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Best Smart Air Conditioners with Wifi

Intelligent AC units are here to stay. Cool your home prior to your arrival with these smart air conditioners.

Best For Large Rooms

Friedrich Chill Premier CCF12A10A
Friedrich Chill Premier

The Friedrich Chill Premier is a better choice for larger rooms thanks to its 12,000 BTU rating. It also has innovative functions like voice control and noise dampening technology.

Our Top Pick


The LG 9,500 BTU is one of the best-rated and most loved by reviewers. It works in conjunction with the LG SmartThinQ app to offer a wide variety of functionality such as fan mode, sleep mode, filter resets and more.

Best For Small Rooms

Friedrich Kühl Series SQ06N10C
Friedrich Kühl Series

This Kühl Series model is a small ac that packs a punch. It can be controlled by a smartphone, tablet or computer and is suitable for rooms up to 250 sq.ft.

***Please note – some models may vary slightly depending on availability

According to research done by Business Insider, by the year 2020 there will be over 24 billion internet-connected devices worldwide, which is more than 4 devices for every person on earth. Of course, it shouldn’t come as a shock – we have smartphones, watches, tablets and home assistants already. This article aims to look at the new wave of smart air conditioners that are hitting the market and quickly flying off shelves.

In a nutshell, “smart” air conditioners are part of the new class of home technologies that allow you to use the product with your home Wifi through your smartphone or tablet, so that you don’t even have to be home to adjust the temperature. Many of these products can also be used with other smart home devices like your Amazon Alexa or Google Home, meaning you can now control the thermostat with the command of your voice.

Smart WiFi Air Conditioners Compared

ModelBTUEERCooling AreaPrice
LG LW1019IVSM9,50013.8450 sq. ft.Check Sylvane

Check Amazon

Friedrich Chill Premier12,00012.1550 sq. ft.Check Sylvane

Check Amazon

Friedrich Kühl Series SQ06N10C5,80012.2250 Sq. Ft.Check Price
Frigidaire Smart8,00012350 Sq. Ft.Check Price
LG Smart Dual Inverter14,00011.3800 Sq. Ft.Check Sylvane

Check Amazon

Emerson Quiet Kool8,00012.1350 sq. ft.Check Price
JHS A016-10KR/B1 10,0002.61220 Sq. Ft.Check Price
Frigidaire Cool WiFi Connect12,00011550 Sq. Ft.Check Sylvane

Check Amazon

5 Benefits of Wifi Air Conditioners

  1. You likely already have everything you need in order to run a smart air conditioner – an internet (Wifi) connection and a smartphone.
  2. Smart ACs allow you to operate your unit from anywhere with a Wifi connection, meaning you can start cooling your home before you even leave work.
  3. Adjusting the thermostat on your smart AC unit remotely will help you to become more energy efficient. Life is busy and we often forget to change our thermostat settings before rushing out the door – but smart AC thermostats can be changed on-the-go.
  4. The ability to completely control your smart AC from anywhere will not only bring energy savings, but it will also bring cost savings on your utility bills.
  5. Maximum comfort can be achieved – no longer will you have to walk into a hot room to turn on the AC and then sit in misery as the temperature slowly adjusts.

What to Look for in a Quality WiFi Air Conditioner

Control Functions

When it comes to smart ACs, there are two types in general: those that are Wifi enabled (ready to go) and those that are Wifi capable. Units with Wifi enabled are essentially ready to be hooked up, whereas Wifi capable models will need an extra component (like the FriedrichLink) that hooks you up to the Internet via your appliance. Other functions to look specifically for are whether or not the model can be accessed via an application on your smartphone or used with home assistants like Alexa or Google Home.

Cooling Area

Each air conditioner is equipped with the mechanical components to cool a specific size area. To determine the area of the room you wish to cool, you will need to multiply the length of the room by the width of the room. For example, if you have a room that is 18 feet long and 12 feet wide, the area of the room is 18 X 12 = 216 square feet. You would likely purchase a unit like the Friedrich Kuhl Series that is made for rooms up to 250 square feet.

