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Whynter Portable AC Review

This article focuses on Whynter portable air conditioner features, benefits, and reviews. Read on to find out if Whynter is the right brand for you.

Keeping your home or room at the perfect temperature can be a challenge at any point of the year. Portable air conditioners are an ideal tool for climate control in any room of the home. However, when it comes to single-room ACs, you have a lot of choices.

From energy-saving window units to portable room models, there are many options to wade through. This article will focus on Whynter portable air conditioners, their features, benefits, and reviews. Read on to find out if Whynter is the right brand for your needs.

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Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 BTU (9,500 BTU SACC)...
  • AWARD-WINNING: Good Housekeeping's 2022 "BEST...
  • POWERFUL & QUIET: 14,000 BTU (ASHRAE) / 9,500...

The Whynter ARC-14S is the top of the line when it comes to Whynter portable machines. It has the highest BTU output and is one of the few models where it appears they spent a great deal of time on the look and layout of the system itself.

Not only does it have an extremely high efficiency rating (EER 11), but it also looks great with any décor, just about. It is a modern design, so rustic or farmhouse decors may not like it too much, but for everyone else, it is very aesthetically pleasing.

Size, Power, and Coverage

The unit itself is not that large. It does have a pretty big footprint overall, though. The dual hoses and base of the machine will combine to take up some floor space. It is those twin exhaust hoses that make the machine so powerful.

With a total of 14,000 BTU output possible (high speed, well insulated room), you won’t have much to worry about. This single unit is capable of pushing cold air at a rate of about 222 CFM, which will cover up to 500 square feet.

Keep in mind, though, that the 1300 watt system will only cool a single room at a time unless the rooms are connected and there is a sightline between them. With this output power, you can effectively cool rooms in the temperature range of 60 to 90 degrees (Fahrenheit), depending on the size of the space and ambient temperature around the intake hose.

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Efficiency and Noise Concerns

The EER rating of this system is an 11, which is high for the industry and extremely high for the wattage draw of this particular machine. The newer ASHRAE rating system brings this down to about a 9 rating. The drop in rating is across the board for all air conditioners and not just this particular model. This is due to a new testing practice from the Department of Energy.

There are also a lot of comments and reviews about the noise level of the machine. It is, by far, the biggest complaint. However, the unit itself, when running on high, will produce about 56dB of noise. This is fairly quiet for an all-inclusive air conditioner. It is about the same levels of noise as a cheaper box fan.

The most common cause for excess noise (as you will see in the troubleshooting section below) is that the unit itself is not on hard or level footing. This can cause a slight wobble or rocking in the AC, and cause it to produce louder volumes of operational noise.

Cost, Warranty & Customer Service

One thing about the Whynter systems is they simply work.

As one reviewer on Best Buy stated, “Very powerful and cools effectively. Easy to wheel around. Intake and Exhaust hoses extend quite a bit, so you have a little flexibility in placing the unit. Maintained temperature well.”

The cost for the ARC-14S model is among the higher-end costs of the industry today. There are several brands that cost more, though, and for the price, this model gives you extreme value.

There are a few small things that you may find negative. For example, the top exhaust doesn’t blow straight out, and the LED display on the digital panel is difficult to read most of the time. However, these issues are easily overlooked for the cooling power and efficiency you get.

If there is a problem, you can contact Whynter customer service at any time Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM PST at 1-866-WHYNTER (1-866-949-6837) and at

When it comes to the warranty, though, that is one of the larger disappointments. The machine is covered for 12 months on all parts except the compressor, which is covered for 36 months. This is pretty low (though standard for most brands), but Wynter has a durable and reliable machine and could easily extend this to a 3-year all parts warranty.

Whynter ARC-14S Key Features
Cooling Capacity 14000 BTU
Heating Yes
Dimensions 19 x 16 x 35. 5 Inches
Design Dual hose, top vent model
Warranty 1-year parts/3-year compressor
Smart Controls None
What We Like
  • Uses the better R-32 refrigerant
  • High efficient model
  • 5-minute set up
  • Cool, Fan, Dehumidify, and Heat options
  • Two filters to control allergens and odors
  • Modern design
What We Don’t Like
  • Display can be hard to read
  • 1-year/3-year warranty is low
  • No wireless/smart controls

Unique Features Of The Whynter Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter portable air conditioners have a lot of features and optional components. Depending on your needs and expectations, you can find models with more (or fewer) features to help adjust the pricing overall. Let’s look at the features and attributes to help in your final purchase decision.

Cooling Power

The cooling power comes from the BTU output size of the machine. Portable ACs generally start at about 5000 BTU, which is average for a single room machine. However, there are higher BTU models available. You can find models with over 12,000 BTUs if you need the cooling power.

In most cases, it comes down to square foot coverage of the room. A standard “rule” is that you need 20 BTU per square foot of space. However, this does not count additional windows, high ceilings (10 foot or more), or heat output from appliances near the air conditioner.

