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Best Server Room Air Conditioners

We have reviewed the best server room air conditioners for keeping cool. Compare these top brands of wall and floor AC units.

A server room is an integral part of a modern office structure, housing the entire network servers of an organization. These heavy-duty computing machines are responsible for upholding a business’s entire digital structure and operating around the clock. Naturally, they produce a lot of heat that can result in malfunctioning, frequent failures, crashes, or shutdowns if left unchecked.

This is why server room air conditions exist – to ensure that these server rooms continue to operate seamlessly. Choosing the right air conditioner for your server room can be tricky, given the abundance of options. This is why we have reviewed the 7 best server room air conditioners to help you make the right choice.

Best Portable Model

Tripp Lite SRCOOL18K
Tripp Lite SRCOOL18K

Our #1 Choice

Senville SENA-18MO-209 18000 BTU Dual Zone
Senville SENA-18MO-209

Server Rack Wall Mount


Why AC Units Are Necessary For Server Rooms

The server room requires adequate cooling to keep the room temperature cool and prevent it from overheating.

Consistent overheating can damage your equipment beyond repair. Your business operations may be disrupted entirely without a functioning server room in addition to the hefty replacement cost.

As the backbone of your network infrastructure, server rooms must continue to operate smoothly. That is why buying server room air conditioners are not a matter of if, but when.

How Much Cooling Is Needed For A Server Room?

You need to consider many factors when calculating the amount of cooling required for your server room. These factors are:

  • The Size Of The Room:
    To calculate room area in m2, apply this formula: room size BTU = length x width x 337
  • The Size Of The Windows:
    If there is any (total windows BTU = North windows + South windows)
  • The Number Of People Working In The Server Room (If Any):
    Normally, the heat produced by a single person is 400 BTU. Therefore the equation is: Total number of occupants (BTU) = number of people x 400
  • Add up the servers, routers, switches, and other equipment wattages and then multiple it by 3.5.
    The equation can be: Total Equipment BTU = Total wattages x 3.5
  • Also, add up the total lighting wattages and multiply it by 4.25.
    Hence the equation is: Total lighting (BTU) = total lighting wattages x 4.25

Once you have all the BTUs, add them up. This way, you will know how much cooling power is required.

Server Room ACs Compared

Senville SENA 18MO 20918000750 – 1200 sq ft12.5Check Amazon
Tripp Lite SRCOOL 18k18000700 – 1000 sq ft16Check Amazon
Tripp Lite SRCOOL 2KWM200060 – 80 sq ft7.3Check Amazon
Pioneer WYS 012A-1912000500 sq ft14Check Amazon
KwiKool KIB6023600002000 sq ft11.6Check Sylvane

Check Amazon

De’Longhi 3-in-114000700 sq ftCheck Amazon
Movincool10500400 sq ft8.5Check Amazon

EER = Energy Efficiency

Choosing A Quality Air Conditioners For Server Rooms

Coverage Area

One of the most important factors that you need to consider before making a purchase is the server room’s coverage area. The type of AC unit you need to buy depends on the room size and the amount of heat generated.

However, to give you an understanding, here’re a few recommended coverage areas with appropriate cooling capacities:

  • 2000 BTU for less than 100 sq ft
  • 6000 BTU for 150-200 sq ft
  • 8000 BTU for 300-350 sq ft
  • 18000 BTU for 700-1000 sq ft
Installation Requirements

Typically, AC units – whether ductless, portable, or window-mounted – vent their hot/warm air while cooling the indoors. The air vents out using the unit’s exhaust hose and can be released through the window, ceiling, wall, or the server room’s sliding glass doors.

It is crucial to ensure that whatever outlet you use to vent out air is vacuum-sealed to protect the machinery’s integrity. These units also come in dual or single-hose to provide effective cooling by venting warm air produced by the servers and drawing fresh air insides to cool.

Additionally, if the air conditioner has a dehumidifying feature, you also need to consider how it deals with the moisture build-up. Different AC units have various methods to deal with moisture, such as fully evaporative, partially evaporative, drain hose, condensate pipe, or buckets.

