Soleus Window Sill Air Conditioner: (AC Review & Comparison)

When you live in a place without central air conditioning, the summers can be brutal. Window air conditioners are there to save the day. But with so many different brands and models, choosing the right one can be tough, especially when design, features, and style come into play.

The Soleus Window Sill U-Shape air conditioner is a model that looks a lot different and has more features than a standard model. This saddle style window unit will draw attention and start conversations, all while keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Let’s dive in and find out what makes this Soleus model one worth having in your home.

Soleus has been manufacturing and producing innovative and technologically advanced systems for over 20 years now. With experience, dedication, and attention to detail behind them, they are taking over as one of the leading innovation HVAC companies in the world.

Part of the MJC America brand, SoleusAir has revolutionized the home heating and cooling industry. With high efficiency systems, stylish designs, and, of course, the U-Shaped model covered here, they are on a path to being installed in every home in the country.

We have tested and reviewed more AC units from this brand on this page.

Soleus Air Exclusive 8,000 BTU Energy Star...
  • DESIGN: Exclusive Soleus Air design combines...
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Simply slide the saddle...
  • MYTEMP REMOTE: Activate the MyTemp sensor on...
  • ENJOY THE VIEW: Keep the view outside and...

Unique Features Of The Soleus U Shape Air Conditioner

The U-shaped window unit is a mixture of technology, mini split systems, and small capacity cooling. However, there are some unique and advanced features you should be aware of before you buy.

The Innovative Design (3-1 Model)

The most obvious feature of the 3-in-1 model is the shape and design. Technically it is considered a U-shape, but when installed, it is an upside-down U-shape. This is also known as a saddle AC or window sill overhang unit.

The front and rear halves of the model hang over the windows sill instead of above it, much like a saddle over a horse. This is accomplished by turning the system into a window-style mini split system (more on this later).

The basic design allows for the use of the window and more visibility during use.

Temperature Sensor & Other Modes

The Soleus air conditioner comes with a temperature sensor to help it reach and maintain your settings. You can alter the temperature up and down, and the system will run as long as needed to maintain that setting.

Other modes include fan only to aid in circulation and dehumidify to help remove humidity. There are also cooling mode options, such as speed and temperature.

With the various selections, you have a machine that can be used year-round to help airflow, cooling, and humidity control in your home.

Low Noise Levels

Unlike many window models, the Soleus model is whisper quiet in operation. With noise ranges falling between 40 and 50 decibels, you will barely notice that the system is running.

Low noise levels are helped by the fact that it is a two-half system with the back half outside and hidden behind the wall.

Smart Options

The Soleus U-Shaped AC doesn’t have wireless compatibility unless you pay extra for it. However, it does have a smart feature that will follow you around your room, making sure the temperature is constant at your location.

This is done with the use of the MyTemp sensor in the remote control. Wherever the remote is, that is where the set temperature for the system is read.

There are two models, and each one has two options: one standard and one with WiFi compatibility. The WiFi is not standard and costs extra, but it does allow the use of the Soleus mobile app and voice communications with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa devices.

Easy To Install

The saddle style air conditioner is among the easiest to install. With the window open and screen removed, you only need to slip the air conditioner over the window sill. It will fit most window sills up to 11 inches wide.

There are a few more steps involved, but essentially, that is the only installation step needed to get the system running.

Soleus U-Shaped Window AC

Multiple Sizes Available

The BTU output of the air conditioner is the output capacity and the basis of the “size” of the system. Soleus has two sizes, 6000 and 8000 BTU. Thus, there are four total models. Both sizes come in standard and WiFi-enabled options.

Soleus U Shaped Window Air Conditioner Review

When you buy a Soleus U-Shape saddle air conditioner, you get a durable, reliable, and easy to install machine. The saddle design is one of a kind and offers you several benefits. The most significant benefit is full use of your window.

With the Soleus model installed properly, you can open and close the window when needed. Blinds, curtains, and even a resized screen can still be used.

There are also a few issues to be aware of before you buy, but the long list of advantages outweighs almost everything negative about the system.

Installing The Soleus U-Shaped Air Conditioner

The first step is installing the system. We have a more detailed install procedure further below. The biggest negative aspect is that this system is prone to leaking. It can leak when not installed properly.

The tilt angle is critical, and if the system isn’t leveled correctly, it can leak into the home.

