Where Are The Drain Holes On A Window Air Conditioner?

According to the Department of Energy, three-quarters of all homes in the United States have air conditioners. Most window conditioners have a drain hole that drains out moisture.

This article will teach you where the drain hole is, how to clean it, and what to do if you have an air conditioner with no drain hole.

Where Are The Drain Holes On An Air Conditioner? (Ways Of Finding Them)

The exact location of a window air conditioner water drain will depend on the model and how recently it was built.

In constantly draining AC units (usually older or very large models), the hole will be under the outside of the AC unit and will likely be small. Other units may have a hole on the side, which is done so that water will drain when it reaches a certain level.

Here is how you can find the AC drain hole on a typical window unit model.

Find Window AC Drain Holes

Steps To Find An AC Drain Hole

  1. Unplug the air conditioner from the wall.
  2. Take the unit out of the window.
  3. Look for a pull-out pan. It is often on the bottom or side of the unit.
  4. Look for a small rubber plug or cap. Behind this plug or cap will be where the drain hole is located.

Once you locate it, you can clean the unit (more about this soon) or make any necessary repairs.

What Exactly Do Drain Holes Do In AC Units?

As your AC unit cools your home or apartment, it also dehumidifies the space. This means it pulls moisture out of the air, and that moisture has to go somewhere.

Somewhere in your unit, there will be a drip or drain pan that fills up with moisture collected from the air in your space. Eventually, this pan will fill up with water, especially if you live in a humid or tropical place.

This is where your window AC drain hole comes into effect. However, not all models of AC units have a drain hole.

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Why Does My Window AC Have No Drain Hole?

Not all window AC units have a drain hole. Let’s talk about why that is and if you should be worried about it.

Do All Air Conditioners Have Drain Holes?

There are many different models of air conditioners: including portable, window units, and central air conditioners. Some don’t have or need them, but as a rule, most modern window AC units have them.

What Happens If the AC Has No Drain Hole?

If your find a window air conditioner no drain hole model, don’t panic. If it is a new model, the AC unit is likely created in a way that does not need a drain hole. It may not have been built with one if it is an older model.

Advantages/Disadvantages Of ACs With No Drain Hole

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, including having an AC drain hole.

The advantages of not having a drain hole on your AC are that you may have a newer unit with self-evaporation abilities. This means you don’t have to worry about cleaning your drain hole, and the unit is self-cleaning and evaporating.

However, this has disadvantages, such as having a unit that needs to be dumped when the AC drain pan fills up. If you live in a tropical place with a lot of humidity, you may have to empty this often, or it will overflow.

Pros and Cons Of ACs With No Drain Hole

How To Clean Drain Holes In Window Air Conditioners?

When this drain hole isn’t working, you need to locate it to repair or clean it. Let’s talk about how to clean drain holes in a window air conditioner.

First, why is it essential to be cleaned? This is because a dirty AC drain can get clogged and prevent it from working correctly. AC units can get blocked when they are not cleaned, and debris begins to build up in the drain hole.

You will need a rag or towel, vinegar or another safe cleaning supply, and a brush or scrubber to clean your AC drain.

Steps To Clean Your Window AC Water Drain Hole
  1. Unplug the air conditioner from the wall.
  2. Take the unit out of the window.
  3. Look for a pull-out pan.
  4. Look for a small rubber plug.
  5. Pull this plug.
  6. Scrub the drain hole until it is clean and there is no blockage.
  7. Replace the unit in the wall and plug it back in.

Now your window air conditioner drain should be clean and running correctly.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

Here are a few frequently asked window AC drain holes questions.

How big is the window AC drain hole?

The drain hole on a window AC unit is typically 3/8 inch.

Do portable AC units have drain holes?

A typical portable AC unit will not have a drain hole and will not need to be drained. Some models do have a single drain port for draining any extra water that may form. Other models will have two drain ports on the back.

Do central AC units have drain holes?

According to the Department of Energy, the two most common types of air conditioners are room air conditioners and central air conditioners. A modern central AC system does not have a drain hole; however, older models may.

Is the water that drips from a window AC dangerous?

This water that drops from an AC unit is not necessarily dangerous. It is just condensation that forms. However, this doesn’t mean you should necessarily drink or let pets drink it.


Knowing how to locate your window AC drain hole and drain window AC units is essential for anyone with a window air conditioner. Now that you’ve read this post, you are ready to perform any general maintenance and cleaning that your AC drain hole may need.

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