Besides that, you need to make sure the power system you have meets the unit’s needs. Generally, AC units that have a cooling power below 15000 BTU functions on a 120v circuit. On the contrary, AC units with a cooling capacity above 15000 BTU require a circuit around the 230-240v range.


Portability includes many variables, such as weight and size. You need to move the AC to where it’s needed the most (server racks).

Mobility also allows you to prevent the AC from leaking water on the floor and around the equipment. When looking for a portable unit, remember to check for wheels on the model you are considering.

Energy Efficiency Rating (EER)

Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) is the measurement of an air conditioner’s energy efficiency level. A higher efficiency level means the air conditioner uses less energy. In other words, the higher the EER rating of AC units, the more energy you save.

What’s significant to bear in mind is that the EER ratings measure an air conditioner’s efficiency at the one standardized operating temperature, i.e., 95°F.

Generally, an AC unit with a 12 EER or higher is considered energy efficient. Thus, always aim for a higher EER rating AC unit to ensure adequate cooling in less power.

Noise Levels (dBA)

Irrespective of which type of air conditioning system you use, all air conditioners produce a little sound. Wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, spot cooling, or commercial grade – they do make some noise while operating.

This recurring sound that the unit generates is often termed as background noise. This noise is easy to ignore when the AC is new, but it increases as it depreciates.

This noise level is measured in decibels. Typically, any AC unit within the range of 50 to 60 decibels is quiet enough for everyday usage.

Air Filters

Air filtration is a key function of every air conditioner. This technology is responsible for removing dust, dirt, odor, allergens, mold, and bacteria from the room to ensure clean and cool air.

There are several different types of air filters used in air conditioners. Some of the widely used types include washable or reusable filters (stronger cloth-based material and relatively cheap), fiberglass filters (can only be used once), or pleated filters (polyester material).

Normally, AC air filters are equipped with a self-clean function that keeps it dust-free on the inside. This further helps it provides optimal performance.

Performance Features

Here are some performance features you should also look for in your air conditioner for the server room:

  • Sleep mode: It’s an energy-efficient, quieter operating mode for your sleep hours
  • Multiple Fan speed: Select from various fan speeds: high, medium, or low
  • Auto-setting: Allows you to set a default server room temperature
  • Remote control operation: It allows you to set and monitor the room temperature and also select preferred operating modes through a hand-held remote or a smartphone application
  • Dehumidifier: This ensures an optimal level of moisture in the server room
  • Timer settings: Set time limits for the air conditioner to start or stop at predefined intervals
  • Warranty: A warranty assures that you can exchange or repair the air conditioner if need be. The normal warranty period of an AC unit ranges anywhere from 2 years to 7 years.
Price Vs. Budget

Lastly, you may want to consider the price of the air conditioner you intend to buy and your budget.

There are various AC units available in the market that can effectively cater to your server room’s cooling requirements. You can find an efficient AC unit for anywhere between $500 to $9000.

However, you need to keep in mind that an air conditioner’s price will vary according to the number of features, its cooling power, and the server room size. Thus, it is important to consider these elements before making a purchase.

7 Best Server Room Air Conditioners Reviewed

1. Senville SENA-18MO-209

Our Top Pick
BTU Rating18000
Energy Efficiency12.5
Coverage Area750 – 1200 sq ft
Noise Levels24.5 dB
Installation TypeProfessional Installation

If you’re looking to cool a large space (more than 750 sq ft), you required an efficient and high-performance air conditioner. Well, your search ends here – presenting, Senville SENA-18MO-209.

This air conditioner has a cooling power of 18000 BTU and can cool large server rooms that span 750-1250 sq ft effortlessly. This is why we have termed this dual-zone air conditioner as the best cooling system for large server rooms.

It’s an Energy Star certified unit, which means you don’t have to worry about paying huge electricity bills. Instead, it can save you about 50 percent of your total energy costs every year.

Moreover, thanks to its ultra-inverter technology, it provides instant cooling to the server room at 75% efficiency. This translates to efficient performance with additional cost savings.

What we particularly liked about this AC unit is that it gives you the power to control the temperature of different sections of your room evenly. In other words, the unit includes several air handlers that allow you to set the desired temperature of your server room with even-distribution of cold air.