However, by closely following the installation procedure with the window sill blocks and adjustment screws, this can be avoided. When the system is installed, though, you never have to remove it again.

You can use your window on nice days, through the winter, and blocking sunlight with mini blinds or curtains.

Features And Settings

One thing that the Soleus model has against it compared to other models is the look. Aside from the unique installation design, the system itself looks old and clunky. Even with a digital control panel, it still manages to come off as though it were 10 years older.

The inside half is not very aesthetically pleasing as a whole. However, that doesn’t stop the functionality or performance.

With multiple cooling modes, you can set a temperature, fan speed and let it go. You can also change between modes or settings easily without having to alter or cycle power to the system like with some models.

You can also choose fan speeds, fan only, cooling or dehumidify to control the moisture levels in the air. The front panel also opens outward to allow access to the filter and for cleaning or maintenance. The MyTemp feature adds a temperature sensor to the remote control (see below).

When you set the system to MyTemp, the reading from the remote sensor will determine when the system turns on and off. As long as the remote is near you in the room, you will remain in the ideal temperature zone.

Controlling Your New Soleus AC

The remote control is a digital infrared remote that can control the entire system. It will allow for all settings, temperatures, modes, and fan speed controls. Your other option will be the control panel on the unit itself. The digital control panel features buttons for each of the settings.

If you opt for the WiFi-enabled models, you can also connect the system to your home network. Doing so will give you access to the Soleus mobile app, which offers the same control options as the remote (minus the MyTemp sensor).

The WiFi-enabled models are also capable of using basic voice commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled devices.

Warranty And Cost

The other negative aspect is the lowly warranty. A 12-month coverage for parts and labor isn’t unheard of, but it doesn’t go beyond that. Different brands offer longer warranties, registration incentives, or extension purchase options.

Unfortunately, you also don’t get longer coverage for the sealed system that is common for HVAC equipment.

The purchase cost, though, is not that bad. For the style, efficiency, and design, it is an affordable unit. In most purchase locations, you will spend between $400 and $600 for the 8000 BTU model. WiFi models will be more expensive, and the 6000 BTU model is slightly cheaper.

Soleus Air Exclusive 8,000 BTU Energy Star...
  • DESIGN: Exclusive Soleus Air design combines...
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Simply slide the saddle...
  • MYTEMP REMOTE: Activate the MyTemp sensor on...
  • ENJOY THE VIEW: Keep the view outside and...
Cooling Capacity 6000 and 8000 BTU
EER 12.1 EER
Heating No
Dimensions 28.9 x 18.7 x 15 inches
Smart Controls MyTemp Remote (WiFi optional)
Warranty 1-year warranty
What We Like
  • Simple installation
  • Highly efficient system
  • Set up in less than 5 minutes
  • Ultra low profile design
  • Maintain use of window while installed
  • MyTemp sensor remote control
  • Ultra-quiet operation (between 45 and 57dB)
What We Don’t Like
  • Unit is quite heavy
  • 1-year warranty with no option to extend
  • Only available in 6000 or 8000 BTU options
  • WiFi compatibility is extra

How Does A Soleus U-Shape Window AC Work?

The window unit has a slightly different operating system than a standard window or through-the-wall AC model. This system works much like a mini split system. The difference, of course, is that a mini split system has two separate parts and the window unit is a single piece.

The concept is the same, though. The compressor and condensing unit are on the back half that hangs outside the home. The air handler and louvers are on the inside half.

The middle section that rests over the window sill only has some wiring and refrigerant lines connecting the two halves.

This setup allows for the unique design, higher efficiency, and reduced noise. The warm air is exhausted outside, where the refrigerant is cooled and compressed.

It passes over the center area to the air handler, where the cold air is pushed into the room, and the now hot refrigerant returns back to the condensing unit.

How Soleus U-Shaped Window AC Works

Soleus Vs Midea – U Shaped Window Air Conditioners Compared

Soleus isn’t the only brand that produces a U-shaped air conditioner. The Midea U air conditioner is another U-shaped model with one glaring exception. This model is shaped like a U and sits on the window sill instead of hanging over it.

The Midea U is also WiFi-enabled, highly efficient, and whisper-quiet. Compared to the Soleus air conditioner, the Midea has a lot of similarities. One of the biggest similarities is the ability to retain the use of the window without removing the AC.

