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Our unbiased opinion helps you choose the best TCL air conditioner for your home.

Best Small Window Model


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Best Large Window Model

TCL Energy Star TWC-15CR UH
TCL Energy Star TWC-15CR/UH

In an ever-changing world, having an efficient and effective cooling and heating system is essential. Whether you live with severe winters and harsh summers or simply want to live more comfortably, getting an air conditioner can drastically improve your quality of life.

But with so many options, sizes, and brands, it can be challenging to decide which is best for you. We are confident that you will be well on your way to finding the perfect air conditioner using our TCL air conditioner review.

TCL ACs Compared

ModelAC TypeBTUsNoisePrice
TCL TAC-10CPA/HAPortable1000052 dbaCheck Price
TCL TWAC-05CM/K0R1Window Mounted500055 dbaCheck Price
TCL Energy Star TWC-15CR/UHWindow Mounted1500056 dbaCheck Price

Who Makes TCL Air Conditioners

Founded in Huizhou, Guangdong province by Li Dongsheng in China in 1981, TCL was originally called TTK Home Appliances Limited Company. Originally selling a variety of electrics and home appliances, TTK went global in 1999 and soon changed its name to TCL.

Soon TCL became one of the top electrical brands in the world, opening a North American branch in 2014. TCL’s products are still made in China to this day.

The TCL AC Range Explained

There are two types of TCL air conditioners – window and portable.

The window air conditioners typically cost between $140 and $600, with a popular model being the TCL 8000 BTU. Some common features of TCL’s window air conditioners include sleep and 24-hour timers, LED remote, multiple cooling and fan speeds, 8-way air direction, app, and built-in dehumidifier.

The portable air conditioners often cost around $300 to $400. Some typical features of TCL’s portable air conditioners include LED remote control, single exhaust system, multiple cooling and fan speeds, digital thermostat, and a 24-hour timer.

Why Choose The TCL Brand?

TCL is a brand that appeals to a wide range of customers with different budgets. TCL has a product for you, whether you’re a tech fanatic living out in Arizona or a casual tech fan from Alaska. While we are focusing on air conditioners, TCL also sells TVs, soundbars, headphones, mobiles, and dehumidifiers.

Some unique features of the brand include its commitment to sustainability, a wide range of helpful guides and information, and a one-year limited warranty across its products. With these things in mind, it is no wonder why TCL is a global leader in electronics and home appliances.

3 Best TCL Air Conditioners Reviewed


Best TCL Portable Air Conditioner
AC TypePortable
Cooling AreaUp to 200 sq ft
Noise Levels52 dBa

Our top pick for the best TCL portable air conditioner, the TAC-10CPA/HA is a portable air conditioner model with an energy efficiency rating of 8.7. Caster wheels and integrated handles are key parts of the model’s design and help you move the model around the house or office.

Able to cool an area of up to 200 square feet, this relatively quiet air conditioner comes with a 5.9-foot power cord and a 115-volt three-pronged power outlet. One excellent feature of the TAC-10CPA/HA is its built-in dehumidification system that can cool at around 5 pints an hour.

Many of the TCL portable air conditioner reviews for this model praise its portability and cooling capabilities as well as its affordable price tag and solid quality build. However, while this is an excellent option for many homes in need of a cool down, the noise level could be quieter, and the model sometimes arrives damaged.

Overall, the TAC-10CPA/HA is a perfect option for renters or those who tend to move from room to room throughout the day. We recommend picking up the TAC for yourself to see if it is a good fit for your family, rental property, or commercial office space.


Best Small TCL Window Arc
AC TypeWindow Mounted
Cooling AreaUp to 150 sq ft
Noise Levels55 dBA

The best in the small TCL window arc category, the TWAC-05CM/K0R1 is a window-mounted model that is capable of cooling up to 150 square foot enclosed space. With a variety of cooling and fan speeds at your fingertips, the four-way directional louvers will keep you cool no matter the weather or scorching temperature.

Mechanical rotary controls help keep you in the driver seat, and the inbuilt dehumidification system can handle up to 1.37 pints an hour. The TWAC-05CM/K0R1 comes with a 5.9-foot three-prong power cord and weighs in at a hefty 39.7 pounds. Air conditioner maintenance is a little easier to handle thanks to the removable and washable air filter. User reviews praise its compact build and functionality but wish that the model was on the quieter side.

Overall, this TCL window air conditioner is a great option for small apartments or rental properties that need to beat the heat on the regular. For those with larger homes, you may want to consider picking up a second model for cooling your entire home. We recommend giving this unit a try for yourself to see if the TWAC-05CM/K0R1 is right for you, your family, and your personal lifestyle or budget.

3. TCL Energy Star TWC-15CR/UH

Best Large TCL Window Arc
AC TypeWindow Mounted
Cooling AreaUp to 700 sq ft
Noise Levels56 dBa

Our top product for the best large TCL window arc, the TWC-15CR/UH, is another window-mounted model capable of cooling enclosed areas of up to 700 square feet. Available with a window-mounted kit included, the TWC is quick and easy to set up and comes with a variety of useful features, including remote control and 24 hours on and off systems.

Capable of handling up to 4.2 pints an hour of dehumidification, there are four modes to choose from – cool, dry, fan, and auto. An 8.2 power cord with a three-prong plug allows you to connect over great distances.

As with many AC models, this unit is not the quietest, but this is not always a problem for customers, it is a matter of personal preference. While users of the TWC-15CR/UH love its fast installation, function, and excellent customer support. That being said, multiple users have reported this model as arriving damaged during transport and do not like the loud noise that this AC produces.

For larger homes, we suggest picking up multiple models to help cool your entire home or office. We recommend trying this unit for yourself to see if it is right for your home or office space.

How TCL Compare with Other Brands

  • Danby vs. TCL
    One of the most common questions in the air conditioner world is which brand will provide the best model for you. Danby & TCL air conditioners have very little separated them, but Danby products tend to be cheaper but not as powerful or functional.
  • Hisense vs. TCL
    Hisense is another big competitor and brand in air conditioners. While Hisense provides a broader range of air conditioner options for both residential and commercial properties and a more extended warranty, Hisense provides worse post-sales customer support than TCL.
  • Frigidaire vs. TCL
    A more expensive option than TCL, Frigidaire air conditioners come in a broader range of options and with a decent customer satisfaction rating. Common features such as corrosion guard, dry mode, quiet mode, and Wi-Fi control are helpful to customers.
  • Friederich vs. TCL
    Friederich is a US company that was founded in 1883. They provide air conditioners that are like TCL’s in terms of range, function, and price.
  • Toshiba vs. TCL
    A huge global name, Toshiba is beloved across the world for a reason. They provide quality products for reasonable prices and even sell parts for home or professional repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to setup and properly install a TCL portable air conditioner?

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How to setup and properly install a TCL window air conditioner?

Need to know how to install a TCL air conditioner. This video should give you some pointers.

Where can I download an owner’s manual online for my TCL air conditioner?

TCL’s website has a variety of product manuals on their website for you to download.

How do you adjust the temperature on a TCL air conditioner?

Look here for details on how to adjust the temperature on a TCL air conditioner.


As you can see, TCL air conditioners are a great way to make your everyday life more comfortable. While we think that each of the above products is great, we recommend the TAC-100PA/HA overall. Need more home appliance information or options? Our website has a wealth of information designed to help you find your perfect fit.