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Best Window Heat Pumps Reviewed

Our review covers window air conditioner units with heat for all-year-round comfort.

A window heat pump is meant to provide cooling or heating to a room or an area in a house. Many window air conditioners with heat pumps are available on the market and often make it challenging to choose one that is right for you.

So we compared some of the best units out there — to guide you on the best window unit with heat. We hope our in-depth window heat pump reviews will help you choose a unit that works best for you.

Some benefits of a window heat pump are:

  • A good fit for small spaces such as bedrooms, studios, or small shops.
  • A window air conditioner with heat pump makes less noise, unlike old AC units.
  • They come equipped with a thermostat and operate based on the room’s temperature — so your power bill will not increase.
  • Anyone with minimal knowledge about air conditioning units can install a window heat pump.

Quick Guide – Our Top Picks

Value For Money

Koldfront WAC12001W
Koldfront WAC12001W

Our Favorite

Koldfront WAC25001W
Koldfront WAC25001W

Compact Model

Frigidaire FFRH0822R1
Frigidaire FFRH0822R1

The Basics of Window Heat Pump Operation

With bone-chilling winters and scorching summers in some areas, having an efficient heating and cooling system is integral for US households. In fact, 75% of US households have central air-conditioning, while others have window units.

A perfect all-season solution is to install a window heat pump. A window AC with heat pump uses the heat from the environment to ensure cooling or heating for a room.

The heat gets absorbed by a cooling refrigerant and passes through several metal coils, and ultimately the heat is dispersed.

Window Heat Pumps Compared

ModelBTU (Heating)Heating AreaVoltagePrice
Koldfront WAC 25001W16,000700 sq. ft208/230 VCheck Build

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Koldfront WAC 12001W11,000450-550 sq. ft208/230 VCheck Build

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Frigidaire FFRH 0822R17,000350 sq. ft115 VCheck Price
Friedrich Chill Series EP12 G33B11,200550 sq. ft230 VCheck Sylvane

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LG LW 8016 HR3,850220 sq. ft115 VCheck Sylvane

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Considerations When Buying A Window AC Heat Pump

Cooling & Heating Capacity

The performance of a window heat pump depends on its number of BTUs (British thermal units). The more the BTUs, the more powerful is the window ac heat pump. The capacities often range between 5,000 BTUs to 24,000 BTUs.

The heating capacity is usually is lower in a window heat pump i.e., an 8,000 BTU cooling capacity window heat pump may have a 7,000 BTU heating capacity.

Heating Area

A window air conditioner with heat pump relies on heat present in the air, so if the temperature drops low — less heat is produced. The right choice will be to purchase a unit with a built-in heating system, especially for areas where temperatures get really cold.

An area less than 1,000 sq/ft will require a model that is less than or equal to 15,000 BTUs. For areas larger than 1,000 sq/ft, the heat pump window unit should range between 18,000 – 24,000 BTUs. Similarly, a 350 sq/ft area would need a window heat pump of about 8,000 BTUs to function well.

Cooling Area

Here is a breakdown of room size and suggested cooling capacity to help choose one that works best for you:

Room size
Cooling capacity

Energy Efficiency Rating (EER)

A window AC unit with a heat pump has two separate ratings — one for heating and the other for cooling. A heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) of 9.0 or more is considered to be energy efficient.

If we talk about cooling, a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating of 15 or more is given to an energy-efficient window heat pump.

Look for energy star rated units. Window AC heat pumps with an energy star rating use 20 – 50% less energy than other units.

Noise Levels

A window air conditioner with heat pump tends to make some noise. Some air conditioners make little noise, while others can be quite noisy.

The sound an AC makes is measured in decibels (dB) – the lower the rating, the quieter the sound. Ideally, a 50 to 60 dB rating is soft enough for a heat pump.

Installation Requirements

You can use your standard power outlet to power a window heat pump 115v, but a window heat pump that has a BTU of 18,000 or higher requires a 208 to 230-volt connection. Such machines may require a special outlet, and to install it, you may have to hire an expert.

Most people think a window AC heat pump can only be installed in a single window. But a window heat pump can be installed in an individual or a double-hung window.

If the windows in your house or office are not big enough, you can use a wall sleeve to place the AC.