The primary difference, of course, is that one sits up while the other is inverted and lays downward. As a result, the Soleus AC offers better visibility from the window, allowing more sunlight.

However, you can also use blinds and window dressings with more ease since they don’t need to go around the system.

The Midea AC, though, is quieter while running at high speeds and allows you to still lock the window with the system in place. The choice between the two is ultimately yours, and it can be a difficult one.

Easier installation and better visibility are a leading cause to side towards the Sloeus model, though. We have a separate post where we review the Midea U-Shaped air conditioning unit.

Soleus U Inverter Vs Other Soleus ACs

Soleus offers a few other portable air conditioner models besides the U-shaped unit. The portable air conditioners are not window models, but are in-room stand-up style portable ACs.

These models, like the PMX-08-01 and PMX-10-01, offer turbo cooling features, digital controls and thermostats, and ultra-quiet operation.

The exhaust hose will still need to go to the window for venting, but they don’t hang over the sill. These models, like the U-Shape unit, also feature the MyTemp remote sensor and keeps the air conditioner running until the set temp is reached where the remote is located.

Both styles of portable and window air conditioners are efficient and valuable. They are also affordable, easy to install and use. Depending on your needs and the room size you need to keep cool, either option is a decent and reliable choice.

Soleus U Shape Air Conditioner Installation Tips

Installing the Soleus U-Shaped AC is fairly simple and straightforward. Most owners can have the system unboxed, installed in the window, and turned on within 5 minutes. Essentially the steps are as follows:

  1. .Open the box and remove all the pieces.
  2. .Open the window and remove the screen (if applicable).
  3. .Place the mounting blocks on the window sill.
  4. .Remove the plastic and packing material from the system and slide it over the window sill.
  5. .Center the unit in the window and plug it in.
  6. .The slide can be adjusted to take up any leftover space on the side of the unit. This will eliminate gaps when the window is closed.

That is really all there is to it. If you want to watch it in action to get an even better idea of the process, you can watch the SoleusDesign YouTube video for the details.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

Should air conditioners be placed high or low in a window?

For traditional window units, it is highly recommended that the bottom of the unit is a minimum of three to four feet from the floor (inside). This will minimize head pressure from airflow and keep the system from tripping the power circuit.

For the Soleus U-Shape model, you won’t need to worry about head pressure as much. Because of the design and the mini-split setup of the internal parts, there isn’t need for much worry about higher head pressure.

You should still keep the system at least 24 inches off the floor for best airflow practices.

What does Fl mean on Soleus air conditioner?

The FL code (displayed as fl – lowercase L) means “full.” This is an indication that the condensate drain pan inside the system is full. Normally, this pan self empties as it fills and drains when the system is running.

However, in rare situations, the drain can get clogged or have a blockage in the tray that prevents it from draining properly.

Cleaning the drain pan and drain line will clear the error and keep the system working properly.

How do you reset a Soleus air conditioner?

The Soleus window unit has a reset button on the power outlet head. When the system trips, you can press the reset button until it stays engaged.

If it continuously trips, needs to be reset, or won’t stay engaged, there is an underlying problem. You may need to call an electrician or HVAC technician for proper diagnosis and repair.

Do any other brands produce U-shaped AC units besides Soleus and Midea?

At this time, there are not other over the sill or U-shaped models on the market. If any are on the way, the brands are being quiet about it. If you do desire this type of air conditioner, you are limited in the choice between the Midea U and the Soleus Saddle models.

Soleus Air Exclusive 8,000 BTU Energy Star...
  • DESIGN: Exclusive Soleus Air design combines...
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Simply slide the saddle...
  • MYTEMP REMOTE: Activate the MyTemp sensor on...
  • ENJOY THE VIEW: Keep the view outside and...


The U-shape window air conditioner technology is still relatively new. As it stands now, you only have two options. The Soleus U-Shaped AC is one of those two models and maybe the best one, depending on your needs.

This model sits on your window sill like a saddle. It allows for full use of your window, visibility out the window, and highly efficient cooling. Installation is effortless, and the two sizes allow for cooling rooms from 150 to 375 square feet.

If you want an efficient AC with the ability to continue using your window while it is installed, the Soleus U-shaped model could be your answer.

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)