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Soleus AC Reviews

Our unbiased opinion helps you choose the best Soleus air conditioner for your home.

Even those who have a central AC/HVAC system often wind up needing room-level climate control at some point.

There are so many brands and lines of ACs, but Soleus, the brand reviewed here, offers an excellent, reasonably priced selection of cooling, heating, and other climate-perfecting devices.

While this article focuses on portable, saddle, window, and through-the-wall (TTW) ACs—Soleus Air (including Soleus Air West) offers everything but central systems. They sell mini split systems, RV ACs (recreational vehicle ACs), and PT ACs (packaged terminal ACs).

A lesser-known entity among homeowners, PTACs are the kind of one-room heating/air systems commonly found in hotel and college residence rooms/suites for personalized climate control.  Portable ACs are probably Soleus’s greatest forte, though.

Soleus ACs Compared

Model BTUs Heat Pints Per Day Price
Soleus Air Exclusive 6,000 No 30 Check Amazon
Soleus Air PSX-10-01B 10,000 No 107 Check Amazon
Soleus Air SG-TTW-12ESE 12,000 No 81.6 Check Amazon
Soleus Air WM1-15E-01 15,000 No 73 Check Amazon
Soleus Air KY120 12,000 No 117 Check Sylvane
Soleus Air LX-140NT 14,000 Yes 76 Check Sylvane

Why Choose a Soleus AC?

Operating Modes

Many Soleus models have energy-saver, sleep, dry/dehumidifier, fan, and auto modes. Some have Turbo Cool, which means the unit runs with the cooling and fan on high for 10 minutes to quickly get to set temperature—great if you get home sweating and cannot wait to feel right.

Fan Speeds

As a rule, almost all Soleus ACs units have 3 fan speeds. In fan mode, you can pick the speed; in cooling, auto, energy-saver, or sleep modes, the unit picks the ideal fan speed for your air circulation (and sound reduction) needs.

Remote And Timer Features

In general, all Soleus ACs units come with remote controls, with an LCD temperature display and a range of about 20 ft. Many units come with the Soleus MyTemp sensing feature on the remote, which means the AC unit runs in response to the conditions where the remote is. Almost all Soleus models have a 24-hour on/off timer and an automatic restart after power interruption/outage, though you usually still have to redo the timer settings.

Soleus Air Conditioner Filter Check

All have a washable and reusable filter, usually with an indicator light to remind you to clean filter periodically.


Older and/or less expensive Soleus models are not compatible with Wi-Fi, even such residential systems as Z-Wave or ZigBee; however, Tuya systems might work, if you are savvy with tech connection.

Energy/Cost Efficiency

Energy and cost efficiency is not a heavily touted trait of Soleus, but the brand performs reasonably in this area: the various modes that come on Soleus ACs tend to keep Soleus units from using more energy than is needed for comfort.


Soleus offers a limited warranty, with 1 year for components and 5 years for the compressor.

Ideal Soleus Customers

Soleus customers could be anyone, since Soleus offers basic climate control models, such as window ACs, dehumidifiers, and heaters, for all climates. Soleus also appeals to gadget-lovers, with its technologically advanced versions of traditional products and streamlined aesthetics—the saddle AC being a great example. The brand is generally affordable, even including its feature-rich, higher-level products.

6 Best Soleus Air Conditioners Reviewed

1. Soleus Air Exclusive

Best Soleus Saddle AC
Cooling Area 275 sq. ft.
BTUs 6,000
LCD Display Yes
Heating No
Pints Per Day 30

As the best Soleus saddle AC, the 6000-BTU Soleus Air Exclusive is the most powerful and aesthetically pleasing option for a small room. (For a somewhat larger space, consider the Soleus Air 8000-BTU portable air conditioner with remote control.) Its over-the-sill (aka saddle) design allows you to see out the window almost like usual. While the unit itself is about 15 inches high, it only takes up about 4 inches of window space. The design reduces interior noise since the compressor hangs more separately from the interior section. (Specifically, the interior noise rating from 3.28 ft. away is 38-49 dB (A) and the exterior rating is 51-63 dB (A)). Plus, it is an Energy Star product.