British Thermal Units

BTUs are the universal unit with what air conditioners run on. The number of BTUs on an appliance represents the amount of heat the unit will be able to remove from the air (or in the case of heaters, how much heat can be put into the air). The higher the BTU on an air conditioner, the more area that unit will be able to cover. For instance, an AC with 5,800 BTUs is designed to cover up to 250 square feet, whereas an AC with 10,000 BTUs is designed to cover up to 500 square feet.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency in air conditioners is measured with EER, a rating that determines the cooling capacity to the power inputs (or BTUs to watts). So the higher the EER you see on a model, the more energy efficient that unit will be. Most of the units that we look at in this article have an EER between 10-12.

Noise Levels

Most air conditioners will fall somewhere in the range of 55-70 dBa, depending on which setting you have the unit set to. This is pretty standard and can be considered to fall in the sound range from normal conversation to the noise of a hair dryer. Because the units are so similar in noise levels, companies often don’t market this feature. There are a few available (like this LG model that comes in at 44 dBa) that are so quiet that it’s worth mentioning. Look for this statistic if you think that the white noise of an appliance would bother you.

Size & Weight

Perhaps the most important detail of your air conditioner purchase is whether the unit will properly fit where you intend to install it. For window units, the size of the AC can vary greatly depending on how many BTUs the unit has. Some of these units are lightweight and easily installed by one person, whereas some of the larger units are upwards of 100 lbs, like this LG model.


It’s important to make sure that your home’s electrical system has the correct voltage to support the air conditioners that you intend to use. According to,

“Smaller room air conditioners (i.e., those drawing less than 7.5 amps of electricity) can be plugged into any 15- or 20-amp, 115-volt household circuit that is not shared with any other major appliances. Larger room air conditioners (i.e., those drawing more than 7.5 amps) need their own dedicated 115-volt circuit. The largest models require a dedicated 230-volt circuit.”

Heating & Dehumidification Options

Some air conditioners, especially through-the-wall units, also have heating capabilities so that they are able to keep you comfortable all year long. Most units also have options for dehumidifying. Window units often drip condensation directly outdoors, whereas portable units will either have a condensation collection pan or (newer to the marker) an internal evaporation system, which means you’ll never have to deal with extra moisture.


It’s pretty standard for air conditioners to come with at least a one-year warranty. In fact, you should be leery if the manufacturer offers you less than that. The warranty will cover the cost or replacement of your appliance as long as you have followed the manufacturer’s instructions. Any misuse or error on the consumer’s part will likely void the warranty. For larger AC models, having a professional install your unit and keeping a paper trail of the transaction will increase the likelihood for any future warranty claims to be processed successfully.

8 Best Smart Air Conditioners with WiFi Reviewed

1. LG, LW1019IVSM Dual Inverter Window Air Conditioner

Our #1 Choice

Smart functionApp control, LED remote, control panel
Cooling Area (max)450 sq. ft.
WarrantyYes – 1 Year Warranty

Out of all the smart WiFi-capable ACs on the market, the LG 9,500 BTU is one of the best rated and most loved by reviewers. Saying that this is a “smart” air conditioner is an understatement since it’s one of the most intelligent WiFi ACs available. Not only that, but it’s also impressively energy efficient with a 13.8 EER, which will help to reduce costs on your utility bills, especially in the summer months.

This 9,500 BTU AC uses a dual inverter compressor to eliminate unnecessary and unwelcome noise. While cooling a space of up to 450 square feet on the low setting, the noise level won’t reach above 44 decibels. This is about the same noise level as a quiet library, so you won’t have to worry about AC noise keeping you up at night.

The best feature of all is the SmartThinQ technology, which essentially allows you to control the unit from your smartphone or tablet.

LG says that “the SmartThinQ app technology lets you control your LG air conditioner from anywhere. You can start or stop cooling, change the mode, or set the temperature while on the go. It also works with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so you can change settings with simple voice commands.”

The aesthetics of the LG AC are sleek and modern, and while some window units have a bad reputation for being clunky and bulky, this one looks nice in any window. This is a signature feature of all LG home appliances, and it’s a nice bonus to the fact that you’ll save up to 15% on your yearly energy costs.

