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Senville Mini Split AC Reviews

Read our Senville mini split reviews and find if this air conditioner is the right choice for your home.

Senville is quite possibly the best company for home climate control that you have never heard of. Unless you are in the industry as an HVAC Technician or installer, you might not be aware of this mini split AC manufacturer. It is time you got to know them.

This article will examine the Senville mini split air conditioners, review them, and compare them. We will also cover things you should look for when buying a mini split system from anyone, including Senville. Read on to find out why Senville may be the next brand name in your home.

Senville is a small start-up that houses just about 60 employees. Founded in 2001, they are one of the youngest climate control businesses around, and they have staked their name on their reliability and customer service.

Hailing from Compton, California, this small company grows by the year and has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. Once you install a Senville mini split system in your home, you will know why. These systems are durable, reliable, and crafted to last for years without worry.

Senville Mini Split ACs Compared

SENL-09CD9000450 sq ft25Check Sylvane

Check Amazon

SENL-12CD12000750 sq ft22.5Check Sylvane

Check Amazon

SENL-18CD180001100 sq ft20Check Price
SENL-24CD240001500 sq ft20.5Check Price
SENA-36HF/Z360002400 sq ft16Check Price
SENA-36HF/Q4 x 90004 x 450 sq ft22.5Check Price

5 Considerations for Buying a Senville Mini Split System

What should you look for when you set out to buy a mini split system from Senville? The top 5 considerations are listed below. Make sure you know what you are getting before you push that “buy now” button.


Senville has a reputation for building and maintaining quality mini split ACs. It doesn’t just end on the assembly line, either. The company goes out of its way to make sure that every purchase is satisfactory and works without worry.

Once installed, your Senville system will keep you cool on the hottest days so you can feel cozy and comfortable in your own home. The systems are also known for their remarkable heating abilities. While they won’t match the low-temp heat supplied by larger units like Mitsubishi, during cold snaps and moderate or average winters, you won’t need supplemental heat.

Heating and Cooling Capabilities

The Senville mini split units are quite adept at cooling your space. There are many sizes to choose from to match the square footage you need cooled or heated. When making your purchase, it is ideal to find a unit that slightly exceeds the square foot recommendation, without going too large.

For smaller spaces, a system with a lot of BTU capacity will cause excessive power draws, which will raise your monthly bill more than a system designed for the space. The cooling and heating capabilities will also be much more efficient when choosing the right size. All Senville systems have high SEER ratings and are economical and efficient units.

Running Costs

The average cooling SEER rating fro Senville mini split ACs is about 19-21 SEER. This means that, on average, the units will cost you about 11- 13 cents per hour to operate. This, of course, will depend on your cost per kilowatt-hour, as well as the number of hours you run the system.

In an average year, for both heating and cooling, running the system for 8 hours per day on an average weekly cycle, most Senville units should only cost you about $147 – $220 per year in your energy bill (versus no heating or cooling at all).

Repair Parts, Costs & Warranty

As a smaller company, you will get a more personalized service. Senville offers a 1/5 warranty on all of their systems. This is 1 year for parts and 5 years for the compressor. During the warranty period, any faulty parts will be replaced at Senville’s expense.

After the warranty period, you can purchase replacement parts, filters, or components directly from Senville, or through online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. To further save money, you can also purchase refurbished parts direct from the manufacturer, if needed.

Value for Money

Across the board, the Senville prices are competitive. While some larger companies can afford to sell at a lower price, few will match the experience and customer service levels you get with Senville.

On average, the value for the money is high. The systems are built to last and are energy efficient, saving you money over time and with use. Other systems may have a lower initial cost but will end up costing you more to run daily. In the end, Senville systems match or beat most of the competition in overall price.

Best Senville Ductless Mini Split AC Systems Reviewed

Senville produces single and multi-zone units. They also have various series of lines that boast different features. Here we offer you Senville mini split reviews and compare the most popular models from the two main zone systems.

Senville SENL-09CD – Single Zone

Senville’s SENL-09CD model is one of the top-selling models in their line up. This unit is ideal for single rooms and smaller offices, providing you with enough cooling and heating power to run all year long.


The SENL-* line has several BTU and size options to choose from. The 09CD model is a Senville mini split 9000 BTU system with cooling power to chill a room up to 450 square feet. If this isn’t enough for you, there are other single-stage mini split sizes available.

The SENL-12CD is a 12,000 BTU model that is also popular and well reviewed. This system will cool spaces up to 750 square feet and is the second most popular model in this line. However, if you truly want the full range of cooling and heating, look to the Senville mini split 36000 BTU single-zone beast.

Ideal for garages, large office spaces, or any area over 2000 square feet, the SENA-36HF/Z is sure to meet your needs.

Top Product Features

While we could debate the best product features for days on end, the easy choice is the cost savings. The 9000 BTU model boasts the highest SEER rating (25) and costs only pennies a day to operate. On average, running the system for 8 hours a day at the national average of 12 cents per kWh, the SENL-09CD will only cost you $0.96 per day.

