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PureGuardian Humidifier Reviews

Learn about their popular home humidifier range.

When it comes to finding the right humidifier for your living situation, many of us quickly choose the first option we come across. For better or worse, a spur-of-the-moment decision like this can have a long-term effect.

With an abundance of humidifiers on the market today, it can be overwhelming to know which brands you can trust, which features you need, and which option will ultimately work best for you. Rest assured that reviews like this one simplify the vetting process for you.

PureGuardian humidifiers are designed with Silver Clean Protection and additional features that improve our homes’ air quality. Moreso, there are models for any living situation and need.

Warm & Cool Mist

PureGuardian 10L H7550
PureGuardian 10L H7550

Best Value

Pure Guardian H965AR
PureGuardian H965AR

For Allergies & Flu

Pure Guardian H5450BCA Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier UVC
PureGuardian H5450BCA

Why Choose the PureGuardian Humidifier Brand?

Smart Mist Sensor

The smart mist sensor adapts to the humidity level of any given room. The sensor will automatically increase or decrease mist output to ensure that the air quality reaches the perfect balance.

Even & Multi-Directional Mist

Dispersing mist throughout an entire room is made simple with this feature. Having the most effective results comes hand-in-hand with a humidifier’s mist output, and PureGuardian achieves this expertly.

Silver Clean Protection

Mildew and mold buildup can become a major issue with some brands’ humidifiers, which is why PureGuardian takes all the preventative measures necessary. The Silver Clean technology works to maintain a clean water tank surface and fight against harmful bacteria growth.

UV-C Light

Some PureGuardian models use UV-C light technology that works to kill bacterial growth and ensure good quality air conditions. Many of us find humidifiers helpful for warding off colds and flus, and this feature goes a step further in aiding our immune systems.

Variable Speed Settings

You can adjust PureGuardian humidifiers’ speed settings to your needs at any given moment. Lower settings slow the amount of vapor released into a room, and this is a great option for someone wanting to extend the humidifier’s runtime. The faster settings are good for seeing results quickly, but you will need to refill your humidifier more often.

Aromatherapy Feature

PureGuardian humidifiers include a built-in aromatherapy tray, which can add some variety to your humidifier’s daily functions. This is an optional feature that you might opt for if you’re looking to make your home environment more comfortable and soothing. Oils are not included with your purchase of a humidifier.

Low Water Indicator Light

This feature makes it so that you won’t have to check your water levels constantly. The low water indicator light will turn on and alert you whenever it is time to refill your humidifier. If all the water is depleted, the humidifier will automatically turn off.

Auto Shut Off Feature

The auto shut off feature works to your benefit, especially on days when you’re out of the house for long intervals of time. This safety measure will give you peace of mind when you’re away.

PureGuardian Humidifiers Compared

ModelTypeAreaTank SizePrice
Pure Guardian H965ARUltra sonic Cool Mist320 sq. ft.1 gallonCheck Amazon
Pure Guardian H4810ARUltra sonic Warm and Cool Mist600 sq. ft.2 gallonsCheck Amazon
Pure Guardian H3200WARUltra sonic Cool Mist440 sq. ft.1.5 gallonsCheck Amazon
Pure Guardian 10L H7550Ultra sonic Warm and Cool Mist570 sq. ft.1.32 gallonsCheck Sylvane

Check Amazon

Pure Guardian H5450BCAUltra sonic Warm and Cool Mist380 sq. ft.2 gallonsCheck Amazon
Pure Guardian H940Ultra sonic Cool Mist350 sq. ft.0.5 gallonsCheck Amazon

Comparing PureGuardian with Similar Humidifier Brands

PureGuardian vs. Honeywell

Honeywell humidifiers and PureGuardian humidifiers are relatively comparable as far as pricing goes. When comparing tank capacity and runtime, however, PureGuardian models tend to hold more liters of water and dispense vapors for a longer period of time than most Honeywell humidifiers.

PureGuardian vs. Dyson

Dyson humidifiers are far more expensive than PureGuardian models. Additionally, Dyson models can be very bulky and take up an excessive amount of space in a room. The brand performs well and has many innovative features, but the price tag can be a major deterrent for most of us.