Extra Features

The best window air conditioner with heat pump should have the following features:

  • Auto-restart – In the event of a power outage, the unit should start itself when the power comes back on
  • Automatic timer – Ability to set when to start or stop the window heat pump on its own
  • Thermostat – Once the desired temperature is reached the unit seizes to function until it drops or increases again
  • Remote control – It’s always best to be able to control the unit without having to move
  • Filter indicator – You will be informed if the filter needs to be changed or cleaned
  • Adjustable fan speed and air direction control
  • Electronic touchpad – A comprehensive touchpad with all controls
  • Wi-Fi compatibility – Many new variants are Wi-Fi enabled so you can control your window heat pump from your phone

Price & Warranty

There is a considerable variation in pricing, an air conditioner and heat pump window unit can range from  $100 to $2000.

The cheaper variants are ideal for small spaces and offer basic functionality. As the price moves up, so do the available options and the coverage area.

The warranty varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and the type of window heat pump you choose. It goes without saying that the longer the warranty period, the better.

5 Best Window Heat Pumps Reviewed

1. Koldfront WAC25001W Heat/Cool Window Air Conditioner

Best Window AC With Heat Pump
BTU (heating)16,000
Room Size (Heating Area)700 sq. ft
Voltage208/230 V
Dimensions26.5 x 26.5 x 18.6 inches
Warranty2 years limited

After detailed research, the whole team concluded that the Koldfront WAC25001W is by far the best window air conditioner with heat pump. This is why we ranked it right at the top in our window heat pump reviews – a much-deserved position.

This window mounted heat pump has a 25,000 BTU and can effectively cool a 1,500 sq. Ft. area.

Heating is carried out at 16,000 BTUs, and the machine can heat an area of 700 sq. Ft.

It is quite easy to use with an excellent display and has an electronic thermostat – set temperature and see how well the Koldfront WAC25001W maintains it.

The Koldfront WAC25001W is also quite user-friendly – from the given control panel, you can manage temperature and fan speed. The lights on the air conditioner and heat pump window unit indicate your chosen settings.

Also, this window heat pump contains R-4104, which is an eco-friendly refrigerant; thus, it does not lead to ozone depletion.

Plus, to further enhance accessibility – it comes with a wireless remote, and there is a sleep mode option that makes it even more energy efficient.


  • Uses an eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Has a sleep mode
  • Energy saver mode


  • Some users complain that the unit can be too loud at times
  • Some customers complained about the need for a customized switch

2. Koldfront WAC12001W Heat/Cool Window AC

Value For Money
BTU (heating)11,000
Room Size (Heating Area)450-550 sq. ft
Voltage208/230 V
Dimensions23 x 22.6 x 16.1 inches
Warranty2-year limited

If you want to control temperatures in a small space, such as an apartment and you want something which provides you value for money — buy the Koldfront WAC12001W. This is why the 12000 BTU window heat pump comes in second in our review.

The WAC12001W can seamlessly cool a 550 square feet room, with its 12,000 BTU capacity. It heats a 400 – 450 square feet space with 11,000 BTUs. Whether you want to drop or raise the temperature – this AC heat pump window unit is all you need.

Like the many high-end variants in the market, the Koldfront WAC12001W is quite user-friendly owing to its precise thermostat – set the desired temperature, and the machine will keep it maintained.

Also, there is a comprehensive display and control panel – you can control the airflow and choose between four different modes:  heat, cold, fan, or dehumidifier.

Plus, it also comes with remote control – make adjustments without getting off your chair.

Being one of the best window units with heat, the Koldfront WAC12001W consumes less energy, it has a sleep mode, efficient fan cycle, and uses R-1404.

The sleep mode controls when to cut power, and the energy saver mode controls the fan cycle; after every 10 minutes, the fan runs for 2 minutes – the compressor only kicks in when the temperature deviates or elevates.

The window heat pump uses an R-410A refrigerant – not only is it safe for the environment, but it also is designed to absorb and discharge more heat.


  • Has a reasonable price – offers good value for money
  • Does not weigh as much as similar units
  • Three fan speeds which can also be set on auto mode
  • Removes up to 60 pints of water per day on dehumidifier mode.
  • Energy consumption is much lower than other options on the market


  • Some users were not thrilled about installing a customized 220-volt power outlet

3. Frigidaire FFRH0822R1 Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

Small Window Mounted Heat Pump
BTU (heating)7,000
Room Size (Heating Area)350 sq. ft
Voltage115 V
Dimensions23.3 x 22.6 x 15.4 inches

Coming in strong at number three is another compact window mounted heat pump, the Frigidaire FFRH0822R1. If your room, studio apartment, or office space is about 350 square feet, this brilliant machine can provide you with heating, cooling, and dehumidification for the space.

The AC heat pump window unit can provide cooling at 8,000 BTUs, provide heating at 7,000 BTUs, and its dehumidifier can rid your space from 1.5 pints of water per hour.