The saddle design also makes for simpler installation, since the unit is not as prone to falling out the window as standard window ACs. Also, it is relatively light at only 67.7 lbs. That said, there are some complications. It seems that many users fail to properly install the Soleus air conditioner drain plug that comes with this unit, and therefore end up having to put a bucket under the unit on the interior side. However, if properly set up, this unit does drain to the outside. The very similar 6,000 BTU Saddle AC – WS3-06E-201 comes with a user manual that explains how to tilt these units properly and how to install them in storm windows.

This model has all normal Soleus Air modes—Dry, Auto, Sleep, Energy-saver, and Fan (3 speeds)—along with a washable and reusable filter and remote control with LCD screen and MyTemp sensor. It also has a 24-hour on/off timer and automatic restart. In addition, this unit has a Child Lock feature.

An reviewer says, “Oh my, these are literally the best invention of an AC window unit. As described, easy to install, aesthetically pleasing, quiet, cools wonderfully, very good price for what you’re getting compared to all other units that take up window/floor space…”

2. Soleus Air PSX-10-01B

Best Soleus Portable AC
Cooling Area 350 sq. ft.
BTUs 10,000
LCD Display Yes
Heating No
Pints Per Day 107

The best Soleus portable AC is the SoleusAir PSX-10-01. Even as a single-hose, inexpensive, portable unit, it has all of the characteristic desirable features to make it one of the best 10,000-BTU Soleus air conditioners: MyTemp sensor; Child Lock; Dry, Auto, Sleep, 24-hour on/off timer with auto-restart; washable filter; and Fan modes (3 speeds). In addition, it has a Turbo Cool setting to get the room comfortable fast. It has an LCD screen on both the unit and the remote, and 4-way adjustable louvers to customize airflow direction.

While it is harder to minimize the noise in a portable unit, this one is only 52-54 dB (A). Moreover, the outward appearance is streamlined and discreet. It will not take up too much space in a small room, being only 12.38 inches deep, 17 inches wide, and 27.13 inches high. Also, at only 63.9 lbs., it is easy to roll around on the caster wheels.

This is an excellent single-hose portable AC for a smaller-medium-sized room, but ultimately, dual-hose AC units work better than single-hose AC units. Dual-hose installation is similar to single-hose, albeit a little more complicated. However, long periods of rigorous use prove the higher energy efficiency and effectiveness of a dual-hose portable AC. Therefore, the PSX-10-01B is the best Soleus Air portable air conditioner for short-term use in small spaces.

3. Soleus Air SG-TTW-12ESE

Best Soleus Through-The-Wall AC
Cooling Area 500 sq. ft.
BTUs 12,000
LCD Display Yes
Heating No
Pints Per Day 81.6

The best Soleus through-the-wall AC is the Soleus Air SG-TTW-12ESE. This unit has basic Soleus AC features, including energy-saving, fan (4 speeds), and sleep modes; as well as an indicator light to tell you when to change or wash the filter, remote control with LCD screen, 24-hour on/off timer, as well as 4-way adjustable louvers. The SG-TTW-12ESE also has auto-restart to accommodate power interruptions.

It does not have auto or dry modes, Child Lock, Turbo Cool, or MyTemp features, however, but many users might not miss these. It is a bit loud at 55-59 dB (A), but there are very few noise complaints from users. It is a bit heavy compared to the units above, at 76.21 lbs.—however, this is a more powerful unit, suitable for medium-sized rooms.

Like many other TTW ACs, this one has a slide-out chassis, and so, as long as you have an appropriately sized sleeve installed in your wall, installation is simple. For this unit, any roughly 17 (H) x 27 (W) x 16 (D) sleeve should suffice. The unit comes with basic installation parts, but it is always good to have some sealing tape, sealant strip, strip foam, and sealant solution to ensure airtight insulation for both TTW and window air conditioners.

4. Soleus Air WM1-15E-01

Best Soleus Window AC
Cooling Area 825 sq. ft.
BTUs 15,000
LCD Display Yes
Heating No
Pints Per Day 73

This Soleus Air 15000 BTU window air conditioner has almost all characteristic Soleus features, including MyTemp sensing and pronounced LCD display on the remote—making it the best Soleus window air conditioner for medium-large spaces. It has a 24-hour timer, auto-restart after a power interruption, and check filter indicator for the washable/reusable filter, as well as auto, dry, fan (high, medium, low), sleep, and energy-saver modes.

