for a window film that darkens a room or blocks view from the outside, this is unfortunately not the product.

However, this makes it perfect for ground-level spaces in any household where you want to maximize the natural light available. For living rooms, kitchens, and back patios, this window film is perfect.

Also, for businesses with valuable goods on display, like jewelry stores or designer boutiques, this is an excellent option for increasing your security. The point of having your products on display is so that people can walk by and see them; opaque security films will not be a feasible option. The S8MC will protect your products, all while letting potential customers look at their future purchases.

While it does let in the maximum sunlight possible, the BDF S8MC blocks 99% of UV radiation. Even though you’re getting sunlight into the room, you won’t get a tan, and your furniture will stay pristine. For people with sensitive skin who love the sun, this window film is a superb balance between protection and light exposure.

In terms of installation, the S8MC is as straightforward as they come. You can turn it into a DIY project, or if you are in the process of upgrading your home or business’ security, you can have a professional install it for not much more. This window film comes with most of the tools you’ll need, so there won’t be a need to go shopping for supplementary items.

In summary, the BDF S8MC is the best security film available. If you need protection from potential intruders and the sun, this is a perfect choice.

  • Exceptional security upgrade
  • Top UV protection
  • Inexpensive
  • Only comes transparent

6. Gila PFW486

Best Window Privacy Film for Showers
Best For Day and Night
Sizes Available 48”x 6.5’ (2 pack or 3 pack)
UV Rejection 99%
Life Span Not Specified

Number six on our list is a perfect window film for showers and bathroom privacy, but you can also use it effectively in other areas of the house.

The privacy-oriented window film is the Gila PFW486.

If you have a walk-in shower that lacks privacy from the outside, this is the perfect window film for you. Gila offers the film in a frosted or white material. Combined with steamy hot water, this film will make sure your bathroom routine is as private as possible.

The frosted material lets light in, and you can see shadows but can’t make out any details. The white film is more opaque but similarly allows adequate natural light inside. You will barely be able to discern any details through the white option.

The Gila PFW486 is fabulous for night time use as well. Some films only offer privacy during the day time, but this model stays opaque for 24 hours and doesn’t rely on light to be effective.

As with many other models on this list, the Gila PFW486 is a great DIY project that won’t consume too much time. There is no adhesive required to install this window film. Static cling material makes it super easy to affix to any window in your household. No need for professional assistance here!

The manufacturer only offers one size, but it’s big enough that you can cut and trim to fit the specifications of almost any sized window. It’s great for the shower and doors and windows where you want natural light but not unwanted attention from the outside.

Bathroom privacy has never been simpler using the Gila PFW486.

  • Great privacy protection
  • Varying opaqueness
  • Easy DIY
  • Lackluster heat control

7. Coavas

Best Budget Non-Adhesive Privacy Window Film
Best For Day and Night
Sizes Available 16.5”x78.1” up to 29.5”x118.1” (multiple in between)
UV Rejection 96%
Life Span Not Specified

Taking the second to last spot on our ranking is a fantastic product from Coavas, a super popular brand of privacy window film manufacturers.

Our choice for the best budget non-adhesive window film is the Coavas line of privacy window films, excellent for use in the bathroom, kitchen, office, and everywhere in between.

When we say that this is a budget window film, we mean budget. At only $10 for around 6.5 feet of film is extremely affordable. You can get enough film to cover every room in your house for under $200.

Like other films on this list, the Coavas is frosted and textured. It is aesthetically pleasing and can be cut into various decorative patterns and affixed to almost any sized window. This makes it perfect for windows where you want to have some visibility outside, like a living room window, but don’t want the entire window to be transparent.

Also, the static cling material makes it very easy to install as well. Just wipe down the window and the film with soapy water, and apply with an extra one inch along the sides, and you’re done!

Coavas has hopped on the trend of green products, and this model is no different. It is made of entirely recycled materials and is reusable throughout the house, saving money and the planet!

This model of window film is also very energy efficient. The frosted material blocks out the sun’s heat but also retains heat in the wintertime. The Coavas is perfect for summer and winter use, so there’s no need to mix and match different window films to get the best effect.

In summary, if you’re looking for a cheap, reusable, and multipurpose window film, the Coavas is a great product that will satisfy all of your needs.

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy installation
  • Multi-purpose
  • Peels off easily

8. Rabbitgoo

Best Cheap Window Privacy Film for Bathrooms
Best For Day and Night
Sizes Available 17.5”x78.7” up to 35.4”x78.7” (multiple in between)
UV Rejection 84% UV-A, 99% UV-B
Life Span Not Specified

Last on our list is a beautiful window film that’s perfect for bathroom use, Rabbitgoo.

Despite the name, the manufacturers of Rabbitgoo aren’t messing around. It comes in a gorgeous matte white that provides top-quality privacy to any type of window in your home or office. You can cut it to fit any window or pattern design that you’d like, making Rabbitgoo extremely versatile.

This is the cheapest window privacy film on our list, costing under $10 for 6.5 feet of material. While we highly recommend it for bathroom use, it is cheap enough that you can use it throughout your house for a tiny fraction of the cost of new windows, shades, or curtains.

Rabbitgoo is completely opaque but allows natural light into the space. This is great for daytime use but also protects your privacy at night as well.

As with many other window films, Rabbitgoo is super easy to install. The material attaches itself to glass with static cling using no adhesives whatsoever. If you need to install something quick and easy, Rabbitgoo is a fantastic option.

If you’re planning to use Rabbitgoo for your office or home workspace, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of glare protection it provides. Not only that, but Rabbitgoo offers excellent UV protection and heat rejection.

Rabbitgoo is a terrific product for bathroom use, as well as any other space you can think of. If you’re on a tight budget, this is the best product for you.

  • Very cheap
  • Versatile Use
  • Great glare protection
  • Limited sizing options

People Also Ask (FAQ)

How effective are these heat rejection window films?

If a film’s material is advertised as heat-rejecting, it should be very effective. This does not mean it blocks out all the sun’s heat, but it will block a significant amount.

Will one-way privacy window film make it dark inside?

One-way privacy films shouldn’t block out all light that enters the space. However, the room will be significantly dimmer than if the film were not on the window. Carefully consider how much light you want to enter and purchase the film accordingly.

How do I install these if I want to DIY the job?

All window films will include instructions for self-installation. Some will be harder than others. However, most films require a squeegee, soap, and water to make the static cling material stick to the window’s surface. Line up the corners with about an inch over the edge and start slowly applying the film. Make sure to avoid any creases or bubbles.

Do window films cause windows to crack?

No, window films will not cause a crack in the window. Glass is much stronger than the polyester or vinyl material of window films, and the pressure the film creates is nowhere near enough to break a window.

Are these window films reusable on another window?

Some types of film may be reusable, but the process of stripping the film and reapplying it may damage the product. We recommend using a new piece of film, although you can try reusing an older one first if you’d like.


We hope this ranking of the best window films for day and night privacy has helped you with your search. By purchasing window film instead of new windows, you will save a ton of money and effort.

Although every product on this list is a worthy purchase that is guaranteed to satisfy, our team whole-heartedly recommends the BDF NA05 as the best day and night privacy film on the market. All of these products are available now on Amazon.com with customer guarantees and premium shipping rates and time.

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