With minimal knowledge, anyone can mount the Frigidaire FFRH0822R1. However, if you are not down for some handy work, consider calling a professional. It shouldn’t take very long, and it will not burn a hole in your pocket.

It can be installed to a window sized at 26.725 – 36 inches. The slide-out chassis makes it easy to fix the provided frame and window kit. However, for better results, it would be ideal if the unit is mounted on the wall.

The best part is that the FFRH08L2R1 has different modes for ease of use and energy efficiency.

  • Energy saver mode:
    Once the thermostat has locked on to your desired temperature, the compressor stops and the fan runs after every 10 minutes. If the temperature changes, the compressor activates
  • Auto-cool mode:
    In case of a power outage, the auto-cool mode brings back the room temperature to what you have chosen when power is restored
  • Fan-only mode:
    The fan runs just to keep the room comfy
  • Sleep mode: To save energy, the sleep mode cut powers as per the time set by you. Gone are the days of waking up during the night to turn off the AC or heater.

To top it all, the unit comes with a remote control, a timer, a check filter indicator, and a certification if the window AC heat pump is energy star certified.


  • Better than many competitors
  • Energy Star certified
  • Ideal for bedrooms as makes very little noise
  • A lightweight heat pump


  • Some customers complained that the performance was not that good on energy saver mode

4. Friedrich Chill Series EP12G33B

Top Of The Range
BTU (heating)11,200
Room Size (Heating Area)550 sq. ft
Voltage230 V
Dimensions15 x 23.6 x 22.2 inches
Warranty1 year limited

Ranked at fourth is the Friedrich Chill Series EP12G33B, a product belonging to Fredrich’s premium line – The Chill Plus. This 12000 BTU window heat pump provides efficient cooling as well as effective heating by passing heat through a new-age refrigerant called –  R32.

The R32 is famous for being environmentally friendly as it does not contribute to global warming or ozone depletion, and it has meager chances of catching fire.

The window mounted heat pump is easy to set up and has a variety of options to choose from. Also, it features an auto-restart option, a money-saving energy saver setting, and a timer.

At 11,500 to 12,000 BTU, the Friedrich Chill Series EP12G33B can cool down a room of up to 550 sq/ft, and at 9,300 to 11,200 BTU, it can heat the same area.

Out of the box, you get all the necessary hardware to fit this window AC unit with heat pump – it can be mounted on the window, or it can be put through a wall.

Plus, the Friedrich Chill Series EP12G33B has a four-way air control and a two-speed fan for which is used for cooling, heating, or to just run the fan.

Last but not least, the window ac heat pump has a 24-hour timer, a check filter alert, and an air exhaust. Other variants in the series are:

ModelHeat BTUCold BTUCoverage Area
Friedrich Chill Series CP05G10BNA5,200 BTU150 sq, ft.
Friedrich Chill Series EP18G33B12,000 BTU18,000 BTU1,000 sq. ft.


  • An energy-efficient unit
  • Four-way air control
  • 24-hour timer
  • Air exhaust included


  • Some people face issues with its thermostat
  • After installation, only a few people saw gaps in the accordion panel

5. LG LW8016HR

Best Cheap 115v Window Heat Pump
BTU (heating)3,850
Room Size (Heating Area)220 sq. ft
Voltage115 V
Dimensions18.4 x 20.9 x 13.9 inches
Warranty1 year limited

We would like to end our window air conditioner with heat reviews on a high note by introducing the LG LW8016HR, which is the best cheap 115v window heat pump.

You can rely on this small heat pump window unit to provide you with adequate heat and air conditioning all year long if your space is under 350 sq. Ft.

The LG LW8016HR can cool a 150 to 350 sq. Ft. space with 7,500 BTUs of cooling, and it can seamlessly heat a place of up to 220 sq. Ft. with 3,850 BTU of heating power.

The thermostat is always on-point. As soon as there is a lapse in the set temperature, the compressor turns on. Also, you can do all this without having to get up as the window AC unit with heat pump comes with a remote which can be used to control all settings.

The LG LW8016HR has a change filter alarm, 24-hour timer, energy-saving mode, and many other features. You can install this unit easily on your own as it has a slide-in chassis design.

If you want something economical which does a lot more than it promises – buy the LG LW8016HR.


  • Easy to install
  • Efficient thermostat
  • Energy-saving mode


  • Some users complain that the unit makes a rattling sound
  • Some feel the thermostat is a bit off, at least by 5 degrees

Sizing Your AC Heat Pump Window Unit

You need a unit that fits well with the room size. Too big of a unit will start and stop more than often as per the set thermostat. And a small unit will need to run for longer hours to reach the required temperature.