This unit also has Gold Armor protection—gold-colored coating on the condenser to stave off corrosion and prolong the working life of the unit. Users generally enjoy the host of modes and features; however, some observe that energy-saving, auto, and sleep modes are great for reducing costs and energy consumption, but not so great for keeping the room comfortable. Ultimately, whether or not you enjoy these modes depends on your environment, priority, and physical needs. User reviews suggest that this unit is somewhat loud, unfortunately—but it does get the cooling job done. Keep in mind that, for some people, extra noise is actually soothing, though, as it blocks distracting noises.

At 121 lbs., this unit is rather heavy, so it is best to have some help for installation, especially if you have not installed a similar window unit in the space previously.

5. Soleus Air KY120

Best Soleus 12000-BTU Portable AC
Cooling Area 450 sq. ft.
BTUs 12,000
LCD Display Yes
Heating No
Pints Per Day 117

The Soleus Air KY120 is the best Soleus 12000-BTU portable AC, making it the perfect portable unit for small-medium spaces. Like other Soleus units, this one has a remote with LCD display, touch-button console with LCD temperature display, and 24-hour on/off timer with auto-restart. The unit can be set from 64 to 90 degrees F. In addition to cooling, this portable Soleus has dehumidify, fan only, and auto modes.

The KY120 is a single-hose unit, and it is not drain-hose compatible. Therefore, the options to drain this Soleus portable air conditioner are a bit restricted; however, most users are delighted with the cooling power and ease of installation. The unit has some self-evaporative capacity, so it takes care of some water build up naturally, but there is an indicator light for when the drainage tank is full. The unit is safe and easy to move—at 62.8 lbs., with LCDI plug, and caster wheels.

This unit comes with everything needed for standard installation: the kit will work for windows as wide as 51 inches or as narrow as 25 inches. The KY120 itself only takes up an 11 x 20 inch floor space. It is only 54 dB (A) at its maximum loudness.

A Walmart reviewer says, “…it works awesome—it keeps my living room and kitchen freezing in temps off 99 degrees outside.”

6. Soleus Air LX-140NT

Best Soleus Portable AC With Heat
Cooling Area 550 sq. ft.
BTUs 14,000
LCD Display Yes
Heating Yes
Pints Per Day 76

The Soleus Air LX-140NT is the best Soleus portable AC with heat—it is the only AC unit on this list with a heat pump. To be specific, it has 14,000 BTU of cooling and 11,500 BTU of heating. The unit’s auto mode turns the cooler on over 80 degrees and the heater on under 68 degrees F. It also has heat, cool, sleep, and dehumidifier modes. There is a fan mode, as well, with 3 fan speeds (high, medium, low). As with most other Soleus ACs, this one has a 24-hour on/off timer and reusable/cleanable filter—along with other Soleus luxuries, such as LCD screens on the unit and remote; TurboCool; and MyTemp sensor.

This unit is made for dual-hose installation—and this is needed for dehumidification and heating. However, basic cooling and fan modes will work with single or no hose, respectively. The included installation kit allows for openings in double-hung windows as long as 7 ft.—most users find installation easy. Dual-hose installation automatically makes for greater efficiency—this unit is ETL-Intertek certified.

At 71.2 lbs., this unit is of comparable size to similarly powerful portable units—furthermore, it has casters and only takes a 17 x 15 inch area of floor space. The LX-140NT makes no more than 54 dB (A) of noise—or less if only the fan is running. It has a drainage tank, but you can also use a garden (or other) hose for continuous draining.

A Sylvane reviewer says, “This LX-140-NT AC works great, and is one of the few dual-hose models available from anywhere…this one resolves all of the complaints I had about the LX-140…

Who Makes Soleus Air Conditioners

Soleus Air is a relatively new company, but this has generally made it better when it comes to new technology. It was one of the first companies to offer portable air conditioners, especially dual-hose units, smart chip technology, ACs with heat pumps, USB-connective devices, and other features that improve user experience.

Soleus is a Chinese company, but it has an international presence—most of the Western hemisphere above Mexico, much of Europe, Australia, South Korea, and Thailand.

