How To Install A Window AC Without Screws & Drilling

You just got a new window unit AC for your home or office, and it’s time to install it. However, you don’t want to damage the window frame or any part of the building’s structure. Let’s discuss how to install a window air conditioner without using screws or drilling.

Is It Possible to Install a Window AC Without Screws?

If you have a properly secured support bracket for your air conditioner, there is no reason why you cannot install your unit in the window without screws. You can check out Amazon or hardware stores for these bracketed mounts to avoid doing any damage to your windows or wall and secure your new window AC safely and securely.

These days the screwless mounts are adjustable so that they can support the weight of your AC unit without it wiggling or falling. There is no need to use screws or drilling when using these framed support brackets. It is safer to use these mounts because the tension and weight of the unit gets spread across a wider surface area instead of a few screws, and this method does not weaken your wall.

If you install your window unit without using screws in your wall, you have preserved the structural integrity of the wall, and you’re ensuring that the unit stays where you put it. The only downside is that your window frames must be stable and strong; otherwise, you risk the structure breaking and your unit falling right out of the window.

Install Window AC Without Screwa

Installing a Window AC Without Screws & Drilling (Step-by-Step Guide)

What You’ll Need

  • Window Air Conditioner Mounted Support: You can purchase this online or in hardware stores.
  • Screwdriver: This is to secure the enclosed L brackets to your AC unit and its support mount.
  • Barrier/weather tape: You need weather tape so that the elements do not enter your home through the window.
  • Measuring tape: This is to adjust the side panels that go between your AC unit and the vertical window frames.
  • Another set of hands: For the heavy lifting, you’ll need a partner.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. First, find the center of your window and mark the center points on the top and bottom window frames. Open your window to prepare it for the AC unit.
  2. Then, attach the side panels of the support frame to your windowsill.
  3.  Use the measuring tape to measure the width of the AC unit so you can make sure you adjust the side panels to the correct width.
  4. Next, attach the support mount legs (there should be two) to the shelf-like frame of the mount. Then place the shelf on the windowsill with the legs outside against the house. Make sure they are secure and don’t have room to wiggle around.
  5. The next step is to carefully lift your AC unit into the window and onto the support mount. You will need your partner to help you with this. With one of you on each side of the AC unit, place a hand on the front of the unit and one on the bottom. Lift in tandem and get the AC unit in the center of the window using those marks you made earlier.
  6. Once you have the AC unit lined up with the center of the window, place it on the assembled mount; most of the unit should be out the window.
  7. Once it’s seated in the mount’s frame, then you can use the L brackets to secure the AC unit to the support mount. This is where the screwdriver comes in handy. You use screws not for your walls but for attaching the AC unit to its mount.
  8. Screw the L brackets into the AC unit at the bottom and to the support mount.
  9. Close your window. Use the barrier or weather tape to seal the minuscule space left between your window frame and the AC unit.
  10. If you have properly secured the support mount, the L brackets, and the window frame itself, then you don’t have to be concerned about the unit falling out of the window.
  11. You’re all done!

Important Things to Consider When Installing an AC Unit Without Screws

There are definitely some essential considerations to keep in mind when you’re installing a window air conditioner without using screwed-in supports.

For one, do not open that window for any reason. If you must do some repairs or remodeling, then you can carefully remove the tape and secure the unit for relocation, but always be careful that this is a heavy piece of machinery, and it’s best to leave it alone as much as possible.

Make sure that when you’re connecting your window unit that you safely connect it to a power supply. If the cord is too short to reach the nearest functional outlet, then you can use an extension cord of the same voltage as the original power cord.

How to Install Window AC Without Screws

People Also Ask (FAQ)

Here are some common questions when it comes to screwless window AC install.

Can I install a window AC without side panels?

You can absolutely install a window AC unit without side panels. You can use other materials that can be more aesthetically pleasing, such as plexiglass or plywood. You can use whatever you want as long as the side paneling keeps the elements at bay.

Can I install a window AC sideways?

You should never even transport a window AC unit sideways, let alone install it that way. AC units should always remain right side up and with the controls facing inside the house.

Do window AC units make it easy to break in?

It is possible that burglars could spy your window unit and peg you for a potential mark. In order to protect yourself from break-ins, you can install longer side panels that hug the outside wall of the house.

This prevents would-be thieves from gaining a foot- or handhold. You can absolutely still lock the window as well, even though there is an AC unit inside it.


Even though it may seem like a hassle to install an AC unit without using traditional methods like screws and drilling, using screwless support mounts is infinitely better than messing up your walls and provides a more secure setup for your window air conditioner.

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