Design & Style

Another feature many consumers require is a good looking system. For a machine that will live in your living room or bedroom, you want it to look good. While it may not exactly match your décor, a sleek and modern air conditioner will be aesthetically pleasing.

If you are in the camp that prefers good looking appliances, the Whynter models will meet your needs. They are sleek and stylish while performing better than many other brands.

Multiple Modes Options

Operational modes will give you many options and will also vary between brands and individual models. The standard modes are cooling and fan only. However, more efficient and expensive models will also include dehumidifying, which helps maintain moisture levels in the home.

You may also find certain models that have a heating element included. With heating and cooling, you can save quite a bit on your annual energy bills with the supplemental heat from the portable unit.

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Low Noise Functionality

Another feature that is often sought after is a low noise option. Low noise for a portable AC is critical since, unlike a window unit, the entire compressor and condenser are in the room with you.

Most portable models have some noise reduction technology. In most cases, this is done with padding around the compressor, though other brands or cheaper models will use noise blankets that cover the machinery inside the unit. Both work well, though the compressor padding is a little more efficient and better at sound dampening.

Energy Cost And Savings

Energy savings and highly efficient machines are all but required in the industry today. If you do not have an energy efficient model, it is highly recommended that you upgrade. Energy efficiency is determined by the electricity required to operate the machine (in watts) compared to the BTU output of the system.

Higher efficiency rating numbers mean more efficient systems. These numbers are posted on yellow stickers on the packaging, online, or on the machine itself. For air conditioners, you will find EER or SEER ratings. On average, you want to find 14 SEER or higher for the most efficient systems.

Smart WiFi Options And Remote Controls

Some portable AC models also come with wireless communications. By connecting to your home network, you can use mobile apps and voice commands through Amazon Alexa enabled devices. With added controls, you can increase efficiency and maintain your temperature with ease.

For non-wireless models, the remote control will also help. Many have sensors to help the system know the actual temperature where you are located (called Follow Me). The remotes won’t help much with overall efficiency but can minimize the steps required to run the system.

Dual Hose System

Dual hose systems are much more efficient than single-hose systems. Instead of using one hose for exhaust and intake, the dual hose system keeps the warm air from reentering the system.

This small change raises efficiency by limiting the amount of heated air the system can suck back in. While it may not seem like a lot, this one change can increase the SEER rating, saving you up to 33% on your annual energy bill.

Activated Carbon Filter

Most portable units use a standard screen filter, but for those with allergen concerns, it is even more difficult to find a HEPA-rated filter. With the Whynter models, not only are the filter HEPA rated, but they also contain activated charcoal. This deeper level of filtration captures in-home allergens but also helps to eliminate and control odors.

Environment friendly

Another factor is environmental concerns. While this is generally phased out now (as of 2020), some older models still use environmentally damaging R-22 refrigerants. In most cases, you will find all portable systems use R-410a or R-134a (which is what is used in automobiles) and the newer R-32.

New refrigerants are being developed that are even more environmentally friendly. However, as long as your system was produced after 2019 -2020, you have little to worry about. If you are concerned, just check the packaging where the refrigerant used must be listed.

All About The Whynter Brand

Whynter Portable AC

The Whynter (pronounced “winter”) brand is self-owned and based out of China. The company, as a whole, makes durable, reliable, and efficient heating and cooling products for every room in your home. One of the biggest draws of the brand is their low pricing and reliability.

Along with reliable systems, they are also highly available. You can find Whynter heaters, air conditioners, and other products through many online vendors such as Amazon and Sylvane. You can also find Whynter portable ACs on shelves in brick and mortar stores like Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s.

Currently On Sale
Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 BTU (9,500 BTU SACC)...
  • AWARD-WINNING: Good Housekeeping's 2022 "BEST...
  • POWERFUL & QUIET: 14,000 BTU (ASHRAE) / 9,500...

Whynter Vs Edgestar – Portable AC Comparison

Edgestar is a manufacturer of high-quality and reliable portable air conditioners. The downfall for the brand is that they cost much more than most other brands. You end up paying more for the same features with Edgestar compared to Whynter.

However, with the added cost, you get a sleek and stylish design, high efficiency, and an overall cost-saving air conditioner. The ExtremeCool model, for example, features a 14,000 BTU dual-hose setup that has a higher efficiency than any Whytner model produced today.

All other models are comparable, though, so unless you need to spend the money for the higher-end model, Whynter offers a better cost-effective portable air conditioner. However, Edgestar has a leg up in most major categories, including the 3-year warranty, across the entire line.

Whynter Portable AC Units Vs. Other Whynter Products

Whynter is the producer of many different home climate control systems. Their range extends from the portable units as we have covered here, to air coolers and purifiers and even mini-split air conditioner systems and misting fans.