PureGuardian vs. Vicks

A unique feature of Vicks humidifiers is the dual pad slot that can be filled with Vicks Vapopads or aromatherapy oils; certain models come with a medicine cup for you to measure out how much aromatherapy liquid to add. However, some Vicks models accumulate mineral deposits and need to be refilled more frequently than PureGuardian humidifiers.

PureGuardian vs. Homedics

Homedics humidifiers include an essential oil tray with some models and share a few other similarities with PureGuardian in terms of cost and features. However, specific models are built so that it is difficult to refill the tank, there is no timer, and there isn’t a long runtime.

6 Best PureGuardian Humidifiers Reviewed

1. PureGuardian H965AR

Best Value Pureguardian Humidifier
Humidifier TypeUltrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
Coverage Area320 sq. ft.
Tank Capacity1 gallon
Runtime70 hours

This PureGuardian cool mist ultrasonic humidifier offers the best value for your investment, as far as we’re concerned. Affordably priced and relatively compact, this humidifier will function well in small to mid-sized spaces for long periods of time.

Most customers looking to buy a humidifier are concerned about excessive noise and bulkiness, neither of which are an issue with the H965AR model. This model is optimal for bedrooms, offices, and nurseries because it is ultra quiet as it emits cool mist. Among other features, the humidifier includes a night light, which contributes to the product’s ambiance and functionality.

With a one-gallon tank capacity, this product has a runtime of 70 hours and is highly effective in spaces that are about 320 sq. ft. Not only is the ability for long-term use ensured with the Silver Clean Protection feature, but the aromatherapy tray also allows for specialized and personalized use of your humidifier. The dual purpose of emitting oils and creating a healthier home environment are achieved with this humidifier.

While some of the other humidifiers in our review have longer runtimes and larger tank capacity, this product covers all the essentials. It is an excellent cost-effective product to choose.


  • Doesn’t take up excess space
  • Extremely affordable
  • Cost-effective
  • Long runtime


  • Doesn’t offer a warm mist option

2. PureGuardian H4810AR

Best For Large Rooms
Humidifier TypeWarm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier
Coverage Area600 sq. ft.
Tank Capacity2 gallon
Runtime120 hours

The PureGuardian H4810AR humidifier has the longest outlasting power with the most significant coverage of all the humidifiers in this review. For this reason, we believe that this model is the best humidifier on the market for covering large spaces. This product weighs in at 5.55 pounds and has a tank capacity of two gallons. Because of this, you will be able to run this humidifier for up to 120 hours at a time in 600 sq. ft. rooms.

There are three speed settings on the product, which can factor into how often you will need to refill the tank. You have the option to choose warm or cool mist output, depending on your preference. Whether you opt for warm or cool mist, quality and comfort are guaranteed.

The ultrasonic technology reduces sound, so it won’t disrupt your sleep during its long runtimes. Equipped with a dual mist rotating nozzle, a LED night light, and a low water indicator light, the H4810AR model serves multiple purposes effectively.

Like other PureGuardian humidifiers, this one has an aromatherapy tray installment. Also, the issue of mold and mildew accumulating over time, especially with larger models, is combated with the Silver Clean Protection treatment.


  • Longest runtime of reviewed models
  • Most coverage
  • Not bulky
  • Affordable price


  • Heavier than some other models

3. PureGuardian H3200WAR

Best For Medium Sized Rooms
Humidifier TypeUltrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
Coverage Area440 sq. ft.
Tank Capacity1.5 gallon
Runtime100 hours

The PureGuardian H3200WAR is the ultrasonic cool mist humidifier best suited for medium sized rooms. With its sleek and slender design, this humidifier emits mist within spaces of up to 440 sq. ft. for 100 hours at a time. In comparison to other PureGuardian humidifiers, this one is a taller model at 21.93 inches.

Similar to the PureGuardian H4810AR model, this humidifier has three settings but dispenses cool mist exclusively. The multi-directional mist feature is especially useful at circulating moisture throughout a room. The benefits with multi-directional mist are immediate, and the function contributes to a healthier home environment for you.