Compare that to a 14 SEER central air conditioner with a 2-ton condenser, which can cost up to $4 per kWh and you are saving over 800% on your annual energy bill. Comparatively speaking, that makes the Senville mini split system has paid for itself in savings in the first two years.

Cooling Zones

The SENL-09CD model is a single zone system. This means it has a single heat pump (outdoor unit) and a single air handler (indoor unit). If you are looking to outfit your home with a mini split set up and want an air handler in each room, you will need to invest in a multi-zone system (see below).

Each zone comes with its own remote control, dual cooling modes, and near-silent operation. In fact, with the fan set to high, the indoor unit only produces 38 dB of noise. This is slightly less than a normal speaking volume conversation in a quiet room.

Installation must be done by a licensed professional. However, when it is, you get one of the best warranties around. All Senville systems come with a 1-year warranty on all parts and either a 5- or 7-year warranty on the compressor. The warranties start from the day of purchase, and the warranty length is determined by the model you choose.

Senville 36000 BTU – Multi Zone

We wouldn’t be thorough and complete without talking about the Senville Aura mini split reviews with multi-zone features. A multi-zone mini split system is a system with a single compressor and heat pump but an interior air handler for each room.

You can find Senvile mini split systems in dual, tri, and quad-zone setups. With a dual-zone system, you can install an air handler in the living room and master bedroom. Or spring for a tri-zone system to add heating and cooling to the kid’s room.


One of the best investments, though, is the Senvill 36000 BTU quad-zone Auro system. This is a 4-way 9000 BTU set up (36000 BTU total) for each room in the home. With a total coverages area of over 2000 square feet and features to make everyone comfortable, you can’t go wrong.

Each air handler is pre-charged with enough refrigerant for up to 25 feet of line. For the air handlers that require further installation, you can get extension kits. Just realize that you will need to add more refrigerant to the system.

Top Product Features

One of the best product features with the multi-zone set up is the Follow Me function. The entire system relies on infrared heat signatures to know which room or rooms are occupied. Based on the temperature and mode settings you have chosen, the system will turn on or off to maintain the desired temperature in whichever room you are.

If multiple rooms are occupied, the Follow Me feature will average the temperature in each room for a more level control. However, each air handler also comes with a remote control for individual climate control options.

Cooling Zones

With the SENA-36HF/Q you can have up to 4 different climate zones. Each zone can be programmed as a whole or individual to maintain the room temperature that best suits the owner of that room.

The warranties are the same across the board for all Senville systems, and the compressor warranties for multi-zone systems work the same, as well. At 22.5 SEER, even multi-zone setups get the efficiency and cost-savings of the single zone systems. It’s a deal that is hard to beat.

How Does a Senville Mini Split Air Conditioner Work?

AC Indoor Unit

A Senville mini split system is an actual air conditioner. They are very similar to a central AC, with a few notable exceptions.

The first thing you will notice is that there is a lack of ductwork that runs through your ceiling or attic.

AC Outdoor Unit

Ductless mini split systems still use a compressor and an evaporator unit, like a central AC, but without the air handler or ducting needed.

Everything to chill the air is housed in the internal unit that blows the cold air into the room.

Heating is controlled by the heat pump and condenser unit outside.

AC Line Set Wiring Harness

Senville mini split systems are also more economical.

Unlike a large AC unit, they don’t require as much time or energy to run.

Most systems can reach the desired temperature in a matter of moments.

Most will require professional installation as you still deal with refrigerant lines, and installation does happen in the walls.

Pros & Cons of Senville Air Conditioners

Unfortunately, not every system can be perfect. While there is most likely a Senville mini split air conditioner and heater system that is ideal for you, all of them have their strengths and weaknesses.


There are several advantages to owning a Senville mini split system, as detailed here.

  • These systems have a high SEER rating across the board, and their Aura series is Energy Star rated to use up to 30% less power consumption.
  • They are built for every budget. Regardless of where you stand, there is a model and series right for you. The Leto series, for example, are some of the lowest cost models in the industry.
  • The Senville warranty always applies. Even if you can provide proof of purchase date, the warranty will still take effect (starting 120 days after production date).
  • You will find that most Senville mini splits are low in care and maintenance, which helps you save time as well as money.
  • Even with a higher upfront cost, the systems are efficient and reliable enough to end up paying for themselves through the savings in your monthly energy bill.


Senville isn’t without its share of disadvantages, though, as seen here.

  • The company is young, and we don’t know the true life span of these newer systems. Only time will tell.
  • As a small company, replacement parts are more challenging to find and can be more expensive.
  • For the warranty to take effect, the system must be installed by a licensed professional. Any DIY installation, while possible, immediately voids any warranty.

Senville Vs Other Brands

Senville will go toe to toe with almost every major brand of HVAC or climate control company out there. Companies like Mr. Cool or Gree are decent brands with a long reputation for quality service. However, they aren’t all as economical or efficient as the line up that Senville offers.