Soleus Air Conditioners vs. Other Brands

  • Danby:
    This Canadian brand offers a similar AC product and price range to Soleus. However, Danby is more diverse in focus—also selling wine coolers, clinical refrigeration units, and dishwashers.
  • TCL:
    This Chinese brand offers similar products (dehumidifiers, portable ACs) in a related price category to Soleus. However, TCL puts more emphasis on home entertainment (soundbars, TVs, and headphones).
  • Hisense:
    Hisense is a Chinese company that initially made radios, but has expanded to AC units, TVs, and refrigerators. Its portable ACs are similar in price range and technology to Soleus, but it seems to do a bit better than Soleus with Wi-Fi compatibility.
  • Koldfront:
    Koldfront is a USA brand that sells affordable window, portable, and through-the-wall ACs. The brand does not offer smart options, but its selection is practical and fairly cost/energy efficient.
  • Frigidaire:
    Frigidaire is a USA company with a good reputation for affordable home appliances—air fryer, dishwasher, stove range, etc. They also sell all categories of AC systems, including HVACs.
  • Friedrich:
    Friedrich is another well-reputed USA home appliance brand that gets reviews from Consumer Reports, Wirecutter, and BusinessInsider, among others. Its ACs are noticeably more expensive than Soleus’s, but it does offer higher quality—more noise reduction, better oscillation, easier installation, etc.
  • Toshiba:
    Toshiba is a Japanese company that designs and produces a wide variety of communication, industrial, and electronic appliances. Toshiba air conditioners are comparable to Soleus in price range, but Toshiba puts greater emphasis on customer service.
  • LG:
    This USA brand offers an affordable line of portable, window, and through-the-wall ACs designed to be energy/cost-efficient. LG offers a wide variety of product lines (TVs, computers, and home appliances).

Installing Soleus ACs in Your Home


Always first read/check online for any specific Soleus air conditioner manual for your particular model. For more help, the following video gives a great description of a good saddle AC installation. In case you were thinking (as I was) that the saddle AC should be able to work with a smaller window opening, keep in mind that you do have to have sufficient space to pull the unit through the window to install or remove it—but, yes, it will take up less window space once in place.


The Soleus air conditioner installation manual offers a sizing guide you can view with each window unit, as well as troubleshooting for any Soleus window air conditioner problems. This guide coincides with the estimates of other sources and roughly applies to other types of ACs—saddle, through-the-wall, and portable.

Through the Wall

TTW installation is just a question of sliding the unit in place if you already have an appropriately sized sleeve installed. Otherwise, TTW installation is daunting, no matter the brand of AC, but this video is thorough and straightforward. Consider getting some caulking to enhance the installation.


Again, always look at any Soleus Air portable air conditioner manual specific to your model for installation and troubleshooting, first; however, check out this video gives a meticulous installation procedure for a single-hose portable unit.

This video gives a similar installation procedure for a dual-hose AC unit—including the single-hose installation option for such units, though most sources agree that dual-hose is the more efficient approach for climate control. A lot of users complain of a Soleus portable air conditioner e4 error display—it looks like this just means you need to empty the drainage tank; if this happens chronically, look into other drainage approaches for dual-hose portable ACs or search for more self-evaporative features in a future AC unit.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

Where can I download an owner’s manual online for my Soleus air conditioner?

The Soleus Air or Soleus Air West website is the best source of manuals for basic product categories. For example, for portable units, look at Soleus Portable Air Conditioning Manual.

How long do Soleus air conditioners last?

While some reviewers seem to get individual units that malfunction quickly, most give good reviews and relatively few report having to cash in on the warranty, so most units make it past 5 years.

Is it okay to buy refurbished Soleus air conditioners?

Amazon has a renewed/refurbished product program with certain standards, so yes, a refurbished product can be a cost-effective way to get a great product.

What do other customers say about Soleus air conditioners?

Window, saddle, and portable Soleus units are rated by MSN. The Soleus Air West website posts articles about the functionality of Soleus’s most innovative products.

Home Depot website Soleus air conditioner reviews express surprise at Soleus AC’s quietness and ease of installation, with one saying about a Soleus 12,000-BTU window AC, “The unit works great and is quieter than what I expected…,” and another saying about a Soleus 6,400-BTU window AC, “It was great to set up. Definitely cools the room down.”

Where is the best place to buy Soleus air conditioners online?

While Wayfair and eBay offer Soleus air conditioner models, Amazon and Sylvane give better reviews to help you know what you are getting; also, they are the most reliable sources of Soleus air conditioner parts and accessories. Home Depot also is a decent source of basic Soleus air conditioner types.


While there really is a Soleus product for everybody, Soleus is a great line for bargain shoppers and tech-lovers—especially if you seek out their newest models. The saddle AC that is #1 on this list is a perfect example of the practicality, innovation, and affordability characterizing Soleus.

Holly Curell