This cool mist humidifier is a great home appliance to have in your home year-round, but especially during seasons when colds, flus, and allergies are common. The humidifier works quietly 24/7 to improve air quality by regularly adding moisture to the air.

The engineers behind the PureGuardian H3200WAR took into account what additional amenities you might look for in a humidifier, so there is an aromatherapy tray feature and a 12-hour timer. Not to mention, the model’s slender construction makes it easy to save space.

If you’re considering purchasing this model, rest assured knowing there is a limited warranty that will protect your investment in the case that there is a manufacturing or functional issue.


  • Covers a lot of space
  • Long runtime
  • Smart mist sensor
  • Multi-directional mist


  • Likely too big for a bedside table

4. PureGuardian 10L H7550

Best Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier
Humidifier TypeUltrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier
Coverage Area570 sq. ft.
Tank Capacity1.32 gallon
Runtime90 hours

The PureGuardian 10L H7550 is the best warm and cool mist humidifier we’ve found thus far. Most traditional humidifiers use filters and leave a lot up to chance, especially when it comes to preventing mold and mildew growth. PureGuardian bypasses this issue with the brand’s Silver Clean Protection innovation.

As we’ve seen with the PureGuardian H4810AR model, this brand offers models that improve air quality in any room by emitting both warm and cool mist. With a three speed mist setting, you have full control over the frequency of mist dispersal and every other function. Once you make all of the modifications you want, the technology will regulate to your preferences.

While there are fundamental similarities across the PureGuardian humidifiers, the H7550 model’s extension wand feature is particularly unique. By extending the wand from the humidifier’s base, the model can emit mist evenly throughout a room.

This model is 14 inches tall and compact, especially compared to some other humidifiers on the market. With a 1.32 gallon tank capacity, this humidifier is ideal for spaces up to 570 sq. ft. When it comes to refilling your humidifier, you’ll only have to do so every 90 hours if the model is set at the slowest speed.


  • Extension wand
  • Great room coverage
  • Long lasting


  • Priced above $100

5. PureGuardian H5450BCA

Best For Allergies, Colds & Flu
Humidifier TypeUltrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier
Coverage Area380 sq. ft.
Tank Capacity2 gallon
Runtime100 hours

A primary benefit of investing in a humidifier is that the right appliance aids in improving and maintaining your health in dry periods. During seasonal transitions and winter months, good indoor air quality can go a long way in combating allergies and the onset of the cold and flu.

However, not all humidifiers function as well as the brands might claim. As we researched different humidifiers on the market today, we settled on the PureGuardian H5450BCA as the best for allergies, colds, and the flu.

The two gallon tank has a runtime of 100 hours while covering a 380 sq. ft. room. This model has the Silver Clean Protection feature, which works to maintain a clean, mildew-free tank surface, but also UV-C light. UV-C light goes a step further than Silver Clean Protection by targeting other harmful germs as the mist disperses.

In conjunction with this, you might consider utilizing the model’s optional aromatherapy tray and adding a few drops of an immune-boosting essential oil.

This model’s additional features include a night light, a 12-hour timer, three different speed settings, and a low water indicator light. It is a great size for storing on a bedside table and having a quiet, uninterrupted night’s sleep.


  • UV-C light
  • Long lasting runtime
  • Space saver


  • Slightly larger than some other models

6. PureGuardian H940

Best Small PureGuardian Humidifier
Humidifier TypeUltrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
Coverage Area350 sq. ft.
Tank Capacity0.5 gallon
Runtime30 hours

The PureGuardian H940 is the best small humidifier you’ll find on the market today. The H940 model has a tank capacity of 0.5 gallons and covers spaces of up to 350 sq. ft. for 30 hours at a time. This humidifier emits cool mist exclusively through a directional mist nozzle.

Because this model is designed to work best in small spaces, the humidifier has a shorter runtime and will need to be refilled more frequently than a model meant for larger areas. However, even these more limited runtimes are longer than other humidifiers’ runtimes designed with the same specialized purpose.