The Smart functionality of the LG aircon unit allows you to take full advantage of all of the unit’s cooling features. This includes Sleep and Energy Saver modes, dehumidification, fan speed, temperature, and the 24-hour timer. Either control these settings with the press of a button or the sound of your voice – it’s completely up to you.

One thing that’s not ideal about the LG is its heavy design (it weighs over 70 pounds), so installation can be challenging. You also need to make sure that the window frame is capable of handling the weight of the AC. The other flaw is that pairing with AI devices (like Google Home and Amazon Alexa) can be a confusing process, but following the user manual should get you there eventually.

2. Friedrich Chill Premier Smart Window AC

Best For Large Rooms

Smart functionApp control, LED remote, control panel
Cooling Area (max)550 sq. ft.
WarrantyYes – 1 Year Warranty

The Friedrich Chill Premier is a better choice for larger rooms thanks to its 12,000 BTU rating. It can handle a space up to 550 square feet and works to cool things down quickly and efficiently. Similar to the LG AC, this one is all about efficiency while also keeping things as convenient as possible with Smart technology.

The Chill Premier uses something called Quiet Master technology and integrated voice command WiFi control that works by downloading the FriedrichGo app to a smartphone or tablet.  The app is easy to use and gives you complete control of your cooling needs, whether you’re at home or away from the house.

The quiet performance is another great feature of the Chill Premier. It was engineered with superior components, which ultimately helps the AC to remain whisper quiet (the manufacturer even claims that it’s as much as 25% quieter than the competition). This is all thanks to the heavy-duty insulation on the inner wall of the unit, the stiffened sheet metal that works to block external noise, and the wide air discharge vents to maximize airflow.

In terms of cooling power, the Chill Premier has everything you could ever need. It’s built with 3 cooling settings, several fan-only speeds, a sleep mode, 8-way airflow control, and an optional heating mode. There’s a check filter indicator that lets you know when it’s time to clean the antimicrobial air filter.

Friedrich says that “Chill Premier CCF models are designed with a one-piece frame (or fixed chassis) for simplified and fast installation. Standard installation hardware, including expandable side curtains, comes with all units.”

You should have no trouble installing the window unit as a DIY project, just keep in mind that it’s heavy and bulky, so you’ll need an installation buddy.

There are just 2 minor flaws with the Chill Premier. First off, the unit is only compatible with a 220/240V outlet, so the standard 120V won’t work. Secondly, the unit’s design isn’t nearly as sleek as the LG – some users even call it outdated.

3. Friedrich Kühl Series SQ06N10C Room Air Conditioner

Best For Small Rooms

Smart functionApp control, LED remote
Cooling Area (max)250 Sq. Ft.
WarrantyYes – 1 Year Warranty

What I love about the Friedrich Kuhl series is that they are super solid appliances that are made to last. One Amazon user describes them as “built-like-tanks” and for this small unit weighing 72 lbs I have to say I agree.

The thing that is a little tricky about the Friedrich brand it that they are Wifi enabled but not exactly Wifi ready. Say what? The appliances are able to function with your home Wifi as smart devices, but the FriedrichLink (which is what connects you) is sold separately. This is great if you’re just looking for a regular home window AC unit but can be frustrating to those looking to immediately connect if they did not purchase the link upfront.

Installation of the Friedrich SQ06N10C may be a little more difficult than the average window AC unit, but only because it is so much heavier. For an extra fee, Amazon actually allows you to add-on to your purchase “expert installation.” We found the extra fee to be fair, and because you’re allowing an expert to install it you can rest assured that you’re not breeching your warranty in any way with quick self-fixes.

Overall, this Friedrich model was way pricier than we would have considered for a smart window air conditioner, especially considering you have to purchase the FriedrichLink separately. But once in action, this unit performs on target for smaller rooms. It’s quiet, cool, and powered to run a complete 7-day program.

4. Frigidaire FGRC0844S1 Smart Window Air Conditioner

Best for Small – Medium Rooms

Smart functionApp control, Alexa enabled, remote
Cooling Area (max)350 Sq. Ft.
WarrantyYes – 2 Year Warranty

If you’re already using Alexa at home you can give her another task, because now she can manage your home temperature with this Frigidaire Smart Window AC. (Please note, Alexa not included with unit.) You can also use it with your smartphone or tablet, or manually if that’s your preference.