Mitsubishi is one of the top-tier manufacturers in the US, and Senville may one day compete with them. AS it stands, the cost of production is still causing Senville to have higher prices than Mitsubishi, and for the same or lower-end products.

Compared to other known brands, though, like Pioneer, Senville can easily overtake them. The Senville (vs. Pioneer) installation is simple, care and maintenance are done faster and are less frequent, and the output is better in most cases. While Pioneer has high quality and durable systems themselves, it is often a coin toss to determine which is better. That says a lot about Senville and its products.

How to Install a Senville Ductless Unit

This section is prefaced by a warning: DIY installation of any Senville mini split system will void your warranty. While DIY install is possible, and with a working knowledge of electrical and refrigeration systems, it isn’t that difficult.

However, voiding your warranty could end up costing you more than double the cost of professional installation. You will receive everything you need to get the system up and running when you order. Most systems will ship with 16 feet of refrigerant line and power cable.

The heat pump and condenser unit should be mounted outside in an area that has open air without obstructions. Mounting away from direct sunlight is also ideal. Once installed, the power lines need to run to a shut-off junction and then to a properly grounded circuit in the main power panel.

In interior unit should be mounted high enough on the wall that the airflow can cover the entire room. The refrigerant lines need to be attached and run through the wall, out to the heat pump. The interior unit will also need to be powered and attached to the thermostat wires that run to the thermostat or directly to the heat pump.

After the initial mounting and connections are complete, you will need to insulate the wiring and refrigerant lines, seal any holes and connect the drain lines. Thorough testing of each component should then be carried out and any adjustments made.

The installation manual is a guide for the HVAC technician, though it can be followed as a step-by-step install guide for the DIYer.

Troubleshooting Guide: Fixing Common Senville AC Problems

Lucky for most Senville owners, there isn’t a lot of trouble that happens with these machines. However, they are air conditioners and heaters, electrical, and have moving parts. Things will go wrong from time to time.

The good news is that most of the issues you will encounter are self-healing. This means that it is a temporary problem and the unit will correct it soon. Most often, you will see the indicator on the LCD panel blinking a trouble code. It is advised to let the system run as usual for about 10 minutes. Most trouble codes will clear themselves.

Things like defrosting can create extra moisture in the system. This will throw a trouble code. However, as the system runs, the moisture will evaporate, clearing the code.

The most common non-clearing codes are the Senville mini split error code “EC” and P* codes (the * represents a number 0 through 9). EC is a general code that tells you there isn’t enough refrigerant pressure in the system. This is most common when you use refrigerant line extensions beyond the included 14 to 16-foot lines. You need to add more refrigerant to the system.

The Senville mini split error code “P6” is also common, and tells you that there isn’t enough refrigerant in the compressor. Another tell-tale that you have used more line than the system was prepped for. The other common P6 cause is that the valves in the refrigerant lines weren’t opened fully during the initial set up. Check that all valves are open, and if so, you will need to add more refrigerant to correct the imbalance.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Where can I find Senville mini split ACs manuals online?

Senville’s website hosts instructional videos for troubleshooting, support topics for quick access and help, and online manuals for all of their systems. You can find the manuals through your browser on their support page.

How long do Senville ductless ACs last?

All Senville mini split AC systems are warrantied for up to five years. However, with proper care, routine maintenance, and fixing issues or leaks as soon as they are noticed, you can extend the life well past the warranty period. Even though the company has only been producing mini split systems since 2005, their first line is still going strong, and the newer systems prove to be just as durable.

How much will it cost to have an HVAC contractor install a Senville unit?

The actual price of professional installation will vary depending on several factors. Your region and location are the most prominent. Some regions require special permits, while others only require the installer be licensed. Other cost factors include the length of refrigerant lines, circuit breakers, drywall and paint, and removal of an existing system (if applicable). The nationwide average for install falls between $1500 and $8000, according to Home Advisor, with the actual average about $3350. Note that these prices include the price of the system. Average labor only costs are about $500.

Where do I find the best HVAC contractor in my area?

One of the most reliable resources for the best HVAC contractor in your area is found through Angie’s List. This site will walk you through all of your needs to find the ideal HVAC contractor for you.

Are Senville mini split systems energy efficient?

Senville mini split systems are among the most energy-efficient in the industry, with top-end models having SEER ratings around 19.

Where is the best place to buy Senville mini split parts and accessories?

The best place to buy a Senville mini split system is through Amazon. Senville does sell through their own website, but they focus on 3rd party online retailers to do the bulk of the ordering and shipping. This saves everyone money, and that savings is passed on to you. The best deals, fastest shipping, and easiest customer support will be found through Amazon.


Senville is a brand that is quietly making headlines and becoming more and more popular across the nation. As their demand rises (and it will), the prices will increase while the small California company moves forward to keep up.

While not everyone will find the top-tier cost and “new guy” lack of longevity alluring, those that do can experience a mini split system, like the Senville SENL-09CD, to keep their home the proper temperature year-round.