Rainbow Air Purifier Review: Brand Comparison & Ratings

No matter where you live, we can all agree that having fresh, clean air can be a welcome relief after spending time in polluted areas. With such high demand, there are so many types and styles of air purifiers in several sizes.

While most air purifiers rely on a triple filtration system that can be a pain to maintain, Rainbow Rainmate provides a simple solution to your clean air needs. In this review, we offer a clear assessment of the Rainbow air purifier to help you decide if it is right for you.

Filtration System – Swirling Water Bath

With its unique water-based filtration system, the Rainbow Rainmate air purifier uses swirling water to reduce dust and pet dander in the air for short periods or 24 hours a day if necessary.

Odor Reduction

Prone to burning things or live with a smoker? The Rainbow mate air purifier helps reduce odors in the home using its water bath infusion system, letting you breathe easier.

Fragrance Infusion

Through its essence release water bath system, a fragrance of your choice is slowly released into the room throughout the day. This pleasant scent can help freshen up the room and combat bad odors.

Quiet Operation

Do you want to continue enjoying clean air even while you sleep? The Rainbow vacuum air purifier operates at a lower frequency than standard fans, leaving you free to relax in comfort.

LED Light Illumination

An optional and adjustable LED light illumination feature on the air purifier is perfect for soothing little ones or gently lighting a room during the night; no more stubbed toes.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Unlike standard air purifiers with fiddly filter replacement systems, the Rainbow water air purifiers only require you to clean the bowl and change the dirty water and oil out regularly.

3 Year Limited Warranty

A warranty’s length is a clear indicator of how much faith a company has in their product. Rainbow is so confident in their air purifiers that they often come with a three-year limited warranty.

Rainbow Rainmate Air Purifier Reviewed

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Specification Summary
Coverage Area 180 – 360 Sq. Ft.
Runtime 24hrs
Air Quality Sensor No
Noise Level 64 dba
Voltage 120 V

A uniquely designed item in the world of air purifiers, the Rainbow Rainmate vacuum free air purifier provides a calming and effective air purifying experience to any room. Its swirling water bath system uses moving water fusion to filter dust, dander, and smoke particles from the air.

In removing these particles, unpleasant odors are reduced and eventually erased if a fragrance of choice is used. Rainbow has provided a wide range of scents that, with only a few drops in the water bath, gradually produce a heavenly scent all day long.

The fragrances offered are:

Apple Blossom Berry Eucalyptus
Gardenia Lemon Orange
Pine Spice Vanilla

If you prefer a spa-like experience, the Luxury Collection of scents is perfect for helping you wind down. This range includes a pack of four scented oils in Lavender Juniper, Mandarin Rosewood, Orange Ginger, and Tea Tree Mint.

It is possible to have the Rainbow office air purifier running 24/7, and its quiet operation of 64 dB will not disturb your sleep. An LED light illumination can be turned off or on and adjusted according to your preferences to provide you comfort.

Are you worried about tricky cleaning and maintenance? Unlike its fiddly competitors, the Rainmate simply requires you to empty out the water each day, clean it with soap and water, and replace the water and fragrance.

Removing any hard watermarks is easy with a few drops of white vinegar. We do recommend using the Rainbow brand scent as others on the market are likely to clog the system over time.

A three-year warranty ensures that Rexair has your back should any unexpected malfunctions occur, giving you peace of mind. It is vital to bear in mind that the Rainbow Rainmate air purifier is not designed for antimicrobial or intensive air purifying.

The Rainbow Rainmate is a beautiful addition to any space; try it out for yourself today.


  • Three years limited warranty
  • Can run 24/7
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain
  • A unique water filtration system
  • Wide variety of scents


  • Not for heavy-duty purification
  • On the basic side

Who Makes Rainbow Air Purifier

Rexair LLC began in the 1920s, Michigan, with the bagless vacuum cleaner. Soon, they began to incorporate water into their products to trap dust and dirt cheaply and effectively.

Dedicated to creating durable products and excellent customer service, Rexair LLC is a member of the Direct Selling Association and often do home demonstrations.

With millions of customers in over eighty countries, Rexair has made a name for themselves with their quality products (like the Rainmate) and high standards.

Comparing Rainbow Vs. Standard Air Purifier Brands

Often better for less intensive or antimicrobial cleaning jobs, Rainbow’s products have been innovative and cheap to maintain for decades. Rainbow’s air purifiers are affordable and uniquely designed as well as practical, giving them the edge for smaller jobs.

That being said, other air purifier brands produce more antimicrobial and advanced models for similar prices.

User Reviews

Interested in getting one but unsure if it is worth it? Read these Rainbow air purifier reviews and see what other customers think.

‘This air purifier is fantastic! Works for my whole 3 bedroom apartment. The scents that come with it last a very long time and stack like bricks on one another, so you rarely have to refill scents. Keeps the moisture in the air really well. I bought a humidifier from Walmart, and it was the worst. This is compact, lightweight and easy to maintain!’ – Angel E., Influenster

‘I love my rainbow rain mate!! We got it free after watching a demo on the rainbow vacuum. It leaves my house smelling fresh and clean. I’ve even noticed less dust in the house since using it. We bough scent drops that go with it as well so we can change up the scent. It only takes a few drops to fill a whole room.’ – Nicole B., Influenster

As these Rainbow water air purifier reviews state, the Rainbow air purifier is excellent for apartments while being easy to use and maintain. It actively reduces dust in the home and comes with scents that do not need to be changed continuously.

While this water bath air purifier is not best for dealing with mold or antimicrobial tasks, it will reduce dander and leave your home smelling fresh.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

How do I set up a Rainbow Rainmate air purifier?

  1. Fill the bowl with water until it is one inch above the line
  2. Add three to five drops of fragrance
  3. Put it in your desired area
  4. Plug it in and turn it on

Can I use a Rainbow vacuum as an air purifier?

The Rainbow System does work to clean your air, but we would recommend getting the purifier as a standalone air purifier with scents.

Where should I place a Rainbow air purifier?

In terms of purifier placement, there are some guidelines we recommend the following:

  • Beside the odor source
  • In the right sized space
  • Keep away from other electronics
  • Near the walls, fridge, dresser, window or doorway
  • Avoid corners

What are the downsides to using Rainbow air purifiers?

Rainbow air purifiers are not effective at dealing with mold or bacteria. They are not as good at tackling lots of smoke or for dealing with heavy allergens.

How long do Rainbow air purifiers last?

The three-year limited warranty gives a good indicator, but providing regular care and maintenance could extend its lifespan.

Can I diffuse essential oils on a Rainbow air purifier?

Yes, by simply adding a few drops into the water before turning it on. We recommend using the Rainbow brand fragrance as others are a little too thick and could clog the purifier.


Overall, if you are looking to reduce dust and freshen up your home, we would recommend picking up the Rainbow water bath air purifier for yourself. It would be best suited for smaller homes or multiple bedroom apartments with pets.

Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)