Portable ACs are one of the most viable options from the brand, and you can keep your home cool at an affordable cost with any of them. The dehumidifiers and air purifiers aren’t air conditioners by nature or operation, but they can assist the cooling of your home by improving the efficiency of a central unit.

The mini-split systems are highly efficient, run quietly, and look great when installed properly on your walls. However, these mini-split systems almost always require professional installation (for warranty and peace of mind concerns) and cost more than portable units.

The portable units, as we have covered here, are highly efficient and easy to set up. You can cool an entire room, connected rooms, or large open spaces with minimal cost, quiet machinery, and a low cost.

Of course, the portable ACs can be moved around the home with you. Using the same easy window setup, you can wheel the machine around and put it to use in the living room, bedroom, or any room with a window for venting.

Whynter Portable AC Installation Tips

With the portable ACs, there isn’t much to do in the way of assembly. Once you have the box at home, you only need to open it, assemble the window connector, and plug the machine in. However, there are a few steps to be aware of for their more difficult nature.

Below we will cover the basic installation steps. Be sure to read the steps in the owner’s manual before you begin. If there is still confusion, there are several videos posted online to help with the initial setup.

  1. Find your install location. The machine should be placed with at least 20 inches of clearance on all sides (except the bottom) for proper airflow. Place the unit on a hard, level surface and within range of a window where the hoses won’t have to kink or extraneous stretching.
  2. Set up the intake and exhaust hoses. You will find two hoses and hose connectors in the box. Pull the hoses out about 6 inches and twist the connectors into place by turning them clockwise.
  3. Connect the hose connectors to the back of the machine.
  4. Extend the hoses up to 9 inches and place each of the hoses into the window kit.
  5. Insert the fixtures and tighten the 4 screws to hold them each in place.
  6. Place the window kit in the window and extend the window bar.
  7. Close the window pane down to hold the window kit in place.
  8. Place the charcoal filter between the prefilter and filter frame and snap together.
  9. Insert the filter in place on the front of the machine and close the filter panel.
  10. Plug the portable air conditioner into a standard wall outlet and turn it on to begin cooling the home.

Whynter Troubleshooting Tips

Each brand has different problems and different solutions for solving those problems. Below you will find the most common Whynter issues, possible causes, and probable fixes.

Problem Possible Cause Possible Solution
Whynter AC not cooling Outside temperature is out of range, AC is not in cooling mode Close doors, windows, and curtains to help retain ambient temperature under 90 degrees F. Press the Mode button until the unit is in cooling mode.
Whynter AC red light flashing Internal water reservoir is full, internal wiring loose If the red light is flashing or you see STOP or P1 on the display, the water tank is full. Empty the reservoir. If the light still flashes, there is a loose internal connection, and Whynter customer service will need to be contacted.
Whynter AC airflow is weak Filter is dirty, intake/exhaust hose clogged Remove and clean (or replace) the filter, check the hoses for clogs and clear the hoses of any obstruction
Whynter AC is loud Unit is not level Ensure the AC is on flat, hard, level ground

People Also Ask (FAQ)

How do I reset my Whynter AC?

Locate the reset button on the LCDI plug. Press the reset button to restore power to the unit. If the problem continues, there may be too much draw on the circuit. Ensure that nothing else is plugged into the outlet with the AC or that the circuit has enough amperage to run the system.

How do you set the timer on a Whynter portable air conditioner?

Setting the timer can be confusing. On the portable unit, you want to press the timer button while the unit is running. Then, use the “+” and “-” buttons to select the timer between 1 and 12 hours. This is the time that the unit will shut off (note that the machine will not automatically turn on).

Once the time is selected, press the timer button again to set the duration and start the timer.

How do I drain my Whynter AC?

You can purchase an optional drain hose, but it is not required. To drain the water reservoir of your portable AC, you need to move the system outside, over a drain or collection pan. Remove the drain plug, and the water will automatically drain out.

How do you clean a Whynter portable air conditioner filter?

You should clean the filter about every 2 weeks or 150 hours of running time. Remove the filter from the unit and separate the filter frame. You can vacuum or tap the prefilter and then rinse it off under warm running water. The carbon filter cannot be washed and needs replacement every 60 to 90 days.


Whynter portable air conditioners are among the most durable and stylish models currently on the market. With easy-to-use controls and straightforward setups, they are also popular with most consumers.

The high efficiency ratings, dual-hoses, and digital control panel make the Whynter one of the most advanced yet affordable portable AC models on the market. If you need a quality room AC that looks great and performs well, Whynter is a brand worth considering.

Currently On Sale
Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 BTU (9,500 BTU SACC)...
  • AWARD-WINNING: Good Housekeeping's 2022 "BEST...
  • POWERFUL & QUIET: 14,000 BTU (ASHRAE) / 9,500...

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Last Updated on July 9, 2022

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