With seven years of comprehensive compressor warranty and a two-year parts warranty, the Senville SENA-18MO-209 is undoubtedly the best server room air conditioner currently available.


  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Energy Star approved
  • 7-year warranty
  • Comes with easy installation kit


  • Wiring cables and harness must be bought separately

2. Tripp Lite SRCOOL18k

Best Portable Server Room Air Conditioner
BTU Rating18000
Energy Efficiency16
Coverage Area700 – 1000 sq ft
Noise Levels65 dB
Installation TypeEasy

If you want an efficient and affordable air conditioner for a small server room, choose Tripp Lite SRCOOL18k.

Its 18000 BTU cooling power and extreme portability enable it to provide instant cooling to small server rooms and prevent equipment malfunctions, failures, and shutdowns resulting from temperature fluctuations and overheating.

This is why we’ve labeled Tripp Lite as the best portable server room air conditioner on our list.

In addition to that, this AC unit comes in multiple sizes, such as 7000 BTU, 12,000 BTU, and 24,000 BTU. You can choose one according to your room size and the number of computer servers it has.

This AC isn’t just restricted to cooling, but it also dehumidifies and filters the room’s air, ensuring increased equipment performance. Moreover, its flexible dual ducts provide cool air to places that need it most; this includes overheated rack cabinets or hot spots.

What we particularly liked about Tripp Lite is its close-coupled cooling that removes hot air and delivers cold air where required. This feature reduces the unit’s running cost and saves you an ample amount of money on bills.

We classify the Tripp Lite as the best small server room air conditioner because of its compact size, allowing it to fit into a space as little as 4 sq ft.

With its enhanced cooling power, convenient operations, and advanced network management, it is one of the best overall options to choose from.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Remote control operations
  • Auto-restart
  • Close-coupled cooling
  • Easy to install


  • Faulty exhaust fan

3. Tripp Lite SRCOOL2KWM

Server Rack Wall Mount AC
BTU Rating2000
Energy Efficiency7.3
Coverage Area60 – 80 sq ft
Noise Levels55 dB
Installation TypeEasy installation

If you’re looking for an affordable yet efficient server rack air conditioner to cool your equipment from overheating, Tripp Lite SRCOOL2KWM is the answer to your needs!

This server rack wall-mounted air conditioner not only provides increased cooling but also saves you floor space, which can be a daunting problem for small server rooms.

Besides providing adequate cooling, this AC unit also dehumidifies and filters the air through the server rack’s side panel or front door. This way, it increases the equipment’s performance and keeps them from frequent shutdowns and other malfunctions caused by overheating.

Thanks to this unit’s close-coupled cooling system that removes warm air and replaces it with cold air, you can reduce the operational cost by a margin and conserve energy.

Moreover, it has an easy to operate control panel that allows you to schedule unattended restarts, shutdowns, and temperature control.

We particularly liked the Tripp Lite SRCOOL2KWM because it’s simple to install; you can even do it yourself.

Plus, the unit is eco-friendly and doesn’t contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer!


  • Eco-friendly
  • Simple installation
  • Close-coupled cooling system
  • Auto-restart
  • Easy to operate


  • Defective cage nuts and screws

4. Pioneer Air Conditioner WYS012A-19 Wall Mount

Smallest Ductless Server Room AC
BTU Rating12000
Energy Efficiency14
Coverage Area500 sq ft
Noise Levels55 dB
Installation TypeSimple installation

If you’re looking for a high-quality ductless air conditioner but don’t have enough space in the server room, choose Pioneer Air Conditioner WYS012A-19.

This AC unit is energy-efficient and comes with a 19 SEER rating, which means while the unit effortlessly cools your server racks, it also saves you a considerable chunk of money throughout the year.

This Pioneer model is more than just a cooling unit – it also provides heating, ventilation, and dehumidification. This boosts the server’s performance and prevents frequent equipment failures, malfunctions, or shutdowns due to the varying temperature.

Although the unit is energy-efficient, it doesn’t compromise on its cooling capabilities. The 12000 BTU of cooling power makes Pioneer mini split one of the best smallest ductless server room AC.