While other models can easily be stored on a bedside table, this model is particularly suited to smaller surfaces like this. At 14.75 inches tall, the PureGuardian H940 is compact and efficient with the same quality of protection as other models.

The low water indicator light will turn on when the tank is nearing empty, and the humidifier will shut off automatically when all of the water is depleted. Other features include the Silver Clean Protection, three speed settings, and optional night light.

If you haven’t purchased a humidifier before and are looking to test one out for yourself, this is an excellent and affordable introductory appliance.


  • Great for small spaces
  • Affordable
  • Can store anywhere
  • Ultra-quiet


  • Shorter runtime

Who Makes PureGuardian Humidifiers?

Guardian Technologies is the innovative company behind PureGuardian humidifiers. This company has been developing high quality home appliances since 2002. In addition to humidifiers, the company produces products ranging from air purifiers to heating and cooling appliances. Guardian Technologies has quickly garnered a reputation for being a brand that consumers can depend on.

How to Set Up a PureGuardian Humidifier Effectively

Setting up a PureGuardian humidifier is a blissfully uncomplicated process. After purchasing one of the models, familiarize yourself with the model’s functions, including the power button, adjustable humidistat, timer, mist control, and digital display.

Each PureGuardian humidifier comes with a user manual that will help you make the modifications you want. The user manual will also guide you through the process of refilling your humidifier’s tank.

How to Clean & Maintain PureGuardian Humidifiers

PureGuardian’s Silver Clean Protection goes a long way in preventing mildew and mold buildup, but it is still necessary to regularly clean and maintain your humidifier every 1-2 weeks. Before cleaning the model, unplug the appliance and pour out any water in the tank.

Have some mild dish soap and white vinegar at the ready to clean out the spray cap, spray spout, water tank, and ultrasonic disk. Once this is done, you’ll finish by rinsing out and drying the tank.

If you run into any of these common problems, we have the solution:

  1. Leaking tank:
    If this issue occurs, verify that your humidifier is on a level surface with the tank lid securely fastened. If a couple minor adjustments don’t do the trick, reach out to a Customer Service representative at 1.866.603.5900 or
  2. Low water indicator light malfunction:
    If the refill light remains on even when the tank has plenty of water, refer to these step-by-step instructions.
  3. Water vapor isn’t dispersing:
    If this occurs, first try unplugging and plugging the humidifier. If the issue persists, make sure each part is securely attached into place, and the ultrasonic disk is clean.

The user manual for each PureGuardian humidifier includes a troubleshooting guide that offers steps to take if any issues occur. If problems continue, get in touch with Customer Service.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

What are the steps on how to refill my PureGuardian humidifier?

How often you will have to refill your PureGuardian humidifier depends on a few different factors: the model’s runtime, the speed setting, and consistency of use. The process for refilling the tank is simple:

  1. Unplug the humidifier when the low water light indicator turns on.
  2. Remove the water tank and pour water into the tank to the fill line.
  3. Make sure that the tank lid is tightly closed.
  4. Reattach on the model and plug in the humidifier.

What’s the warranty policy for PureGuardian’s ultrasonic humidifiers?

Guardian Technologies offers warranty plans for their products, so refer to your PureGuardian humidifier’s user manual to see if your model is covered under warranty. The user manual will also include solutions to minor issues that may occur.

How long on average does it take before reaching optimal room humidity?

The auto humidistat feature will monitor the humidity levels in the room and begin adjusting to that immediately. The first time using the humidifier, it could take a couple of hours to regulate the room to the ideal humidity levels.

Where can I buy PureGuardian humidifiers?

When it comes to purchasing your humidifier, we highly recommend ordering through Amazon. However, a good alternative would be to order online from Sylvane.


Guardian Technologies’ PureGuardian humidifiers are well-designed and cost-effective appliances that will improve the air quality of your indoor space and promote a healthy home environment.

The ultrasonic technology pairs with Silver Clean Protection and UV-C light features to create innovative models that can fit any living situation seamlessly.

The PureGuardian H965AR is an excellent option for someone looking for an affordable and high-quality humidifier.