Ideally, a window ac heat pump requires 20 BTU per square feet of space. First, measure the size of the room by multiplying the length by its width. Accordingly, choose what BTU may be ideal for the given space

BTU vs. Room Size
BTURoom Size
5000/6000/8000 Heating BTUs150 sq/ft to 350 sq/ft
10000/12000 Heating BTUs450 sq/ft to 550 sq/ft
15000/18000/25000 Heating BTUs750 sq/ft to

However, you need to take into consideration the climate conditions in your area, whether your room has a good amount of sunlight, and how high the ceiling is, etc.

To get an exact figure, please use this calculator, which factors in all possibilities and gives a precise BTU per room size.

Steps for Installing a Heat Pump Window Unit

Installing an air conditioner and heat pump window unit can be carried out with minimal knowledge if all instructions are followed to the T. Place your window heat pump properly by following these steps:

  1. Choose the right location – the center of the room, should be in a shaded area and near a power outlet
  2. If required, install the provided brackets on the outside
  3. Place the heat pump window unit in the prepared space – refer to the provided instruction manual for guidance
  4. Collapse the accordion panels inwards
  5. Lower the top part of the window to keep the unit in place
  6. Expand the accordion panels outward and fasten it to the bottom of the window
  7. Fasten the provided angle brackets to ensure that the window slash will not move upward
  8. You might see a wedge between the two glass pieces as the window is left open. Seal the opening by using the foam that has come with your unit or purchase it from any hardware store
  9. Connect the window air conditioner with a heat pump to the socket. But, first, check the voltage of your AC unit. A typical window heat pump 115v or 110v can be connected directly. A window heat pump of 220v or above may require a customized power outlet

Watch this heat pump installation video should you decide to do it yourself.

Safety & Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance will keep your window ac heat pump running efficiently for a good number of years. Do the following regularly:

  • Clean the window ac heat pump unit’s filters every month
  • Refer to the provided manual on what actions are recommended by the manufacturer to maintain the unit
  • Clean the outdoor coils when they become dirty
  • Whenever you get a chance, turn off the unit and clean its fan
  • Remove dirt, dust, mildew and any other clutter from the outer unit

Get an expert to inspect the ac heat pump window unit at least once every year. A professional will carry out the following tasks:

  • Inspect if there are any leakages in the ducts or refrigerant container – if a leakage exists it will need to be patched
  • Lubricate the motor if required and check the condition of the belts
  • Test the thermostat
  • Make sure all the electric terminals are functioning properly

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can You Run A Heat Pump In Cold Weather?

As long as the temperature remains above the freezing point, the window heat pump will work fine. However, the lower the temperature gets, the harder the heat pump will need to work to reach your ideal temperature.

Do Window Heat Pumps Need To Be Vented?

It may depend from unit to unit, but ideally, ventilation is required as heat is moved either inside or outside depending on your choice of AC or heater.

What Are The Differences Between An Air Conditioner And Heat Pump?

There aren’t many differences besides the fact that a heat pump can both cool and heat a room, whereas most air conditioners are built only to cool.

To get a better understanding, watch this video.

How Long Can I Expect A Window Heat Pump Unit To Last?

If you keep the window air conditioner with heat pump maintained, it could last you for up to 15 years. The performance of most units go down after ten years, but a few new models promise 15 plus years.

What Are Some Common Problems That May Arise With Window Heat Pumps?

A window-mounted heat pump may have the following issues:

  • It stops producing heat
  • It stops providing enough heat
  • It starts blowing in cold air
  • Turns off and on too often
  • Makes odd noises

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Window Heat Pumps?

If you want to get a good bargain, buy it online from either Sylvane or Amazon as they have a lot of options to choose from. Apart from these recommended online retailers, there are also other options with a vast collection of window ac heat pump units at Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and Lowes.

It is possible to purchase a window AC unit with a heat pump from your local hardware store but they generally won’t stock a large range of brands.


With global warming drastically changing temperatures, for a comfortable living, you need to have a proper cooling and heating unit at home. Furnace and central AC units can significantly increase your monthly bills and often aren’t the best choice.

So if you want to maintain the temperature in a small area, an air conditioner and heat pump window unit is what you need. They are not much expensive and make less noise, provide efficient heating and cooling, and to top it all; they do not consume a lot of energy.

We surveyed the window heat pump options being sold on the market and picked out the five best window air conditioner with heat units. The one that stands out the most is — the Koldfront WAC25001W. We think it is the best window air conditioner with heat pump option to go for.