Moreover, it is ultra-quiet during operation and is ETL approved, which means you won’t have to worry about performance hazards as the unit complies with all essential safety standards.

Plus, it includes a reusable filter (along with various enhanced filter choices) and easy to operate remote control for enhanced user convenience.


  • ETL approved
  • 5-year warranty
  • Energy efficient
  • Comes with an easy-install piping kit
  • Easy-to-operate remote controller


  • Suitable for small server rooms

5. KwiKool KIB6023

Best Large Portable AC for Server Room
BTU Rating60000
Energy Efficiency11.6
Coverage Area2000 sq ft
Noise Levels74 dB
Installation TypeProfessional installation

Are you looking for a high-powered portable air conditioner for your large server room? Equipped with a power of 60,000 BTU and a coverage area of 2000 sq ft, the KwiKool KIB6023 fits the bill.

With its balanced ventilation system, full-featured design, and highly sensible cooling, this KwiKool portable AC is perfect for instant cooling in huge server rooms.

This is why we labeled this unit as the best large portable AC for server rooms.

The unit offers two different operations that you can choose from. Up first is the short-term operation, which automatically shuts off once the large water tank (with a total capacity of 5 gallons of water) gets filled.

And secondly, the continuous operation, where the unit keeps performing without a pause due to its internal pump. This function allows it to pump water out of the unit.

The cooling operation will only stop if there’s an issue with the drain hose or the pump. Otherwise, it continues cooling the server racks.

This enhances your server equipment’s performance by preventing recurring shutdowns, failures, and malfunctions triggered by overheating.

Moreover, the unit also features an auto-restart function that allows you to return to previous room settings if you lose power. Plus, it’s an ETL certified unit, which means it’s safe to use and highly efficient.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Durable
  • Digital thermostat
  • Auto-restart
  • ETL certified


  • A bit expensive

6. De’Longhi 3-In-1 Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier & Fan

Best Small Versatile AC for Server Rooms
BTU Rating14000
Energy EfficiencyNot Specified
Coverage Area700 sq ft
Noise Levels4 dB
Installation TypeEasy installation

If you want an AC unit with increased portability and efficiency for your server room, choose De’Longhi portable air conditioner!

With the ability to cool, fan, and dehumidify, this is the best small, versatile AC for server rooms covering 700 sq ft of space or less. It provides non-stop cooling to your server racks with its remarkable cooling power of 14000 BTU.

In fact, this is one of the few small AC units that check the indoor temperature by measuring humidity, temperature, drying, and cooling first and then provides you with the ideal room atmosphere.

It does this by using its smart sensing technology. This technology uses Bluetooth monitoring for measuring room temperature and providing the perfect cooling.

Through its advanced SMART remote, you can set a default room temperature for your rack cabinets.

Moreover, the unit comes with a sound level of 4 decibels only, which means it’s super quiet during operation.

This is because De’Longhi portable air conditioner is fitted with the Arctic Whisper known to decrease 50% of a unit’s sound level.

It also has a unique real feel feature that can automatically adjust the room temperature for enhanced cooling while conserving 30% energy.


  • Energy efficient
  • Smart sensors
  • Super Quiet
  • Multifunction (3-in-1)
  • Portable


  • Extremely small hose

7. Movincool

Best Ceiling Mounted Server Room Air Conditioner
BTU Rating10500
Energy Efficiency8.5
Coverage Area400 sq ft
Noise Levels52 dB
Installation TypeEasy floor mount installation

If you’re looking for an efficient way to provide cooling to your server racks but don’t have enough floor space, The MovinCool 115v is the perfect air conditioner for you.

With this MovinCool model, you don’t have to make any space in your server room since it can be mounted easily on the ceiling. It has exhaust and intake flanges attached to the ceiling ducts to ensure higher cooling for the server room.

The unit has a cooling power of 10,500 BTU and a 9.3 SEER rating. This means that your server racks will get ideal cooling resulting in increased performance and less susceptibility to malfunctions due to overheating.

It also saves you plenty of money on utility bills.

We particularly liked this model because it’s energy-efficient and provides the desired cooling to ensure optimal equipment performance without taking a considerable floor room. That’s why we have labeled MovinCool as the best ceiling mounted server room air conditioner in our reviews.