Not only is the Frigidaire Smart Window AC smart, but it’s also energy efficient. It’s EER is 12, and Energy Star has estimated it will only cost $60 per year when used seasonally (which they consider 8+ hours per day for three months). But perhaps my favorite feature of this model is the smart alerts – this AC will let you know when it is time to clean the filter or attend to other maintenance. Following these prompts will keep your unit running efficiently and will help you avoid any break-downs throughout the season.

The Frigidaire app that works with this unit (free to download on your smartphone or tablet) can clearly be described as a work in progress. When we looked at other reviews, it seemed that its functionality was hit or miss, and that is likely due to the many varieties of smartphones on the market, cell service and data plans and more. The company that works on the app is constantly updating it, and we find that it works well enough of the time to be worth it.

5. LG LW1517IVSM Dual Inverter Window Air Conditioner

Best for Large – Very Large Rooms

Smart functionApp control , auto-restart option, remote
Cooling Area (max)800 Sq. Ft.
WarrantyYes – 1 Year Warranty

Compared to most window AC units, this LG is a monster and weighs over 98 lbs. You might need some extra help installing this “big guy” in your window, but once in functioning order you will see that its size helps it cool rooms of up to 800 square feet.

One of the most surprising features of this LG model is how insanely quiet it is, especially for the work it puts out. Most AC unit manufacturers don’t market their unit’s dBa (or noise levels), likely because most fall in the same range of about 60-70 dBa. This LG unit comes in at just 44 dBa, which according to this chart is comparable to a babbling brook or a home computer.

The duel inverter is also a great selling point. Basically, what this means is that instead of reaching the desired temperature and turning off and cycling this way throughout the day, the unit is designed to adjust its fans and speed to consistently monitor temperatures. This process makes the unit 25% MORE energy efficient than the Energy Star requirements.

The only downside to this LG smart AC unit is that the app required for it (LG SmartThinQ) can only be described as moderately reliable. Users have complained about the Wifi antenna not always connecting but have found more success when they were able to place the unit closer to their Wifi router. The unit works well with both Alexa and Google Home, which is a bonus.

6. Emerson Quiet Kool EARC8RSE1 SMART AC

Best Affordable Cooling Solution

Smart functionApp control, LED remote, control panel
Cooling Area (max)350 sq. ft.
Warranty1 year labor
2 years parts
5 years compressor

The Emerson Quiet Cool is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable cooling solution that doesn’t break the bank. The 8,000 BTU Emerson model cools a space up to 350 square feet, but there are plenty more options for different BTU ratings and cooling areas. Just as the name suggests, this AC works towards quiet performance that won’t disturb you while you’re hanging in the living room or sleeping in the bedroom.

This Emerson model comes with built-in WiFi smart features so that you can control all AC functions from the compatible app. You can also use the included remote control if that’s more your style, but either one you choose, you’ll have the power to adjust the settings to your exact preferences easily.

The Quiet Cool comes with all the right features for easy operation, including a washable filter that’s easy to access, an easy window mounting installation kit, multiple fan speeds and cooling options, and an auto-on feature after power outages. It has an EER rating of 12.1 with low energy consumption that will reflect positively on your power bills.

The chief complaint about the Quiet Cool is that it’s incapable of cooling down large spaces, but most of the reviews come from people with expectations that are too high (and rooms that are too large for this unit). If your space is larger than 350 square feet, you’ll need to go with one of the other BTU ratings based on room size.

7. JHS A016-10KR/B1 Smart Portable Air Conditioner

Best Small Smart Portable AC

Smart functionApp control , Alexa enabled, remote
Cooling Area (max)220 Sq. Ft.
WarrantyYes – 1 Year

JHS wasn’t a brand that I was initially familiar with, but the high ratings on this smart AC model intrigued me. This portable tower unit is relatively small and compact at 50 lbs and would be perfect for a medium sized room or small apartment.

My favorite feature of this smart portable AC is the built-in “auto-evaporation system” – a detail that allows the unit to dehumidify the room (up to 50.7 pints per day!) without any extra work for you. Twelve years ago, my first experience with portable AC units was when I was living in NYC and the unit would turn off every hour or so to let me know it was full of water. I then had to dump the excess water and restart the unit. This led to many nights waking up drenched in sweat. The auto-evaporation system, in my opinion, is worth its weight in gold.

The JHS app that works with the unit is very user friendly and most users have felt it is also very reliable. And because the unit is portable, you can easily move it from one area to another. The exhaust hose generously stretches to 59 inches from the window that you attach it to and swapping it out to another window will probably take less than five minutes total – a luxury that you don’t get with standard window air conditioners.

8. Frigidaire FGPC1244T1 Cool Connect

Best Large Smart Portable AC

Smart functionApp control, Alexa enabled, Google Home enabled, remote
Cooling Area (max)550 Sq. Ft.
WarrantyYes – 2 Year Warranty

When I think about the brand Frigidaire I instantly think of refrigerators because they are famous for their great big stainless-steel double-door fridges – the focal point and pride of many American kitchens. But the Frigidaire company also has many other home appliances, and as their name might suggest they are kind of experts on “frigid air” – which brings me to this Frigidaire Cool Connect portable AC unit.

First of all, I love the style of this AC model. Its sleek design will fit nicely in any room without becoming an eye sore. The unit itself looks more like a fancy speaker than an air conditioner, and its delicate design might lead you to believe it could easily be knocked over, but it has a solid foundation and actually weighs 85 lbs (which is something to consider if you plan on moving it from room to room). The exhaust tube on this model is also covered in a subtle grey fabric, which is a nice touch and adds even more to the ambiance of this model.

The cooling capabilities for this AC unit are listed as up to 550 square feet, and we found that estimate pretty true to its word, making this unit a perfect choice for studio or one-bedroom apartments. It would also be an option for smaller rooms that are open to the rest of the home like an office or a den. The Frigidaire app allows you to add more than one smart appliance so that you can keep even a larger home cool and comfortable using these units together.

Options Compatible With Your Existing AC

Ambi Climate 2

Ambi Climate is essentially your new robot best friend (well, maybe second to Alexa). This smart controller is not an AC unit itself, but it will work closely with your AC unit to essentially make it smart and to ensure that the climate of your home is always to your satisfaction.

The Ambi Climate uses data such as your personal preferences, indoor temperature, humidity, amount of sunlight, and time of day and creates a completely custom setup just for you which means you can now maximize both comfort and energy savings.

You will need to have one Ambi Climate for each air conditioner that you’d like to control, which can get a little costly, but we think that once you have one, you’ll definitely be back for more. Ambi currently works with over 1,200 different AC remotes. Ambi also works with Alexa and Google Home. Now adjusting the temperature can be is easy as saying “Alexa, tell Ambi I’m feeling cold.”

Sensibo Sky

Sensibo is another great option for a smart AC controller. It’s smaller than the Ambi and can be installed on the wall like a thermostat near the unit you wish you control.

Sensibo works with an app on your smartphone and literally senses you based on your location, meaning if will turn on the AC as you’re getting closer to the location and it will turn off the AC when everyone leaves the house. A little creepy? Maybe, but also totally cool (pun intended).

The Sensibo also features smart technology called Climate React. This feature will adjust the temperature based on influences like humidity and outdoor temperature, as well as your set comfort zone. And if the thought of picking up a power tool or screwdriver makes you panic, have no fear because Sensibo attaches to the wall with a heavy-duty adhesive that only takes 30 seconds.

How These Smart AC’s Work

Smart air conditioners are essentially normal air conditioners (window or portable) that are Wifi enabled. If you’re old school or your internet happens to be down, you can still use these units manually. The Wifi connection allows users to access their smart air conditioner from anywhere. Did you forget to turn the temperature down before leaving for work? No problem, you can change it on-the-go. But how?

Using a smartphone or a tablet with an iOS or Android operating system, you can download the compatible app for your smart AC – it will vary by the brand and model you choose. Syncing your unit will allow you complete access to its controls, whether you’re sitting across the room or across the country.