Moreover, you can control the room temperature using its off-the-rack thermostat. It also has an auto-shutoff feature that allows the unit to turn off once the required setting is achieved, which you can control it through its embedded fire alarm panel.


  • Ceiling mounted
  • 10500 BTU cooling power
  • Energy efficient
  • Auto-shutoff


  • A bit noisy

Ideal Cooling Systems For Server Rooms

There are various air conditioning systems that you can choose from based on the size and the amount of heat produced in your server room.

Spot Cooling AC Systems

Spot cooling AC systems are highly desirable for server rooms. These portable ACs can be put close to the server racks, closets, or any other place where it is needed most.

You should choose this cooling system if you want to cool high-priority server racks in a shorter period.

Wall Mounted AC Units

Wall-mounted ACs are another popular type of cooling system that you can opt for, especially if you have medium-to-large server rooms.

Also known as ductless, mini-split air conditioners – these units provide server rooms with easy, uniform,  and most-efficient cooling without any added hassle or expense.

Ceiling/Cassette ACs

Another type of cooling system you can choose for the server room is the ceiling/cassette air conditioning system. What’s unique about this system is that it’s mounted on the server room’s ceiling instead of the floor or wall.

Many IT professionals prefer this type of cooling system for their server rooms since they don’t acquire any floor space and provide adequate cooling for the entire room.

Commercial Grade AC Units

Commercial Grade AC units are some of the most popular cooling systems for server rooms and other high-demand commercial uses. Not only do they provide sufficient cooling, but they also offer heating and dehumidification, which can improve servers’ performance and efficiency.

Liebert’s Mini Mate and PDX are some of the most sought-after commercial grades AC units because they provide increased cooling with dehumidification and air filtration.

Consider them for your server room if you want instant cooling.

Installing Air Conditioning In Server Rooms

Installing an air conditioner in server rooms is primarily based on the type of AC unit.

If you have portable ACs, the installation is a breeze. They’re ready to use out of the box!

Here’re the steps to install portable ACs in server rooms:

  1. Set up the adjustable window exhaust kit
  2. Attach the hose
  3. Plug it in

In case you’ve got a portable through the wall AC, you have to measure and make an indentation in the wall.

And if you have a ceiling AC unit, you’ll need essential ductwork accessories. Most of the time, these ceiling units come with an exhaust kit. Check if your unit has one too.

As far as the window-mounted, through the wall, ceiling-mounted or commercial grade AC units are concerned, they are easy to install but take a little more time than it takes to install a portable AC.

Plus, you’ll require some essential tools to carry out the installation, and that’s it!

People Also Ask (FAQ)

What Happens If A Server Room Overheats?

An overheating server room can corrupt your programs, meltdown heat-sensitive CPU components, and damage your equipment. In short, it can cause irreparable damage to your business.

Can I Keep A Portable Air Conditioner Running Continuously?

Yes, you can. There’s no trouble in keeping your portable AC running continuously. In fact, the problem arises when it keeps switching between on and off.

Do Portable ACs Need To Be Drained?

Since portable air conditioners use the condensation system, it drains water through its exhaust hose alongside warm air.

How Much Will It Cost To Run Air Conditioners For A Server Room?

Although running costs may vary from unit to unit depending on the size, model, and cooling power – a  server room air conditioner’s average running cost is $600-$3000 per year.

What Does Self-Evaporative Technology Mean?

It means the AC unit releases water through the exhaust hose using condensation without requiring help with draining or emptying the bucket.

What Type Of Maintenance Is Required With Server Room AC Units?

Though server room ACs require little maintenance and effort, to ensure optimal performance, you need to wipe their air filters, drain it (if necessary), and check if they’re installed properly.

Where Can I Buy These Server Room ACs?

You can buy an AC for your server room from your nearest air conditioning solutions store. However, If you’re looking for impressive server room AC deals, check Amazon, Sylvane, or Liebert.


There you go! Now you know everything about the best server room air conditioners the market has to offer.

Although every unit we have reviewed makes for a good choice for server rooms, our best pick would be the Senville SENA-18MO-209.