Some of these ACs (not all – make sure you check before assuming) can also work with your Alexa or Google Home Devices, so you won’t even have to use the app while at home. Alexa, set the AC to 70 and hold.

wifi air conditioner

Types of Smart Air Conditioners

Window ACs

Window air conditioners are popular because they are meant to fit within your existing windows, and they don’t take up any room within a room. Window air conditioners are a great choice for people with small rooms or apartments without a lot of extra floor space. Smart window ACs are regular window units with the built-in Wifi features that allow you to connect to your unit no matter where you are. Many of these models also dehumidify, with the water collection draining right outside so there’s no extra clean-up for you.

Portable ACs

Portable air conditioners get their name from their ability to easily move from one room to the next. These units often resemble tower units on wheels, and though they sit on the floor of your home they still do need to be vented through a window using an exhaust kit. Many portable ACs also work as dehumidifiers – some will have a collection pan for condensation and others have a built-in evaporation system. The smart versions of these units can be accessed with your smartphone to keep your home consistently comfortable.

Wall Mounted ACs (Thru-the-wall)

Wall Mounted Smart ACs work just like window ACs, except for that they are a more permanent solution, as you will literally have to cut a hole in your wall as part of the installation. Though the two types of units look nearly identical, they are not interchangeable as the location of their vents is specific to their location. There are exceptions that can be installed in either location, like the Friedrich Kuhl Series Smart AC, but for wall mounting, you will need to purchase a “sleeve” for the unit to fit into.

Mini Split AC Systems

A mini-split system is essentially an appliance that will fall somewhere between a window air conditioner and central cooling (minus the ductwork). Mini-split systems are built with two main components: an outdoor condenser and an indoor unit. These units are a more permanent solution to your cooling needs, and many of these units also include heating capabilities. Like the other systems we looked at, there are mini-split systems available with Wifi capabilities.

Getting the Most Out of Your Smart AC

Getting the most out of your smart AC will depend on one thing alone, and that is whether or not you’re actually utilizing the smart features. Fortunately, these smart units are not much more money than their manual counterparts but using all of their smart features will allow you to save money on energy costs over time and hopefully be more comfortable than you’ve ever been before while doing so!

For people that are already using smartphones and other smart devices the ease of using a smart AC will be second nature. The key will be to go beyond a set temperature and to really fine-tune your schedule so that your smart AC isn’t cooling while you’re away, and closely following the prompts to clean and maintain your unit.

smart air conditioner

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do smart wifi AC’s cost more than regular units?

Smart AC units tend to run a little more than their non-smart counterparts, but the difference is marginal. Most users find that difference is between $30-$50 more, and that when you consider the extra advantages of having a Wifi enabled AC it’s well worth it.

Which type of phone do I need to make it work?

Most smart ACs require that you have a smartphone with either an iOS or Android operating system so that you can download their personal applications.

Will it work with my computer?

Your smart AC is meant to work with other smart devices like smartphones or tablets. There are a few models, like the Friedrich Kühl Series, that allow you to access the controls through your computer using the FriedrichLink, but this would likely be more time consuming than just controlling the unit manually.

Is it ok to go bigger in size than recommended?

Using an AC with a larger BTU status than recommended isn’t a great idea because it will cool the room more quickly than needed but then quickly cycle off. The constant cycling will waste more energy than using a recommended unit and will probably cost you more financially in the long run.

Which type is the easiest to install?

Portable smart air conditioners are the easiest to install. Given their name portable, these units are meant to be easily moved within your home. Most of these units take only moments to install and are as easy as plugging the unit into the wall and opening a window to let the exhaust out. If you need immediate cooling, portable AC is the way to go.

What else should I consider before buying?

The most important factors to consider when purchasing a smart AC are whether or not it will fit in your space, if the cooling capacity is appropriate, and whether or not the unit that has an app that works with your current operating system. Beyond that, personal preferences like style, price and features should also be taken into consideration.


Smart AC units are here, and they will likely only increase in capabilities over the next several years. Depending on your home and current Wifi setup, there’s certainly a smart AC that will work for you, whether you’re in a tiny studio apartment or a large open loft. At Air Conditioner Lab we aim to give you all the information you need to make the best informed decision on your next AC purchase.